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  1. Still for sale. Would love to see this go to a loving home. Also, I'd love to buy a Stingray!
  2. Yes, these are great festivals and run very, very well. We've gigged with a few of the names there, Greg Coulson and The Milk Men and they're both fab acts. Me and my bunch are doing the one in Torquay next year Hope you have a fab time - it sounds like you will.
  3. This is still for sale, please let me know if anybody has any questions! Jack
  4. Hi all, I've owned my P bass since early 2019, and it's had the same set of flats on it since forever. This weekend I decided to change them to some DR Sunbeams ahead of 3x gigs on the bounce... Wow what a difference! Everything everyone up above is saying - zing, bottom end for days, growliness... Through a markbass rig with a little drive from the SansAmp, I couldn't have been happier. PLUS the festival backline on Sat. was an Ampeg SVT with matching 8x10 - heaven Think I'll be sticking with rounds for a while now.
  5. For sale is my 2020 Barefaced Super Compact bass cab. Background: I bought this in Feb. 2020 after buying a mark-bass head to pair with it. It's essentially brand new. It comes with a fitted Barefaced branded & fitted cover which is really nice. It's the version with the silver cloth grill which is marginally more expensive. I have done one garden party with it, and also took it to Silverstone Moto GP weekend with The Achievers, but that's about it. Otherwise, it's sitting in my house doing nothing expect being a very expensive practice rig. I don't need it as I've still got my old reliable Rumble 500 which I use as a back-up. Link to where I posted about my new cab! The Cab: Great sounding 1 x 12XN driver. Bought late 2019 and delivered from Barefaced to me in Feb. 2020. I am the only owner. Reason for selling: I've gone to the Markbass side of things... Don't tell Alex at Barefaced. Link to my post about my new Markbass rig! Price: Open to sensible offers or negotiation. No low-ballers though please! Trades: No thank you. Location: Stroud, Glos. Happy for any potential buyers to come and try it out, feel free to bring an amp with you or I've got a Markbass head here. Thanks for looking, any questions please either reply below or private message me and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can. Cheers-ta-nice one. EDIT: Just realised Mrs. Stroud_Bass is in the background of the first pic. Needless to say, she's extra! Jack
  6. Yes I bought it from eBay. The pics are from the same ad. Sent the seller a private message and negotiated a price and arranged collection at a convenient meet up point. Really nice chap tbh- pleasure to do business with them. I’m not sure if they’re on BassChat.
  7. Yep it certainly sounds good from the off. Looking forward to trying the Stingray through it 👍
  8. Haha yes! Looking forward to seeing you Ray!
  9. Got myself a nice new Markbass set up over the weekend and wanted to show it off to a crowd who might actually care! It is: - 600W Little Mark III head - Traveller 102P cab on top - Traveller 115P cab below All in a custom made "trifibre" case. The Little Mark Vintage underneath the LMIII is mine too - I've basically just got a spare / back-up now. Only played a little bit with it solo so far, but good things to report already. Sounds excellent with the P, and really enjoying the differences the VLE / VPF can make. I've tried both the LMII and the LMV, and I have to say inital reports I might actually prefer the sound of the LMIII! Will have to wait for band context to see how it goes. Flight case super useful for all the upcoming gigs (fingers crossed). Who else is using this / a similar set up? How are you finding it?
  10. Post bank holiday bump. Just shared to Facebook marketplace too.
  11. Wonderful looking bass! On the lookout for a Stingray Classic too. Unfortunately I have to wait until my jazz bass sells... GLWTS!
  12. I absolutely love this! The “producer” switch. Does absolutely F**k all 😂Genius, Lee Sklar.
  13. For sale is my 2008 USA Fender Standard Jazz Bass. Background. I bought this outside of BassChat on NYE 2020. I've owned it since then, where I have played it at a few rehearsals and one gig. I'm selling it as I prefer my EB Musicman Stingray. The plan is to replace this and get another EBMM as a back-up to my main bass. There's a thread where I ramble on about the pros / cons of owning a variety of basses here if anyone's interested: The bass: It's lovely. Classic Fender good looks and sounds. Maple neck, rosewood fretboard. Set up with a low action. Serial no. Z8061692 - made in 2008. The original white pick guard comes with it, but I liked the tort. The original owner's manual / cloth come with it too. There are some pictures, and one video (not the best audio though I'm afraid - just a phone) but happy to send more detailed pics of any specific part if anybody would like a closer inspection. Work done: In Feb. of this year after I bought it, there was a slight issue / ski-jump at the end of the neck which caused the frets at the very extreme of the board to buzz. The luthier removed and re-fretted the last 12 frets, and planed the end of the fretboard to fix the issue. This was carried out as well as a lovely fresh set up and set of strings (which are now a little dull sounding). I've posted some photos of the work he did here. He's a great luthier based in Stroud and I'd recommend him to anyone in the Cotswolds or Glos area - link below. Spent a decent amount of cash getting these bad boys set up. The other neck was my P bass, which he did at the same time. Nightingale Guitars - Weight: I don't know the weight. I don't own scales but it's certainly not very heavy. Having said that, it's not swamp-ash so it's also not the lightest. Will try and find out, but might be a while. Price: Firm. Trades: If you have a 90s or earlier EB MM Stingray with a Flea bridge, bird's eye maple neck in an alluring finish? Or perhaps a Stingray "Classic" with the string-through body I'd be interested to get into a discussion. The case / gig-bag. When I bought it it came in this shoddy looking gig-bag. It's rubbish. It's labelled as "superior" but it's anything but. I wouldn't put my worst enemy's bass in it. However, it's the only one it's got and the price is slightly lower to reflect this. This is also the reason why I am unable to post / courier this bass, unless a buyer wants to volunteer funds for shipping and a case. Location: Stroud, Glos. Happy for buyer to collect over a cuppa. Alternatively, happy to drive to a convenient half-way meeting point for a service station deal. I don't have a battery powered amp though if you want to plug it in. Payment: Cash ideally. If not, bank transfer works too. Thanks for looking, any questions please either reply below or private message me and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can. Cheers-ta-nice one. Jack Fender Jazz Video (1).mp4
  14. That's a good suggestion, I have never tried a HH. The purist in me scoffs at the idea, but it could well be the solution...
  15. Yes - this summarises pretty much how I'm feeling about it - a different bass for every eventuality. I think there's a video where Sean Hurley is talking about how to choose a bass for the studio. He's singing about the merits of the P. How reliable it is, how many "home runs" it's had and how it features on so many great recordings, which leads me to think then why would I get rid of it. But then I have very different needs to Sean Hurley!
  16. Thanks @Raymondo - I like the sound of the P too and am glad you like the sound of the MM within The Achievers setting. I can't promise about the dancing though... There may well be some Fender basses on the BassChat marketplace section before too long.
  17. I am very lucky to have three basses. A Fender P, Fender J, and an EB Musicman Stingray, all US. I am considering selling the Fenders and keeping the Stingray. The Fenders are great - I've played them since 2019, but never felt at home. Every time I pick up the Ray I think "Oh yeah, that's the sh*t". I have had the 'Ray +15years, so that's probably it. I bought them thinking "Holy Trinity" and "Flexibility" for different purposes etc etc. I play in one full time original band - The Achievers - which are blues / Americana, and regularly dep for wedding & function bands around Wales and the Southwest. Is having a variety of basses necessarily better? Wanted to hear from other players who've done similar. Was it a good idea? My instinct is to sell the Fenders, and get another 'Ray for back-up. I know it's subjective, and could be a sprawling, non-sensical ramble, but that's BassChat isn't it? Will try and attach some pics later.
  18. Cheers @Raymondo I didn’t see that no- thank you though! It was nice to use it again. It’s got flats on it at the moment so lent itself well to the style I think!
  19. Thanks @Lozz196. Yes I agree. Some colour combos just work on Fenders I think, this being one of them. Sunburst / Tort, Black / Black / Maple another... oh and one of my faves is a natural finish with maple fretboard and block inlays... one day! Interestingly the original pick guard (which I have with it) was white, but I think it looks much better as it is.
  20. Hey Reggaebass thanks! It does not have it no. The bass is completely passive.
  21. NYE - NBD! It’s an 08 USA Fender Jazz standard bought privately from a lovely chap in Cheltenham today, following all the normal social distancing guidelines of course. I’ve had it a few hours, made some adjustments to the neck and saddles to lower the action, but it’s a lovely piece and a great first jazz bass. Holy trinity now competed! J-bass, P-bass and Stingray, so chuffed! I’m a very lucky bloke indeed.
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