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  1. yes! I know he's a guitarist an' all, but he is a bit special!
  2. I"m really sorry, i've only just seen this.... Here it is again... ACTIVATION OF MULTIAMP USB PORT.PDF Enjoy! I still love and regularly gig my Multiamp, 4 years on!
  3. I have just bought a Fender P from Jade. It arrived from France in perfect condition, well packaged and almost still in tune It can often be a concern buying from or trading with newish members, but given that English is not his first language, communications were good, positive and friendly, he is very easy to deal with, and I would have absolutely no hesitation buying from him again. Buy/deal with confidence.
  4. Hi Geoff, I'm near Taunton but I do travel about a bit, where are you?
  5. So this is a feeler, because I have just been offered the bass I really wanted to buy. If that falls through, then I'll be keeping it no question.... I ordered this Limelight from Mark and collected it in July, so it is 3 months old and has only been gigged about 4-5 times. It is an absolutely fabulous example of their take on a lightly reliced late 50s black P, with Maple neck and tort plate, fitted with Resolite reverse tuners and a new set of Elixir Stainless Steels (ordered in error, I use the usual Elixirs on all my basses, but these are a revelation! Incredibly soft and playable). At time of build it was the lightest one they'd ever done, weighing in at just 7.4lb, and perfectly balanced with it! It plays beautifully, looks amazing and, even without being the weight of a ships anchor, sounds absolutely thunderous, but I just can't buy what I really wanted without selling this first. The bass cost me £1075, so here is an opportunity to jump the queue and also save yourself a few quid on a new Limelight... the price has to be firm as I can't afford to lose any more money on this fabulous bass 😣
  6. Indeed it was, and great to meet you too! Glad to help! Alway good to help convert new people to the yellow side, but equally nice to meet other happy users!
  7. Yeah, that was a dumb move putting it there...
  8. Byron Carter did a stunning job with him at Nell's a few months back... He has a more gospel approach to his playing, which does work well for the EGB I think...
  9. and you forget, I introduced cheese to the thread... that was quite off topic...
  10. What's that supposed to mean? That its staying on topic is bad, or something else?
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