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  1. Phil has summed it up very well but there is one way to find out - trot down to a dealer and compare TX and TS.
  2. I would avoid the cheapie Alto series and look at the TS308, 310 etc. Digital mixers if you want lots of auxes for monitors
  3. Just got Markbass from Quilly. It made it unscathed from Ireland to Spain due to stellar packing job. John is a first class guy who has followed through every step of the way - quick, honest, efficient and super communication - a real credit to the BC community.
  4. Brilliant basses - got a 434. great deal this one.
  5. Might be more than you need but if you are looking for quality... AER AMP ONE AER AMP THREE
  6. No, that would not work. More likely (depending on the amp in the combo) adding an additional cab would give extra grunt. HOWEVER- there are several caveats: 1. Does combo have a speaker ‘out’ jack? 2. Impedance of internal and external speaker. What load is ideal for amp? (This whole area can get complicated, so you need to seek advice depending on the gear you are looking to buy) 3. Many combos are optimized for internal speaker. But as for your original question - No, won’t work.
  7. Light, easy to move and there is one in the For Sale section. This would meet your current needs but as others have pointed out, a 300/500 head and lightweight cab would see you well into the future. But for now Fender would work well
  8. Pretty much exactly the same as yours, minus the Bass V1. Would be very interested in hearing how it goes up against the RCF but please don’t go to too much trouble! Also considering a pair for friends who have a duo doing “flamenco fusion”. They need “compact and light plus great sound” - yea right!
  9. could you please review and give an update?
  10. Al, ,we have also been using ALTO 3 series (312) as drummer’s personal monitor. The new 300 series stuff is very good. However, drumMer has now gone over to IEM with his other band so has now decided that is a better/lighter way to go. Still stand by the idea that you should give a whirl to a decent sub prior to anything else.
  11. Tremendous deal - great cabs!
  12. Notice a couple of cursory mentions of subwoofer. We bought an ALTO TS212S 12” sub and it totally transformed our pa. We had up until then been using QSC k8. Being able to decouple bass and bass guitar from your RCFs will free them to do what they do best. Rather than flipping a coin and buying blind into IEM, new Alto another RCF etc. , why not rent a decent sub (not saying ALTO necessarily) - RCF perhaps appropriate crossover that could be ideally matched to your 10”s? Guarantee it will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Oh yes, we make sure the drummer carries ours!!
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