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  1. I'm obsessed with mononeon , so innovative , technically off the scale without being at all slick , check his YouTube channel if you haven't already
  2. Bout 5 gigs in now and oof they are heavy but I'm gonna break the cycle , if I get some neos it will be as well as not instead of
  3. Yeah the bf210 is voiced very differently to the regular bf but I found it had some of the highs completely missing and the real low end a bit uncontrollable and the mids lacking real punch tbf I play clattery old fenders and I don't tend to get on with ported particularly rear ported cabs , I was impressed with a super compact BF I borrowed but I'm not really looking for transparent with my basses but it sounded killer with a modern 5 string
  4. I had some berg hd's years ago and foolishly sold em and have been chasing that sound ever since , had Aguilar DBs, SLs, BF , Aero , berg neos etc On Friday I saw bd had a pair of second hand hd112s and I had a gig south of Birmingham so enroute I played em and bought em trading in my barefaced 210 ( very fair price from Mark) and wow what a difference , punchy low mids , sparkly refined highs , it's like I can hear myself again , the bf was loud and light but I haven't got any other positives for it , the HDs are heavy but it's like night and day for me
  5. Now I bloody love Jameson but that's a bit rich for me !
  6. I play alot of upright and I've got a bf 210 for electric , sounds bad on upright. I swear by my little EA wizzy , personally I definitely prefer sealed cabs for upright
  7. Best person to be , I've been at either end of this over the years IMO and being a bit out of my depth is when I've learned the most although it's tough at the time , they're obviously getting what they need from you so don't get vibed out just soak it all up and learn mate
  8. What's the best one? I'm gigging at least a couple of times a week in central London at the moment and the new congestion charge hours are killing me so for some gigs I could park about a mile away so a buggy may be in order leaving the super rich to drive there g wagon and Ferrari super polluters on quieter streets , arghhh , the charge doesn't even go to improving air quality FFS , As if it wasn't effing hard enough to make a living playing bass
  9. Just gonna watch it , the classic albums on the Brown Album is worth a look too, I love the band , 3 of the most beautiful idiosyncratic voices I've ever heard , great songs that bring together so many aspects of American music (mainly Canadian I know) I've read both the books , I'm with Levon
  10. Hey Sarah , you're tone is great for that track, go for it I remember my audition for guildhall , I practiced like a lunatic before it then from the night before thought I've done all I can what will be will be and worked on staying relaxed and clear headed , warmed up on the day and tried to walk in there feeling confident , I didn't actually feel confident and thought I'd blown it afterwards but I got in
  11. I've only ever seen on it 70s basses but I found this on TB Necks on all Fender basses were available from A to C width from when they started using the neck stamp code with the model number, year, and neck width letter, in the early '60s. But it was extremely rare to see special ordered necks until later. I have a 66 B neck on a P which is apparently quite rare, for example.
  12. Here's a bit of crazy good bluegrass harmony singing unmelodyned straight down 1 mic , the singers are siblings and it's a Dwight Yoakum song
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