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  1. Sad, but the right thing to do. Mike let us know if you need to share the costs...
  2. For info, here is the JV page of the 1983 Fender Japan Catalogue. Interestingly the second part of the model number is based on the cost of the instrument (a -98 was 98,000 yen, a -75 was (75,000), etc... Using an inflation calculator that would make the new price of a Japanese domestic PB62-98 around £1075 today...
  3. Lovely bass! I have 2 JVs. One is a 1982 "Big Fender Logo" Tobacco Sunburst '57 Squier I bought new for £182 (in 1982 funnily enough!!), the other is a 1982 PB '57-95 Japanese domestic model in black with an anodised pickguard. Better (IMHO!) than anything from the US then or since! Yours is going to be one of three models. It's definitely a Japanese domestic market PB'62, but it's either a PB '62-98 which was the higher spec one with US pickup, which spanned 1983 and 1984, or it could be a PB '62-75 from late '83 or a PB '62-80 which was '84, both of which had all Japanese parts, which was no bad thing, fantastic basses, and I've not played a JV which wasn't considerably better quality than any later MIJ Fenders. Whatever it is, it's a damn fine instrument, has a lot less dings than either of mine (I gig both of mine weekly still!). Buy with confidence, it's worth every penny of the asking price! Hope that helps, good luck with the sale!
  4. come and say Hi, I'll be around all weekend helping out the Markbass guys! Look for someone who looks a bit like the balding fool in my profile pic!
  5. If it happens at all and its the same week as last year, I won't be there....
  6. Yo! I'm hoping to be there too... Life has been stupidly busy so quite hard to plan... I'll bring whatever demo gear is left over from the month before (Manchester Bass Show), so will definitely have my Casa rig, probably the new Vintage D2 head (which I am thinking of selling the Casa to buy... its that good!), and I'll try and bring Markbass instruments and some packs of the new Markbass strings to give away...
  7. I've been for the last few years. To be fair it is sold as a "Guitar" show, but many of the exhibitors do recognise our more significant contribution to music and have amps, instruments and bass relevant stuff too, including (last year, I think this too...) Ernie Ball, Markbass, Ampeg and Yamaha. Synergy were there with Sandberg and Bassics, also Ashdown, Darkglass, Bergantino to name a few... That's quite a lot actually!! I will again be helping out on the Markbass/DV Mark stand this year, and there will be quite a lot of new Markbass stuff on display, including the new Vintage D2 head/Cab (which is so good I am considering selling my beloved Casa and upgrading!), there will be new Markbass Strings to try out, the new basses, and if you're struggling to find an old OC-2 pedal out there, then save yourself the effort and come and try the new MB Raw Octaver... A thing of simple beauty! ...and definitely deals to be had over the weekend. One of the very best things about the show is, wait for it... The CATERING! Given its location, on the fringes of the "Balti Triangle", the food is mostly curry, and while the choice is limited to a couple of main dishes and some sides/rice (and chips for the heathens!) the quality and flavours are amazing, and its damned good value! So, not stupidly expensive, well worth a visit if you're at a loose end, and you'll be able to get some great, cheap grub too...!
  8. I don't like it either, however, the phrase used was not "Rickenwaffen", but shortened. Sorry, with Mod head on I'm completely with @yorks5stringer on this. Very Inappropriate. Perhaps @NikNik might like to change title of this thread before someone takes offence rather than just gives it.
  9. Sorry to hear this. I have tried silicone and didn't get on with them (slightly irritating when sweating, but more for isolation issues), so always used memory foam, and never had a problem.
  10. This one came from Jadenacre, did you play this black bass? It really is stunning! Regarding strings, I know you'll all get a bit sniffy about this, but they both have Elixir steels on!!! 😲😲 However, I have just landed two sets of the new Markbass Vintage flats, so they will be going on to get them set up and bedded in for my next run of gigs!
  11. It is now sporting a Gold guard! We've chatted before about JVs, I thought it was you that referred to them as BFL... Must've been mistaken! Sadly the original single laminate white plate it was fitted with split across the volume pot. I do still have it, but I had Eltham Jones (when he was working at Sound Control in Bristol) make me an identical replacement.
  12. Big Fender Logo (and small Squier one at the end of the headstock). I think you're right... anodised is the way to go...
  13. Thank you! BTW, before anyone comments, you'd be correct in pointing out the Squier has not got the correct scratchplate on it in this pic! It is sporting an ivory pearlescent one in the pic, but I have been pondering on either putting the original white one back, but I also have another anodised one to match the PB57... Do feel free to suggest your preference!
  14. This doesn't really count as a NBD post, as I have been somewhat busy! Now I've had it for a couple of months, this is now my permanent setup for my P bass gigs. I bought the JV '57 BFL Squier new in 1982, all the mojo is mine and genuine, and it now has a pal! The black one is my new '83 Japanese JV PB57-95. Playability-wise they are virtually identical, but the neck/body woods on the PB57 have a slight edge, and as it is a -95 version it has US hardware, pups and wiring. It also has about the same amount of mojo, looking well used and loved alongside its new stablemate. No. Before you ask, just no! I have always said the BFL JV would have to be prized from my cold dead hands, and the PB57 is the same... I have Precision Perfection!
  15. Yup, its going to be K&M all the way for me from now onwards!
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