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  1. Yep still for sale
  2. spencer.b

    Withdrawn Peavey T40 1979 Immaculate,

    Got it out to weigh this morning and played it all day , sounds too good to sell, anyone got any wide strap recommendations!
  3. I'm rarely happy with my gear for long and I have some nice stuff, pre cbs fender, Wal, alembic etc etc maybe I'm the problem Saying that I've got a sweet 77p I'll never part with
  4. spencer.b

    Withdrawn Peavey T40 1979 Immaculate,

    11.2 lbs
  5. spencer.b

    Fender CS - No magic?

    Fair enough mate, it's an interesting point, I'm certainly guilty of it with some things, I was recently riding 2 different MX bikes and the one I was smitten with basically cos it had the graphics like the one's I coveted as teenager felt faster yet the lap times proved otherwise P basses though I feel like I'm pretty forensic about, but maybe that's just my perception!
  6. spencer.b

    Maintenance of having an oldish carved bass

    So hard to say, I've had an old German for nearly 20 years and done very little to it other than a soundpost tweak every few years however old basses can be a nightmare, my mate's bass has a sunken front and sounds like it might be a write off and he's put best part of 2k in repairs into it in the last 5 years Sorry not a very helpful answer I know but I'd say get any potential purchase looked over by someone knowledgeable
  7. spencer.b

    Fender CS - No magic?

    Are you saying I think my bass sounds good cos it was expensive and it actually doesn't sound good? I can honestly say I couldn't care less how expensive or prestigious an instrument is I'm solely interested in how they play and sound, I've got an old upright which as uprights go is cheap but it sounds great and cuts through and I use it all the time I don't doubt you've heard mij basses that are as good CS, I have too and I've had some great bitsas, squiers etc as good as anything I've played , you can say there are other factors at play for your with your perception of instruments but there aren't for me
  8. spencer.b

    Fender CS - No magic?

    I've had in excess of 25 p basses I reckon, new and old fenders, tokai, squier JV and SQ , maruscyck , Lakland, Nash etc I bought my CS cos it's really resonant and sounds amazing
  9. Sorry Dave nothing that far up north in the diary I'm afraid Not sure of age sorry
  10. Cordes lambert GT47 got these on a bass i bought so no idea of age but they don't have any damage or unwinding, I think these are popular strings with slap/rockabilly players £50 posted
  11. Efrano plain gut A and D strings, I bought these new and played them for no more than 8 bars £40 posted
  12. Deluxe gut a like strings I bought these as hardly used I seem to remember and I never got round to trying them( think i'd settled on lenzners at that time) they've got a weird oily feel which apparently goes when they're played in so this suggests they are hardly used, I think thomas from Duke has these made to his spec, maybe someone can verify this? here's a link to them new on thomann https://www.thomann.de/gb/gut_a_like_deluxe_double_bass_strings.htm?glp=1 £75 posted
  13. spencer.b

    Fender CS - No magic?

    I've got a CS pbass and when I play it along side my JV and 76 I actually think the CS has the more detailed complex woody tone closer to hallowed pre cbs, fret work is flawless ,balance and weight is best I've seen I wouldn't argue they're worth the money but for me they are a cut above a standard one,not three times better but it's diminishing returns with these things isn't it That said if I had 3k I'd be looking for a refin pre cbs over CS but 2nd hand at 2k think they're an okay deal, in that price bracket I tried a lull, not for me and I had a refin 66 which sounded great but had a slight twist in the neck , I had a sweet 72 jazz but the bridge pup died one day devaluing it a fair bit so I do see why people like new instruments, 3k does seem a bit OTT for any solid body bass guitar though
  14. spencer.b

    Hiscox bass case

    You can get an ivory hiscox too, very cool