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  1. For me standards are the show tunes of the 20s 30s 40s that became the repertoire jazz musicians used , to apply it to current cover band rep doesn't make much sense to me Re. Preacher man Tommy Cogbill goes nuts on that, he started as a jazz guitarist , it's interesting how much his approach varies, from just laying it down on Aretha's Chain of Fools to soloing with a plectrum over the choruses of Elvis's I'm moving on
  2. I agree with the rest of your post about dangerous far right stuff being given oxygen by the media and Morrissey has said some pretty abhorrent stuff but I listen to radio 4 alot and I've never heard anything like what you've mentioned here , got any examples?
  3. Looks great, don't mod it too much though or it won't be such a bargain
  4. I've heard honk used by soundmen and players from time to time to describe too much upper mid
  5. Killer playing and love the j snarling tone Just worked out the lick at 42 seconds, just a blues scale but made me go ooh I like that I want it in the arsenal
  6. Can a bass with loads of sustain still thump? Is it just a style thing , old school thump of Jamerson or glassy boutique sustain of Anthony Jackson , I know what you mean beedster sustain seems much coveted yet the appeal of the vintage fender sound on all those iconic records has a lot to do with dead strings and the low mass bridge
  7. My dad saw him have a tantrum in a cafe in Selsey and fling his dinner up the wall
  8. Played on once, not my style but it played and sounded great
  9. Got an SVT haven't taken it on a gig for years , used a class d for ages , most of the time it's a DI going FOH anyway and I'm ashamed to say I can't be bothered , I don't kid myself the class d sounds as good but it's just so practical for what I do
  10. Didn't know about these, just listened to Derrick Hodge, inspirational stuff
  11. This seems very sensible to me I've always fancied a strat bass!
  12. I've got one of these, great bass and Karl's a great guy to deal with
  13. Me too! suits me though , easier get in and kinda suits the music better
  14. Thanks for that , I'll check the acoustic one too , couldn't believe the prices Unfortunately getting it eq'd on the desk isn't an option , it's a super (s)wanky place and the soundman is a bit stressy and clueless and insists the mix is sorted and he'll take care of it when he wanders around with an ipad , for this reason I brought my mesa d800 to use as a pre and he said no you can't use amp , I said I haven't got a cab just using it as a pre but he didn't understand and said no you can't you use an amp!! I'm not gonna fight it as apart from that it's a good gig, great musicians , decent money etc so pick your battles and all that Know what you mean about the bridge pick up on jazzes , I have a fair bit of neck in there as well and it's the most balanced jazz I've had
  15. Oh b*ll*cks, well spotted mate
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