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  1. Heckuva deal - brilliant that old Eden stuff and the Metro is a standout piece. It should go real fast!
  2. Tubster

    Does it really matter what gear you have??

    Matters to me but audience don’t give a rat’s.....!
  3. I’ve got an Artisan A4 and it is a cracker only let down by the miserable electronics. I tried a c4 with the Markbass pre and that was fantastic sound and playing wise. The Bartolini pre seems to be the problem. However, others who have tried mine think it sounds great. Go figure!
  4. Tubster

    New Tecamp combo day..

    Thanks for the tip. I did try to get one in a trade from a store in Bilbao but it did not work out. Will keep an eye out though -Pickings are pretty thin here in Spain!
  5. Tubster

    New Tecamp combo day..

    Forgot to mention that for me it’s all about size and weight. I gig in a hilltop village and nearby seaside chiringuitos (beachbars) with really crap access so the size /weight /sound equation is super critical. I have AER AMP THREE which suits me well but it does have PA support usually. I have yet to try anything better that meets the equation’s requirements. Of course, there are better sounding combos but they just fall short on the schlepping end. The Markbass 121 is close but no cigar. Would I pay the full retail for the AER ......errr, no - just could not manage it?! Glad you like the Tecamp and if you or other members have any ideas on tiny combos that would suit my situation, I am all ears.
  6. Tubster

    G&L US made SB2 - price dropped *sold*

    Mine is going nowhere! Controls, or lack thereof, do tend to freak people out but once learned - wow!
  7. Tubster

    New Tecamp combo day..

    Ahhh.......but you have yet to try the AER amp One combos!
  8. Seems that she has achieved a great deal more than she set out to do or were her motives not as straightforward as we glean from the title? 1. How many of us squinted hard at the name on the headstock - interesting new bass? 2. Just enough controversial content to get people talking, arguing and sharing = more clicks 3. How many of us looked her up and checked out her credentials and videos? As to her tips, for her stated target audience, I personally thought she had some good ones. Anyway what are your 5 top “sound better” tips to beginning bass players who may be joining a band; perhaps you have some gems?
  9. Tubster

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Direct competition for Yamaha DBR and EV MID RANGE? Quality can’t be on par with K.2 otherwise those sales will be impacted. We shall see but personally I’m excited to hear the new Yamaha DZR speakers - they talk a good game!
  10. Tubster

    Active floor monitor advice

    +1 for the dxr series but now price is moving up considerably! rcf 310a previously mentioned is superb but limited controls but a steal at 298 euros for pro quality. I’ll shut up now - bit of an obsession this stuff!
  11. Tubster

    Active floor monitor advice

    Our drummer needs loads of bass and BD in his monitor and bought an ALTO ts312. It is really amazing and more than gets the job done. We’ve also used it as a stand-alone PA speaker for an acoustic show. Anything from that Alto TS3 range would do the trick - the 308 is light, powerful and well priced. Give one a try! Not the controls of the Tc helicon but cheaper and very adaptable.
  12. These are just so amazing and this looks like a splendid example. At this price, do not hesitate!
  13. Tubster

    Headrush 112 ?

    Won’t hack it IMO. Bose do not publish much in the way of specs but some estimate the S1 at 40 watts. Tried it for a guitar/ voice busking thing but can’t imagine it could do more than a very small coffee shop bass job.
  14. A folding aluminium hand truck wheelie thing. Wish they made them with big sand ready wheels for the beach gigs but not complaining. Best €24 investment you can make for the gigging crowd.