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  1. I don't like it either, however, the phrase used was not "Rickenwaffen", but shortened. Sorry, with Mod head on I'm completely with @yorks5stringer on this. Very Inappropriate. Perhaps @NikNik might like to change title of this thread before someone takes offence rather than just gives it.
  2. Sorry to hear this. I have tried silicone and didn't get on with them (slightly irritating when sweating, but more for isolation issues), so always used memory foam, and never had a problem.
  3. This one came from Jadenacre, did you play this black bass? It really is stunning! Regarding strings, I know you'll all get a bit sniffy about this, but they both have Elixir steels on!!! 😲😲 However, I have just landed two sets of the new Markbass Vintage flats, so they will be going on to get them set up and bedded in for my next run of gigs!
  4. It is now sporting a Gold guard! We've chatted before about JVs, I thought it was you that referred to them as BFL... Must've been mistaken! Sadly the original single laminate white plate it was fitted with split across the volume pot. I do still have it, but I had Eltham Jones (when he was working at Sound Control in Bristol) make me an identical replacement.
  5. Big Fender Logo (and small Squier one at the end of the headstock). I think you're right... anodised is the way to go...
  6. Thank you! BTW, before anyone comments, you'd be correct in pointing out the Squier has not got the correct scratchplate on it in this pic! It is sporting an ivory pearlescent one in the pic, but I have been pondering on either putting the original white one back, but I also have another anodised one to match the PB57... Do feel free to suggest your preference!
  7. This doesn't really count as a NBD post, as I have been somewhat busy! Now I've had it for a couple of months, this is now my permanent setup for my P bass gigs. I bought the JV '57 BFL Squier new in 1982, all the mojo is mine and genuine, and it now has a pal! The black one is my new '83 Japanese JV PB57-95. Playability-wise they are virtually identical, but the neck/body woods on the PB57 have a slight edge, and as it is a -95 version it has US hardware, pups and wiring. It also has about the same amount of mojo, looking well used and loved alongside its new stablemate. No. Before you ask, just no! I have always said the BFL JV would have to be prized from my cold dead hands, and the PB57 is the same... I have Precision Perfection!
  8. Yup, its going to be K&M all the way for me from now onwards!
  9. I missed this conversation! I have been gigging my Casa for a year now. I use it with 2 x STD121hr cabs, which are slightly bigger (more internal volume) than the NY121p cabs, but also slightly lighter. For such a compact and light rig it is fricken awesome. My P's sound huge with it. Big, burpy, fat and funky. It doesn't have valves, but if you want to, you can drive it like it has. it gives the the massive fat presence you'd get from the Kustom, Acoustic 360 or SUNN Colosseum solid state heads from the 70's... but without the weight! here is my current setup. Before anyone asks, thats an original 1983 JV PB57-95 on the left and my 1982 JV '57 Squier BFL on the right!
  10. I bought a Hercules boom stand a while back. It doesn't get used now except in my rehearsal room. The boom section has a friction fixing which is supposed to clamp onto a spigot on the top of the main stand. however a. the friction fixing does not actually clamp tight enough to hold it (I had to wedge a bit of cardboard in to make it tight enough... very "pro".... NOT), and b. the spigot is supposed to be a rigid part of the main stand, but the weld is poor and it wobbles, so the whole boom arrangement is wobbly/sloppy... disappointing....
  11. This. I have several, and at first was impressed, but they are a. Not taking busy gigging at all well, and b. Those bloody green bands are utterly pointless. They keep coming off and getting lost...
  12. Get your android users to install "Mixing Station", much better app for Android. Better for Front of House mixing too (I've been using X32 for 5 years, I have two of them, a Rack and a Producer). Also spend out and get some Proper wifi. Even "prosumer" grade all in one router/wifi boxes are not designed to handle the number of devices which will try to find and connect to it at an average gig. With a Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh UAP-AC-M, and a MikroTik RouterBOARD hAP ac lite, you'll be up with the pros, and properly configured you'll minimise the chances of dropout, even in busy town centre venues. Happy to help. Also, after I broke my second Shure cable connector (on the earpieces themselves), I gave up with Shure 535s, initially went to KZ (most recently AS10, which are great), but just bought some CCA C12, which are bloody amazing, and better than 535s. Given they are only £25-30 (cheaper than a replacement Shure cable!) on AliExpress and they have 6 drivers a side, I don't think they can be beaten for value! AliExpress is a safe place to shop and even if for some reason they don't last as long as your Shures, you can buy 10 pairs of them for the cost of a single pair of 535s. Can't beat 'em unless you go to custom moulds...
  13. It was borrowing this very IEM from @knicknack which confirmed my decision to upgrade my own from LD to Sennheiser... Great bit of kit, well looked after and worth every penny... Deal with confidence here guys.
  14. This is possibly the cause. Give it a few turns back and forth and try again?
  15. iPad interference? Yes, it is a thing. The biggest problem with weddings is there generally isn't a "stage", but a "performance area" on the same level as the dance floor. I have signs on my subs politely asking people not to put any drinks on them, I have a background I use on my MacBook Pro (generally lives on one of the subs and used for music between sets) asking people not to touch it. I don't like to take my eye off anything because I regularly find a crowd of people surrounding and playing with it, and the Mac is surrounded by all their drinks, empties and spillage... so bloody disrespectful. I also often come back to the stage before the band starts, to find the bridesmaids yelling into inactive wireless mics, plonking away on the keyboard player's Nord, and someone struggling to get behind the drums... Last summer someone fell onto, and across the stage, breaking an arm off an ultimate Keyboard stand and knocking the Nord off, which landed on an acoustic guitar, sending it flying into the kick drum, all powered by the overweight body of a drunken fat sod. That was an interesting insurance claim after a non-productive conversation with an equally drunken wedding party... Also last season, during pack down at an incredibly posh wedding of two doctors, I came back from the van to find the bride, groom, best men and bridesmaids having piggyback fights on the dancefloor. They said, "its a tradition, wedding fightclub"... I then took a load back to the van, and came back for more to find the best man, a senior anaesthetist, sitting inside one of my (£80) sub covers and shuffling it across the floor like he was in a toy car... Jeez! People regularly invade the stage and grab whatever they can... You might say there is a fine line between a great atmosphere and things going too far, but no matter how posh the wedding loutish behaviour is exactly that and no more. I used to think I could get the measure of the event (if it was going to be lairy) early on in the evening, but now the mostly all are, so its academic...
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