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  1. Back in the, when in an Americana band, we were going to a Bon Jovi tribute gig for a laugh (possibly as our own support slot), with the name of Ban Jovi. To be fair, after a couple of rehearsals it was clear that the name was the best bit...
  2. Still my favourite tribute band name, ever! Dead jealous.
  3. This is such a bonkers build - I really love it. I guess this is more a question for Sims, rather than Andy, but it did occur to me, after watching the video of the Sims pickup demo, is why not have 4-way toggle switches on the pickups, rather than a 3-way + an extra on/off switch? Would save a bit of real estate.
  4. Not at all normally my 'thing', but I thought there were some really good ideas in there. It would be interesting to see where there splits into the 5 sections/acts are supposed to fall. I did like a lot of what was going on between about 2.20 and the 5 minute mark. Drumming, to me, seemed very of the genre and not all that unusual in the world of digital recording. Good effort. 👍
  5. Just wanted to echo what Dave has said - War of the Worlds is amazing and Herbie's playing is just awesome. I'm gonna have to put some effort in to learning to read... Thanks for posting these - and all the others. 👍
  6. It looks like one of his basses was 'Bass of the Week' on No Treble back in March. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/03/16/bass-of-the-week-elwray-basses-amani-5/ Hope he's still building and just too busy to post on BC. I liked a lot of the ideas on the Community bass.
  7. Not a band I listen to a lot, but the Barenaked Ladies did a 'Holiday' album a few years back, and IMO, this is 32 seconds of awesome:
  8. I find this a really interesting subject, but one which can be hugely subjective and open to individual interpretation. In a parallel life, I work as a tennis coach, mostly for juniors. A couple of years ago I had a new lad join one of my classes, and his parents were very diligent beforehand, explain that he was very much on the Autism spectrum and they just wanted him to give it a go and have some fun. No worries. A couple of weeks in and I was really struggling to connect with the lad and get him engaged in any way. It was really frustrating. I read and re-read the coaching literature on dealing with Autistic children, but nothing worked. Then one day I read the section on ADHD, and it fitted like a glove! Pretty much overnight I was able to get the lad to engage with the lessons, even start to interact with the other kids. It's not straight forward, and many (most) non-mainstream teachers / coaches / educators will have had little or no education on the subject.
  9. I like the idea of this and will be very interested to see how it works out. What are you planning to do for the earthing?
  10. Those look great - especially the singles! Obviously a lot of thought and work had gone in to these. Best of luck with them.
  11. I got a set of the Vintage 4s a fee months back, and like them a lot, but as they are flats, I'm going to need to replace them any time soon! However, I would to use them on my 5-string. Any new on if / when there will be 5-string sets on the Vintage available?
  12. That is brilliant. I always wanted an 8-string, never quite brave enough to think about a 12 though. 👍
  13. This is the concept I had in my head, but couldn't work out how to express. Thanks! 👍
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