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  1. You are right, my original question is yet to be answered. While I completely understand why folk feel moved to suggest separate head and cab, I’m still very motivated to know about the sound and efficacy of the combos. certainly seems that they’re not getting much traction in the UK market?!
  2. We did not push either the RCF nor the ALTO both running on half power. The RCF felt like it had a lot more to give . Both rounded out the sound o f the whole PA and elevated it to another level. The RCF had more ‘sonic authority’. Sounded bigger with plenty in reserve. Neither will give you a chest thumping experience but there will be smiles all around, mostly from the drummer. Our guitarist was reluctant to go down the sub road but after we used it, we never did another gig without it and he was completely satisfied with the PA. Your band mates and your little RCFs will be very grateful!
  3. Also a user of a single ALTO TS212S along with 2xQSC K8. Excellent system for 3 piece doing smaller/medium places. The sub handles some bass and bass drum and is not stretched. However, have borrowed the light RCF (702?) and the difference was very noticeable. If you can swing for the RCF - go for it but the ALTO would not be too shabby.
  4. Our drummer is in the market for new cellphone with an emphasis on recording gigs and rehearsals. He likes Apple Xr but lacks the funds. What’s out there in the Android world that does a good job? Audio quality is his highest priority. Budget would be €3-400. Thanks in advance for your brilliant suggestions.
  5. Yamaha bb434. Great build and quality, super sound and amazing value. good luck!
  6. There is a “halfway house” solution. You use a smallish combo for bass and feed a small amount into the PA. an example would be Fender Rumble 40 or 100 - incredibly lightweight. Or, as others have suggested, bite the bullet and go for rcf, Yamaha dxr, Qsc 12s! Other posible is go with the 710s and rent decent sub for bigger gigs. Good luck!
  7. Well, as my granny used to say - "Ill go to the foot of our stairs!" Thanks all for your comments and sleuthing. Seems like Bassassin has cracked the code. The tuners are nice quality which gave me pause for thought. Anyway, a bid over 100 euros looks like being generous. Once again, many thanks.
  8. Friend here in Spain showed me her “Kingfisher” branded p bass. It is probably 70s and made in Japan. It’s in nice condition save for the neck which is a banana with more than an inch between strings and fretboard. Trussrod is modern MM style but is maxed out. So a few questions.... 1. Anyone have any info on this brand? 2. What would be a value in its current condition? 3. How could neck be sorted, if at all? 4. Is it worth spending time on? Thanks for taking time to comment
  9. These are phenomenal at twice the price!
  10. Fender Rumble V3 40 watt. Great for guitar and light as a feather.
  11. I understand your difficulty in trying to sell higher $$ bass in Iberian Peninsular - Spain is tricky too. However, you could try Bajistas.org an there is a lively Bajista group on FB. good luck
  12. Well fleabag, if you're getting great discounts and looking at RCF 745s etc, your man is sure to be thinking of getting into high level JBL; reckon you will be very happy! Let us know what you end up with.
  13. JBL has a range of active speakers. We’ve used PRX and SRX, both excellent. QSC is another brand you might consider. Much depends on your usage.
  14. Assume this is for the 1x10”? There is no 1x8” cab currently in Trace line up and the 1x8 combo is mostly where my interest lies. I understand the case for separates which has been much debated here but combos is where I am at and it looks like Trace has made a compelling shot at it. Love to hear from anyone who has one. yes, ELF/Barefaced I’m sure is a great pairing. However, take your point that separates make a more financially compelling case if you want to go 1x10”. This is certainly the first 1x8 combo I have seen that looks a serious proposition. Perhaps there is little demand for such a thing?
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