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  1. Hello Pete, Thanks for the question. I am not the original owner of the amp. I bought this from a friend-of-a-friend. In fact, it was my drummer's older brother (who is a bassist). I cannot vouch for the warranty, I'm afraid. I'm not even sure what year the amp was manufactured in. I certainly wasn't made aware of any warranty on it when I bought it. From a quick search online it looks like the V3 may have been lauched sometime in 2016... but I could be wrong. Thanks, it certainly is in good condition. Thanks, Jack
  2. Thanks for the testimonial @Angelus. From my experience, I think you are right. I have never really needed to "push" this amp. Even on large outdoor stages throughout the summer I have been more than comfortable with just this combo. I did have the Fender extension cabinet (2 x 10) but only used it once. That's sold too! It really is an impressive bit of kit for the money.
  3. Hello @mattbass6, No problem at all for the questions- happy to answer. I play in a band called The Achievers which are a R N' B band based in the South-West. I've put a link up to the website where you can see some videos of us playing. The majority of what you see I will have been using this amp. https://www.theachieversuk.com/ I've owned it since Sept. 19, and it's probably on average done 2 -3 gigs per month with the band. There have been periods of more intese use. For example, during Oct. 19 we had a 14x day tour of Spain in which I used this. These are very loud considering their size, and the amp has really never had the opportunity to be pushed particularly hard. You can see from the videos our drummer uses a small "cocktail" kit, which is much quieter than a standard kit. Because of this I've not had to work particularly hard to keep up in terms of volume. Hope that's enough information, but please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Jack
  4. Hi all, ***REDUCED - 01-07-20 - £400.00*** FOR SALE ONLY: Fender Rumble V3 bass amplifier combo Class D bass amp. Powerful, punchy and portable. I’ve had it since about Sept. 2019. Had a decent gigging life, and has been very reliable through UK and European tours. Always stored indoors in a smoke free environment. Reason I’m selling is I’m moving house, shortly. and I’ve also upgraded to a Mark bass / barefaced rig, so this is surplus. Full specs online of course, but it’s a belter of an amp. It’s also got a nice padded Roqsolid cover too. Any questions please shout. I am in Cirencester, but could meet halfway and follow all the usual distancing norms if you wanted. Any questions please PM me. Thanks, Jack
  5. Thanks @Raymondo you are too kind! I certainly will be tuning into this this evening!
  6. Wow, that's lovely. I saw Ian Allison online using one of these (his was a proper vintage one) to record with on his Insta and it just sang. Never had the inclination towards a hollow body bass before, but now I do! Alas, the timing is not on my side. GLWTS though, and have a bump on me.
  7. Ah I thought it was! That sounds like a great rig. I have one BF SC, and am contemplating the second. Out of interest, what bass are you using with that combo, and what style of music are you playing?
  8. One of my first ever cabs was Ashdown, a 2 x 12, can't remember what though. Sounded killer. Do you still run the two BF super-compacts, or is that @Merton??
  9. Sage words @ClassicVibes Indeed you cannot. @Earbrass That is a good shout. Wait it out and see if the feeling persists. Hopefully, it will pass. Like I said in the OP, I think it is just a phase. I have been listening to a lot of The Mars Volta recently, and really like what Juan Aldrette does. He uses a fretless P/J. I think his is a 70s Fender P stock fretless with a bridge pickup added somewhere along the lines. The other thing is, I think new instruments can detract from practicing sometimes. Does anybody else get that? I am a member of SBLs, (Scott's Bass Lessons) and have really been enjoying the lessons and courses he offers. I think perhaps that another new instrument would take my attention and focus off what is important - which is to be able to play the bloody thing well!
  10. @Delberthot Guy Pratt is a bit of a beast isn't he. I had the pleasure of playing a Spector Euro 5 string in Bass Direct a few years ago. It was slighty out of my price range then, but I remember loving the Tone Pump circuit, and the B string was killer on account of the 35" scale. If the Euro series was that good, I can't imagine how good the US models would be. You're giving me GAS for something else! Fortunatley (Or unfortunatley depending on where you're sitting) what I'm GAS'ing for is a Sire V7 P/J fretless. The GAS is hard to combat as they're so affordable. My main basses are Fender USA and EBMM, so likely the Sire isn't on-par with that quality, which is one of the reasons which is stopping me.
  11. Hi all, During the current situation we find ourselves in, I have found myself GAS'ing for a fretless bass. I do not need a fretless, I have no use for it (other than to develop my fretless chops). I need some strong advice from people who have succumbed to the GAS and regretted it. Please dissuade me! I am not strong enough on my own. I have very limited will power. I'm fairly certain this is a passing phase. I am working from home at a PC all day, and occasionally find myself checking out fretless basses from online retail sites! Is anyone else experiencing this strange phenomenon?? Cheers all, Jack
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