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  1. Looks great but not sure there's any in the UK at the moment?
  2. Wow , I'll check em out , had an old lm2 for years as a back up , bombproof, never that into the old cabs but I'll investigate these
  3. Hmmm I had a retro 210 and found it a bit indistinct , lacking punch , I'll check out the super twin though, voiced quite differently to the retro range?
  4. Had enough of lugging my ceramics around , ideally single cab , currently using a pair of berg hd112 , love the sound and I'll keep em but want something lighter as well
  5. The set up I'm thinking about is a Dickinson P1 which is a high end valve pre pedal which I'll sometimes run into my amps but wanted recommendations for a a power only amp to run it through for a more portable set up when needed , I agree Bigred that rack mount stuff negates the point of it for my use in which case I might as we'll put the pedal through the class d amps I've got Are there any class D power amps out there more like the quilter form rather than rack?
  6. Yeah don't disagree but it's often a trade off and often just a monitor if there's a DI for foh
  7. Can't be bothered lugging big valve amps around and not crazy bout my class d amps tone so I'm thinking of using a valve pre but will need to get a power amp, am I right in thinking it doesn't have to be a bass amp, any ideas? Small light and powerful preferably
  8. Looks like guitar aid is no more?? Any recommendations, got a mesa.d800 and GK 700rb that need attention
  9. What you saying bc'ers Sorry I expect there's multiple threads on this , I did a search but didn't see anything
  10. Queen , just flicked on during Don't stop me now and thought he was struggling, sound didn't help tbf
  11. Has anyone on here done a trade on a bass that has an inflated trade price?
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