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  1. I understand your difficulty in trying to sell higher $$ bass in Iberian Peninsular - Spain is tricky too. However, you could try Bajistas.org an there is a lively Bajista group on FB. good luck
  2. Well fleabag, if you're getting great discounts and looking at RCF 745s etc, your man is sure to be thinking of getting into high level JBL; reckon you will be very happy! Let us know what you end up with.
  3. JBL has a range of active speakers. We’ve used PRX and SRX, both excellent. QSC is another brand you might consider. Much depends on your usage.
  4. Assume this is for the 1x10”? There is no 1x8” cab currently in Trace line up and the 1x8 combo is mostly where my interest lies. I understand the case for separates which has been much debated here but combos is where I am at and it looks like Trace has made a compelling shot at it. Love to hear from anyone who has one. yes, ELF/Barefaced I’m sure is a great pairing. However, take your point that separates make a more financially compelling case if you want to go 1x10”. This is certainly the first 1x8 combo I have seen that looks a serious proposition. Perhaps there is little demand for such a thing?
  5. The new 1x8" and 1x10". Anyone got one of these? Would very much like to know more about them - so little out there. Thanks
  6. I have an 801 - great for practice and small flamenco gigs and an AER AMP THREE which does bigger stuff. However I'm looking for something "in the middle" and my gaze has fallen upon the Trace Elliot ELF combos both the 8" and 10". They both look ideal for what I need but living here in Spain, there is 0% chance of encountering one in a store. The cabs look like a well thought out design to extract decent tone. The 8" I believe uses a Faital speaker - phenomenal as I have them in the AER. However, the ELF head, from a look at the images, has been completely reconfigured for a combo and cannot be used separate from the combo. You might want to take a look at these and please anyone let me know an opinion who has one.
  7. The values of old G&L are climbing significantly - this seems to be very reasonably priced. These early ones have an incredibly powerful sound.
  8. That post is a very interesting read. However, to take the positives from this: 1. Many people will have learned a great deal Re PA and mixers by following the thread. 2. What a fabulous bunch of people on BC ready and willing to share advice freely. Thanks to all who contributed.
  9. Folks - something seems wrong here. A lot of people have gone to a lot of trouble to explain things but as the OP claims not to understand any of it, it seems s/he is no further on. If this is genuine, I would be very surprised 😮 but if it is - go get SOMEONE TO SHOW YOU! Hats off to all the patient BC members but my troll detection meter is showing 99%!
  10. How is the Alto 308 working out?
  11. If you were gigging in Bournemouth area in the 70’s, a 200 watt stereo AXIS valve amp from the fertile mind of Ian Prentice was the ticket. Think Jon Wetton was a customer
  12. Bought a Valeton Bass Dapper from Mark which he packed and sent to my bro in UK for onward transmission to me here in Spain and here it is. Item is 💯 percent and like new. Transaction was flawless. Thank you Mark!
  13. These Empress models are pretty rare and very expensive new but super light. I have an Empress L2k and it is equally light and a joy to play. This is a lovely looking bass
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