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  1. Someone buy this, that's an insane price! GLWTS. Madness.
  2. Nice bass Jef. This is a Perception model, slightly smaller body than the Progress and bolt-on rather than neck-thru (though they are making bolt-on Progresses now). GLWTS!
  3. Amen, I own an almost identical bass to this, but with Barts and a natural finish. If it wasn't for that I'd have bought this one. Someone is gonna get a bargain :-) These basses are absolute quality.
  4. [quote name='molan' timestamp='1428852410' post='2745253'] You weren't confused at all Lloyd [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3][size=4]The S112 uses ceramic magnet 12s while the 1126/2126 have neodymium magnets. The ones with the grille cloth we set up first were the neo-equipped 1126's. The snakeskin 12's and the white 2x12 + 6 were the ceramic ones.[/size][/size][/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3][size=4]The reason for the S series being lighter is that the neodymium magnet speakers used in 1126/2126 have a design that requires a larger magnetic force on the voice coil, Tommy uses neodymium in them to keep the weight down, but they still get heavier than the S version. It would be hard to make a ceramic speaker with the same capability, and even if it was possible it would make a ceramic version of the 2126 weigh maybe 40 kg or more.[/size][/size][/font] [/quote] Thanks for the confirmation Barrie. Just need to work out how to justify buying one now :-P
  5. Got the opportunity to play through this head yesterday when Billie Apple brought it into Bass Gear whilst I was relieving my bi-annual GAS. We ran it through all the TKS gear as well a Berg CN212 and Billie Apple's EAD. Really blown away by it. The range of tones available from quite a small array of bells and whistles was impressive. Every combination seemed to create something usable. The cleans were suprisingly clean, not the hifi tone I was getting from the GK gear I was getting but they had a clarity that worked really well with the EAD and the TKS cabs. Hearing it played through the S112s with some dirt mixed in created a much rockier tone that suited the snakeskin finish of the cabs. Amazing bit of kit for the price and definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity.
  6. Hehe, Billie Apple might be right, it doesn't take much to confuse me. I thought the first TKS cabs we plugged the Orange into were Neo and the second ones were Ceramic, the first ones had a vintage 60s style front with cloth over the grill. I remember saying to Barrie I couldn't believe they were neos as they sounded very full. Sadly I left before the Jule Monique came out (probably best for my bank balance). It looked like a work of art. Massively impressed with the whole TKS range though as I'd heard so little about them before hearing them.
  7. Played through these at Bassgear today with Billy Apple's Orange OB1 and Spector Helium when I went to pick up my new Berg HD112. Amazing cabs - Massively impressed with them. Completely different beasts to the Berg and if I thought the missus would let me have them too, I'd be ordering some as well. Fit and finish was top drawer and they where the first neo cabs I've played through that didn't feel like a compromise to me.
  8. I should've probably started this years ago, but it's so infrequent for me to part with gear...
  9. Just bought a Bergantino HD112 from Dunc, great price, great communication, fast shipping, exceptionally well packed. I wouldn't hesitate to trade with Dunc again. Thanks :-)


    An inch longer and one less string and I'd be out on the street hawking my kidney. Amazing bass GLWTS.
  11. [quote name='Wayne Firefly' timestamp='1401224417' post='2461514'] Hiya Lloyd !!!! Top man !! I was going to take it out but I just cant get past the fact I want a black one, doh !!!! [/quote] Hey Wayne, That's cool, I always fancied a black one too after seeing Flea's old one, but I fell in love with the white one when I played it. Hope you sort a black one soon. The J5 I got off you is my number 1 bass now. The J-Retro and Barts combination is a killer and I'm getting loads of compliments on my tone. Thanks again for the trade and I'll be sure to pop in and say "hi" the next time I'm near Wrexham. L
  12. I recognise that pavement - Guitar-A-Rama Wrexham. Guess that's my old Stingray then. I'm still loving the Overwater J5 I traded it for, but I gotta say I miss the 'Ray. If anybody is interested, I bought that 'Ray new in late 2007 from Coda in Stevenage, it's been gigged, but it is immaculate, and was chosen from about 5 different 3EQ 'Rays regardless of necks and colours and was by far the best one. I only traded it as my main bass is now an Overwater 5 and I wanted another as a backup, so the Stingray went to make room. You won't find a nicer example and Wayne is a great guy to deal with. GLWTT, whoever gets it won't be disappointed. L
  13. Beautiful bass and a steal at that price. I would have your arm off, but for picking up an Overwater J5 with a John East 2 weeks ago. GLWTS!
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