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  1. project_c

    Binned the compressor

    The LMB is a limiter, not quite a compressor. It’s sole purpose is to make sure your signal doesn’t go above the volume you want, you only really need it if you’re clipping from getting huge jumps in volume when you’re digging in. It’s a utility, not really a tone shaper. A compressor evens out all your dynamics, while a limiter just stops them being too loud. Don’t bin it, sell it.
  2. project_c

    2nd hand market slowing??

    I suspect it’s just life for most people. I just bought a flat and a car in the same week, so that’s pretty much shut my bass budget down for the next 30 years or so. Both bought out of necessity - needed somewhere to live, and my current car is 16 years old and decided that last week was a good time to die. The flat was under budget surprisingly, but I spent way, way too much on the new car.
  3. For anyone who cares, ‘hangszergyar’ is hungarian for ‘musical instrument factory’. Szeged is the name of the city where these were made. The factory was Hungary’s only musical instrument manufacturer, and lasted from the 50s to 2003. They also made furniture and other wood related things, and were regarded as a good quality manufacturer. They went out of business partly because western products became available after the fall of the iron curtain for those that could afford them, and partly because post-communism, their business depended on USA exports, which dwindled and were eventually replaced by cheap chinese instruments of a much lower quality.
  4. project_c

    Small lightweight combo?

    Genzler Magellan combo. Or Genz Shuttle if you can find one used. I have the smallest one, I love it and gig with it regularly. Will prob buy the Magellan combo soon though, not sure if i can resist it.
  5. project_c

    I don't use effects on bass. How common is that?

    No effects for me, straight in, Fender p or j into a Genz combo, gain up, bit of treble cut, that’s all. Very occasionally I’ll use a compressor if I’m out of shape and my dynamics are all over the place, but that’s to compensate for my shîtness rather than to make nice sounds. I don’t even have a tuner pedal, I tune up when I turn up using an old Boss metronome and that’s that. Clutter bugs me and public transport stops me from being able to carry anything except my bass and my combo, so I’m as minimal as possible. Even that feels like too much to carry, if I could minimise it more I would. The horn section turns up with a tiny case, and they’re straight in, no faff. Quite jealous of that.
  6. project_c

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    I play through headphones at home, I have never found an amp that sounds good at home volume. There’s nothing more uninspiring than the sound of a bass amp at minimum volume for me, plus the acoustics of your house will have a huge impact on your tone, and every house I’ve lived in for the past 10 years had terrible acoustics. My amps sound great in the garden, but I don’t always want my neighbors to hear me fudging my way through some random jazz solo I’ve just transcribed. Studio monitors are probably a better idea but also need a decent sounding room, and relatively tolerant neighbours. What works for me is a decent interface (all the ones you mention are fine) straight into Logic, no plugins, and some proper studio quality headphones. Input levels and gain are key to getting a good tone, too quiet and you’ll sound thin and crap, too loud and you’ll clip and distort. Lots of people can’t stand a dry signal or playing through headphones though, it’s a personal choice.
  7. project_c

    Can I bring a new or second hand bass back from US?

    I bought a used Fender P in NYC about 8 years ago. I was fully prepared to declare it at customs, I stood there for 10 minutes with the case in my hand, nobody showed up. All the guards were over in the ‘nothing to declare’ area trying to catch people sneaking through and they completely ignored me so I just left. I thought I scored but the bass turned out to be a fake anyway.. Legit neck, random body. Still my favourite bass though.
  8. project_c

    Which Mac!! HELP

    I still have a 2012 imac, running Logic and Adobe CC without issues. I’ve maxed out the RAM on it, and it’s been fine. The only slowness happens when I use AfterEffects for really big projects but for audio it’s been great. I’ll get a new iMac when it dies. The new laptops: I have a brand new Macbook Pro which I got given at work, curious what people dislike about the keyboards? I hate the keyboard on that laptop but I can’t figure out what I hate about it. I know that I mistype stuff on it all the time and that trackpad along the top is incredibly annoying. The features on it are great, but as you type your fingers invariably touch it by accident and you end up deleting stuff by accident etc. So I would avoid the trackpad personally, it’s a poorly implemented addition. The computer itself seems fine though. Latest Adobe stuff is buggy as hell but that’s another story.
  9. project_c

    New Short Scale - string tension questions!

    D’addario tapes are low tension, and they sound very nice, better choice than the Labellas I think. Also they will fit without having to mess with the nut.
  10. In my experience the science has little to do with what feels right. I have relatively small hands but I find the wide flat neck on my 83 P the most naturally comfortable to play. I do usually end up playing a thin jazz neck though just because it’s hard to play fast stuff on the P, but I never feel ‘at home’ on a J neck as much as on the P. I don’t actually think there’s much science behind it, it’s just about feel. Gut feeling will probably be your best guide, just go back and play them a few times if you’re unsure.
  11. Agree with all the above, you won’t find a pickup with bigger lows than the quarter pounders. Very crunchy highs too. String wise I’m going to say Blue Steels, but HiBeams will sound better in the long run.
  12. project_c

    Gigging in London?

    How about this very simple solution: 1. ban everything that isn’t electric: lorries, cars, cabs and public transport etc 2. introduce rent control 3. ban empty foreign owned ‘investment’ homes 4. carry on cycling 5. introduce flexible work hours 5 simple steps - would fix most of London’s issues in under 5 years. Will it happen? Will it fük..
  13. project_c

    Gigging in London?

    I know. We nearly left last year so we looked at other options and the lack of transport / NHS / police / infrastructure and massive amounts of poverty in the places we looked at was crazy. I got lucky and got offered a job which allowed me to stay, otherwise I would have gone by now like many of my friends. London is screwed but nowhere near as screwed as many other cities.
  14. project_c

    Gigging in London?

    100% this. No dislikes from me, I’d rather drag an Ampeg fridge tied to my nutsack across London than have to deal with the hell that is London traffic and pollution. London is gridlocked and it stinks. They should of course be doing much more than this, because it only punishes the people that are forced to drive due to the ridiculous cost of living which has forced them into the suburbs and beyond. Public transport in London is awful, and trains are beyond a joke. I spent 25 minutes waiting in a queue just to get to a tube door this morning. There was literally a queue of people by each tube door, 1 in 1 out. It took 5 trains till I managed to get on. So it’s a much bigger problem than something that an extra charge will fix, but it’s still a step in the right direction.