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  1. update - my amp guy is closed! Anyone know a great solid-state amp technician in the Hampshire area?
  2. Typical! My main amp has gone on the blink just as a rehearsal finally looms. There's a pretty obvious distortion on the sound. Dirty channel off of course, but the problem is there thru my cab and on the DI too. I have a good amp guy fairly nearby but he always has a long backlog. Orange service seems a long way away, not sure I want to post it. Anyone have any suggestions on getting this fixed? It isn't under a warranty but as-new condition until now. Cheers Jim
  3. Had a ABM 500 with my BF four10 for a while. Worked great but I moved the amp on and kept the cab. IMO Ashdown ABM is an old-school amp. Why not pair it with a retro cab (10” drivers) rather than a FRFR hifi cab like the big twin?
  4. Any tips for making your own scratchplates?

  5. Anyone who wishes to try my OB1-500 out is welcome (post crisis). I'm in Winchester.
  6. Morning. I'd like to poll the BC brains on preferred storage for our precious instruments.
  7. Try the Orange OB-1 or Four stroke. Brilliant for rock.
  8. OK they may need polishing but at least they're the right way up.
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