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  1. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Greer Amps Soma 63 Clone:
  2. disssa

    DIY Effects

  3. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Ampeg B-15N Preamp built according to original schematics (except power supply...)
  4. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Peavey F-800 B Preamp: I used the factory schematics to create a pcb
  5. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Peavey F-800 B Preamp:
  6. The JPTR Jive has nothing in common with the Akai. It is only for marketing. Half of the pedals sold are junk, the other half sound awful.
  7. disssa

    DIY Effects

    That are Lumberg jacks. Usually I used jacks from Switchcraft. But the Lumbergs are much smaller. So far I've only had good experiences with the Lumbergs.
  8. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Search the internet...
  9. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Orange 4Stroke Preamp. I used factory schematics to create the pcb.
  10. disssa

    DIY Effects

    My latest: Human Gear Animato clone
  11. Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus: IMO one of the best sounding chorus.
  12. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Thx! 🙂 Unfortunately, my English is not good enough to translate the page. I have owned an IVP and found it sounding amazingly good with bass. My version of the IVP sound really close to the original. It also sounds very good with the bass. I made also a pedal of the "tube" section: Klick
  13. disssa

    DIY Effects

    You have to contact EBS. My newest clone: IVP
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