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  1. I was really hoping this had disappeared... such a lovely looking piece of kit!
  2. Hi Rob, if you could, that would be awesome! One of the first tunes I learned with my first tutor, at the tender age of 15. Did have the sheets for it, but they have long since vanished in a house move somewhere along the line. Thanks.
  3. Brilliant achievement Rob! I did have a look previously, but can't remember the outcome, but did you even do a transcription for Al Di Meloa's - Race With the Devil?
  4. Ooh! Didn't know that existed... Want it!
  5. Stop tempting me! Pretty much everything I want in a P bass, except that a) I don't really need it, and b) I don't have the cash...
  6. Taken to PM, but it looks like there's no match on this one. My Dad was mostly playing in jazz bands around that time, but he also worked the club scene as an agency drummer. Didn't really play with many guitar bands, but it was worth asking the question. Thanks to @wateroftynei for the info.👍
  7. @wateroftynedo you know the name of the band? The drummer looks a lot like old photos of my Dad, who used to play in bands across the north east 60-ish years ago!
  8. Pretty sure that model / colour combo was very limited run, and restricted to the Japanese market only. As others have said, the quality is nearly universally good. I've had a couple and they are great. Always wanted the lake placid blue, especially if it's the Old Lake Placid Blue shade. Pics required!
  9. Would so love to, but too far away, I'm afraid. Nate is a super cool player.
  10. Thought this was going to be a thread about 90's indie outfit Neds Atomic Dustbin... disappointed. Looks like a great wee amp for the money!
  11. Horn section was outstanding, the rest... meh. And I usually love anything with Cory Wong, but honestly, he might as well have not been there.
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