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  1. spencer.b

    Peavey T40 1979 Immaculate

    79 Peavey T40 Absolutely immaculate, I've had a handful of these basses and this is the best one I've seen by a mile, it's even got the thumb rest and bridge mute with untouched adhesive strip Beautiful maple board, great player great sound NOHSC Come and check it out, absolutely no postage No trades I'm afraid I'm in Crystal Palace but I travel loads for gigs and am up for a detour
  2. spencer.b

    Dwayne Thomas Jnr.(Mono Neon) on a P Bass.

    Wow this guy's amazing, been listening to him all evening, so musical , totally original , mad chops without sounding slick and flashy, I guess the upside down thing gives you a different approach and changes what falls under the fingers But mate why the comparisons, Sharay Reed is burning but totally different, mononeon is coming out of pfunk, jdilla glitchy hip-hop thing and Sharay is a gospel player and why put a negative spin on sharing beautiful music with fellow bass players?
  3. spencer.b

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    Sometimes I do sometimes I don't
  4. spencer.b

    Fender Jazz always for sale

    ?? I just went through the first 4 pages of ads on here and I counted more precisions
  5. spencer.b

    Italia Maranello 4 string

  6. spencer.b

    Tips on weird time signatures

    I've had to do a fair bit of odd time stuff and I found I was okay when sticking to ostinato but when I tried to deviate from it I'd mess up or at least doubt myself so I worked out another rythm that fit the time sig first just tapping it against a metronome then working out a phrase on the bass using it, gradually I added more phrases and eventually they became part of my vocabulary and I was able to feel more free in that time sig For me just feeling it didn't work because 4/4 is so indelibly ingrained , it took a lot of specific practice Try transcribing some Larry Grenadier with Brad Mehldau trio, they sound so free in odd times yet it's unerringly strong and accurate
  7. spencer.b

    SOLDAguilar SL112 Blue Bossa x2

    I think 2 12s work really well together (especially 8ohm ones)and is enough oomph for any stage and I bought one first and it was a nightmare finding another blue one at the time so I think it would be harder to sell the remaining cab if one went first for that reason I've seen stuff on TB saying pairs of 12s are more than twice as good as one on it's own and I know what they mean I'm not generally against splitting rigs up as you can see I put my Mesa head in a separate thread but a pair of 12s in a limited edition colour I think are better together
  8. Mesa Boogie m-pulse 600 Now £550 Hybrid head, valve pre, MOSFET power stage, this thing has loads of power and my favourite EQ ever Really good condition , no crackles No postage I'm in crystal palace but I travel loads for gigs so try me for a motorway meet up of drop off
  9. Pair of Aguilar SL112 blue bossa limited edition with covers (one Aguilar one hotcovers) These things weigh in at a Featherlight 11.4kg each and what blew me away was how much low end extension there is for such a light cab Absolutely won't split No postage There's one little nick in the covering on one cab (pictured)but other than that they're immaculate I'm in crystal palace but I travel loads for gigs so try me for a motorway meet up or drop off I'm also selling a Mesa Boogie m-pulse 600 which matches very nicely with the blue light!
  10. spencer.b

    Magellan 800 2ohms?

    Can a genzler Magellan run down to 2ohms, I know it has the 2.67ohm switch for running 3 8ohm cabs but I'm thinking bout getting one and I occasionally use 2 4ohm cabs would that work?
  11. spencer.b

    Barefaced four10 SOLD

    How many ohms?
  12. Newcastle on fri and lake district sat if that helps for a meet up
  13. spencer.b

    Mesa Subway D 800 and Zilla Cabs

    Sorry just checking the cabs are definitely 4ohm each?