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  1. Fender has also discontinued the Dimension series, just a speculation but I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I thought these were a response to the Dimensions, but neither series did particularly well. It’s possible the 2 companies had a chat with each other and decided to stop stepping on each other’s toes. Who knows. I tried a Cutlass a while ago, I loved the look but it definitely felt different to a Precision.
  2. Advice needed: how does the following fit in with the rules? I've just been sent a substantial cheque for an insurance claim for a basement in our old house that got flooded a while ago. The basement contained some music stuff amongst all the other bits that got damaged: an old electric guitar, cables, a music stand, some music books etc. No bass was lost as such, but general music stuff was definitely lost. So, let's say for the sake of argument, I used the insurance money to buy a new bass, let's say, I don't know, a JMJ Mustang which I may or may not have been eyeing up for the past few months, for example. Strictly as a replacement for all the items which were lost in the flood damage, of course. Kind of. Would that mean I broke the abstinence rules?
  3. ‘Obscure guitar, only has 4 strings, salvaged from above ground - will trade for food, medicine or water.’
  4. That’s just how you set up a bass with nice low action, gotta get those strings behind the fretboard to get that authentic snappy tone.
  5. Procreate on iPad, Adobe Illustrator definitely but in both cases you will need the drawings to be done digitally. Personally I would just tidy them up a bit in Photoshop and leave them wonky, nothing wrong with some good old honest hands-on graphics.
  6. First gas attack of the year for me, and I’m only 3 months in. I keep wanting to buy a shortie, either a USA Mustang or a Marusczyk jazz. Buying new house / making house liveable / buying new car has kept gas at bay until now, but finances are returning to normal and gas is creeping back in.. Must resist. Spent a fortune on the deposit for the house, then 10k on new windows, 8k on a new bathroom, 5k on loft repairs, thousands on the car, thousands on built-in wardrobes, paid a giant tax bill etc etc, bank account takes giant hammering, yes that’s all fine, shrug it off, nothing to worry about. Want a £900 bass, nope, guilt trip sets in immediately. Love it.
  7. Thanks, I found some NYXL’s in the end so just stayed with them. They’re kind of similar to HiBeams in tone and feel when they’re new, but when they die they really do die. HiBeams have a nice character even when they’re dead, I can keep them on for months past their prime. (also if you’re having building work done, remember to put your basses away.. the excessive dust destroys roundwound strings real quick, I made the mistake of leaving a bass out for a night when we were having a bathroom re-built, the next day it sounded like a rusty tin can..).
  8. Really sad to hear about this, Jeff Andrews was the best. One of those rare players who could play 100% legit jazz on electric bass effortlessly. He was only 59.
  9. Wondering how much difference there is in tension between HiBeams and D'Addario NYXL's, I have a jazz wearing dead NYXL's and I might need to put HiBeams on it tomorrow. My tools are stashed away in storage so I don't want to change the setup if I can avoid it, I'm thinking they're about the same tension, does anyone know if there's much difference between them?
  10. Thanks for the reply, was wondering about the pickups, I’m considering Duncans but was curious what his own brand were like. What string spacing and radius did you go for on the Elwood?
  11. I know there are lots of happy Marusczyk owners here, wondering if anyone here owns a short scale Elwood. If so, are you happy with it and play it regularly? How long have you had it? Are they stable? How often do you have to adjust neck / string height etc? Any issues / problems? I'm thinking of a simple 30" short scale jazz style build, nothing fancy, just want a classic Fender-style jazz with narrower spacing, flatter radius and shorter neck than the real thing. I normally play stock USA and Japanese Fenders, so that's the kind of ballpark quality I'm after. Looks like this on the configurator (neck length is normal scale on the pic so ignore that). Debating the mono-rail bridge, not sure yet but not too fussed as long as the spacing is narrow and I can set the intonation without too much hassle.
  12. Sorry to hear about your injury. A bad setup won’t affect tension, but it might make you feel like you have to work harder if your strings are high. D’Addario tapes are great for getting your action really low and because they’re low-tension, they respond well to a light touch so they should in theory be a good choice if you have a hand injury. Not sure why you’re finding them high tension, what bass are they on?
  13. D’Addarios are probably the lowest tension tapes you’ll find, you should not be finding those particularly hard to play unless you have a bad setup or an injury..
  14. Not at all, that's great! That's a whole jazz bass waiting for someone.
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