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  1. Thanks @Teebs We had a cracking night that night, and we can't wait to go and represent the UK at the International Blues Challenge in Jan. 2020 in Memphis, TN and Zaandam (Amsterdam) in the NL in April! Exciting times! And of course, nice to meet you too!
  2. Oh nice, I'm thinking either Aguilar or Markbass for an amp head for mine. Thanks for the comments, that sounds awesome. Can't wait to get mine in January :) I went for the silver grill too! Prefer the more "classic" look.
  3. @Merton What amp did you use with your BF SC and how did you find it please?
  4. Lovley stuff- just bought a new BF SC myself (just the one). Will look out for yours in the for sale section!
  5. The dizzying heights of blues fame! Haha. I'll be getting too big for my boots soon and demanding freshly laundered pants and a glass of fine single-malt available before each gig
  6. Just took full advantage of this and bought myself a Super Compact with silver grill cloth and cover. Hope it's here in time for Xmas!
  7. I've recently been introduced to Meshell's music. I was blown away! Her playing is so distinctive! Talk aboutfunky, and so much space, so much attitude! I've only got into the one album so far, Plantation Lullabies, but I'm hearing a lot of people saying Peace Beyond Passion is well worth a spin too.
  8. Ah that is a shame. I'd offer to post, but I don't have any boxes or covers for this unfortunatley. Good luck with the search. Jack
  9. Hello, Here's the link to the one for sale in the ads. (Slightly biased as I'm the one selling!) It's a great cabinet, Like @Muppet it has been paired with my rumble 500 combo for larger gigs, although no more than a handful. I can't vouch for it's effectiveness on it's own in the pub environmets, but the rumble 500 has the same speaker set-up I believe and I've never had a problem being heard within my (5 piece) band. If you need any more info, let me know! Jack
  10. EDIT: SOLD OUTSIDE OF BASSCHAT - £220.00 Hi all, Time to let this one go. I initially bought this from the very kind @funkydoug in Aug.2018. It's done one gig with me since then! I bought it as an extension cab to my Fender Rumble 500 combo, but the combo is loud enough that I've only used it once in the last year. So, it's time to go. The item is based in Cirencester (GL7). I would rather not post / courrier but will consider requests. I'd much rather a buyer meet up, or potentially drive to meet half-way. It's a really great cab, and it's like new really. It does not come with a cover / case. Trades: I'd be interested in Barefaced cabs, especially the One-Ten. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any more information. Ta, Jack Specifications (From the web) below: Series: Rumble Amplifier Type: Speaker Enclosure Two - 10” Eminence® Ceramic Magnet Speakers 16ohm Horn/Tweeter: One - Compression Tweeter with Full/Off/-6dB Switch Speaker Jack: One 1/4", One Speakon Impedance: 8 ohms Power Handling: 700 watts (Program), 350 watts (Continous) Cover/Grille Cloth: Black Textured Vinyl Covering with Silver Grille Cloth Height: 23in (58.42cm) Width: 19in (48.3cm) Depth: 14in (35.56cm) Weight: 39lbs (17.7kg)
  11. Again, blatant self plug in the form of an update... The Achievers won the UK Blues Challenge in 2019! This means we'll be off to Memphis, TN to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Jan. 2020 and also Zaandam in NL in April. Thanks to @Teebs and @Raymondo who were attended in fine spirits! Great to see you Ray as always, and a pleasure to meet you in person Teebs. Cracking night of high-quality music had by all, and we're very honoured (and a little daunted) at the prospect of the responsibility of representing the UK overseas in the blues genre!
  12. Hi all, I'd like to see what kind of fretless basses are around please. It'll be my first fretless instrument. Preferably something along the lines of USA Fender P / Jazz or MM Stingray as it will need to stand up to fairly rigorous touring. Many thanks, Jack
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