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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Absolutely stunning basses!!!😀😀 GLWTS
  3. I have been fortunate to own a Vigier Series11 passion bass, and am a current owner for the last ten years of a Vigier passion 111..Both truly wonderful instruments. In my honest opinion. much better than the series IV bolt on Arpege with the all singing and dancing Glockenklang preamp I had briefly.I will hasten to add it took me about 15 years to find the passion 111 bass!!! They don't come up that often and the series 11 basses less.Patrice Vigier made and makes superlative basses and once you dial in your sound you won't look back..On the Warwick front..I have owned a 1990 thumb 4 bass which was a truly fantastic bass (why did I sell it) then bought a 1998 thumb which was total pants!!
  4. I thought this was an out and out bargain at £650 which was a great price! but at £425 you are getting a truly wonderful instrument at a give away price!!! Somebody will be getting an amazing bass here😀😀 GLWTS again..
  5. RAT TRAP The Boomtown Rats..Pete Briquette with an amazing simple bassline that drives the song... Also,Radar Love by Golden Earing
  6. Stunning looking, bespoke handbuilt bass this,at a real come and buy me price😀 GLWTS
  7. Cracking looking bass this, and at a very good price too..😀 GLWTS
  8. Wow!!! Stunner this..Passion series 11's are an absolute joy to play, and once you do,they can become seriously addictive😁 wish i had some money😥 This bass will put a big smile on someones face😁 GLWTS
  9. Stunning bass this!!! Cliff makes truly wonderful instruments which are a joy to play.I am very fortunate to own a 32 scale fretless CB Ball bass.GLWTS
  10. Stunning beautiful bass this..Alas no spare money l'm afraid! GLWTS of this beauty👊
  11. I have just purchased a truly wonderful GMR Bassforce bass of JK (Koval123) in a very smooth transaction. Comunication was fantastic throughout the whole purchase..Packing was superb and shipping with DPD very speedy..I can highly,highly reccomend JK (Koval123) to do business with. Best Wishes.. Alan
  12. WOW...Truly stunning bass there..Doesn't look very standard to me..Just looks exceptional!!😀😎 GLWTS
  13. Wonderful looking bass this,truly stunning!! A real shame i don't play 5 string bass.In reality this is like hen's teeth,etc. They hardly exist let alone ever come up for sale..and more importantly a BARGAIN😎 GLWTS
  14. Know exactly what you mean about Wal..couldn't get on with it..way to heavy..I also bought for £400 but sold for £350..so you were quids in😀
  15. Showing my age here folks..lol.Hanging around by the Stranglers was my first sortie at trying to learn bass!!! JJ 's killer tone and playing blew my mind..Oh yes, it still does😎
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