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  1. really? Worse I would have thought.... more like a battlefield!
  2. Yes, I've had a lot of interest, but still for sale! Its a 38mm nut.
  3. Nice setup! Did that extension lead pass its PAT test though? 😂 I have a 12 step and a softstep, they are bombproof and unbelievably flexible in how you can program them and set them up. While this also makes for a very complicated programming interface to get your head around, its well worth the effort and great gear... and of course, the Minitaur speaks for itself! GLWTS!
  4. Given that Joe Bonamassa has just declared Eric Gales is “BEST GUITARIST IN BLUES-ROCK RIGHT NOW”, I am planning to go and see him on Sunday. He brought the house down at Nell's a couple of months ago... amazing show!
  5. I wonder whether Cody will also sit in with Eric Gales session, given that he toured with him last year...?
  6. Its certainly not an "out of the box, straight onto the stage", head like a Little Mark 3, it is definitely more sophisticated, but not nearly as complicated as a full on conventional modelling pedal/head (Kemper at al), it definitely needs a little time to familiarise at gig volume before use. It does have "interesting" (the blurb says "authentic" I seem to remember!) gain staging on some of the amp models, which does need getting used to, but it certainly doesn't lack power. Each channel has its own gain and output level, and there is a master output level. In addition, if you have the foot switch, you can also engage "boost" then, holy crap, things can get loud! Have you has the chance to fully play with the parameters in the editor? I've not played much with the reverb, but the other 5 effects are great. Good to have a Markbass head with a built in compressor (in fact you can put one, foot switchable on/off, with different settings, on each channel)... In threads where people have previously commented on what they'd most like to see on forthcoming heads, built-in compression is always up there, followed by a mute switch... The EVO1 has both.
  7. I use an ID44 in my studio, Audient gear is the dogs. The DACs in these things are absolutely amazing, as are the preamps. I got mine before I upgraded my previous, rather crappy studio monitors, and the difference in audio quality between my old scarlett interface and the Audient was like night and day... I thought someone was messing with my head. GLWTS!
  8. OK, this little moan has been going on waaay too long. Nothing personal, but lets get something straight here. THE SHOW WILL BE NOISY. It always is, it always has been, and it always will be. Its the nature of the beast. No single person has a volume control. Not one organiser, exhibitor, or visitor. We all play a part. The noise level of an average rock concert is 100-120db (usually the higher end of this), and while the rumbling frequencies at a bass show are often unpleasant, it rarely if ever gets consistently that loud. I think the guys monitoring the volume try to keep it at 95db or below, which is pretty sensible (and for the new venue may need to be even quieter), but it WILL be abused by someone (probably by everyone at least once over the weekend). So, bring some ear plugs, as you should for a concert (and if you are a pro musician, tech or an industry professional, you definitely should have taken advantage of "Hear for Musicians" by now, to get proper assessment and protection for £30 for MU members, £40 if you are not MU. The scheme is still running... no excuses!). If you're coming, play your part in avoiding the whole thing sounding like skeletons with a big sound system, partying in a biscuit tin, be aware that you also have a mutual responsibility here. If you're not coming, then please accept that we all know by now it will be noisy, and don't keep posting that here, its getting kinda dull!!! ...and btw, given that with the usual background music, ambient conversation volume will already be around 80-85db in most public venues, next time you play in a pub/club or function, stick a properly calibrated db meter (not an app on a phone, phone mics are not capable of accurately measuring anything above 90db) about 1m away from your bass amp while the band is in full swing, capture the log for a few minutes and post the results to prove you are staying below 95db. You are excused this test if you only play acoustically, but the drummer will still mess up your own readings!
  9. So, I bought this on a whim while waiting for a new Precision to arrive, and its now sitting in a gigbag not gigged and virtually unplayed. These 34" scale versions are pretty much unobtanium, as they went out of production very quickly, and the only ones you can find now are the short scale ones. Here is some info, except the fingerboard is Laurel, not Rosewood which, to my hands is preferable! With its PJ configuration it does a lovely P and Jazz Bridge pickup tone, and is enhanced with a bass boost active circuit, which really gives it some beans or you can dial it right out for old school tone. It plays beautifully, and is in new condition except for a teensy little accident it had, when the top horn got a slight knock from another bass while it was on a stand in my rehearsal room, which has left a 3mm round bruise in the lacquer, but no dent, and barely noticeable. It will come in a used but serviceable Ritter gig bag, I am happy to ship it in the UK at your expense, or meet you somewhere (I live between Exeter/Taunton, but travel quite a bit towards London and the Midlands...) Thanks for looking!
  10. As fretmeister says, good for him; and I would add, "so what?" Business is tight these days, the industry has changed, and very few manufacturers give away gear these days unless you have a Grammy, and if you do have a name/influence then that is worth something, of course... naive to think otherwise. As well as being a genuinely really nice guy, Mr Miller must be a very astute business man, given the relationship he has evolved with Sire. Good luck to him, and good luck to Mark King too... And by the way, doesn't nearly every professional sportsman have deals with clothes, footwear, sports equipment brands... I don't know why so many people discuss stuff like that here as though its dirty money and a bad thing... Its just business. Perhaps were all just jealous.
  11. Really? Not in my experience...
  12. Or it will exceed expectations and we'll all be back for more... See you there hopefully! Crikey this thread has made dismal reading from time to time, and not just this post! The show website is being added to fairly regularly, both in terms of artists and exhibitors, and it certainly won't be a success if it is not supported by both the community and the industry, and I for one don't have any issues about allowing guitarists to share our event if it means that it attracts the likes of Fender and Ibanez and other names who (while they may not be your cup of tea!) definitely wouldn't be there if it was a bass only show... If anyone is interested in going, then go, and if it doesn't meet your expectations, you'll then be fully qualified to an opinion. Oh, and bass players will always rule... and some of us prefer to be glass half full types...!
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