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  1. I'd buy it if I bid on it I'm genuinely saddened by the amount of people saying don't buy it there'll be no consequences , there's been so many threads about timewasters etc Serious question to the OP why did you bid if you thought your bid was under the reserve and you didn't want at that price anyway
  2. Sandberg and maruscyck make some really light basses
  3. But isn't that assuming the cash price is firm and the trade value is negotiable
  4. Yeah I agree I would normally of entered into negotiation but I just thought it was a bit odd
  5. The basses were the same value so it seemed like it was saying they want money in their favour to swap a bass of the same value
  6. I know value is subjective and you can ask what you like but recently a bass came up I would of been interested to trade , mine I considered to be the same value ( the market would too) and was exactly what they were saying they'd trade for but they the had the afore mentioned different values , best part of 20% . I didn't bother messaging them because of it
  7. I think it's nonsense too mate, doesn't make sense
  8. You're right , why not suggest practicing it together with a metronome running?
  9. I've never been charged extra for a hardcase in the hold with easyJet
  10. Just go for it mate , it'll be fine
  11. I'm such a geek for authenticity with fender basses so for me black has a white guard or black for a post 75 vibe never tort
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