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  1. Any tips for making your own scratchplates?

  2. Anyone who wishes to try my OB1-500 out is welcome (post crisis). I'm in Winchester.
  3. Morning. I'd like to poll the BC brains on preferred storage for our precious instruments.
  4. Try the Orange OB-1 or Four stroke. Brilliant for rock.
  5. OK they may need polishing but at least they're the right way up.
  6. OK it seems the barefaced fanbois have not arrived yet, so I will dive in... As per Phil's advice, go try lots of stuff. But don't forget to try barefaced 10s and 12s. You will not be disappointed. I recall having a similar quandry a few years ago, and took a punt on the new barefaced four10. I wasn't sure it would be enough so I took the 8-ohm version so I could add a second. In hindsight a two10 would have done the job. This gear is unbelievably loud, weighs very little and is very well constructed. They have a wide range to suit your style too. Go try em.
  7. Wedding to pay for. Please buy my gear.

    1. TheGreek


      I had a quick look at the basses for sale and the amps - couldn't see any of your items for sale..

      What are you selling??

    2. Grangur


      Did you look in the left-handed section, Mick?


    3. bigjimmyc


      Cheers @Grangur... @TheGreek I have an Ashdown VS-212 going cheap.

  8. No reasonable offer refused. Will include a basic gig bag and strap plus original parts if required. Got a wedding to pay for.....
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