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  1. I removed the Jazz pickup in my SB-2 and replaced it with an El Toro pickup. Fatter, fuller and more ‘bigly!’
  2. Horrorshow - I think you are probably right. Ray is nearly always 'clanky'. Not so the G&L L2K - used in passive mode (BTW still functions if battery dies - unlike my Ray which fell over mid gig!), it is much calmer but capable of trebly cutting sounds too. Extremely versatile. I have 2 caveats with G&L: a. can be heavy - always ask! b. don't care for the modern frets and j neck but love them when sorted with my personal options - only in USA models. I'm just too picky, neck is fine for most. Well worth giving G&L a go. My fave model is L1000 followed by L2k and SB-2 but beware of L1500 - clank city! Good luck
  3. Bought HX stomp from Walshy and it is here in Spain in less time than it would take in UK. Great packing and shipping, friendly and timely communication. Excellent transaction. A great advertisement for doing deals on TalkBass. Thanks Paul
  4. Does it have a UK and a Euro adapter at plug end or uk only?
  5. Thanks to those that added their suggestions of less obvious bass amps. Just looking at things outside SVT, B15 etc Interesting to read how members dial up a sound in their modeler and how some felt that bass models were somewhat irrelevant. Jus Lukin’s observation that bass amps in a modeler make a great jumping off point was great and Fretmeister’s comments were dead on the money. I’m new to the whole subject but have dipped my toe in the water by buying a NUX mg 300 which contains the princely sum of ZERO bass amps. So I set out to send NUX a list of a few bass amps they might like to model, hence my original post. As my unit was €127, I won’t be holding my breath for instant action. As suggested above, I built some bass patches from what was available in guitar amps - Jc 120, hi watt and Bassman. Bit of compression and eq. NUX 300 supports external IRs. I bought a bass pack from RedWirez for under 10 dollars that has SVT, b15, hartke 410 and Aguilar 15, all miked with multiple mics. These made all the difference. Some great patches despite lack of a bass specific amp. Highly recommend the humble NUX - maybe I’ll Kemper or Helix at some point, but for now, this will do fine.
  6. What do people think are the Top 10 less obvious bass amps that should be in a modeler (helix, ampero, NUX mg300 etc)? My choice: 1. Eden World Tour 800; 2. Sunn 300t; 3. Mesa Walkabout; 4.markbass Mk 2; 5.Fender Rumble 40 v3; 6 Galien Krueger 800; 7. Mesa 400; 8. Trace Elliot Elf; 9. Aguilar th 500; 10. Axis 100
  7. Tubster

    Cort B4?

    Great playing basses. HOWEVER, as several have noted, pickups/preamp are subpar. The recent inclusion of the Markbass pre has improved things. Suggestion to change the electronics IMO is ill advised on a bass of this value, unless it is viewed as a 100% ‘keeper.’ I’ve got an A4 with the same issues but it plays really well so has remained in the lineup. I’ve considered replacing electronics package but it’s an expensive and risky proposition. It’s a mystery that Cort has persisted with the Bart mk1 setup - they’d sell far more with a change. If you can get the Markbass pre, you’ll have a great bass. Good luck!
  8. Mike Lull basses are the lightest I have owned but high $$$ new. Used prices much friendlier .
  9. Found one for sale at €800 here in Spain. Go to Wallapop. Can’t post a link but easy to find Check out what I just found on Wallapop! Bajo Eléctrico IBANEZ SR1605-NTF PREMIUM Good luck.
  10. Learnt the same lesson with a StingRay many moons ago. Replaced by a G&L L2000 which gets along fine in active or passive. Like others have commented - why would a manufacturer set us up for a failure like this? Which basses, other than G&L, work just fine without on passive when the juice runs out?
  11. Take a look at the Valeton Bass Dapper as a budget alternative to FLYRIG.
  12. Thanks so much for your excellent summary. I think I will re visit it as a couple have popped up on Wallapop (gumtree equivalent) here in Spain. Glad you are getting the most out of it!
  13. John is that the 3 or 4 switch one? I have looked at Hotone but had come to the conclusion that price wise it was too close to Stomp. I liked the construction and the sounds plus the switch to go between instruments can you tell me why you are so happy with it? Thanks for your comment, it’s so great to see someone doing it.
  14. the NUX MG300 is a cheap modeler that sounds great for electric. What are opinions on if and how it could also serve for acoustic Git and bass? playing in a duo doing outdoor terraces in Spain and called upon for all 3 instruments to vary things up. Our PA is capable but I want to buy a modeler on which I can create patches for each and swiftly switch between. The NUX is cheap but I think might work. Any ideas or ALternative budget modellers welcomed..
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