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  1. MAN!!🙈😃 That just oozes, total class!! Looks like it has come, straight out of a seventies time capsule. Minted.. GLWTS 👍😃
  2. I Love the idea of the fretted or the fretless neck, depending on session/gig (what are they!) or even the mood you are feeling.. That is a lot of bass, for the money!! GLWTS👍😃
  3. Yet another ACG bass up for sale! Brilliant luthiership from Alan Cringean, no surprises there then! Somebody will be very happy with this! The figured maple top is just stunning!! GLWTS 👍😃
  4. I bet this will sound the absolute business with the John East preamp.. Also with the Benedetti pickups in the passive mode too!! Amazing basses and also very rare that an Arpege series 11 carbon necked bass comes up for sale!! for obvious reasons. TOO GOOD!! The carbon neck looks in excellent condition as well..Great price for such a wonderful bass.. GLWTS 😃👍
  5. Parcelforce 24.. next day delivery..I've shipped all my sold basses on Basschat to the UK with Parcelforce 24, 5 or 6 in total and have all arrived by 12.30pm the next day..not bad for £20. Great tracking with them too..Sold one bass to The Netherlands, and one to the south of France last year, with Parcelforce obviously pre Brexit, and they both arrived safe and sound within three days!!
  6. An excellent price for a stunning bass..Someone will be very lucky with this!!..GLWTS😃👍
  7. I owned an early Eve bass, Sold it!! (another regret) and can really vouch for Douglas Mullens incredible Luthiership..This Iona here, is a real beauty..Somebody is going to be happy.. GLWTS👍😃
  8. Absolutely Stunning bass this!!! Withdrew my ACG Krell bass last week, from the forum..Very wise decision, for ONCE in my life! lol Would now have sellers remorse for sure. In short, Just fantastically built and playing bass guitars. GLWTS 😃👍
  9. Four Vigiers for the price of a Wal bass!! No chiropractor needed either!! 🙈😃
  10. I would say Geezer Butler played Vigier basses, and Roger Glover of Deep Purple has his own signature model..not a passion albeit, but still using the 10/90 neck construction.. Doesn't get more metal than that!!🤟 Don't know much about Vigier 5 string basses to be fair but I am sure they will kick out like the 4 string ones do!!
  11. Thanks Ped..😃👍 It is a beauty..I know you are the man to goto with all things Vigier, which I also have greatly appreciated, thanks. This one now has batteries in it for the first time in years!! Plays and sounds the absolute business. Very lucky to spot it in a local gumtree add!! Dates to the 15 January 1987.Could maybe be an earlier model with the 2'nd generation of Benedetti pickups? All the best. Alan😃👍
  12. Hi Folks.. Recently picked this beauty up!! A Vigier Passion 11 from early 1987..The Walnut body is truly stunning, In incredible condition for age. No major marks or dings. The neck is immaculate, preamp works just great..Very lucky to see the advert in gumtree! It had been used as Wall art for the last four years!! I have invested quite a lot of money and time in tracking down Vigier basses in the 12 years since owning my first one. An antique violin finish Passion custom 111, and it is over thirty years since first playing one in the Basscentre, Really!!🙈 Tempus Fugit Not every Vigier has worked out for me. I personally prefer the Passion Basses over the Arpege ones I have owned. Only played an Excess once, amazing necks on these. I can now say, having fortunately owned from a series 1 to a series lV Vigier bass. I am incredibly content.. All stunning basses! Though could not get my head around using a truss rod on a Vigier Arpege series 1 which I had recently, but quite possibly one of the best necks in bassdom!! A series IV Arpege four string, also stunning with an amazing Glokenklang preamp, but in my humble opinion didn't have the class of the neck through basses. So I am stopping buying or selling Vigiers from now on..Having GAS can be bad, but having Vigier GAS can be expensive!!! 🙈 The series 11 has a slightly bigger body size than the series 111 Weight much the same.The neck profile on my series 111 very very slightly thinner than the 11, but playability wise I can not choose one over the other..If you are quick on the button when one comes up, take the chance..I think you will incredibly happy..👍😃 Should we ever be able to travel again there are four passion 11 basses listed for sale in France on www.leboncoin.fr
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