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  1. Nobody on the planet is going to scam you if you post here "the band is based in the midlands.." or similar....
  2. We're a good friendly, helpful bunch here, and you'll probably find yourself a great bass player here, but you do really need to give some more detail about the gig, like which part of the country you're in for a start. I'm in Devon, I'm assuming no point me applying? If you're new here, suggest you checkout the format of other posts in this section before you have a go at members who are asking you questions they shouldn't need to ask! By the way, I'm a moderator and I am not having a go at you, just trying to help...!
  3. welcome @robscott ! I hope you enjoy all there is to see!
  4. Bleddy gorgeous. I used to own two, and it was my biggest regret to have to sell them... I feel your pain.... 😔
  5. ...also take a look at the Markbass Raw Octaver... tiny, simple and works like the older Boss OC-2 but with better tracking. You could also checkout @knicknacks latest review video on Octave pedals...
  6. What, you mean like Thomann and Amazon have been doing for the last 4-5 years...? I'd love to know how many here actually have the first idea what a viable profit margin in retail is considered to be, and what most actually make as a living after paying the bills, compared to say, 20 years ago? Did you feel ripped off then too? Price fixing has been discussed on Basschat before, there's a massive difference between price fixing and maintaining viable margin to survive. As I've said before, I'd rather pay more for good service. When I was a salesman 30 years ago, I remember someone saying to me "you have to stay in business, so I don't begrudge you a profit, its just the percentage that matters to me... Good attitude. Always respected that man, and we did business for a long time after that discussion. Bricks and mortar shops are expensive to run, The guys who are moving off the high street to industrial units have a better chance without high street rates, but it's still close. I suspect very few UK music shop owners drive posh cars or own boats or 2nd homes in Salcombe... Even if they did I wouldn't begrudge them that as long as I am getting great service and a fair deal, because they're gonna have to be working pretty long hours to achieve it...
  7. The also had one in Bristol... they are definitely a German company now though...
  8. Yup, can't argue with that.... What stuff can't he get? Theres UK distribution for pretty much everything that Thomann sells, and plenty of alternatives for their own badged items. So have I when I have used them in the past... However, I will continue to support UK based music shops, even if there is a slight premium to pay. And this has been my policy for the last 20 years, so has bugger all to do with leaving the EU! I just value local service/supply. I'm the same about self-checkouts in supermarkets. i think they are the devil in disguise, robbing jobs and bumping profits by getting their customers to do the job of the staff they no longer pay....
  9. "something" which UK dealers don't have yet? Bit vague... also a bit dodgy if you ask me... spill the beans or we'll have to assume the worst! 😜
  10. 👆🏻 There really isn't anything you cannot get from one of the many UK music shops if you ask!
  11. That really IS being pedantic! Of course UPS have to pay the VAT charged by HMRC on import, they are the importing agent, you then have to pay/reimburse them plus a fee (plus their share of the VAT) for all their hard work ....
  12. The long and the short of this is "Buy Local"... God knows the UK retail market needs you.
  13. if you look, there are a bunch of non-music EU based sellers who are just crossing off the UK from their "shipping to" lists until this mess has been sorted out. anyone else is feeling their way I suspect.
  14. and thats why you pay the VAT, plus a fee (plus VAT) to UPS, not the "exporter", so the exporter cannot quote "inc VAT"
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