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  1. Will be interesting to see what price it will be.................get in now guys.........GLWTS
  2. Here's a bump for you. Great basses. Have an Ibanez Axstar, BX1, Kramer Duke and a Shuker headless so plenty to compare it with. Holds it's own until the Shuker is needed but is a great '80s bass. Rarely for sale in the UK, I sourced mine from the USA. Great addition to any collection and a spot on price. GLWTS
  3. If it sold then I am very happy for the seller as they are £699 brand new in GAK
  4. Fortunate to own two Shuker basses. Would love this one too! GLWTS and that is a great price...............
  5. Surprised? It's only another bass! Chance for a few more experts to voice their opinions!!
  6. Great price an looks in stunning condition. I bought one off @gareth last year and love it. GLWTS they are so good.....
  7. Are there any others? It's not a Fender! Up there with the Big Al I reckon.......
  8. Not left at all @gareth Had to "acknowledge a warning" .... for what I am still confused, so I thought I would give the room a miss for a while. Good to see that people still monitor my visits though! Hope you had a good new year mate and I am still loving the T'bird...........
  9. I have a hip shot tuner on mine as well........... just adds to the quality......... do not drop the price! It is worth more sir!
  10. I bought one of these a year or so ago off another Basschatter. Incredible quality, sound, build and response. This is a great price for a top of the range bass. Cannot believe it has not been snapped up. \My pro pals who have tried it are impressed and I have two of them who want first option should I ever sell. Have told them about this one. GLWTS
  11. Amazed that this is still here.........still my "go to" bass and I am fortunate to own a few! Yet to hear of anyone who has been disappointed playing one. Great price as well.............GLWTS
  12. So sad and so young, condolences to all of his friends and family.............
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