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  1. I’m in Dallas with work for the next 3 months and spotted a Guitar Center on my drive back from the supermarket today, so thought I’d pop in. They didn’t have a huge selection of new basses (although there were a couple of nice vintage P and J basses high up out of reach in their Premium section), but I sat down and grabbed a few to try. First one was a Yamaha BBP34. I’m a big fan of Yamaha basses and this is one of their relatively high end models (I think it was $1499). Played it for a couple of mins and it did absolutely nothing for me - I was quite disappointed. I couldn’t have told the difference between it and a $250 bass to be honest. Finish was fine but the setup was lousy, and it just felt disappointing. Next up was a Fender American Professional II Precision. This I absolutely loved, and it instantly felt comfortable. Great sounding too. Neck was very comfy - slim front to back but traditional P bass but width. Setup nicely straight out of the box and surprisingly light. This was up for $1500, and if I was in the market for a P bass (haha, which is pretty much all the time!), I’d definitely be considering one of these. Finally, and probably the most surprising to me, was a cheapo Sterling by Stingray SUB. Sticker price was $299, and I had very low expectations from it. Bear in mind that I’ve owned a couple of “proper” Stingrays in the past and have never really got on with them. Well, I plugged this in and was blown away. Build quality was great, it was setup nicely and neck was slim and frets were very well finished. No dead spots, 2 band eq worked perfectly, and it sounded great! All for the equivalent of £218, in a choice of a few colours (including a really nice powder blue which is actually called chopping blue for some reason). Quite taken with it, and I think I might grab one for the time that I’m out here for, and then donate it at the end of the trip to a local music group or something. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have given a cheapo bass like that a second look. Just goes to prove something we probably all know - you don’t have to pay a fortune to get a decent bass.
  2. Getting closer and closer to me. I reckon that by Wednesday of this week, she’ll be selling this fictional bass from my back garden....
  3. I wish someone would buy this... I’m GASing badly for it!
  4. Welcome! Great choice with the Lakland Jazz - fine instruments and are well priced.
  5. You're going to fit in so well here 😁 Welcome!
  6. Welcome TF. Lovely looking first bass. One early Basschat tip for you. Don't go near the For Sale section. You may think you've got everything you need right now, but you'll see dozens of lovely shiny basses, amps and pedals that you "really need".... It's a slippery slope from there on 😁
  7. I just bought a lovely Japanese Jag bass from Russ. Great bass, and a pleasure to deal with. Would happily deal with again. Thanks Russ!
  8. Have you still got this? I seem to be hoarding iPods at the moment 😂 What’s the battery life like on it? If all is ok, I’ll take it.
  9. Has this got the standard Lakland Precision neck profile? Rather than the Jazz neck profile, I mean. I do love a Lakland P bass neck, and this bass is bloody gorgeous and sorely tempting.
  10. I've been playing lots of Clash tunes recently... had fun with Rock the Casbah, Stay Free, and White Man in Hammersmith Palais. Paul Simonon mightn't have been the best technical player in the world, but his feel was great, and he was perfect for the Clash (not to mention he looked cool as fcuk on stage!).
  11. That's a beauty, and also a great ad.... Charles Kaman had an interesting story!
  12. Pics appear fine for me on my MacBook. Nice bass.
  13. I go to Helsinki once a month with work, and I’m next over there in 2 weeks. I’d be happy to bring the bass back to England for anyone who buys it, and they could pick up from my place (near Warwick) or arrange a U.K. courier.
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