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  1. Oh, Mojoke what on earth are you thinking...? This price revision is a pre-Christmas special offer only... stupidly good prices for these great cabs, jump while you can! I'll just hang onto them if they don't sell here 121H @ £275 £260 151p @ £350, £280 or both for £600 £525!! (Current new street price £844 for both)
  2. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    aaah! I think you may have ordered yours with the wrong cable (unless you got both) if there is an inline stick, then it has a microphone in it and the push button is an "answer call button" you'll also be able to tell if this is the case as the IEM cable has three (TRS) contacts on the 3.5mm plug, the telecom one has four... it'll still work though... (doesn't give you talkback capability though... that'd be quite sweet if it did!!!)
  3. MoJoKe

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Push to open, It opens to put in batteries... there is also a mono/stereo switch in there. The guitarist in my band has the £134 Fischer. if you pull them apart and remove the covers with the branding on it is virtually impossible to tell them apart! The XLR can be wired with a mono cable, or a Y-cable for stereo.... The ZS10s are like custom moulds, (most generic buds too actually) that they need to seal into your ears for them to sound right... If they don't sit in place try using different sized tips. I find the foam ones best. roll them in your fingers to warm and compress them as small as they'll go, the pop them in, and the foam will expand to form a seal in a few seconds
  4. OK, I am having my own Cabinet Reshuffle... (don't ask, the answer is YES, of course I am staying with Markbass, ya crazy damned fool!) So, here we have my Markbass Traveler cabs, which are in bang tidy condition, two and a bit-ish years old, and as we all know, sound stunningly awesome. This combination has always been viewed as bucking the received wisdom of the usual 1 x 15 plus 2 x 10, but I have always found I can get close to that tone when needed, but with much more versatility for fatter tones. I am looking for the following:- The price revision is a Christmas special offer only... stupidly good prices for these great cabs, jump while you can! I'll just hang onto them if they don't sell here 121H @ £275 £260 151p @ £350, £280 SOLD Collection (Devon), I can meet you somewhere if we can make that work, or I can ship at your expense, but UK only please (only because of practical considerations!). Many thanks for looking! (Henry has been at them since these pics were snapped last week, and they look lovely and non-dusty now!!) I can even put the inspection stickers back on if you want them! PS. Similarly, please don't ask "where they were made?" or you will likely get, at best, an impatient response!! If you care that much and think you have magic ears that can hear "countries", then research the horn colour of the 121h....! 😂Love ya really!
  5. MoJoKe

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    They are very aware of this, and its negative effect. Its all being discussed between Future and exhibitors this week, so expect some news/detail in the next few weeks...
  6. MoJoKe

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    There's always one smartarse!
  7. MoJoKe

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    I've just been having a good long chat with Guy at future publishing. No need for any more speculation, all plans for 2019 will be announced in formal press releases to basschat and the wider public hopefully later today. From what I've heard, with an eye both inside and outside the business,, if they can get this right it will be a great development for both manufacturers and us consumers... Fingers crossed!
  8. ....and if you're hankering for a Limelight (nothing negative to read here, I know someone who has three, they all play bloody beautifully!) or similar, thinking you need that kinda vibe in your life, then buy this instead. If you then really want it to look scratched and dirty as well as old, then a. shame on you, this IS already properly old, and b. pop down to Homebase for some paint remover, sandpaper and grime paint. Oh, and remove/replace the bridge and neck screws half a dozen times with the wrong sized screwdriver... that always helps! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I can only echo @LukeFRC's comment! Nothing can beat the quality and character of these amazing basses. Forget it says Squier on it, because it really isn't one! This is a Fender Japanese Vintage bass, well up there with the very best vintage and custom shop Fenders. I have one, and you'll NEVER get me to part with it... Try, and you'll buy.
  10. Just spotted this... You sir, are a bit of a chump, you should have called me, as I live 8 miles from Taunton....! Do what I did with mine... do the fretless challenge... Turn it into something playable! I bought my Affinity for £50 (for one of my kids, who started out on bass with it) as it had been dropped in the shop by a prospective customer, so I made them an offer. The neck work I did on it has made a "meh" neck into a REALLY playable fretless, with incredibly low action, but it has also taken a Babicz bridge, better pickups and an East J-retro to really make it sing. Not sure it can ever be valued beyond the sum of its parts, but an interesting exercise! Oh, and have a bump on me!
  11. Beautiful looking bass which won't stop calling me, but sadly my back ain't going to like it... 😫
  12. Gorgeous! The inevitable question, is it lighter than my Lakland? (that is the subtlest way I can think of asking its weight, without actually saying it and setting off the "QI klaxon"... please don't judge me, I have an old back to consider!!)
  13. MoJoKe

    Should all bass amps have a bass filter?

    Markbass don't tend to publish much technical detail on their amps as they are protective of their Mark Proprietary Technology branding. Their call - I get that... However, they DO have an inbuilt subsonic low pass filter. It isn't and IMHO doesn't need to be switchable (and that goes for any bass amp thats designed well... it shouldn't need to be). I am happy to do some EQ curves after the weekend on a couple of different heads if people are interested.
  14. MoJoKe

    London Guitar Show

    We'll be there with DV Mark and Markbass. It'll be interesting to see how it compares with the bass show...!