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  1. Tubster

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Greetings from sunny Spain. Yamaha BB 434, all the way from doc40hz in Scotland, just got dropped off by my delivery man from SEUR (DPD your end I think). Seems fairly unscathed despite its long trip. Needed a quick trussrod tweak and still got the original strings -d’addario? Have a 424x to compare it to and gave both a good workout through an AER AMP THREE. Very impressed with 434 indeed - great tones, excellent sustain and a better control layout than the 424x giving much greater tonal flexibility through different levels of neck and bridge pickups, plus a wickedly effective tone knob. Pretty amazed at the tonal palette for a passive: leaves the Lull PJ in the dust. The 424x has Thomastik flats so a different tone and feel but pretty close - less versatile, heavier but I still prefer the look. Dont think the 434 is a significant step up in construction or fixtures and fittings. Bridge is super basic but the knobs are smooth. Necks seem identical and fabulous - prefer fret markers on 424x. So all I all, the 424x at it’s bargain basement used price is the steal. However, one of them has to leave - shame really but it’s decision time. So I’ve got 2 Yamahas that together cost less than a used Mexican Fender and sound a whole lot better. Locally, no others about, an Argentine bass player friend uses an active 614 - his only complaint is the weight but they are SO cheap to buy here used in Spain. Have not laid eyes on any other BBs here a few RBX but it’s all Fenders and Ibanez.
  2. Tubster

    Feedback for doc40hz

    Excellent transaction purchasing a Yamaha 434 all the way from Scotland to Spain. Great communication and total transparency and honesty. Great bass too!
  3. Tubster

    Fbass VF4

    Sorgas, thanks for clearing that up. Looks wonderful indeed. A little out of budget at present but that may change.
  4. Tubster

    NBD - Got myself a deal on a G&L...

    Mine, thanks to bdgotoh (TB), has an El Toro pickup in the bridge position and wow....
  5. Tubster

    Fbass VF4

    This looks like the same bass that was advertised on this site in October 2018. Is that correct?
  6. Tubster

    What’s the problem here?

    Cables were Monster - jack to wots it called?! Tried connecting outputs to individual cabs and connecting one cab to other in parallel. I’m leaning towards amp as being culprit too. Gonna try and borrow a couple and see! Thanks for the suggestions
  7. Tubster

    What’s the problem here?

    With a single speaker or the pair - same result. no pedals.
  8. Tubster

    What’s the problem here?

    Have Aguilar th500 paired with 2x Bergantino CN112 speakers. Use a Lull Pj with Fralins or a Fender Jazz Roadworn. Can’t seem to get any oomph out of the setup. Tried extensive knob twiddling and stacking vertically and horizontally. All sounds a bit hollow to me with lots of middle but no bottom end. What I’ve had in the past that I liked: Eden 800, Markbass LM2, Sunn 300T. cabs: Eden 410 xlt, bag end 15”, Berg Ceramic 1x12s So decision time 1. change the cabs 2. change the amp 3. Do something different 4. Chuck it all and start again Love the lightness and form factor of all of it. Your suggestions on: strategies, settings, replacement gear et al. much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Tubster

    Ateliez Z M245

    Autre chose handle = “neck” t
  10. Tubster

    Ateliez Z M245

    NicoB. Tu parles Français? Le mot “terrible” en Anglais est toujours negatif. Perhaps “tremendous”, “amazing”, serait meilleur. Je n’imagine pas que tu veux dire “mal” Please ignore at will and excuse les erreurs!
  11. Tubster

    Rob Allen Mouse - SOLD

    For those put off by fretless......fear not - Meeses (most Rob Allen basses IMO) are really in their element as fretless. Tried a fretted and it seemed kinda clunky and uncomfortable. I am a fretted player but adapted super quick to fretless Mouse....and bought one. Have played it out numerous times. Great instrument!
  12. Tubster

    Amp Quandry... Amp or Active PA / FRFR?

    The Headrush is basically the same as the ALTO 312 with an altered nameplate (alto do claim a couple of other tweaks). Our drummer uses the 312 as a drum monitor and is OK with it but wishes he had chosen the 315.
  13. Tubster

    Any USA Epiphone experts on board?

    I owned one in 1977 that I paid £75 for! I remember it being really nice to play but not a lot else apart from the sound. When you engaged the press switch on the body, the tone went to an indistinct woofy mess - loads of indistinct deep bass. Think I was using a Cerwin Vega 1x18” at the time with an Orange 120 head - probably didn’t help much! It was a total dub machine in that mode. Loved playing it but got a decent 3 figure offer and it sailed off being replaced by an Ibanez Rick copy. Think the guy in “The Peddlers” - amazing player - played the Gibson equivalent. There are numerous videos on YouTube
  14. Tubster

    new p.a

    While the ALTO is a fine speaker in its price range, the EVOX would decimate it. We use the Alto ts312 for drum monitoring and it does a decent job. Compare the EVOX12 with some higher end JBL, YAMAHA, QSC, RCF etc - speaker and subwoofer.