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  1. Condition is very good indeed. Also have a “matching” 1x15 for sale for a mega stack.
  2. Ampeg 4x10 angled bass cab. You’ll never see another! 400w, 8-ohm, sealed, with adjustable tweeter, castors. https://ampeg.com/pdf/BSE410H_HS_HLF.pdf
  3. Smashing cab! Surely bf will sell you a steel grille?
  4. One of those in the classifieds too I think. Tempting!
  5. Got mine on Gumtree… previous owner had imported it I believe.
  6. Mine is not too heavy at all. No more than an ABM really. Fwiw there is a lovely looking yba-300 in the for sale section….
  7. As @Dad3353said it’s the YBA-200. Very nice thing - moves lots of air, sympathetic to clumsy fingers. I have my eye on a second 4x10 for that rig as soon as my back recovers from this gig!
  8. Played a sailing club 40 miles away. Didn’t get paid until this morning but all ok in the end. Outdoors and a decent crowd, so took the full stack (valves, 1x15, 4x10). Had to take the master to 6 but got loud enough in the end. Somehow the older covers don’t cut it now. White stripes and Kings of Leon well received.
  9. Nobody interested? It’s a great cab, it’s just that I need two of them! Open to trades as ever.
  10. Seems like a cracking deal. Glad I’m too far away for the GAS to kick in. Your stated power handling figures don’t quite match the pictures… I assume you’ve not changed the drivers?
  11. Nice anecdote! I love a good Lemmy story or photo (e.g. the one with Lem and Phil Lynott). Skin had plenty of good things to say about him too.
  12. For Alusonic fans and those not familiar with Skunks or Cass, check this out... the first riff is from "I can dream", off Paranoid & Sunburnt, 1995.
  13. You are correct: https://www.alusonic.com/aluminium-bass-django-supreme-carbon.php
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