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  1. Nice, what's the scale length?
  2. Wow Free sound amazing and there's a bass solo from Andy Fraser 33.15
  3. For me that's a great feel , sound and technique for a 10 year old , looks like he's loving it too, why all the hate?
  4. I only really play fender basses , it's weird how 1lb makes such a difference to my perception of the weight, it can't much make that much difference can it 9.5 heavy 9 medium 8.5 light
  5. Seems odd that this was on the BBC news front page , "the kick drum pedal has yet to recovered" alongside all sorts of hideous crimes and important stuff !!
  6. Yes mate, so many people get this wrong
  7. I've gigged loads for the last 20 years and very rarely seen lockable storage big enough for a bass within a dressing room, if ever actually
  8. I think I do disagree about the rounds
  9. Lovely bloke, pleasure to deal with
  10. Thanks for the vid, so is it to make you play lighter?
  11. What are ramps for then? the block of wood between the pickups
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