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  1. Alan "Snoop" Evans killin it with Fred Hammond Check the lick at 20secs
  2. Don't suppose you asked him if stripping it back to original was possible?
  3. 2nd hand chowny chb ? Great instruments for the money , I picked one up cheap on here , really impressed with it
  4. Possibly the very bass in question, intonation isn't perfect but I've got close enough by moving the bridge around having wound the threads up just above flush
  5. Yeah spot on mate , swapped the string and problem solved , previous owner had the bridge a good 1cm to far forward Re. the bridge, thanks for that , I thought as much ,didn't seem right with the threads sticking out
  6. Yeah I'll take pics , now I've measured the bridge position it was too far forward so I wonder if the string is duff cos previously the spot that was on the saddle is now part of the vibrating string?
  7. Got my chowny chb2 that's the 34" one out today and started messing with the action and now the G has got a mad phasing double note quality to it, should the threads that the circular adjusters go on be up inside the lower part of the bridge cos before they were slightly proud and have marked the top so I thought it that doesn't seem right so moved em up inside
  8. Love this guy , saw him on that sbl brazil vid and checked him out, awesome
  9. Check the solo at 2.35 absolutely stunning, one of my favourite players, Unbelievably I first heard about seth when he depped for me in a ropey function band! Look at him now
  10. I think of scammers as faceless untraceable characters but an actual bloke I have mutual fb friends with makes my blood boil
  11. I can't believe this silly man is doing this under his own name while already in trouble, surely his band mates know? What a silly man
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