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  1. I have a hip shot tuner on mine as well........... just adds to the quality......... do not drop the price! It is worth more sir!
  2. I bought one of these a year or so ago off another Basschatter. Incredible quality, sound, build and response. This is a great price for a top of the range bass. Cannot believe it has not been snapped up. \My pro pals who have tried it are impressed and I have two of them who want first option should I ever sell. Have told them about this one. GLWTS
  3. Amazed that this is still here.........still my "go to" bass and I am fortunate to own a few! Yet to hear of anyone who has been disappointed playing one. Great price as well.............GLWTS
  4. So sad and so young, condolences to all of his friends and family.............
  5. The days of Fogarty and Noriyuka Haga I miss!
  6. Female bass on a Thunderbird!! love her!!
  7. I really don't trust him!!!! All of his stuff is kept so well!!! An absolute pleasure to deal with, the bass I bought was spot on!! Fully recommend, genuine seller, great guy, buy with confidence......
  8. Let me tell you that Gareth is a genuine guy!! Actually a bad man as he has a couple more basses for sale...therefore a bad influence!!! Thanks @gareth top man, very happy....buy with confidence !!!
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