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  1. Great review - well done! Cort make great basses and with the new Markbass pre, the sound is 100% better than the old range with the Bart pre. Still not a fan of Bart MK1s though.
  2. Live in SW Spain. Bought an audio interface from Dave early in Corona virus epoque. It arrived in just a few days via UPS. The transaction was superb as was the packing. 100% positive. Thanks for making this so smooth.
  3. Well, I think that “no usable sound” wins me the prize. So I’ll collect ‘my smart donkey award’ as soon as the bars reopen here in Spain - although that could be some way off.
  4. Here in Spain all venues are closed until further notice and we are ordered to stay home. I play with a bunch of guys some of whom survive gig to gig so these draconian measures have put paid to many wage packets; the economic fallout will be enormous. We just have food shops and pharmacies open. Government took these measures as our infection rate was rising precipitously.
  5. Thanks so much for the answers. Seems jury is still out on #1 though.
  6. Bought several things from Craig Brody when I lived in Fort Lauderdale, my office was next to his old shop so I got to know the staff very well. He always had a stack of interesting stuff plus an extensive collection of Ricks and a great museum. He also has a biz selling high end cars - Ferrari, Lamborghini bla bla. He does have a tendency to price towards the top end of the market !! He is well known in the vintage instrument world and has been around for years. I very much doubt that his stated price is any more than creating a talking point - he has a Dean on his site for the same money.
  7. No, not Duracell vs Ever Ready! hope members can clear up a couple of questions which arose from a discussion with a friend who is a prospective MM stingray purchaser. He claims that when battery goes flat, there is still usable sound. I’ve had 3 over the years and all of mine went dead. Has something changed? second question - all mine needed screwdriver to access battery, do all models have quick change battery box? thanks so much.
  8. I think these guys deserve a mention - ‘Amdusias Devices‘ from Belfast. Their strat pickups turned a Japanese Squier from run of the mill into custom shop level. I am just about to order a PJ set to try in my Yamaha BB434. Very cool guys...... https://www.amdusiasdevices.com/
  9. Well done AL on picking up the RCF. I note your "I'm only going to be bothering with the full set up with sub at function gigs where there is no in house PA i.e. not for pub gigs" comment but I fear once you have used the system with sub and have everything 'tuned up' so to speak, it will be very difficult to leave the sub at home for any gig! Sorry I didn't clarify my earlier comments re venue size etc. - we play lots of indoor and outdoor venues here in SW Spain with audience size of 50-200. Mostly covers - Prince, Thin Lizzy, Pretenders, F. Mac, old Soul and RnB. All our material is in English so we have to be very careful how we balance the sets as our audience is 95% Spanish and they like their 80's Spanish pop which we either won't, or can't play. We cover the coast North of Gib and up to Seville and sometimes do Costa del Sol stuff down to Malaga. There are worse places to play...... Very interested to hear how it all pans out for you.
  10. I would buy it but live in Spain so that won’t work. However I’m posting just to point out a few perhaps overlooked qualities of this little combo. The real biggie is that it is super super light and has great tone. Makes a toneful practice amp BUT the big surprise for me was when I connected sand covered example-to my AER AMP 3. Kept vol low but it added a ton of volume and tone which carried the gig. Quite how remains a mystery but I used it every time we played that gig throughout the season. A third reason to have one is that it makes a wonderful jazz guitar amp - tried one at Absolute Music in Poole and it was better tone wise than katana, DV 12 etc using my friend’s Gibson es175. Additionally, in an online busker forum, it came out #1 amp for guitar and vocals. Surprise to me! (Not a busker so no evidence). So all in all, it does a lot of things very well. Ninety five quid - cover included - insane value! Believe me, I’ve been trying to find one here for a while. sure you won’t mail it?
  11. You are right, my original question is yet to be answered. While I completely understand why folk feel moved to suggest separate head and cab, I’m still very motivated to know about the sound and efficacy of the combos. certainly seems that they’re not getting much traction in the UK market?!
  12. We did not push either the RCF nor the ALTO both running on half power. The RCF felt like it had a lot more to give . Both rounded out the sound o f the whole PA and elevated it to another level. The RCF had more ‘sonic authority’. Sounded bigger with plenty in reserve. Neither will give you a chest thumping experience but there will be smiles all around, mostly from the drummer. Our guitarist was reluctant to go down the sub road but after we used it, we never did another gig without it and he was completely satisfied with the PA. Your band mates and your little RCFs will be very grateful!
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