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  1. I think I do disagree about the rounds
  2. Lovely bloke, pleasure to deal with
  3. Thanks for the vid, so is it to make you play lighter?
  4. What are ramps for then? the block of wood between the pickups
  5. There's a house Double Bass too now
  6. If you do drive try Soho Square , there's a fair few pay by phone bays that are free after 6 30 , if there's nothing there go north of Oxford Street around Berners place , parking round there is not quite as bad as you might think
  7. I bought with all the mods already done, from what I've read about these the pups are okay but a good quality one is a big upgrade for not that much money, it's had the pup cavity shielded too
  8. Classic vibe squier are good in that price bracket
  9. Squier Classic Vibe 51p in Lake Placid Blue one of the earlier chinese made models Immaculate condition, no marks but some wally has drilled extra holes in the pickguard for a tugbar Gator gig bag Upgrades Creamery handwired Pickup Fender Pure Vintage 58 bridge CTS pots Cloth Wiring Electro Socket jack input New Capacitor Set up with D'addario chrome flats Original pup pots and jack included I'm in crystal palace and I travel a lot for gigs so try me for a meet up No postage No trades
  10. 79 Peavey T40 Absolutely immaculate, I've had a handful of these basses and this is the best one I've seen by a mile, it's even got the thumb rest and bridge mute with untouched adhesive strip Beautiful maple board, great player , resonant and even Period hardcase No trades I'm afraid I'm in Crystal Palace but I travel loads for gigs and am up for a detour
  11. Mesa Boogie Walkabout Head If you're reading this you know all about these legendary heads, great vintage tone, complex mids, brilliant EQ etc UK voltage Good Condition Serviced by Jon Dickinson of Dickinson amps and has only had 10 gigs on it since I'm in Crystal Palace but I travel a lot for gigs so try me for a meet up no postage no trades
  12. American Vintage Reissue 64 Jazz Bass in Daphne Blue I believe they made 50 of these , gorgeous thin nitro paint that has crazed a bit in places and sunk into the grain a bit which IMO really gives it that 60s feel way more than a lot of relic jobs I see( I couldn't capture this in the photos ) Plays and sounds great, I had it set up by Jonathon at Feline Guitars ( he really knows his stuff) Few little dings in the paint but overall really good condition OHSC with all the mutes guards brochures etc I'm in Crystal Palace but i travel a lot for gigs so try me for a meet up No trades I'm afraid
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