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  1. Have a great time! My lot The Achievers just got back from a few shows over in the Netherlands last weekend, and it was fantastic. The Dutch hospitality is amazing. Happy to help if you've got any questions on touring / carnet - shoot me a message and I'll rack my brains!
  2. Bump! Price drop from £450 to £400. Any questions please feel free to come at me. Potential trade for something Ampeg-ish??? Ta, Jack
  3. Lovely rig! Not in the game for a cabinet at the moment. GLWTS. Very nice looking Stingray you have too, sir...
  4. FOR SALE: Markbass Little Mark Vintage. This is NOT the D2 version. This is my lovely Markbass Little Mark Vintage for sale. I am the only owner from new. I bought it new from Bass Direct in Feb. 2020. There's a link here to a comment I posted about it. Was going to get around to reviewing it, but never did. This amp has probably done around 5 - 10 small UK gigs in the time I've had it, and been with me through once weekly rehearsals. I did have the excellent Dex at Dex Audio change out the pre-amp tube to another - there was a slight buzzing coming from it originally which is now sorted. Markbass blurb / website info here. Reason for sale: I prefer my LMIII, so this is sitting around not doing very much. Link to my new / old Markbass rig here. I mentioned within this post that I preferred the sound of the old one, and I still do! So, this one is going up for sale. Comes with a Rok Sak bag, and the original box it came in when I bought it NEW from bass direct in the Feb. of 2020 (Back when we all though we'd be doing gigs...). Price doesn't include postage, but happy to post at buyer's expense. Will package it up all nice and safe with full insurance, and will likely need signing for your end. Payment: Preference is either cash on collection or bank transfer. Item is located in Stroud, Glos. People are more than welcome to come around, have a cuppa, try it out and make an informed decision in a no-pressure environment. I will upload a video shortly which shows the amp working. The amp is going through a markbass traveller 2 x 10 cabinet, and I'm using my EB Musicman StingRay which is strung with DR Pure Blues Roundwound strings. Offers: No rush to sell, but happy to listen to any sensible offers. Trades: No, ta. Any questions feel free to come at me and I will be more than happy to answer if I am able. Cheers-ta-nice-one, Jack WhatsApp Video 2022-04-02 at 5.39.49 PM.mp4
  5. Hi Dave808. I have sent you a PM. Thanks, Jack
  6. Lovely - been having GAS for months about a fretless one of these. Only thing stopping me is Anderton's are out of stock at the moment!
  7. Really like that rig! The more I use mine, the more I like it. What bass you using through it?
  8. Best purchase of the year for me would be my Markbass rig - pic below. Really nice sounding rig, complete with touring case for shows with the band so very convenient. Cons - bit on the heavy side when cased, but band members don't seem to annoyed by it... Fortunately don't seem to have made a bad purchase this year
  9. Still for sale. Would love to see this go to a loving home. Also, I'd love to buy a Stingray!
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