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  1. Saw Adam Ben Ezra at the Jazz Cafe last night... absolutely mesmerizing performance; I sat with a grin on my face for the whole show. Amazing!

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    2. discreet


      Jazz Cafe is a great venue. Proper buzz, you can get to the bar and it's not too big! :)

    3. TimCook


      He was incredible, I can't recommend Jazz Cafe enough... was a gift from my girlfriend who treated us to balcony seats and also surprisingly outstanding food too.

    4. discreet


      Played there once a while back, bands are very well looked after. Been there as a punter many times, always have fun. Cracking venue.

  2. This is very pretty... the last picture appears to be a different bass to the others though (has one less control pot). With a 2-band EQ I'm assuming yours is the one with 3-knobs + toggle?
  3. Just sold my first 'proper' bass (Warwick Streamer Std). A little emotional but he's been overlooked for the past 8+ years. A parting photo of it's current replacements show my tastes haven't changed at all in 18 years!


    1. LewisK1975


      Sold off a few 'overlooked' Basses myself recently.  Still have a few I really should sell, but can't quite bring myself to at the moment....

  4. Bought a Darkglass Super Symmetry compressor from Paul. Great to deal with, fast shipment and well packaged. All good.
  5. This looks a beautiful bass. I really can't justify another bass but all the best with the sale.
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  7. I bought a Phil Jones Big Head (a headphone amp) off John. Very easy to deal with, instant communications and delivered straight away. I can't hesitate for a moment to recommend John.
  8. Bass now sold to a cracking fellow BassChatter
  9. If this was a 4 string I'd be very interested but I can't play 5 strings so my wallet is safe! Re woods - from the pics I'd say Maple neck (possibly ash sides) and Etimoe body back then guessing at Ebony fingerboard, flamed Maple body top
  10. Hi there from down the river in Hampton Wick... welcome to BC!
  11. [quote name='4000' timestamp='1470757402' post='3108222'] Surprised this is still here! [/quote] Me too - somehow not even enticed a viewing yet!
  12. A little update.. I raised the action, pulled back the silk on the 'E' so the nut is well clear and left everything to settle while away at the weekend and the bass now plays beautifully. Cheers for the suggestions guys.
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