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  1. Thanks for the message. By coincidence, I googled them a few days ago, and I couldn’t see any new posts re bass since 2018. I was originally interested as I was searching for bass notation, and they came up and the search. The demo lesson of the track I wanted was impressive, and I would have been interested if they were building a bigger library. I think I emailed them at the time, but no reply. Yes, you’re right; best avoided. Shame, as the bit I watched was very good. Cheers!
  2. True, and thanks! Suppose I’m more interested in how they play, people’s opinions .
  3. Just looking for views and price valuation please. I’m looking to buy a 4 string for home use and considering different makes. Obviously want a bargain ( don’t we all)- something active, easy on the fingers, perhaps thinner neck than normal with modern sound. I’ve just seen a Peavey Millennium ac pbx locally on FB. Looks in g c from pics. What are they like and what is a reasonable price in current times? Thanks!
  4. Anyone subscribe to Muzento? Is it any good? Cheers
  5. Well folks, I bought one, and ......I love it. Brilliant for the price ! Great for slap. A little bit ratterly but I did ask the shop to set action low as possible so can live with that. Very light - won’t be to everyone’s preference. No shoulder ache, or finger problems. Bought the retro cream, nice finish. Some critics might say it looks / feels like a toy but who cares. Id be interested to hear from any Ibanez lovers who can recommend the next step up model 4 string- loving the medium scale and neck compared to my very heavy 5 !
  6. So, no one on here owns one?
  7. Did you get one in the end ? I’m thinking of getting one too.
  8. Works fine- only selling as moving. Norwich/Lowestoft/ Great Yarmouth. Can arrange courier if buyer pays
  9. Owned from new 9 years ago - never been on road (in residency) and never thrashed. Only selling as moving away. All works fine. Norwich / Great Yarmouth/Lowestoft area. Can arrange courier for £30 to £35.
  10. As I’m selling my floor module with inbuilt tuner, any recommendations on a reliable, accurate pocket tuner please- just a few will do thanks. Loads on eBay but I don’t know which are best. Cheers!
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