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  1. I had a nightmare on eBay several years ago exporting a bass to USA. It was a vintage and rare instrument and I thought I’d explained the minor issues and reconfirmed that she wanted to buy still after auction re-emphasising the issues.. She was adamant. Anyway when she got it she thought the wear and tear was worse than she expected and demanded a partial refund. I didn’t want to lose my 100% feedback gained over the years of buying and selling guitars so I lost out and she cleverly got an absolute bargain. Never again will I export abroad.
  2. 1991 is the transition year so it could be either. But you'd have to look at the underside of the pickup. Ceramic pickups have a magnetic strip underneath the pole pieces. Alnico pickups don't have this. Nothing wrong with either just a preference thing d
  3. Does this have the Alnico or ceramic pickup?
  4. that’s a beauty. I was looking for any Gibbo, but this looks amazing. I take it 2500 euros is still then price? Also where are you based?
  5. Can't comment on Warwicks or Ibbys but the Jazz growl is often cited - the 4003 Ric growl is so different to that and I have not heard anything to compare it too. I also have a Ric 3000 which doesn't have that growl at all.
  6. Nothing sounds like a Ric growl and along with it the iconic 50s design is the reason why it’s lasted so long and will continue to do so. Here’s my little friend...
  7. I would guess less than 50%. I still have one, but it's my 6th in as many years. Sound great recorded but hard work to play and the live sound normally loses some bottom end. Even those famous for playing them either moved them on or modded them to the point of them barely have the classic ric sound. IMHO.
  8. Certainly a resemblance to Grandpa Walton
  9. I won't be selling my Ric 3000 too soon. That was over £1500 earlier this year, but an amazing bass to play and hear.
  10. You don't see Rics flying off the shelves these days. GuitarGuitar have had some in for months and months. I have seen 2 4003S basses go at stupid prices on eBay this year...one of them was mine! Anyone selling a Ric, be careful when selling auction-style - My opinion is their value has diminished in recent times. And it is absolute madness to buy new if you end up flipping it a few months later when it stands in the corner gathering dust.
  11. Slow mover in the UK it seems? In the US they were getting snapped up. Price no doubt a bit factor I would guess. Actually, they're all out of stock so my last statement is redacted 😉
  12. I think the Strat knobs look great. But I like 70s era basses - the good ones that is
  13. Always had good service from him. Bought a few bit off him recentlyb
  14. I have had mainly positive experiences of buying and selling on this forum, but today I had a nightmare with a very rude seller on this forum that's left me very disappointed and frustrated.
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