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  1. spencer.b

    15 year old son looking for help with used bass amps

    I totally agree , I just thought I'd mention incase the OP didn't know you could get small loud amps these days, I love big Peavey combos
  2. spencer.b

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    Just keep buying P basses , I've got 6 and I still lust after the next
  3. spencer.b

    I love my AVRI58 Pbass but.. (Pup suggestion thread)

    I've got a avri and a CS and the CS definitely has a bit more low end and is a touch smoother ( although I think the avri pup is actually closer to a real 60s fender in some ways) Overwound sounds like what you're after imo
  4. spencer.b

    Fender Jazz Bass Vintage 1978-1979

    What's the weight? Where are you? Pickguard looks original to me, what makes you think it isn't?
  5. spencer.b

    15 year old son looking for help with used bass amps

    Those Peavey's are great for the money but do bare in mind they're huge and heavy and if you wanted to spend more you could get something way lighter and smaller
  6. spencer.b

    Top players and learning insight

    A lot of my rythmic approach has come from these Tommy Cogbill on Elvis in Memphis album ( especially Gentle on my mind, you gotta check this out) Jameson on Bernadette Rainey on Peg Steely Dan Willie Weeks solo on Donny Hathaway live
  7. That's Alison Brown on banjo who was in the first lineup of Alison Krauss Union Station and I think that's the amazing Trey Hensley on guitar
  8. spencer.b

    Finger players. So you ever get cramp?

    Make an effort to dig in when you practice and play soft and relax when you gig, you'll still probably play harder on the gig than at home but thinking of it like this helps me
  9. spencer.b

    Washburn Scavenger 1980 - (Returned to Right Handed)

    9kgs???? you mean 9lbs right?
  10. spencer.b

    What’s the problem here?

    I had a TH500 for a bit , for me it was all snarling mids and really lacked proper oomph down low and any sparkle at the top, I moved it on pretty quickly, I wondered if it was the cabs I was using but I've since used a TH500 a few times when they.ve been house amps or festival backline and I felt the same, I'd try a different amp mate, last time I was in bassdirect I tried most of the class Ds and for me the Genzler and Mesa Subways were the best, I thought genzler was really versatile and the mesa had an openess and clarity to the tone . I've since got a subway D800 and now I'm really tempted by the WD800 I liked the berg CN but the ceramic bergs are for me the best cabs ever( why did I sell them???) and as good as neo cabs have got they don't quite match up, but like you say weight plays it part I'd go for option 2 change the amp
  11. spencer.b

    Pat testing

    I get asked 15ish times a year, mainly hotels, they always want the cert. emailed in advance and I've never had anyone look at the gear on the day so I'm not sure getting stickers would help
  12. spencer.b

    Valve World

    A really good tech once told me that it's a bad idea to move a valve amp while the valves are still warm, anyone else heard this?
  13. spencer.b

    withdrawn fromsale

    Gorgeous, what's the weight and where are you?
  14. I am now, thanks for the heads up
  15. spencer.b

    Feedback for Steve Browning

    Steve bought my Mesa mpulse , pleasure to deal with, lovely guy