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  1. Moses Graphite necks

    Hi all - thanks for the information - unfortunately Status don't offer left-handed necks (according to their website) so I'm stuck with Moses if I want to go down the graphite route. However, I'm now wary of spending the wrong end of £300 with an outfit in Oregon - bit of a stretch to return it if it's 'duff'!! As Fender UK seem to have stopped doing left handed replacement USA necks (or any left handed necks for that matter) - and no US companies will ship anything, new or used, with a rosewood board, its back to trawling the web/Ebay or getting a maple/maple from dear old Warmoth (and waiting months!) or 'doing a Hendrix' and sticking a righty on it. But thanks again for all the comments - Basschat is a fantastic resource.
  2. Moses Graphite necks

    Anyone had any experience fitting one of these to a Fender body? Perils and pitfalls? What do they sound like compared to a Rosewood board neck?
  3. Looking for a Fender USA left handed replacement bass neck - Jazz preferred, Precision considered - preferably with tuners. May consider Made in/Crafted in Japan or a Warmoth neck. Looking for a 'players' neck in mint/good condition, not a vintage or collectors item. (Not interested in MIM Jazz, Mighty Mite, Allparts or other Fender-like necks.) PM if you have anything.
  4. SOLD Gallien Krueger MB500 Fusion

    Amp is now under offer on Ebay - please go to Ebay if you are interested in buying this amp.
  5. Sold Grombass Bass Distortion pedal

    Now sold
  6. SOLD, PLEASEREMOVE: Fender Bassman TV Fifteen

    I've been after one of those for years!!!! - Ever since I foolishly sold my TV Twelve. Sadly I have just bought a Bassman 500 to go with my 15 cab - and need to sell my GK MB 500 Fusion to pay for it - otherwise I would have been hammering up the M1 like a shot :-( (unless, of course, you would be interested in a trade for the GK - 3 tube pre - with small cash adjustment your way)
  7. SOLD Gallien Krueger MB500 Fusion

    Lovely amp, I agree, but need to sell it to pay for the Fender!!!! Price may drop soon so make an offer and you never know :-)
  8. EKO short scale violin bass. Bass now for Sale at Andy Baxters in London.
  9. Grombass Bass Distortion pedal Hand made in Norway. www.onkartgromt.no For full spec and info. Excellent condition - only used a couple of times - there is a small chip in the paint (see photo) that I did when I got it out of the cupboard to photograph it! UK mainland postage should be about £5.00 Currently on Ebay but will end auction if anyone wants it (unless it gets a bid in the meantime).
  10. Hi, Selling my GK MB 500 Fusion - bought it in January 2016 - never gigged - home use only - almost as new condition. Comes with unopened and unused footswitch, instructions and original box. Currently on Ebay but very happy to stop the auction if anyone wants to make a sensible offer (unless someone bids, of course). This is a really fantastic amp with three JJ 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp - sound is warm and full - not quite Ampeg SVT-3 but pretty close - and a lot lighter and smaller. UK mainland postage included - £20 off for collection from East Sussex. More photos available on request. (price and conditions updated 31 May)
  11. precision bass help

    Might be worth contacting Status - they've probably been asked the question before. Owning both a 'Ray and a P, a quick measurement makes the 'Ray pocket about 1/2 cm longer than the P but both measure 43cm (give or take) from the 12th to the G string bridge saddle. Pocket widths are about the same. However, even if the two could be made to match up, no guarantee that intonation, relief, playing height etc would come together - bit like putting a V8 into a Morris Minor - possible, but inadvisable :-)
  12. Hi, Are either or both of these still for sale?
  13. Precision or Jazz?

    Here's one to stir the pot!! At the end of the day, after dabbling with all those weird and exotic basses most of us come back to a simple choice - Precision or Jazz? (Be honest all you Rickenbacker 4001/3 and Gibson EB players - you all come back to the fold sooner or later) So what's best - P or J? I await the deluge :-)