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  1. Beautiful looking bass which won't stop calling me, but sadly my back ain't going to like it... 😫
  2. Gorgeous! The inevitable question, is it lighter than my Lakland? (that is the subtlest way I can think of asking its weight, without actually saying it and setting off the "QI klaxon"... please don't judge me, I have an old back to consider!!)
  3. MoJoKe

    Should all bass amps have a bass filter?

    Markbass don't tend to publish much technical detail on their amps as they are protective of their Mark Proprietary Technology branding. Their call - I get that... However, they DO have an inbuilt subsonic low pass filter. It isn't and IMHO doesn't need to be switchable (and that goes for any bass amp thats designed well... it shouldn't need to be). I am happy to do some EQ curves after the weekend on a couple of different heads if people are interested.
  4. MoJoKe

    London Guitar Show

    We'll be there with DV Mark and Markbass. It'll be interesting to see how it compares with the bass show...!
  5. MoJoKe

    Sei Bass Jazz V Fretless

    aw, I was just about to suggest a sweepstake!
  6. MoJoKe

    Sei Bass Jazz V Fretless

    Its probably really heavy, and they don't want to say so.....! 😰
  7. MoJoKe

    Sei Bass Jazz V Fretless

    I really want this. I don't have any spare money. Gah.
  8. MoJoKe

    London bass guitar show 2018

    They are busy with planning for the London Guitar show (September 29/30th) at the moment. I'm sure it'll be announced soon!
  9. I'm absolutely staggered this is still here! Not only highly collectible, but probably the best Precision you'll ever lay your hands on...
  10. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Snap! Just bought one on Amazon... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-000-CH400-00010-Powerplay-Personal-Amplifier/dp/B0784TMYPN
  11. MoJoKe

    Yamaha TRB-5II (SOLD)

    damned right! haha!
  12. MoJoKe

    Yamaha TRB-5II (SOLD)

    as opposed to whalves....! Indeed a lovely bass... never owned a TRB, would love to try a fretless one one day...
  13. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Which ACS do you have? ...and now you had time to test, how do they compare with ZS10s?
  14. When I eventually get around to not putting mine up for sale, I'll certainly put the white guard back on!! 🤣 I agree, best sold all original! Good luck Paul!
  15. I have an identical one, with big "Fender", and while I still have the original white plate (and the original inspection tag!), mine sports an anodised guard... Definitely looks great, but I also like the white... I second that guarantee! I bought mine new in '82, and used it exclusively for most of the 80s (until I could afford a Wal!) then it spent a good few years under the bed having migrated to 5 strings, but I recently did a 60s theatre tour and used it as my main bass. It was like playing an old friend, these are without doubt (IMHO!) the best and lightest precisions I have ever played. Pretty much anyone else who plays it immediately makes me an offer or tries to make off with it! Mine will have to be torn from my cold dead fingers... You will NOT be disappointed. GLWTS!