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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I'm really digging them basses. Reverse p pick and Dimarzio. The Lambo Green is my favourite colour.
  3. I gave up waiting for the one I had on order, but going to wait for my Serek Lincoln to come through (hopefully next month). I can't really justify another bass when I have invested £2500 already on this one and no gigs or rehearsals on the horizon atm. Yours is a beaut and if it sounds as good as it looks someone is going to be very lucky! GLWS
  4. Very nice! That looks like a perfect companion. Still no news from Jake ☹️. It looks like I'll have to wait till the new year now.
  5. Good article. I would agree if there was one thing I think it misses it is a tone control, but it didn't stop me from the purchase. Given that it is replacing a Rick 3000 I hardly ever changed the tone (Full on 90% of the time). I also found out the neck is quarter sawn - so much quality goes into making these basses.
  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 😍I bought it for the look and happened to be seeking out a short scale. I'm not one for coffee table basses and more into the old school look. It screams rock n roll to me. The world would be a dull place if we all liked the same things 👍
  7. I contacted him earlier in the week, and no bridges as yet. The wait is killing me.
  8. There are others who will know better than me on this forum, but I think the neck feel is similar but is narrower from front to back. But I am working off my memory when I had a 1200S.
  9. I've had a chance to play it now and it certainly has the 1200S DNA. But it does have it's own thing going on. I have had 3 1200S basses in the past so I am working off my memory but it does have a lot of the sparkle of the top end of that bass. I find the bottom end is very different though in that it doesn't have the 'hollow' sound of the 1200S and is more round. Without playing this in a band setting I think hitting that E string might blow the roof off, that didn't happen with my 1200S basses. So I would say it is different enough from the 1200S to be it's own thing. The feel of the neck is amazing and it is very fast. It is certainly not the 'tank' the 1200S is, but that is probably down to it being so much lighter. The sustain is amazing for a bolt on, that is a huge achievement. I have never played a 734 so can't comment on that, but this is a workhorse bass with a solid feel to it. The only thing I would be critical of is the knobs seem a bit on the cheaper side and are too small/fiddly, the inlays are plasticky, and the fretboard is too light against the rest of the bass. But for £899 it's an absolute steel and a top bass.
  10. Not if anyone is still looking for a BBPH but there is one available here...https://musicstreet.co.uk/products/yamaha-bbph-peter-hook-signature-bb-red?variant=32979618463805&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2018-12-11&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5bz-BRD-ARIsABjT4njM_bvDTO6HNQqCwZdlqpXyYuVDaxDHDfv0qZPuLhZE5W7gtiIl7msaAhxaEALw_wcB
  11. Yup and £100 cheaper for some reason than other stores
  12. I seriously need to thin my herd if I like this BB. I got a real bad case of GAS with this and a Serek on the way. That’s it. I’m officially skint!
  13. Ordered an hour ago, and shipping tomorrow. 😃 Chuffed!
  14. Seem to be selling out rapidly. Bass Direct stock has gone and looking like PMTs 5 has gone. Anyway, order in with PMT so wait and see. Reading about those who have bought them and gave great reviews has turned my head. I've always steered away from Signature basses, but I love the aesthetics of this one and it isn't just a straight copy of the 1200s it's got a thing of its own going on. I'm sure Yamaha will make more based on the apparent demand.
  15. I was in Pmt Birmingham today and the guy I spoke to said January. But I’d take that with a pinch of salt
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