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  1. My experience differs slightly. Plugged borrowed bass directly into a Yamaha DXR 12 . Sounded like absolute a..e,! So bailed and used a keyboard setup instead. I was hugely surprised. scenario 2 - plugged Yammie 434 directly into desk and out via power amp to 4 modern passive ev12s. Equally wimpy and hideous. Both above situations were done in huge rush. Scenario 3 - used Markbass mini 801 super tiny one with single 8 inch speaker and then DI out to desk into same PA as scenario 2. Absolute night and day - fabulous full fat sound. So indicates some kind of preamp or front end is needed before it reaches the PA speaker. Maybe an active bass might have had better luck? All of the above was done in incredible haste and with operatives with zero to nil experience of dialling in a decent bass sound.
  2. Volume pot affects whole turn Mine is 3.8kgs No neck dive - however, E string tuner needed the superglue treatment. Now it's just fine Seriously recommend for: playability, versatility and sound.
  3. A yamaha bb1024 available - run don't walk! Fabulous.
  4. Tubster


    Daniele is a most professional, honest and punctilious person. The bass I received was: perfectly as described, arrived within a day of despatch from Italy to my home in a fairly remote part of Spain, was clean and carefully packed. I would recommend him 100% with no reservations; throughout the process he was a great communicator with perfect English and I ended up with a unique bass which I will be thrilled to gig. Thanks Daniele.
  5. Yamaha would get my vote - own a 434 and had 424x and various others. Nothing flash but gets the job done with aplomb (and even without one!)
  6. Do you have any interest in trades? I have Fender, USA G&L USA, Peavey USA etc
  7. What is the weight please?
  8. Ive used KV2 audio gear and it is AMAZING. Mr. Krampera really knows his stuff so I would expect this to be stellar. GLWTS
  9. What type of trades are you interested in? Estoy en Cadíz
  10. Martinez is a bit like Smith in Hispanic names. I bet there are a good many that have worked or currently work at Fender.
  11. Had a UI12 which was a joy to use but we foolishly didn’t have an external router. We returned to conventional mixer pretty swiftly after various dropped connections. UI24r is a different beast - much better implementation. With Behringer or Soundcraft, external router is a must.
  12. Modern G&L with eye gouger headstock!
  13. Echo that - with Markbass electronics it’s another animal altogether.
  14. Si Ganga total - this is a heckuva deal! Someone needs to grab it quick
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