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  1. That's looking mighty fine! Well done. 👍
  2. That is pretty! Albeit a bit deadly... 🙄
  3. Doesn't this just mean that you need more night vision gear? 👀
  4. A hint of Kubicki about your designs, but that's no bad thing in my opinion! I do like these. 👍
  5. First action of any insurer is to try and work out how they can avoid paying out. So many businesses are going to go to the wall as a result of the current situation. Livelihoods (and quite probably lives) lost as consequence of the virus and the government's poor handling of it.
  6. Yes! So glad it's not just me who thinks that. I tried out a number of ACGs, all of which had flat boards, but just couldn't get to grips with it, despite them being fantastic basses. I finally managed to try one with a 20" radius - not much of a curve, but enough, and I loved it. And then bought it. 😁
  7. No. No. No, no, no. No, it's still no. Just... ... ... no.
  8. Sounds to me like he's tried to flip it on immediately, and then realised that he can't make a profit on it. Twonk. The concept of Ebay is good, but their poor policies and lack of enforcement mean it's become a nightmare to deal with.
  9. I do seem to have an annoying habit of having been to a lot of places... Every time the kids come home from school with some amazing fact they learnt about somewhere new, I'm like "oh, yeah, I've been there..." They get quite miffed. 😀
  10. Radar Systems Engineer... Manufacturing Design Engineer (too much travel)... Offshore Survey Engineer /Skipper (great job, rubbish pay, awful manager)... I&E Engineer for a tidal renewables firm... Project Manager looking after lighthouses & Tennis coach. One pays well, the other is fulfilling.
  11. That makes me want to vomit... Why does any citizen need weaponry like that?
  12. I use this style of velcro ties: https://www.hookandloop-direct.co.uk/fastna-hook-loop-cable-ties-tidies I got pack of 50 about 12 years ago, and still have 20 odd left. Gave some away, a few got lost or nicked, but those that remain still work just fine. I actually got them for nowt, as well! There was a fault with the companies web shop, which I pointed out to them, and they sent me the order for free, by way of thanks.
  13. I'm normally a nailed-on sucker for binding and blocks, but I'm not actually sure that needs it. The body is awesome and that board looks great as it is, imo.
  14. That. Is. Lovely. 👍
  15. Simon.

    Old '60s Maton

    I think that's the Adam Clayton sig model. Certainly they used to have one in the window. I quite fancied it, but: 1. What's the point of blocks on a jazz neck without binding? 2. It's Adam Clayton... 3. The price was less than 10% off what a new one would have cost. 4. It's Adam Clayton...
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