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  1. So, having had a few more days with my new rig, here’s the update. For calibration, my main rig is an Orange OB1-500 into Barefaced four10. Obviously, a slightly old-school all valve amp sits well with an old-school heavy sealed 4x10 cab. The tone is amazingly deep. Almost like you’re hearing the fundamental frequency much more than the harmonics. But it’s more than just that. I feels like a much fuller rounder sound than I’m used to. I want to say headroom or heft. No better words. Power is abundant. My neighbours hate me. I’ve no idea if it’s remotely versatile - I’ve not even fiddled with the eq, gain or shape. All my basses sound better than before. Eventually I did try the head with my BF cab. The effect isn’t the same, although I know I could crank it right up if needed. Nor does my Orange head work as well with the Ampeg cab. So the simplistic conclusion is that the head and cab suit each other. By sheer luck they also pair well with the GK cab I picked up recently too (thanks @stewblack for the cable). Sits perfectly on top to create a magnificent stack. Weighs the same as the moon though. I doubt I’ll be rolling this out for pub gigs (41 kilo cab, 20 kilo head) instead of the Barefaced cab which is overkill anyway. But any outdoor gigs? This rig will slay.
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  3. bigjimmyc

    Ampeg cabs

    I accidentally acquired a BSE410HS last week. I'm not an ampeg fanboy by any means, but I'm truly surprised by the excellent deep sounds from this sturdy unit. I had planned to trade it out but not so sure now.
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  5. No, I believe the fellow I got it from had it since new. I think I got a bargain here.
  6. I've had my thumpinator at the end of my pedalboard for a long while. I'm sure it earns it's keep when playing at live volumes, protecting my cones and keeping things tight. However I just got myself an all valve head. I love the natural tones I'm getting through this rig and might dispense with a lot of the fx henceforth. However the apparent heft of the new amp has me worried about removing the thumpinator. Reading up a bit, it appears that the thumpinator is designed to be used in front of the amp or in the loop. Is there anyone out there that does use it in the fx loop?
  7. Loving my traynor

    1. MacDaddy


      Best bass sound I ever had was from a 60w Traynor combo. Lovely deep and fat, yet somehow still cut through when with the band.

      What have you got?

    2. bigjimmyc


      Shiny almost-new YBA200-2

      It gives me that child-like grin!

  8. Nor had I. 400w @ 8 ohms and a tweeter. Sealed I think. Detail here: https://ampeg.com/pdf/BSE410H_HS_HLF.pdf It will serve as the base for my bf four10....
  9. Let me first say that I had too much gear already. However, just look at this rig! I had an SVT years ago and we didn’t get on. But my valve thing wasn’t quite done, so when this came up locally I couldn’t ignore it. Top bloke did me a great deal. Honestly I’ve hardly tried it out yet but the tone is unreal. Gonna have to re-evaluate the other stuff now.
  10. I think I'm just old-fashioned. I prefer a passive sound. On-stage I'd only ever use the volume control anyway.
  11. Cheers Rasher. It plays really well, although I’m not a fan of the active EQ.
  12. Got a speedy reply from Dr Decibel @Celestion: Hi Jim – This is a 15” bass unit that originally came out of a CX1542 PA cab. Performance-wise, very much like this speaker: https://celestion.com/product/98/tf1525e/ Regards, The Doc That's what I call service! Cheers Doc!
  13. Message sent! Top tip, thanks Balcro.
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