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  1. project_c

    Tapewounds string tension comparison

    Sorry to hear about your injury. A bad setup won’t affect tension, but it might make you feel like you have to work harder if your strings are high. D’Addario tapes are great for getting your action really low and because they’re low-tension, they respond well to a light touch so they should in theory be a good choice if you have a hand injury. Not sure why you’re finding them high tension, what bass are they on?
  2. project_c

    Tapewounds string tension comparison

    D’Addarios are probably the lowest tension tapes you’ll find, you should not be finding those particularly hard to play unless you have a bad setup or an injury..
  3. project_c

    Free Geddy style J neck for a good cause

    Not at all, that's great! That's a whole jazz bass waiting for someone.
  4. I have a no name jazz bass neck, maple with black blocks, black Wilkinson tuners, it’s nice and fully functional, it even had a fret dress at the Gallery a little while back. I’m in the middle of moving house and rather than try to flog it I want to donate it to a school / teacher / worthy cause, so if you know anyone who would benefit from it please drop me a pm. It would need to be collected from North Greenwich during normal working hours.
  5. project_c

    Short Scale Stingray Announced at NAMM

    Yeah, no disrespect meant to MIM basses, they’re really nice but it would be good to see a proper USA short scale Fender, a P or a J maybe. I love the Mustangs but the lack of access to the upper range of the fretboard is a problem. The chinese Jag they released a couple of years ago was much better for that but the neck on that thing felt like it was made of cardboard, it needed adjusting about twice a day. A properly built version of that with stable components would be great.
  6. project_c

    Short Scale Stingray Announced at NAMM

    Awesome! I bet this is going to be good. There was a thread just a few weeks back where I mentioned EB should release a shortie, and there it is. I think it’s way overdue, especially when Fender short scales are all usually either made in China or Mexico. Fender also need to make a proper USA shortie. (Maybe the JMJ Mustang was MIA, can’t remember, but they’re usually relegated to the cheap end). Time for short scale basses to step up a notch. I play regular scale basses but the combination of being short and having to lug gear on public transport means I’m always thinking I should be playing a short scale. I’m well up for trying one of these, I wonder how the scale will affect the tone and feel.
  7. project_c

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    I'd normally agree it's a little 'pervy' but it looks good when you see it in context. Having looked into it, it is an Alleva and I'm pretty sure it started life as a sunburst. It's Jeff Andrews, if he says snot-burst & tort is a good combo, who are we to judge.
  8. project_c

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Bit off topic but here's how a proper P with J pickups should look and sound, Jeff Andrews likes this configuration. I'm not sure what the green one is that he's playing right now (looks like an Alleva headstock maybe?), but in the video he plays a battered old Fender. I'm not a big fan of the fusion stuff he was known for but I love his playing and tone.
  9. project_c

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Yeah true. I think they were looking at things like that Olinto P-bass and the Spector Coda and maybe G&L and some higher end Japanese stuff (Moon etc) and thinking they could do something along those lines, Fender-ish but a bit more fancy, but the design skills are not quite there. If you’re going to come out with a Fender copy, there needs to be more to it than a splash of gold. Either go full vintage, or full high quality super-j, but this seems like it’s just going for bling and a bit of novelty with the pickups. Maybe it’s nicer in real life than in the photos. That new tube amp looks very nice though, as does the compressor.
  10. project_c

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Actually that J/P combination is something I'd be really interested in, I love the idea of a traditional P body with 2 J pickups. The gold styling and the ugly headstock are not my cup of tea at all, but the J/P thing works really well for people who like J basses but don't get on with the body shape.
  11. project_c


    Tapewound literally has nylon tape wound around a normal string. It has a very different sound to metal strings, no clunk or fret noise, it’s a woody / thumpy tone with much less sustain that either flats or rounds. Perfect if you play jazz or anything that needs a dead / muted tone. They’re not for everyone, but I love them. If you want to try them I’d recommend the D’Addario tapes, nice tension which is close to thin rounds and after they lose their initial crispy tone, they last until the end of time.
  12. project_c

    Walking bass top tips.

    Joe Hubbard has an excellent e-book on his site, I preferred his approach to the Ed Friedland book back when I was learning. They’re not vastly different but Joe Hubbard’s approach is so easy to internalise that I worked through the whole book and got it into my playing really quickly. Eventually once you get the basics down you’ll need to transcribe lines to add to your vocabulary, but the Hubbard book is a great starting point.
  13. project_c

    Top 10 jazz albums for a newbie

    Agree with Frank’s list above, I would add Walkin by Miles Davis just for Solar, and Page One by Joe Henderson for Recorda Me.
  14. project_c

    Wonder How Much This Will Save Me

    Yeah I’ve since put it in a different place on the desk and it seems to be fine now.
  15. project_c

    Wonder How Much This Will Save Me

    Hmm, I bought one, and it's a little temperamental, basses are slipping. Is it working for you?