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  1. I heard he used to rub his nose, which is actually something I do myself during a gig if my fingers are feeling sore... Disgusting maybe, but it does actually work!!
  2. I used to own a Wal unlined fretless, and was discussing fret lines with Steve Lawson a couple of years back, and he said "why would you not want to give yourself every chance you possibly can to be pitch perfect?". I agreed. I sadly had to part with the Wal, and now have a lined fretless....
  3. This. Elixir will last for 6-8 months as long as you a. don't play with a pick, and b. are really careful pulling them though the bridge...
  4. You can see at the SW Bash if you're going..! I've been using Elixir for the last 8 years or so, and both my JVs are currently strung with Elixir steels. That said, if there are coated MB strings available before then, I may well have changed already!
  5. I am also an Elixir player. I don't think there is a comparison either, but I'll try some of their coated strings if/when they make some. As you said, can't win 'em all! I have always found that different brands of strings sound different, and handmade strings are more likely to have their own character. This works really well for some people, and less so for others. Regarding price, strings are a consumable and a highly competitive market. I suspect as we start seeing these advertised online and in music shops, the price will get discounted as market forces take command and that'll almost certainly make them sit better against the others...
  6. Referring to my earlier pic of the Markbass JP Gold with one of my JV's... I don't have anything else with flats on for a direct comparison, but the I would say the tension of the flats on the JP is pretty much the same as the JV, which is strung with 45-105 Elixir steels. Elixir reckon the total tension on theirs are approx 171lbs... not that that means much to my poor brain! Hope that helps!
  7. I have an open pack of Advanced 5 string 45-130's here, which I was going to fit to my Lakland 55-02 (35"), but I realised just before stripping them off, the Elixirs on there are still far too new bin them yet! I've just matched them up, and if strung through bridge they'll fit fine, but not if you want to string through body...
  8. I know it's very easy to keep saying of all fender clone basses "why? Just buy a fender," but I actually think the Italians have made a really fine, playable professional level bass here. We're generally a pedestrian lot here in bass world, and this "look" kinda works for most of us (witness my pair of JV's and playing Lakland 55-02/DJ basses for the last 15 years!). However, this bass feels great, the Italian build quality is bloody good, while its a J/J setup the neck pickup on its own still gives a bloody good impression of a thumpy P bass, and it has the secret weapon Markbass Instrument Preamp inside. Its absolutely not the same preamp which was put in Cort basses, it's a new design conceived as a collaboration with Richard Bona for his signature Kilimanjaro bass. It has three band active EQ, a passive tone control (which influences both in passive and active mode), and has virtually no gain difference between active and passive mode, which is something I've not experienced with any Lakland, East or Tonepump preamp equipped bass i've ever owned. You can dial from thumpy old P to sharp, mid-focussed active bridge tone between songs without touching your amp or the volume pots. Apparently its also available as a retrofit....
  9. You're on! in the meantime, here it is in my studio with one of my JV's for company... I have to say, I never used to be a "flats" kind of player, always thought they felt dull and sticky under the fingers, but I'm rather loving these! Having played with Elixirs on all my basses for years now, they're obviously different, but the MB Vintage are neither dull or sticky.
  10. As a Lakland 55-02 player, I have some sympathy with this request...!
  11. Haha! It's actually not that far from you as we speak! I have that one at home, as I was supposed to be bringing it to the SW Bass Bash for you all to drool over! Happy to arrange hands-on when life starts being less locked down!
  12. How? That said, I guess the cable could be cross-wired... The OP still hasn't commented whether this is a problem just for the 'Ray, or is an issue with other active/passive basses...
  13. Multiamp has a TE model (pretty much the only model I ever used!), sounds amazing (gigged with one for 3 years!), STU, Ninja 1000, Little Marcus, Little Mark Vintage (as used by Mark King now), Little Mark Vintage D2, even the Casa will clean up like an AH head..... That's 7 for starters.......! 😁 I've never understood the "it sounds great but Markbass only ever sounds like Markbass" thing....!
  14. My reply was to peteb's comment "I am not aware of any lightweight bass rig that is going to sound much like the OP's original Trace Elliot set-up", not to your post, so I'm not sure quite why the need for a "Woah"! 😆 The OP didn't mention Trace Elliott in this post, and I hadn't read the OP's other post, so had no idea he used to have a TE rig, I was responding to a request for help/advice, before ditching what may be bust, but what may be a perfectly good rig! I started my pro career with TE, stuck with it for years and absolutely loved it. I absolutely know how good the AH models were. I didn't intend it to sound like a "how far up the wall can you piddle" contest, rather to contest that there are a good number of lightweight heads (of multiple brands!) which would match the power and tone!
  15. Yeah agreed, thats pretty much what i was suggesting in my first reply... Try a different bass, see how that sounds!
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