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  1. Open for trades! Looking for a Musicman Stingray Special 4-string or similar.
  2. Unfortunately, I have to reduce my equipment even further. After long hesitation, I am now offering my Duesenberg Motown Bass, of which there are not too many instruments on the market. Compared to other Duesenberg basses and semi-acoustic bass models the Motown offers a couple of “special features”: 3 Single-Coil-Pickups (neck-position, Preci-position, Jazz-Bass-position). Each of them can be switched on and off individually. Longscale-neck (34“) and Singecut-body without any neck-dive! Here are the further details: Body: maple with spruce top Neck: maple with rosewood fretboard Frets: 20 Jumbo-frets, 34“ Pickups: 3x Duesenberg Special DS Single-Coils Elektronics: passive, 1x Volume, 1x Tone Hardware: Duesenberg Weight: 3,9 kg (8.6 lbs) The WWW offers some further information and YouTube-Videos about the Motown Bass. Some German reviews can be found in Bassquarterly 05/2013 and Guitar 12/2013. The bass was purchased from Alex Grube (pro bass player), who used it for a MTV Unplugged gig. I basically used the instrument for a couple of living-room-rehearsals. Accordingly, the Motown is in very good condition. Ernie Bass Cobalt Flats are currently on, which in my opinion suit the bass very well! The bass comes with a matching gig bag, which is of course part of the offer. Insure shipping is free inside Germany. For all other countries please ask for the shipping costs. If there are any other questions: PLEASE ASK! I will try to answer everything to the best of my knowledge and belief!
  3. Weeeeekend special: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1-5-0-0-G-B-P ::::::::::::::::::::::::: including shipping fees and insurance!
  4. I used the DG PJ4 on a lot of gigs with a well booked cover band and a couple of recordings. I never experienced any hum-problems. So I am not really sure about the bridge single-coil pickup, but I assume that it is the „not hum-cancelling version“ from Fralin. If you want I can check it with Don.
  5. This article may be interesting for „Grosh newbies“: http://epublish.panaprint.com/publication/?i=158781&ver=html5&p=18
  6. Actually I always assumed that this time would never come. However, the financing of my new K-Bass PV4 from Knut Reiter is leaving its mark, so that I have to part with an exceptionally resonant, flexible and extremely rare Don Grosh PJ4. The Don Grosh instruments are known and "legendary" in guitarist circles. However, Don only builds a small series of basses every few years, which don't have to shy away from comparison with the custom models from Sadowsky, Lakland, Nash etc. But on the contrary! Here in a nutshell the information about the Don Grosh PJ4. :: Body: swamp ash :: Neck: maple, longscale, 21 frets :: Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood :: Bridge: Hipshot B-Style Aluminum Bridge :: Machine heads: Hipshot Ultralite (USA) plus Hipshot D tuner :: Electronics: Aguilar OBP2, 18V :: Pickups: Lindy Fralin PJ (one of the best PJ sets on the market) :: Color: Nitro lacquer in Charcoal Frost with matching headstock :: Serial number: # 2689 I "retrofitted" the White Shell Pickguard (bought at Don Grosh!), The potentiometer knobs and a Hipshot D tuner myself. The original pickguard is Toirtoise and belongs just like all other original parts for sale. The bass comes with a sturdy case (original), which is of course part of the offer. Shipping is free in Germany. For other countries, please inquire about shipping costs.
  8. Hello Thunderheads, here I am offering my original Gibson Thunderbird 2015. In my opinion the 2015 Thunderbird series is one of the best T-Birds of the past decades – only my opinion. However, the bass is of excellent quality with very resonant woods and a really Jazz-Bass-style neck. Please refer to the Gibson homepage for a very good and detailed documentation of the 2015 T-Birds. The bass is in very good condition and received a couple of reasonable upgrades that push the instrument even further: EMG TBHZ PUs – an absolute improvement – precise attack and a lot of “Thunder” new (and better) pots, a quality input-socket and new knobs (the original electric-department is still existing and part of this offer) stripping of the back of the neck – a surface like velvet and significantly “faster” than the original finish, the work was done by a professional luthier As already mentioned the T-Bird is in very good condition with a new setup and new Elixir Nanoweb strings. The only optical flaw is a small varnish crack on the side of the headstock (see pics) - not visible for the audience and the band members and only visual appearance. Besides the EQ-parts mentioned the T-Bird comes in the original Gibson case including tools, certificate and all the stuff from the original purchase. If you are interested I can offer an additional hardware set (Babicz bridge and Schaller tuner) and handwound „60ies Vintage Thunderbird Alnico Humbucker“ from German pickup guru David Barfuss. Bridge und PUs are still brand-new and in originally packaging – they haven’t seen any instrument from the inside. It was planned as one of my projects I never found time to start… The T-beauty is located in Germany – of course I offer worldwide shipping and tank-like packaging. Feel free to ask any questition. I will do my very best to response quickly and in detail. Please excuse my "bumby" English…
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