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  1. Hi - sorry - missed that one - i have now replied so hopefully we can sort something out. Hear from you later, Bob
  2. Yes - no problem, but I would have to say that 'all bets are off' once the courier had collected it. Obviously I can photograph it being packed etc so you would know exactly what it looked like as it left the house. When I looked in to it, DPD wouldn't accept the length - nothing over one metre - so they would only take it as two packages - neck and body. (not a problem if you are happy to re-assemble it.) Parcel Force would take it but won't insure it!! I really don't like using Hermes or Yodel as they subcontract down to an old bloke in a beaten up van! I can look in to it a bit more. Where are you in Devon? Just wondering how near a train from you would get to me - possible meet up. Bob .
  3. Sorry - yes - Player series!!!! I'll correct the ad. Make an offer - I'm reasonably flexible as it needs to go - not sure how we'll meet up though - Devon/East Sussex is a bit of a gap to bridge!!
  4. Fender 58 Black Nylon Tapewound strings - long scale - .058-.110 Cut to fit Fender left handed bass, fitted, tried, taken off! Very nice tone on Maple neck Precision - see my other ad - but I prefer the flatwound Rotosounds - these ones are black tape over roundwounds so have a similar feel to standard Fender bass strings. These cost about £28 so a bargain! - price includes UK postage.
  5. Genuine Fender Parchment Precision bass pickguard - MIM version taken from new Left Handed Precision bass - £25 WD Music Custom Black Jazz bass pickguard - MIM version - £20 Sensible offers considered! Includes UK postage.
  6. These have been set up for a left handed bass - very simple to reverse (unscrew, flip the key and put back together)
  7. Sorry all - its a Player series bass - my mistake - but this is the first time Fender have offered a Leftie bass with a maple fingerboard in years!!
  8. If that's the one I used to own it weighs a ton! but sounds fantastic 🙂
  9. Hi all - thanks for the information - unfortunately Status don't offer left-handed necks (according to their website) so I'm stuck with Moses if I want to go down the graphite route. However, I'm now wary of spending the wrong end of £300 with an outfit in Oregon - bit of a stretch to return it if it's 'duff'!! As Fender UK seem to have stopped doing left handed replacement USA necks (or any left handed necks for that matter) - and no US companies will ship anything, new or used, with a rosewood board, its back to trawling the web/Ebay or getting a maple/maple from dear old Warmoth (and waiting months!) or 'doing a Hendrix' and sticking a righty on it. But thanks again for all the comments - Basschat is a fantastic resource.
  10. Anyone had any experience fitting one of these to a Fender body? Perils and pitfalls? What do they sound like compared to a Rosewood board neck?
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