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  1. Pricey for me. I bought a new Fender Jazz American Original 70s for £1689. Only a few quid more expensive than one of these.
  2. the good London Calling is a classic in my book. I can’t think of a single weak song on it. It was the 2nd album I ever bought. But by far and away the best double album is the Black Album.. Curtain Call is a triumph and the album is timeless. the White Album. Mostly great songs, but I love the production of that album. I prefer the bass playing and tone on this album to Sgt Pepper. More edgy and cutting than the pillowy sounds of Pepper. the bad Possibly 2/3s of all double albums e.g. Stadium Arcadiam, Double Fanstasy. Most of them are pure rock n roll excess. Any live double album. I’m not a fan of the live album at the best of times so x2 is double waste of listening time the downright ugly the triple album
  3. Great looking Mustang. Do you know if it's been refretted?
  4. I know what you mean about old and familiar basses. Although the Lincoln is 34 scale my 76 Ric 3000 short scale is like putting on an old pair of slippers.
  5. Still impressed with your Serek? I’ve just put a deposit on a Lincoln. It’s gonna be a long wait till February. A big gamble on whether I will like it but I love the sound on Jake’s promo video and the looks are killer.
  6. Fantastic, I love retro. And to have the Serek quality standards too. Absolute bargain
  7. Today I learned the hard way when I bought a Guild B301 from Reverb with damage that wasn't mentioned in the advert. It was shipped it from France but when I finally got the refund the exchange rate meant I lost a considerable amount in Paypal fees. I contacted Paypal and got the following: if the amount is returned after 1 day of the date of the original payment, we will use the transaction exchange rate applicable at the time of the conversion of the returned amount. See Section 8.2. for more information about how we set the transaction exchange rate.' So please be aware that you take a big risk with Paypal. You may not get a full refund if something is wrong with the guitar. That's me finished with using Paypal to buy guitars! Just to add, my purchase transaction was £s to Euros but the refund transaction was Euros to £s which is always going to be less. Hope my post is ok for the forum??
  8. That could’ve been mine. My star sign is libra, so decision making is not one of my finest qualities 🤯. Enjoy the bass!
  9. 2 left this morning. I was so tempted to pull trigger. Just looked again. All sold. If Serek become a household name those basses are gonna be worth something.
  10. Damn, the Lincoln I was pondering has gone. Too slow! I was holding back due to colour of bass not quite my usual taste.
  11. I’ve watched Chairman of the Bored many times on YouTube with that bass. Steeped in Rock n Roll history and linked to the person without whom we might be living in a world without Never Mind the Bollocks and all that came after. GLWS
  12. Tempting. Almost covers the import tax. So cost for one I’m looking at just shy of £2000
  13. can't see the 15% discount ☹️
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