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  1. Yep, another +1 for Chris. Nothing but quality work.
  2. That is nice. Classic, simple and very lovely! 👍
  3. Thanks for the responses, folks! The bass is indeed a beauty and despite being an 'off the shelf' purchase, it's pretty much exactly what I would have gone for, had I actually commissioned a custom build anyway. There probably would been some block inlays, but other than that... There's a smidge of guilt over the cost and that fact that I've barely played in the last 4-ish years, but getting to own and play such an amazing bass has definitely given me fresh impetus to get back into the groove. Going to make a point of learning with a bit of theory this time round, rather than just bashing out songs - the Major's bootcamp course is looking like a good port of call. Thanks for the video Drax - basic is where i need to be right now!
  4. For some time now I've been keen on the fabulous basses being made by Alan at ACG. The idea of having a bass which was made in your home town was rather appealing, especially when your home town is a tiny wee place like Moffat. The fact that they look amazing and had consistently great reviews also helps. I wouldn't quite have called it GAS, but I was certainly an interested observer. A few years back I had big plans for a 40th birthday commission, but having tried a couple at a Bass Bash, I discovered I really couldn't get to grips with the asymmetric neck carve and flat board. Coupled with the fact that I wasn't playing in a band anymore, and I couldn't honestly justify the outlay. So, back to a watching brief... Until, that is, Alan advertised a couple of stock basses he had, on here recently. Oh dear. A couple of hypothetical "What if..." conversations with the Management; a quick calculation of the finances; and a trip to Moffat under the pretence of visiting my folks so I could try it out... As mentioned in the Gear Abstinence thread, I was kidding no one, least of all myself and was doomed. But in a good way! 😉 I am now the proud owner of an ACG RetroB, J5! - Maple body with an acrylic impregnated spalted maple top, and a Black Walnut accent layer. The spalted maple is just amazing. - 3 piece Wenge/Maple with Wenge headstock and a spalted maple overlay. Fingerboard is the same acrylic impregnated spalted maple as the body and it runs together beautifully. 20" radius board and although it has the asymmetric neck carve, it's a lot subtler than the normal ACG profile. - John East Uni pre-amp, which has such a bewildering array of tones, it'll take me a while to get to grips with. Linky thing to ACG website If anyone has any helpful tips or resources for transitioning from 4 to 5 strings, especially when you haven't played at all for a long while, it would be muh appreciated!
  5. Let's be honest, there's more than likely going to be a NBD thread going up in the other forum very soon...
  6. Forgive me Basschat, for I am (very probably) about to sin... So, in 30 years of bass playing, I've only ever bought 2 new basses and 1 second hand. I've always considered myself to be immune to GAS and the only bass related things I've bought in the last 10 years have been strings and batteries. And yet I now find myself utterly consumed by a particular new bass. Utterly. - It's a five string, when I've only ever played fours... - It's an 'exotic' top, when I've only ever had single colour finishes... - It's the price of a 2nd hand small car... Why do I feel like this? Oh, and I'm going to try it out next week. I'm doomed, aren't I?
  7. As Bigwan said - Chris McIntyre is the guy to go to. The only problem with Chris is trying to avoid be seduced into getting any other work / a custom build done... 😀
  8. Supposed to be going to see Cory Wong next week in Glasgow (26th), but now can't make it - if anyone wants a pair of tickets (free), let me know! Next on the agenda is Vintage Trouble in March. Fingers crossed...
  9. Oh, for the love of gods! Please, put this away somewhere out of my sight... don't know how you could bare to part with that Karl. It's a thing of beauty.
  10. One needs to know - how did it get down the stairs to the cellar? Carried or given some 'assistance'...? The purpleheart looks awesome, btw! Would make an amazing top in its own right.
  11. I think I've been fairly lucky in not loosing too many things at gigs. A few leads at multi-band shows and a hat that someone swiped at a show in Ullapool. However, we did turn up for one gig, and as we were rearranging the staging discovered 3 sex toys that had been left behind from the night before! 😱
  12. This could be combined with the "Most ridiculous thing..." thread, although more of a thing I did, rather than a thing I was asked for! My view from the last gig I played, albeit taken in daylight, and it was dark by the time I did my stint:
  13. Just catching up on this thread, but wanted to say that the workmanship and attention to detail is amazing! What a great job on the relicing of the body. It might be too late, but if you are still looking for stamps for the neck-pate numbering, the originals would have been imperial measurements, rather than metric. Probably something like 5/32.
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