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  1. Traynor YBA-200. Affordable, moveable & sounds awesome.
  2. Totally agree @uk_lefty Ironic that good quality instruments are hard to find and yet we can’t shift them either. Years ago I went to Denmark street to try out a couple of basses I’d always fancied (Rickenbacker, Warwick) and came away unimpressed, but it was fun to try them. I’d certainly like a go on your Aria if only to satisfy my Cliff Burton / John Taylor fantasy. However I can’t justify another 4-string when I’m only playing 5s in my current band. Anyone know where I can find a lefty Jackson Concert 5?
  3. Fortunately I work harder at playing bass than photography
  4. Hi fellow lefties. I can’t help feeling there are very few lh basses to choose from. Our own for sale forum is like a desert. Perhaps we need a swap shop? I for one have more 4s and 5s than I can play. I’ll just post my collection here and if you want to borrow or buy one then comment here or pm me.
  5. I bought one of these and am thrilled with it. I had an Ampeg SVT II years ago and was less than thrilled.
  6. I bought the exact same lefty brand new, just four-string rather than 5, in about 2004. Hard to remember exactly how much I paid, but I’d guess £300. Although it was a nice instrument to own, and my main bass for years, I was never happy with the sound. I bypassed the active circuit, but in hindsight the pickups were probably to blame. I wish I still had that bass. Congrats to you.
  7. Decided I’m going to let this go. It’s very nice but I prefer a meatier neck. This is very slim.
  8. That's really cool. I stayed at UTSC thirty years ago on a hockey tour. Sweet memories! Double cool for me as I was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire (England). PS. If you do get to do the tour, please could you grab me a set of shiny corners?!
  9. I have the OB-1 500 and yes, it’s for rock. Possibly not the most versatile amp, but the clean channel is massive and the blend dirty channel gives you a whole other dimension. My advice is try it with your music, your style, your other gear. You might like it.
  10. Maybe check out the Ashdown Ant? In your budget and significantly smaller than your main rig.
  11. I needed a cable for my new rig so I posted a wanted ad. Would’ve paid market price and postage. But no, Stew pings me a message and says he’s got the exact thing and won’t take a penny! What an ambassador for Basschat! A gentleman and a scholar.
  12. So, having had a few more days with my new rig, here’s the update. For calibration, my main rig is an Orange OB1-500 into Barefaced four10. Obviously, a slightly old-school all valve amp sits well with an old-school heavy sealed 4x10 cab. The tone is amazingly deep. Almost like you’re hearing the fundamental frequency much more than the harmonics. But it’s more than just that. I feels like a much fuller rounder sound than I’m used to. I want to say headroom or heft. No better words. Power is abundant. My neighbours hate me. I’ve no idea if it’s remotely versatile - I’ve not even fiddled with the eq, gain or shape. All my basses sound better than before. Eventually I did try the head with my BF cab. The effect isn’t the same, although I know I could crank it right up if needed. Nor does my Orange head work as well with the Ampeg cab. So the simplistic conclusion is that the head and cab suit each other. By sheer luck they also pair well with the GK cab I picked up recently too (thanks @stewblack for the cable). Sits perfectly on top to create a magnificent stack. Weighs the same as the moon though. I doubt I’ll be rolling this out for pub gigs (41 kilo cab, 20 kilo head) instead of the Barefaced cab which is overkill anyway. But any outdoor gigs? This rig will slay.
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