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  1. HI, I don't know, but it's the lightest instrument I have, that's for sure. Lighter than my American AVRI Fender, for example. Right now, the bass is with my Luthier, for a full setup. I will check the weight when it returns.
  2. Thanks. This is the last price, I really like this bass, and wish I can sell one of the others before this one. I have my eye on a killer 32".
  3. Last price, 1600 pounds, shipping included! The bass has matching tuners with the fretboard, I bought those. Better than the stock ones.
  4. Uau, that's actually pretty close to what I am looking for, and it's the right color!
  5. That's the 32" I tried. Very comfortable, very fast. But I'm looking for a passive bass, I don't need the active circuit.
  6. Very nice. Almost bought it a few months back, but Fernandes is the last name of my (ex) best friend, that betrayed me 2 years ago. I can't have a bass with his name on it, I would throw it out the window.
  7. https://m.thomann.de/pt/fgn_mighty_power_ash.htm
  8. I was tempted, but I also have to sell before I buy, ahah! I want passive, a pickup just a cm or so behind the P position, and a fat, hoarse tone. I'm selling now, to be able to buy later. I really like the style of the Serek, getting inspiration in classic models, like the Ric or the Ripper. Didn't know about ACG, this thread is already giving me new information. I am curious about the new model. I actually tried an Ibanez, the SRMD 200. Great neck, thin and fast. But the pickups and active electronics didn't excite me. That Reverend had a great tone, that's an option, thanks! Maruszczyk is definitely an option, but I was looking for something more retro in terms of design. Thanks for all the examples, I hope to see them keep coming!
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