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  1. Thanks for all that info - my information is that ParcelForce will not cover musical instruments for loss or damage - I also looked into taking off the bass neck and shipping the body and neck as 'parts'. No joy - still treated as musical instruments for insurance purposes! At the moment any basses would have to be buyer collect - observing Covid-19 guidelines and travel restrictions. Not sure how many left-handed bass players in need of a 'new' bass live within a 7 mile cycle ride of my house? Stay well one and all 🙂
  2. Thanks for the update - its all a total pain at the moment! Might just pop my 'spare' basses in the attic until after lockdown!!
  3. I would be limiting any sale to UK only - another factor would be Rosewood finger boards - until 31/12/20 we were part of a Europewide CITES agreement regarding endangered woods - Rosewood being one of them - which allowed the transport of Rosewood within the EU if it had been legally imported. Now that we are outside the EU I am not sure if we are still party to that agreement. So shipping a Rosewood fingerboard in either direction might require individual CITES certificates etc (when all this came in a while back there were tales of guitars from the USA being impounded and destroyed by HMRC). This is why Fender is now using Pau Ferro on all 'Rosewood' basses sold in Europe! (and Gibson got into a sh*tstorm of trouble over using illegal Rosewood in the USA a few years ago).
  4. DPD wouldn't take the last bass I sold - too long for a non-account client. I'll look in to Eurosender - they presumably are treated as an account client with better options for size and insurance. We use DPD for work - always reliable with good tracking.
  5. Thanks for the info - I'll check them out.
  6. Does anyone know of a way of shipping a bass in the UK will full insurance cover? ParcelForce exclude enhanced insurance - and I've been told that there is a 'Catch 22' that if you insure for the max standard cover - but the instrument is worth more - they'll decline any claim because you have under declared the value! Anyone have experience of this? As for DPD - a boxed and/or cased bass exceeds their their maximum length for non-account items!! I'm thinking of selling a couple of basses - for between £500 and £700 - but would only ship if fully insured. The alternative is buyer collect - or delivery by me - but given the current Lockdown regulations I wouldn't want to get slapped with a fine - or the buyer(s) get slapped with one - for taking a bass for 'exercise'!! At the moment it looks like I'll just have to put any ads on hold until Lockdown ends - anyone want a bass for Easter? Any info on couriers appreciated!!
  7. If you can find one - buy it! - hand made German quality - very useful mute button - two send/return options - worth every penny/cent!!! Just a pity Jacques retired and stopped building them 😞
  8. The Basswitch is a high end pre-amp - among other things.
  9. After hunting high and low for a dedicated bass power amp - and almost buying one of the Hellborg or SWR monsters that Thomann were 'dumping' - stumbled over GSS on the Internet! Didier couldn't be more helpful and the Baby Sumo is fantastic! Does exactly what it says on the tin - transparent sound - paired it with a Lehle Basswitch IQ DI (sadly discontinued) into a single 15" and couldn't be more pleased. (just need to sell one - or both - of my MarkBass heads to pay for it - see Basschat ad!)
  10. Be tempted!!! - price (sensibly) negotiable - could meet half way - Petworth for instance. Let me know if you want to make an offer.
  11. Hi, Hi, I have just bought a Sonic Spark for €190 including shipping - brand new from Denmark - what would be the very best price you would be willing to part with your - second hand - Compressor for? (I don't really need it - there are much cheaper pedals out there - but I am a fan of Jacques RMI pedals. However - Covid and lack of work means that I have to ask the question!)
  12. Could have been yours - and delivered - if it wasn't for Covid!! I should have been at my Uncle's funeral in the Wirral in the morning - attending on Zoom now 😞
  13. Time to cull the herd 😞 Selling my Fender/Brandoni Custom Precision bass. Fender USA 2010 body with Brandoni MIJ 1990s NOS Precision maple/rosewood neck. (please note: the 'Fender' decal on the headstock is purely cosmetic - the body is Fender USA but the neck is Brandoni) Bass comprises the following: Fender USA 2010 black body including original Fender string ferrules, neck plate, strap buttons and screws. Hipshot B, Fender three hole strings-thru-bridge type, black bridge. Fender 'Original' Precision pickup. CTS 250 solid shaft pots. WD Music black Tele/Precision knobs. WD Music BWB pickguard. WD Music black pickguard screws Brandoni NOS (New Old Stock) 1990s MIJ (made In Japan) maple neck with dark Rosewood fingerboard (this is an incredibly stable, seasoned neck from Roberto Barnadoni's store in Wembley which I had selected with the darkest Rosewood he could find to compliment the rest of the bass) Genuine Fender Precision nut. 'Decorative' Fender decal on the headstock. Fender Super 7250 45-105 roundwound strings. Bass will be set up and supplied in a DV247 Music Store semi-hard case. This is one of a number of basses I have constructed over the years using a combination of Fender and Brandoni parts but, sadly, as I have several Precisions it is time for this one to go. (I haven't found a shipper who will take - and insure - a bass. If you can find one then the bass would be shipped in an original Fender shipping box, less the DV247 case I'm afraid)
  14. Mark Bass Nano 300 bass amp £275.00 including UK postage. Fantastic, light and 'gig bag' small Mark Bass 300 head ([email protected], [email protected]). All the power of a Mark Bass Little Mark but without the XLR in, VPF and VLE controls. Still has effects send and return, unlike a lot of micro amps. Comes fully boxed with original inner and shipping outer boxes and UK three pin kettle lead. The amp is in almost 'as new condition' - very light home use - never gigged. Fantastic little amp but have now moved to a power amp and pre-amp set up. Bought in March from Steve James North East Guitar Centre.
  15. Schaller black BML tuners/machine heads for left handed bass. Good overall condition - some paint loss on the string posts - complete with ferrules and mounting screws. Taken from a Warmoth neck that has now gone chrome! Look great with a black bridge and pickguard for that 'stealth' look. Full technical spec in the attached image from Schaller. (the ferrules are slightly smaller than the holes on a MIM Fender bass - I have used a bit of Electrician's or Plumber's tape to pad them out for a secure fit - not sure about other necks) Price includes UK postage. (these can be 'reversed' to fit a right handed bass or any combination of right and left - Musicman, Gibson styles etc - but check the post lengths as they may be too short for some bass headstocks) Couldn't face Ebay!!! back on here for anyone looking to 'stealth' their bass!
  16. Genuine Fender Player MIM bass bridges taken from 2019 Player basses. Latest 'black screw' versions. Both in almost unused condition (very slight marks under the height screws consistent with having been fitted) and complete with mounting screws and saddle adjustment tool. They fit most Fender, Squier and other basses that use the Fender/Gotoh five hole mounting pattern. Usable on other basses if new mounting holes drilled in the body. Price is for a single bridge - open to offers for the pair - and includes UK postage. (new price is around £50 I believe)
  17. Genuine Fender Jazz Bass pickups taken from a 2016 MIM Standard bass. Complete with covers, foam and earthing screw. Bridge 5.53 Neck 5.27 I bought these used from Germany and they have obvious signs of use - some slight tarnishing on the tops of the pole pieces - has no effect on performance and adds a bit of a 'road worn' look. (used in a project which now has USA pickups in it so these are surplus) Price includes UK postage.
  18. Price reduction - now £8.00 including UK 2nd class postage. Genuine Fender Jazz Bass nut - unused - original packaging. Part Number 0048649049 Very hard to fine - sold as pack of 2 but I only needed one - to replace the very badly cut nut on my MIM Jazz - good 'ole Fender QC!! 39mm width with curved base - Fender describe the width on USA and Standard basses as 38.1mm so, I assume, this is slightly over to allow for production tolerance variations - see QC above! (I did a tiny bit of filing - with a nail file - on each end to get a perfect fit) £10 including UK postage
  19. Hi - sorry - missed that one - i have now replied so hopefully we can sort something out. Hear from you later, Bob
  20. Yes - no problem, but I would have to say that 'all bets are off' once the courier had collected it. Obviously I can photograph it being packed etc so you would know exactly what it looked like as it left the house. When I looked in to it, DPD wouldn't accept the length - nothing over one metre - so they would only take it as two packages - neck and body. (not a problem if you are happy to re-assemble it.) Parcel Force would take it but won't insure it!! I really don't like using Hermes or Yodel as they subcontract down to an old bloke in a beaten up van! I can look in to it a bit more. Where are you in Devon? Just wondering how near a train from you would get to me - possible meet up. Bob .
  21. Sorry - yes - Player series!!!! I'll correct the ad. Make an offer - I'm reasonably flexible as it needs to go - not sure how we'll meet up though - Devon/East Sussex is a bit of a gap to bridge!!
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