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  1. This is such an amazing bass... lightweight, packs and punch and just a breeze to play. This is almost criminal it’s such a steal... good luck with the sale - whoever gets it is lucky as…!
  2. NBD! It’s finally arrived... ordered my once-in-a-lifetime custom bass and after 2 1/2 years of build time/delays it’s finally here.... got to be honest I’m not smitten 🥺

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    2. Rich


      Nah, the body wood looks lovely. Satin finishes are classy. 👍

    3. TimCook


      Cheers guys... I think it’s that first impression - objectively it’s absolutely stunning. I’ve held an image of what I was expecting in my head for so long, it caught me off guard. I’ve now spent the last two days constantly playing and reviewing and I’m very happy. It wasn’t love at first sight but I’m now warmed to it and playability and sound-wise it’s utterly perfect.

    4. eude


      That is bloody gorgeous! I've always loved Jerzy Drozd's designs.

  3. It’s understandable, there are a lot of great basses for sale at the moment at modest prices and also a significant population without an income for a few months now. It’ll sell eventually, it’s a great bass.
  4. Thanks BigRedX and Jakester, I had overlooked anodising so will definitely look into that. Great points re trouble with the fine details with powder coating. Thankfully the bridge in mind has individual, removable brass saddles but I’ll look into anodising now over powder coating - the teeth in the tuners especially would need attention I guess. That Gus is absolutely stunning btw and I can see the finish has stood up impeccably. Nice work.
  5. Hi there, I’ve had a thought to colour the hardware on one of my basses for a bit of uniqueness and was wondering if anyone else has tried it and if so with what results? I’ve spotted a few Jerzy Drozd basses have coloured bridge and tuners so thought maybe a domestic powder coat company might be able to do the same thing. Thoughts/problems?
  6. REDUCED to £2400 Here’s something a bit special... It was originally listed for $6,600 on the Bass Club Chicago website and I purchased it second hand in 2016. There are a few sites to check out for further photos and specs; Jerzy Drozd’s website, NoTreble bass of the week (I’m a proud owner) and the original listing on Bass Club Chicago. Jerzy Drozd website: https://www.jerzydrozdbasses.com/jerzy-drozd-soul-iv-matisse-blue Bass of the Week August 2016: https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2016/08/01/bass-of-the-week-jerzy-drozd-soul-iv-matisse/ Original Listing: https://www.bassclubchicago.com/product_p/jdsoul4matisse.htm Here’s the spec list: * High Gloss Matisse Blue Finish with accentuated wood grain with White Pearl finish over body and headstock * Satin Matisse Blue finish over fretboard and neck * 34" scale, 38mm nut width * 24 frets * Birdseye Maple fretboard * JeD4XS single coil split noiseless pickups * Aguilar OBP3 Preamp * Passive Tone * Active/Passive Switch * Midrange Frequency Switch 400/800 Hz * Mother of Pearl Headstock Logo * Padouk pickup covers and knobs * Hipshot Ultralite Tuners * 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg) For full disclosure, there is a small bump on the headstock edge (pictured) and a tiny indent on the neck heel. Please do visit the linked websites, the photo’s are so much better than what I can achieve using my phone. It’ll come with a Jerzy Drozd branded soft/hardcase and Allen keys for adjustments. Any questions at all, please do pop me a message.
  7. Good shout, I’ll re-word the post slightly. It wouldn’t bother me too much, it’s 24 years old after all, but you’re right, cheers 👍
  8. So, having owned this bass for 16 years, now I’ve come to want to sell it, I knock it over onto the corner of the coffee table. No major damage but a couple of fresh scratches.
  9. Thanks dyerseve, it was quite surprising when reading back the full spec sheet to appreciate the quality at every component choice. I guess that’s what small, custom builders can do.
  10. PRICE REDUCED to £550 Here’s a cracking bass which has been shamefully underused in the past 5 years, hence the sale. It’s a Bassline Buster Classic, made in Germany in 1996. Bassline are a small, custom bass company based in Germany. The new price of this would’ve been circa £1600. A few years ago I contacted Bassline directly who were ace to give me the following wood specs: Body european ash, hardmaple neck, and a padouk fingerboard It has LeFay pickups and a Noll 2-band EQ with controls for Volume (push/pull for passive mode), Bass, Treble and Pickup Pan. Nut Width is 38mm and there’s a ‘Zero’ fret. It also has Neutrik locking jack socket and Schaller strap locks (with 2 positions at the bridge end to quickly jump between heights which conveniently also makes it stable resting on the floor). It’s in ace condition, although I’d note there’s a tiny indent on the scoop up to the fingerboard past the 24th fret and few marks on the lower horn and body edge where I knocked the bass over after posting this ad (see photos in comments). All minor and character adding in my opinion - like us all it’s lived! Playability wise, it has he slimmest, fastest neck I’ve ever encountered. It’s also super lightweight (3.7kg) so along with the fast neck you can keep going for hours. I don’t have a gig bag but the bass will be shipped very securely in a Fender cardboard bass box, within hand-carved polystyrene protection. Any questions or you’d like a test drive, feel free to pop me a message! Tim
  11. Saw Adam Ben Ezra at the Jazz Cafe last night... absolutely mesmerizing performance; I sat with a grin on my face for the whole show. Amazing!

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    2. discreet


      Jazz Cafe is a great venue. Proper buzz, you can get to the bar and it's not too big! :)

    3. TimCook


      He was incredible, I can't recommend Jazz Cafe enough... was a gift from my girlfriend who treated us to balcony seats and also surprisingly outstanding food too.

    4. discreet


      Played there once a while back, bands are very well looked after. Been there as a punter many times, always have fun. Cracking venue.

  12. This is very pretty... the last picture appears to be a different bass to the others though (has one less control pot). With a 2-band EQ I'm assuming yours is the one with 3-knobs + toggle?
  13. Just sold my first 'proper' bass (Warwick Streamer Std). A little emotional but he's been overlooked for the past 8+ years. A parting photo of it's current replacements show my tastes haven't changed at all in 18 years!


    1. LewisK1975


      Sold off a few 'overlooked' Basses myself recently.  Still have a few I really should sell, but can't quite bring myself to at the moment....

  14. Bought a Darkglass Super Symmetry compressor from Paul. Great to deal with, fast shipment and well packaged. All good.
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