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  1. I can't record ever being in a band that plays the music that I listen to at home. What does happen however is that my playing is influenced by what I listen to at home and in turn this creates more interest for me to play some songs. Over the past 10 years or so the bands I have joined become more rockier/heavy for some reason yet I'm an old schoolfunkster at heart and this comes through in my playing and it works well.
  2. Hi peeps its been a while since I've been on here. So much has change for me. I've always played in cover bands and due to work commitments I've teamed up with a guitarist playing original material and I have found myself as a bassist at the grand age of 47! I love it. The question is whenever you watch a band doing a cover what band has made you go WOW that's an awesome cover of that song? Having watching upteen bands live and on youtube for me theres so many good and bad. If only they had wrote that track!
  3. Great Thread! This was just on the radio and I haven't heard it for a while...ok its not exactly pop but its still a cool bassline [url="https://youtu.be/tT4d1LQy4es"]https://youtu.be/tT4d1LQy4es[/url]
  4. I use a Fender Jazz Special...a P body with J neck and pick ups. Its also active and has a really good range on the tone. Nice to play
  5. In a nutshell you are wasting your time with poor drummers. If you start carrying drummers because they are weak then your playing suffers IMHO. A drummer is the most important member of the band and if this isn't right it wont sound right. The moment you find the right drummer that is good at timing etc your job is more enjoyable and your bass playing will groove and improve.
  6. It could be a number of things but nothing serious. Its a good bass and they do tend to have a good feel about them. It could be something simple like the gauge of the strings on it. If they are too light a gauge this can cause fretbuzz. Let us know how you get on
  7. Hi BCer's What's the best advice you've been given for playing bass or what advice would you give? For me I was told 'It's not what you play, its what you don't play' and being a percussive type player I understand what was means now. If I was to give advice I would say work with the drummer and make the bass bounce.......whats yours?
  8. It took me years to buy my first TE rig. It was a 1210 combo with a 1518c bass bin....awesome sound! I only had it for 2 years and the amp died for no reason I was gutted and very disappointed. It was a common fault with this model apparently. I lost all faith in TE gear and the amp was a write-off. Never touched a TE amp since.
  9. I have bought a bass from this chap about 2 years ago and I was very pleased. I've never met him or even visited his place. I bought a 1986 Fender Jazz Special from him and he provided first class service and it was a hassle free transaction. I use the bass all the time and its been gigged loads and never let me down.I would use him again.
  10. I swear by 10's. I have two 2X10 cabs and depending of the size of the venue I usually just take the one cab. I do have a 2X12 and 1X15 but i very rarely use them. I find the 10's more punchier. I use both TC and TE cabs.
  11. Congats and welcome aboard! I'd advise to start from the bottom and work your way up. Bass can be as easy or hard as you want to make it but most of all have fun....get with a good drummer as well and listen to what he does and work with him.
  12. Nice one! Hope it all works out
  13. Thanks JTUK, there happens to be a ACS centre just down the road from me. I'm getting some tomorrow.
  14. As a matter of interest what are the best earplugs and where can you get them from?
  15. I'm more into the funk genre and I wanted a change so I formed a heavy metal band which 4 years later is still going strong and has a good following. The band has done some amazing gigs during 2015 and its going from strength to strength. Finding gigs can be hard but worth it when you find the right ones. The only issue I have now is that I'm wanting to go back to my roots playing funk and I find myself at a crossroads. Its been a blast and I've no regrets doing it but I'm wanting a new challenge.
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