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  1. Now only £100. Come on lefties - grab a bargain!
  2. Ok these may be “vintage” but sound pretty good to me and very solidly built. Stated 300w 8ohms. Ideal for PA, disco, even monitoring thanks to wedge shape. Delivery with reason for petrol money.
  3. Really nice playing instrument at this price. Pickups upgraded from stock (not sure on brand). Scratchplate and screws included, I just preferred it like this. No trades. Delivery within reason for petrol money.
  4. I have that cab and can happily confirm that the connectors are indeed green.
  5. Of course you can! I notice yours is immaculate. Perhaps this one would be best for rougher venues, keep the other unspoiled? Anyway, a 4x12 rig is a thing of legend....
  6. Bargain VS-212

  7. Now only £125 because everyone loves a bargain on a Monday morning!
  8. Please buy my cab! More gear listed shortly so watch this space. 

  9. Thanks @silverfoxnik and @Merton It’s a great cab. I bought it specifically for the dimensions which fit in a car I no longer own. Anyone who has a small car or small stage would get a real kick out of this. Btw, tatty isn’t fair. I should have said scruffy. Best piece of Ashdown kit I’ve owned (so far).
  10. Hi. Surplus to requirements, gotta go. This is the 300w version. A little tatty but solid and sounds great. It is very compact (72cm tall x 49cm wide x 34cm deep, including feet). Perfect for your LB or CTM-100!
  11. I was very lucky to see these guys on the weekend. Ska is a really long way from my usual taste, but they were completely epic! Bass player was really putting in a shift - didn't miss a single note - and I have to admit I'd never realised the complexity of the bass in this genre. Talented guy looking very cool and playing some cracking lines! So now I need to go find some ska tabs.....
  12. Yeah I know! Lefty style... same orientation as my other main bass. The wiring is easier this way too.
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