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  1. I regularly used to have this argument with a previous band! Well, mostly the guitarist... We would practice a new tune repeatedly, until we got it right. Everyone bar me would then want to move on to the next song. I would try to argue that we had just practiced the mistake six times and the correct version once! And that might have been a fluke... They wouldn't get the concept, and yet constantly bemoaned the fact that our live shows were never very polished. I gave up eventually and moved on.
  2. Not just me then! I think Moore was a technically gifted player and his stuff with Thin Lizzy is great, but his blues work always leaves me cold. For a genre that's all about emotion and feel, I find his input to be really sterile.
  3. Yup, that's the one. Still the best neck I've played, IMO. Anyhoo, back on topic - congrats Ped, it's a beauty!
  4. That. Is. Red! Love it. Wish I had a workshop big enough to loose a bass in... 😁
  5. That is lush! Makes me nostalgic for my MIJ 75RI... Nice. 👍
  6. I do like that! Not sure that even in my most deluded Stu Hamm moments I would manage to negotiate 26 frets, but I would give it a go!
  7. Whenever I see one of these photos in a build thread, I always think of Father Jack... "Drink! Feck! Girls! Clamps!!" Maybe it's just me... 😊 Hope to see the 5 piece neck somewhere soon, it was a really nice combination. I do like the headstock shape you've gone for. 👍
  8. Sold my first ever bass (Jim Deacon!) to raise funds for my first 'proper' bass - Fender P Lyte, which I still have. Only sold one other bass, which was very closely tied to a band I was in, but departed from in very messy circumstances. Couldn't stand the association, so the bass had to go. Currently having on/off debates with myself about shifting my ACG, but that's only because I'm not playing much these days, and it seems daft for it to be sat there, not being used... In reality, I just need to get myself in gear and play more! Plus Mrs Simon. would kill me if I did sell it. Always a bit of an incentive!
  9. These are lovely basses. Well done on keeping the finish in such good nick - mine appears to have been finished with marshmallows and has a whole slew of dints and dunts round the bottom edge. GLWTS.
  10. Great that it's finally turned up! It looks a beaut. If you don't get on with the rosewood board, you could ship it my way... I've an account with Parcelfor... oh. er. well, maybe not.
  11. I signed up on the pre-order link, but i'll take a couple of sets, @ped 👍
  12. If we bulk buy, do we get a discount? I'll have one to the same spec as @AndyTravis, please! Really nice design - good luck with the build. 👍
  13. I have no need of this, but by gum I really, really want it!
  14. L. o. r. d. i. Fantastic Andy, just... fantastic. Well done. 👍
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