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  1. variable High / Low Pass Filter by schalltechnik_04 Fully assembled engraved enclosures Price is incl. shipping to UK
  2. Variable High Pass Filter (30...140 Hz) by schalltechnik_04 It is a diy-project. Price incl. shipping to UK
  3. disssa

    DIY Effects

    Here is my schalltechnik_04 VONG:
  4. I like the SMX preamp. A lot of sound variations are possible.
  5. oops, sorry, wrong title...☺️
  6. Here is my AH250 GP12 SMX: A really nice sounding amp!
  7. Do not be fooled by the size of the Interbass! I also thought that it could not work. But this little thing can sound really damn loud. It does not replace a big amp, but is enough for monitoring.
  8. Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ and my Trace Elliot V8
  9. Thank you very much for your praise! I'm looking for someone who translate my reviews. Unfortunately my english is not good enough. And "google translator" makes too many mistakes. If something is not understood, please ask me! I will try to answer questions.
  10. I could not wait any longer and bought a legacy in an US-online store. Here I have written down my impressions after about 5 weeks of use. KLICK Sorry, unfortunately only in German.
  11. disssa

    Show us your rig!

    Yes, the Klark Teknik is running in the loop!
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