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  1. I like that view.....simple, effective and actually sums me up! Thank you @peteb
  2. I have an Ibanez Axstar and a Yam BX1 - headless - that have similar sharp designs.......not sure if I could be bothered with so many adjustments to get a sound for me........would probably forget if I did find the right permutation! Nice bass though........see what my pal does
  3. Saw her at the Hexagon in Reading a couple of yeasr ago.....sensational, a really personal show and a great support band. Will be going to see her again and fully recommend.
  4. Pal of mine is looking at a couple.........asked me about them..........never heard of it..! Any good? DOne a little reading up and cannot see much info about why they were discontinued if they are so versatile.......any experience here guys and gals?
  5. Can only agree, also a stunning looker. I have two Sandbergs.............fabulous quaility and I am surprised this is still here..........glwts
  6. FYI.................. Thank you for your email and I'm so sorry to hear what's happened. I'd like to assure you that we are treating this as a formal complaint. One of my colleagues from the Customer Advocacy Team will be reaching out to you within the next four business days to discuss your complaint in more detail and talk you through the next steps. Due to data protection regulations, I’m not able to give you any details about our investigation into your case. However, if you have shared any account/card details with a scammer or sent a payment to them, please inform your bank about this and they can contact us directly. If you haven’t already done so, I’d also suggest reporting this scam to Action Fraud, who are the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre for the UK. You can find their website by clicking on this link, or you can call them on 0300 123 2040. They may be able to look into your case further for you. Please do reach out if you have any further questions - we're happy to help. Kind regards, Megan Jones Customer Advocacy Team, Monzo Bank
  7. Well done, doesn't take a lot to look up these things..............
  8. I have already contacted them along with Monzo. It is the only recourse. They are strting to get better at responding especially as online fraud has risen during the Covid pandemic. As to wht they will do is give a crie number, you can await updates but Monzo should respond by closing their account and marking down any credit rating, which hopefully will stop them/make it difficult to get any bank account
  9. In addition I have contacted Monzo, copying them on this trail, suggesting that if something is not done immediately with the poice I would advertise the fact that Monzo allow scammers to use their services. Will also be contacting the CISO - inforation security offier of Monzo - to escalate
  10. @gareth would poilitely suggest that you email them with the details to stop these people scamming any unfortunates. Just the sort of thing that a challenger bank like Monzo does not want, adverse publicity. Call us on 0800 802 1281 (or +44 203 872 0620 from abroad). Email: Email us at [email protected] What happens next? We'll be in touch within 4 business days to try to resolve your complaint
  11. It's not about free bnking - although that is a big incentive! - but more about no high street presence for the challenger banks, lower running costs obviously, easier to set up an account, easy money movement, less regulations when adding new customers. People behind or on the board of most of these banks are IT people rather that traditional bankers. None of them are making profits, money laundering is rife, and I would not go near them as their security is not as up to date as they could be within their servers. IMO having been working with them for a couple of years. @gareth you need to contact Monzo and explain whar is happening, you also need to contact the police
  12. Online banks are the new way of banking for the last few years. "Challenger" banks such as Monzo, N26, Starling, Cashplus, Metro..........there are a nuber of them. All want and need to clamp down on AML - anti money laundering as in this instance with @gareth This year they have to prove profitability. Not sure any are profitable so will be interesting to see what happens. I would email Monzo, give them the number of the account and explain what is happening............
  13. I agree..........but it's not everything! That is all I was suggesting............you need more to try and stop these sort of activities
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