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  1. Simon.

    Old '60s Maton

    I think that's the Adam Clayton sig model. Certainly they used to have one in the window. I quite fancied it, but: 1. What's the point of blocks on a jazz neck without binding? 2. It's Adam Clayton... 3. The price was less than 10% off what a new one would have cost. 4. It's Adam Clayton...
  2. Tube Driver, with a large London Underground logo across the top?
  3. Back in the days I was playing with an Americana/ Alt County outfit, The Hold Steady were on pretty regular rotation, along with bands like Chuck Prophet, Richmond Fontaine, Farrah and the Gaslight Anthem - thanks for the reminder @RussFM I thought the first couple of albums were great, but kinda lost track of them after Boys and Girls... Must go and dig out those albums again!
  4. Getting a bit O/T, but once upon a time I teched on a Nimmo Brothers gig. Great band, but far and away the loudest on-stage sound I've ever encountered. Stupidly loud. To the point that even standing back stage was painful. I'm with 4000 and Monkey Steve at being just a fraction under 6 foot. Although I am now half and inch taller than I was 15 years ago! I hurt my back lifting a monitor on a gig in my early 20's. It wasn't until I went to a chiropractor in my 40's that the twist in my spine was properly sorted, allowing me to stand up straight for the first time in 20 years! Still didn't make it to 6 foot, though... 😣
  5. Man, this is lovely! That's a lot of bass for the money. If I hadn't splurged on an ACG earlier this year... Good luck with the sale!
  6. Simon.

    NBD 1971 PJ

    OMG! That's a thing of beauty Walshy! What a great pick-up. 👍
  7. I spoke to a chap called James Strange a few years ago, who was very sound and had a lot of good ideas. I never followed it through, though so don't have first hand experience of his teaching. He's on Twitter @Bass_Man_Jim.
  8. I have a rough transcription of this from somewhere else... this is much better! Thanks! 👍
  9. Oh man! I have wanted one of these for years! Pretty much everything I want in a bass. Sadly I have neither the money or the capacity for this. It's a thing of beauty. 🤤 Good luck. 👍
  10. Darn. I seem to have just bought a Bass Buddy and a set of headphones... 🙄😀 To be fair I was seriously considering getting a Bighead and a set of the cans anyway, so I guess the Bass Buddy is a bit of an upgrade for less money... 👍
  11. Given that the EMT uses, predominantly, military bands and musicians, I don't understand why they didn't just ask through the Forces for players to cover this gig? For a lot of years, I worked crew/stage management for the Edinburgh Jazz Festival. Every year we would have one or two of the Tattoo bands involved in one of the big, freebie public events we ran. A couple of times we had an RAF swing/big band ensemble, and those guys could seriously play! Really good. Would have been more than capable of covering the requirements of this show.
  12. I'm at work at the moment, so if someone wants to post something up, feel free!
  13. Thank crunchie I'm not the only one thinking this! My good lady loves them, so I'm being forced to endure them currently, but by 'eck they are poor.
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