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  1. Peavey Cirrus 5 string

    Won Ebenezer, I own a blue one. great basses. I think some of the later USA Cirri adopted the Millenium pre amp.
  2. Perhaps you would have better luck Stateside. Don’t think the DLM mackie stuff has had wide adoption in UK and Europe. From what I saw/heard when living in USA, there are far better options - QSC, Yamaha, RCF etc. Size wise it looks tempting but....
  3. Line array PA for band use

    Hooray......if it works for you, then the EVOX is your answer. Another thought, can the band adapt to the volume the EVOX is comfortable putting out? Bet it can. Would love to use a pair. Light, easy load and quick set up/strike. Enjoy!
  4. Markaudio linear array systems

    Heard both systems at Jimenez in Chiclana, Spain. Very impressive but the ‘marmite’ look withe Mark signature yellow will really divide opinions. I was taken aback by the large number of small jack connectors. Like the fact that they are standard jacks but made it all look rather messy. The bigger system swept away the smaller one for tone but that could have been due to the source material and eq. The sales guy mentioned prices of €1200 and €1600 per side which seemed attractive. I find myself initially drawn to these mini column array thingies but then common sense intervenes and I go back to the flexibility and expandability of Yamaha dxr, qsc k12.2 et al. However, at first listen, the Markaudios are very compelling. They are entering a crowded marketplace so pricing is all important. Spain is a very price sensitive market so I shall keep my eye on sales. sorry, a very subjective and flimsy first encounter but our band would give them a good workout if the distributor needs to get them out there -the bars and chiringuitos we play are a perfect environment.
  5. Peavey Cirrus USA - SOLD

    This is a total steal
  6. Jack-of-all-trades 4

    G&L L2k
  7. Roland Bass Cube 60XL vs 120XL

    I like Roland quality but the 120 bass combo does not IME measure up to current standards of sonic vitality and is a bit of an underpowered and overweight contender by today’s standards. I borrowed one with a view to buying it and used it at rehearsals over a couple of weeks. Could not bring myself to gig it. It just seemed to miss the boat on every level except its build quality. In the OP’s case, choice will be dictated by budget but consider other combo offerings from Ashdown, Blackstar, GK, TC etc. Then there’s the thorny issue of should head/cab take preference?! I don’t own one but a Markbass 121p is a great practice/small gig combo and crushes the Roland on all counts. Depends how much you can get one for. Good luck.
  8. G&L M2000 Tribute. Opinions?

  9. G&L M2000 Tribute. Opinions?

    I have an Empress wood l2k Usa made, under 8 lbs, maple neck with hsc. Tobacco sunburst, minty. Has to go! Let me know if interested. The l2k controls take a bit of getting used to but once you’ve done the course, it’s a doddle! M -series modern and more polite. Don’t know Tributes just USA stuff.
  10. Zoom B1on - quality effects? Alternatives?

    I,will, thanks a lot
  11. Zoom B1on - quality effects? Alternatives?

    Ped with you on the Octaver. Had the 60b where Octaver was a class act but just a hopeless ‘burble’ on the b1on.
  12. AER amp 3 experience?

    Bought AMP THREE used at a decent price. Have TH500 and 2x Bergantino CN112. Use AER 95% of gigs, sometimes with a smidge of PA assistance. Covers trio playing at pretty decent volumes. Love mine but it came in at the right price. Agree that there are probably better solutions these days, as others have outlined but yet to see a combo one box solution.
  13. Interesting FRFR story..

    Tocamos entre Cadíz y Màlaga. Mi Español es fatal! The RCFs are great but I still maintain 12” is the way to go with vocals vs 15”. However, there is no perfect solution but it’s fun trying. RCF has such an amazing range. I have QSC as I brought them with us from the US. My main point by mentioning the ALTO is that a small, inexpensive and compact sub can add a great deal to a pair of smaller speakers such as the rcf 310a. Not saying that ALTO is the ultimate small compact sub but it works for us for now. Nice thing is you can go rent a sub and give it a whirl. Do you play in Spain?
  14. Interesting FRFR story..

    A very interesting read - veering wildly but all useful,stuff. Couple of points caught my eye Re speaker brand choice and mixers. 1.The qsc vs Yamaha vs RCF thing. They all do a nice job but of the 3, qsc wins for me (yes we have them, not k12 but k8 and the y kill!). However, we pair them with a small 12” alto sub which handles additional low end on bass, kick and keys. It’s a 350 Euro piece and so far has been exemplary creating by far the biggest positive change in our sound. It’s easy to lug and was cheap but what a difference!! Another poster mentioned having RCF 310a - well perhaps this could be your solution? We are In SW Spain and do bars, chiringuitos, lots of beach type places up to about 250 people. Above that, pa is supplied. Our focus is on high quality, compact and easy to schlep. Behringer is ubiquitous here in installations. Nothing wrong with Behringer per se, but being used and abused by countless bands, filling up with sand and at the mercy of the sun, all factors which tend to degrade the output - we avoid when we can. IMO, using 15”s for vocals is not ideal. The RCFs with larger coil for the highs might offset the ‘slowness’ of the 15 but my money is on 10” or 12”s for vocals. Ideally, we would choose higher end rcf, Meyer, nexo etc but keeping it real our next step will be to get a pair of qsc k10.2 and use the k8s as monitors. 2. Mixers - saw the suggestions re digital. The advantages are huge but we mix from the stage. We tried one, after various hiccups including mid-song cutting out concluded that we did not need the aggro and picked up a 20 channel soundcraft (overkill for a trio?!) but Gear4Music were knocking mfx out for £249. It works ALL the time. oh yea, use an AER AMP THREE for most gigs and di out to the board. Have to confess to being a dinosaur but might consider a qsc 12.2 next time round!
  15. Jack-of-all-trades 4

    G&L L-2000 covers most things IMO. USA used or Tribute brand new meet the budget. good luck!