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  1. I remember I saw the band [i]Run, WALK![/i] at the old Lamp club in Hull a couple of years ago. I think the dude's username was the same as the name of the band.
  2. I've barely even picked up a bass in the last couple of months. The last gig I did was over 2 years ago.
  3. [quote name='Jabba_the_gut' timestamp='1394053262' post='2387502'] The LEDs are some surface mount ones soldered onto some stripboard to make them easier t wire up. They're a right pain to solder as each one is only about 2mm x 2.5mm and require some patience. The side dots are done using some 1mm diameter fiber optic cable with some heat shrink sleeving around it to make it look tidy. I'll try and add some more photos and explanation later. Cheers [/quote] Oh yeah, those surface mount LEDs are a pain in the ass. I was going to wire up some blue ones for my PS3 controller, but as soon as I saw the size of them I was just like "f*** that" lol. On another note, looking great! The figuring on that neck is just crazy nice.
  4. [quote name='Thunderbird' timestamp='1406922861' post='2515999'] Try the Megadeth version that should pep things up a touch [/quote] +1.
  5. Emma Anzai (Sick Puppies) Doris Yeh (Cthonic, pronounced "Tonic")
  6. Dude's got more chops than a pork convention.
  7. I'm not sure how often Taiwanese metal bands are mentioned on BassChat, so I figured this would be a good a point as any. Has anyone else heard of Doris Yeh? She's the bass player for a Taiwanese metal band called "Chthonic" (Pronounced "Tonic" as in "Gin and Tonic"). Plus she's got a pretty awesome ESP bass with light up fret markers and stuff. Worth checking out if you're into metal, Taiwan, or, erm, bass players...
  8. Lives in Japan but only posts to the US? Seems legit...
  9. Next time someone asks why you need a full PA to do bar gigs, you just wave the stars and stripes in that guy's face and tell him it's your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!!!
  10. [quote name='waynepunkdude' timestamp='1405679094' post='2504237'] How are you posting this? [/quote] Well they didn't [i]think[/i] to take my ThinkPad (see what I did there? ) since they only took the stuff that was in my room, whereas this computer is in the living room.
  11. I'm not listening to anything since the cops have got my computer, phone and all my music...
  12. If I was looking to buy it, I would have said somewhere in the £200-300 range. But that's entirely my personal view.
  13. Christ, Glasgow has not been having a good time of it lately, with the School of Art and the Helicopter crash... good pictures though.
  14. Loved it! Sad to think he was only the same age as my mum and dad, but then again so was Michael Jackson, so there you go...
  15. [quote name='Dave_the_bass' timestamp='1404746353' post='2495332'] No one has mentioned Three Days Grace who, after 10 years and 4 albums, will finally be playing their first uk show in september this year. I was so happy when I found out/got tickets that I almost cart wheeled my way to London! [/quote] No way! They were supposed to be one of the support bands for Seether when I saw them in Manchester way back in 2006, but the gig was postponed and their slot was replaced by the equally awesome (and Canadian) Art of Dying. Also, 3DG have actually been around since '97 so I would make that 17 years at the time of writing. I'd also like to add Alexisonfire and Simple Plan to the mix.
  16. [quote name='seashell' timestamp='1404733134' post='2495114'] Hey, Edward how you doin? Nice to see you back.... love the shirt [/quote] Ok, definitely better than a couple of months ago. And thanks. I was trying to do a cosplay of this guy:
  17. [quote name='chrismuzz' timestamp='1404727844' post='2495033'] Doesn't look like a coffee table to me. I like it! ESP/LTD are very well made instruments, and yes, they're very good for metal [/quote] Haha well I just said that because that's how some people refer to these "fancy wood" natural coloured basses. And yeah, they're great for metal. I seem to remember the dude out of In Flames used to have one.
  18. Ok, here are some of my guitars, past and present (sorry if you've already seen them). Epiphone Goth Explorer Boudicia (self-build thing; don't ask) Maverick X-1 Dean Z LTD F400 FM #1 Schecter Omen 7 Extreme Another weird self-build thing LTD F400FM #2 And finally... LTD AC-30X acoustic.
  19. I bought this early on this year, when some music website or another was having a massive ESP/LTD clearout sale. I was thinking about this bass for my 21st, but back then it was the best part of a grand. When I saw it on sale for £450, I just had to get my hands on it. It's a really nice bass to play. The finish feels really nice, and everything on it just feels really nicely put together. It sounds really good. You can dial in a huge amount of bass, or roll it back a bit. You could use this bass to play a wide range of music styles I reckon.
  20. Here's a picture of me doing my first ever attempt at a cosplay.
  21. [quote name='chrismuzz' timestamp='1389738500' post='2337485'] Ah don't worry, at that price if I was going to buy I'd just have the whole thing and keep the rest as parts! Yorkshire is quite far so if I'm coming up anywhere nearby for a gig any time soon I'll be in touch. No need to like reserve it or anything if you're looking for a speedy sale! Cheers [/quote] Ok. Hope to hear from you soon then
  22. [quote name='chrismuzz' timestamp='1389736719' post='2337441'] Hmm... I have this same bass but the truss rod is knackered... What condition is the neck in? And where are you based? [/quote] Yo man, not really looking to sell the bass in parts I'm afraid. Based in East Yorksire. Neck is in pretty good nick. Couple of small dents here and there but it's not got any problems with bowing or anything.
  23. I'm selling my Peavey International 5 string bass because I've just ordered another bass and I need to make some room. This bass is playable, but I'll be honest, it's not in the best of conditions. The problems are that it has various scratches and dents here and there on the body and places. A couple of the tuners are missing their bushings, and also the knobs have been replaced with black ones. The other problem is that the wiring isn't quite working properly. The pickups are working, but the wiring is a bit weird. Other than that, it plays fine and would make a good project bass, or just a cheap thing for gigs. £49.99 + delivery. Or you're free to pick it up. [attachment=152348:P1020276.JPG] [attachment=152349:P1020278.JPG] [attachment=152350:P1020279.JPG] [attachment=152351:P1020281.JPG] UPDATE: NOW BEEN SOLD.
  24. [quote name='Gust0o' timestamp='1385212596' post='2285650'] Welcome back, Ed - sounds good. I think I'd echo Nige's comments about the bass, but - having lost myself in the mix before - I appreciate it's difficult. Very impressive [/quote] [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1385219598' post='2285732'] Frequency management dude. I can hear the bass, but the overall mix is bass light. I really can't see it being a problem to fix that, seeing as you wanted to an all. [/quote] Well seeing as I posted this in a bass forum, I would expect comments about the bass not being loud enough. When you're listening out for something in a mix, I find the temptation is always to grab that fader and put it up a decibel or 2. I'm sure if I'd put it on the drummer forum, they would have said the drums weren't loud enough, or if I'd put it on a guitar forum, they would have said the guitars weren't loud enough. It's not exactly [i]...And Justice for All[/i] though, let's face it Thanks for your comments though. I will take them on board for future reference.
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