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  1. Hi - is this still for sale? If so, can you tell me when it was made - serial etc details too faint in the photo! Any issues - crackly pots etc? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, Is this amp still for sale? If so, any issues? Looking to replace my Markbass F1 that dropped dead six months or so after I bought it (it was quite old - and I was pretty unlucky!!) Hear from you later.
  3. Hi, I'll give it a spin!! Prefer to pay with bank transfer - is that OK with you? (can do Paypal otherwise) Let me have bank details and I'll sent delivery address. Hear from you later, Bob
  4. Fender Rumble 2x8 neo Bass Cab - 250W Contains genuine Eminence Neo speakers - Fender didn't make these for long so quite hard to come by. Very light at 12.7kgs - one handed carry - also incorporates magnetic top to work with V2 Fender Rumble heads. I have used it with a variety of MarkBass heads and it delivers a surprisingly full and rounded sound. Very good overall condition as mainly had home use - I bought it as a spare/backup for my other, much tattier, 2x8 but never needed it. I would prefer collection or meet up but, due to size, postage with ParcelForce will be about £30.00 insured (not happy to use budget carriers - bad experiences) PM me with any questions.
  5. Thanks for sharing the demos - though, as i said, the pedals sound different depending on how they are wired through the amp - and the amount of EQ individual 'add' to the sound. I like Markbass amps as they tend to be quite neutral when set flat.
  6. I love them all to - my babies - but can't justify having them sitting in a cupboard!!! No, no idea what's out there re demos. I can say that I have used them wired up different ways through the IQ (Jacques Ruppert sent me some good information that I will try to find - it was a while ago) plus both pedals sound/work differently whether wired in directly to the signal chain or wired send/return. I find the Sonic Spark is quite subtle but gives a nice, 'tubey', tone to a clean amp like a MarkBass FI or Nano Mark.
  7. Have had to list them as a total value - but they are for sale individually, see below. For sale my rare and increasingly sought after Lehle pedals. Lehle Basswitch IQ D.I - £299, Basswitch Overdrive - £159 and Basswitch Sonic Spark - £159. Postage £5 each or £9 if all three bought together. All boxed with rubber feet (taken off as currently have velcro for pedal board). Home use only, excellent condition. Full spec and info on the Lehle website - www.lehle.com under 'discontinued'. Giving Basschat first 'dibs' but they have to go so will be listed elsewhere in a few weeks time.
  8. Love the dots and tape - makes it almost roadie-proof!!! 🙂
  9. Updated and revised listing - plus revised price. For sale is my unique, custom, JazzStang bass. As left-handed Mustang basses are rarer than rocking horse dung I created this bass as an alternative using only the finest parts available. Sadly though, the time has come to cull the herd (Covid, Shielding, age, Brexit etc) so it needs to find a new home. The bass comprises the following: Fender USA strings-thru body in Mystic Red (new) Brandoni Jazz bass neck - figured maple with dark rosewood finger board (1990s MIJ new old stock - unused) Black Schaller BML tuners. Fender Mustang bass pickup. Fender reissue 60's Jazz bass bridge pickup. Hipshot black Fender B strings-thru bridge. CTS pots. Black Jazz control plate. Fender USA Jazz knobs SIMS custom made Gold Jazz/Mustang pickguard (earlier SIMS custom black pickguard also available if required). Strung strings-thru with Fender Super 7250 roundwounds. As you can see from the pictures, the bass looks great and it plays beautifully - sound options from a deep Mustang/Precision tone with just the neck pickup on to a snappier sound once the J pickup is engaged. Bass is now for sale in the Bass Gallery London
  10. Left-handed Warmoth Roasted Maple Precision bass neck. Previously fitted to my MIM Fender body . This neck was custom made by Warmoth in Washington State USA. I chose the 'slim taper' option as this has more of the feel of a USA Fender. Frets are 6150 medium jumbo. Nut is a genuine Fender Micarta Precision one. Neck has been finished/sealed with Beeswax polish. It was fitted with Schaller BML tuners - holes will match up with these - other tuners will require new holes. I was not 100% happy with the finish from Warmoth so John at the Bass Gallery in Camden rounded the edges, then leveled and crowned, the frets making the neck smoother and more comfortable to play. To order this neck from Warmoth - including the 3-4 months wait, shipping and UK taxes would be around £350 (not including what I paid the Bass Gallery to tidy it up). Only 'downside' is a small chip - see photo - by the E string tuner hole - covered by the tuner bush when fitted. This neck is as smooth as silk to play, has amazing - Nigel Tuffnell - levels of sustain and a bright tone - well-suited to pic playing but still warm under fingers. I am only selling because its a bit too 'bright' for me - prefer and 'old-skool' rosewood tone with flatties - so I would rather it went to a new home! Postage should be around £15 - I normally use ParcelForce - and local collection should be possible.
  11. Hi, Could be interested if you could let me have a shipping price to Uckfield East Sussex. Also - any problems? - scratchy pots popular on MB gear after a few years - and how noisy is the fan??
  12. Ha, ha... only bought two new Fords - fleet cars - first one's engine nearly seized - thermostat stuck as engine hadn't been degreased by the dealer - still had a Spanish cigarillo packet under the bonnet. Second one's gear leaver went through the floor when you engaged reverse - missing retaining clip on the gearbox!! New Fender Precision - see back in this thread for all the faults!!! 'Pre-loved' every time for cars and basses!!
  13. Always been very impressed with the advice and service I have had from Absolute Music in Bournmouth and GAK in Brighton. Tend to stick to independents whenever possible.
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