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  1. I'm absolutely staggered this is still here! Not only highly collectible, but probably the best Precision you'll ever lay your hands on...
  2. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Snap! Just bought one on Amazon... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-000-CH400-00010-Powerplay-Personal-Amplifier/dp/B0784TMYPN
  3. MoJoKe

    Yamaha TRB-5II

    damned right! haha!
  4. MoJoKe

    Yamaha TRB-5II

    as opposed to whalves....! Indeed a lovely bass... never owned a TRB, would love to try a fretless one one day...
  5. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Which ACS do you have? ...and now you had time to test, how do they compare with ZS10s?
  6. When I eventually get around to not putting mine up for sale, I'll certainly put the white guard back on!! 🤣 I agree, best sold all original! Good luck Paul!
  7. I have an identical one, with big "Fender", and while I still have the original white plate (and the original inspection tag!), mine sports an anodised guard... Definitely looks great, but I also like the white... I second that guarantee! I bought mine new in '82, and used it exclusively for most of the 80s (until I could afford a Wal!) then it spent a good few years under the bed having migrated to 5 strings, but I recently did a 60s theatre tour and used it as my main bass. It was like playing an old friend, these are without doubt (IMHO!) the best and lightest precisions I have ever played. Pretty much anyone else who plays it immediately makes me an offer or tries to make off with it! Mine will have to be torn from my cold dead fingers... You will NOT be disappointed. GLWTS!
  8. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Any headohnes With audiophiles, opinion is split on whether speakers/headphones benefit from running or 'burning in". This article discusses it:- https://www.techradar.com/news/audio/what-is-speaker-burn-in-1301179 I've always sat on the fence on this one, but given the KZ's price, its not an unreasonable thing to try if it can improve them... I don't know what others have found, but I personally feel they have definitely benefitted and sounded warmer and less brittle when I had done this. I suppose if you don't burn them in, they'll still get to this point on their own, but the difference will be less noticeable between "brand new" and after a couple of weeks old, "nicely run in"! I've now been able to use these lots for mixing in the studio, in rehearsal and also as live IEMs, and I have to say I am well impressed!
  9. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    do try playing around with taping the ports, makes a huge difference to the bass... I gave mine a good 3-4 hour burn ing before I was happy, but as you say, for the money! I actually used them for a gig the other day... pretty damned good!
  10. MoJoKe

    Are Markbass cabs now considered a bit rubbish?

    The new Markbass Marcus Miller cabs are kickback too... I was playing with the MM STD102 on Saturday. I've personally never been a big fan of 2 x 10s, but it's got way more bottom end than either the old STD or TRV 2 x 10s I think the NY122 is a vastly under-used cab too... being 4ohm, its a really compact punchy single cab solution...
  11. MoJoKe

    Sold H4 Recorder

    WHAT was "In excellent condition. Comes with the plastic case, windshield and a 16gb sd-card?" Please stop deleting the post title! The forum requests that you simply add the word SOLD in the title, not delete it. Not a rule, just good form.... Thank you.
  12. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Mine are really growing on me too... Undoubtedly great value and I'd highly recommend!
  13. MoJoKe

    NBD - Sire content!

    I really like sires, the preamp is fabulous... A couple of people here have put lighter tuners on, and it makes them balance much better. I found myself looking online at a V9 5 string fretless this morning.... Hmmm very nice, and I'm sure it'll play well like all Sires, but at £780ish a bit pricey?
  14. MoJoKe

    PA Guys, a question for you!

    So..... tarantarantaraaaa! big reveal time... I fully agree with all comments here, there is no "one way" or "best way" to mic drums... big books are written on this subject, and certainly many hours of debate amongst those who have an educated opinion...! as said, often the simpler the better. It happens the band I mainly work with configure with mics on everything, and multiples (top, rattle, in, out, etc) where the venue acoustics will allow it to make a difference without over complicating life. The venue I did on Saturday night was a massive and lofty old lime plastered stone barn with at least 1.5 sec reverb, so minimal mic-ing is the only way to go (though as they use in-ears and no backline, I always close mic everything, so they can get a better in-ear mix, but the FOH mix never sees them!) No. 2. I was always told that you go outward from the kick (kick, snare, hats) and then around the outside from the snare side... This then places Kick and Snare next to each other on the desk for easier, more logical, mixing. Once set, I always put the whole kit in a DCA group anyway, so I rarely fiddle with individual levels unless I have to. Thank you for your input! @Dad3353 remind me I'll need to write you a cheque or send you a postal order for 25p... which would you prefer? haha!
  15. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Well that works!!