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  1. I've only ever seen on it 70s basses but I found this on TB Necks on all Fender basses were available from A to C width from when they started using the neck stamp code with the model number, year, and neck width letter, in the early '60s. But it was extremely rare to see special ordered necks until later. I have a 66 B neck on a P which is apparently quite rare, for example.
  2. Here's a bit of crazy good bluegrass harmony singing unmelodyned straight down 1 mic , the singers are siblings and it's a Dwight Yoakum song
  3. Check out Hot Rize , proper bluegrass with a p bass
  4. If you want to scratch the valve itch go all valve , the hybrids don't do it for me although I like the m_pulse , I've got an svt cl and a peavey classic120/tb raxx , they sound great but I never take em out anymore, too heavy , I always use class D ! Btw I've never really got the warm thing , to me a good valve amp sounds glassy, open and clear and sometimes gritty,
  5. Hot Rize/Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers
  6. I love mononeon and think he's the most exciting and original player around but can't see what that has to do with Sharay Reed You say Sharay is just a session player but he like mononeon has original music under his own name out there , they're both coming out of church too and mononeon has depped for Sharay in Corey Henry's band, Sharay is way more in the contemporary gospel tradition and one of the masters of it whereas mononeon is a maverick trailblazer and for me a total genius but why on earth use this thread about appreciating a great player to say he's not as good as someone else?
  7. RIP one of my fave groove players
  8. Admittedly nothing groundbreaking and there are plenty of people doing this type of cover vid but I haven't heard anyone else do it this well, cut above for me
  9. No but I have really enjoyed hearing world class bass players like mononeon , Tim Lefebvre and Nick Campbell banging through wedding tunes and doing their thing ( and I've nicked lots of licks)
  10. Not sure what you mean, do you mean she plays it on a different part of the neck to bootsy , I thought the vid wasn't really a proper accurate transcription vid but an overview of bootsys approach and thought it put that across well
  11. Alan "Snoop" Evans killin it with Fred Hammond Check the lick at 20secs
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