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  1. Left-handed Warmoth Roasted Maple Precision bass neck. Previously fitted to my MIM Fender body . This neck was custom made by Warmoth in Washington State USA. I chose the 'slim taper' option as this has more of the feel of a USA Fender. Frets are 6150 medium jumbo. Nut is a genuine Fender Micarta Precision one. Neck has been finished/sealed with Beeswax polish. It was fitted with Schaller BML tuners - holes will match up with these - other tuners will require new holes. I was not 100% happy with the finish from Warmoth so John at the Bass Gallery in Camden rounded the edges, then leveled and crowned, the frets making the neck smoother and more comfortable to play. To order this neck from Warmoth - including the 3-4 months wait, shipping and UK taxes would be around £350 (not including what I paid the Bass Gallery to tidy it up). Only 'downside' is a small chip - see photo - by the E string tuner hole - covered by the tuner bush when fitted. This neck is as smooth as silk to play, has amazing - Nigel Tuffnell - levels of sustain and a bright tone - well-suited to pic playing but still warm under fingers. I am only selling because its a bit too 'bright' for me - prefer and 'old-skool' rosewood tone with flatties - so I would rather it went to a new home! Postage should be around £15 - I normally use ParcelForce - and local collection should be possible.
  2. Hi, Could be interested if you could let me have a shipping price to Uckfield East Sussex. Also - any problems? - scratchy pots popular on MB gear after a few years - and how noisy is the fan??
  3. Ha, ha... only bought two new Fords - fleet cars - first one's engine nearly seized - thermostat stuck as engine hadn't been degreased by the dealer - still had a Spanish cigarillo packet under the bonnet. Second one's gear leaver went through the floor when you engaged reverse - missing retaining clip on the gearbox!! New Fender Precision - see back in this thread for all the faults!!! 'Pre-loved' every time for cars and basses!!
  4. Always been very impressed with the advice and service I have had from Absolute Music in Bournmouth and GAK in Brighton. Tend to stick to independents whenever possible.
  5. In my - limited - experience shop staff would have got the key and tweaked the bridge, retuned the bass and made sure you could play it. I believe that's called 'service'!!! Sounds like you were very unlucky.
  6. Any reputable dealer would offer a full basic set up as part of the service. Obviously a 'custom' set up, new strings etc would cost extra but the bass should be fit for purpose. Not surprised you left without the bass!!
  7. Makes sense!! My Warmoth roasted maple neck - supposedly super-stable - had shrunk in transit. Only about 0.5mm but it made a difference with the frets. Thanks to John at The Bass Gallery for sorting that out!!
  8. You would think that, with CNC machines etc, that all you had to do to make a left handed bass was press a button. Ha, ha!! First Fender USA as described earlier - asymetrically cut nut and the neck had to be slackened, braced and retightened to align the strings properly - that's before we get on to truss rods, bridge heights, pick up adjustment and, oh yes, the loose pot. Have had better luck since - usually by buying through dealers who check everything before shipping it out to the customer - aware of what Fender sends them! Never had a problem with Musicman - possibly because their UK importer is staffed by music professionals. Rickenbacker... aaaggghhh as my old Dad used to say - the devilish double truss rod - plus you either love the sound... or you don't. As for Gibson - bought a leftie SG bass - right hand loom had been put in so the jack socket was where the tone control should have been. Best ever? Yamaha BB404L - cheap as chips, Indonesian (I think) played straight out of the box - wish I had kept it.
  9. Ha, ha!! It won't hang around long - new replacements - if you can find one - are almost £500!!
  10. Fender QC is very variable - my first USA Precision - one of the old S1 models - had an asymmetrically cut nut and a loose neck! That one went back. I've also had the high action problem - took the neck off, slackened the nut right off and let it 'rest' for a few days. I use a 2002 version of the Fender owners manual as my guide - usually manage a decent set up - with a few tweaks - for fingers but struggle to get the right 'balance' for pics. Obviously, if an instrument isn't 'fit for purpose' - as in stuck truss rods, dodgy electronics, faulty parts - then straight back to the dealer!! I later owned a Stingray 4 (sadly long gone) and the QC was a revelation - perfect set up right out of the box and a joy to play.
  11. Hi, Would like to buy your Nano 300! How do we do this? Not bought anything via Basschat before.
  12. Hi - thanks for getting back to me. Sorry, things moved on - bought a little MarkBass combo - not convinced so may get back to you!! Updating a cab and selling stuff on Ebay - so have to wait until that's sorted - or not - before deciding on a 'new' head. Apologies again, Bob
  13. Had one - sold it - regret it!!! Might buy a replacement if a good one comes up at the right money. Very nice small amp - has Effects in/out unlike a lot of 'micro' amps - same sound and quality as other MB 300W amps. I would recommend highly!
  14. itu - point taken - changing speakers is not always a simple option. I put a B&C 15" in my Fender Pro 115 - and took out/sold on the ferrite Eminence driver. Cab sounds fine to me - a little different but not in a negative way - but its about 3kgs lighter!!!
  15. Most neo cabs - original MarkBass 'Made in Italy' - have B&C custom neo units in them (made in Indonesia MarkBass units have different speakers). I have a pair of the 2x8" Fender Rumble cabs - same size cabs as Lozz196's 1x12. Lightweight and a bargain! The Bass Gallery in Camden has a range of new and used cabs - plenty of neo ones on the website - I'm sure they can advise on weights and quality etc. Another alternative would be to buy a cab that suits and upgrade the speaker with a neo - B&C, Eminence, Celestion, Faital Pro - among others. Lean Business in Essex and Blue Aran in Southampton have good stocks and helpful staff.
  16. Hi, Apologies - only just seen you reply - haven't been on the forum for a few days. Thanks for the pics. Still for sale or has the other guy made a decision? Bob
  17. Hi Is this still for sale? Can you post pictures of the actual amp, rather than a stock shot? Thanks
  18. The Kast off Kinks are made up, almost entirely, of former members of the Kinks.
  19. That was an 'interesting' line up live - Gay Woods something of a loose cannon!!
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