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  1. Personally if it were me I would get something like a Yamaha for that money
  2. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=essNmNOrQto&feature=youtu.be"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=essNmNOrQto&feature=youtu.be[/url] I thought this was great! (Sorry if its already been posted)
  3. No Doubt - Dont Speak No Doubt - Im Just a Girl The Cardigans - My Favourite Game
  4. Weststarx

    wrist ache

    I use 11s and find it much easier to transfer between guitar and bass. As for the chords and the aches, its probably just because the muscles in your hand arent there anymore!
  5. [quote name='4-string-thing' timestamp='1438595589' post='2835593'] I know him and have played with him before, he loves our stuff and has no other bands on the go..... Great! He however, has just told me he now only has an electronic kit.... Great for practice but looks rubbish at gigs (we play 60's RnB) and is in his own words "a bugger to transport" Why can't things just be simple? Or am I worrying over nothing? (this has been known to be the case) [/quote] Can you say to him that an acoustic drum kit is a requirement? Then if he's still interested he knows he needs to go buy an acoustic kit. A drummer I played with for a while used an electric kit and it just sounded bloody pants.
  6. Thanks for posting that one, I had not seen it before!
  7. I've been on the search for one as well because if I'm honest I spend more time playing my guitar than I do my bass, but finding one with a community as good as basschat is next to impossible. Maybe thats because they are all guitarists? ....Yes...Yes it is.... Edit: Owners of Basschat....How about making us a "GuitarChat"? (A seperate website to this)
  8. What about a Flying V bass? Playing it in this position ( i have no idea who this guy is - found on google images). I would have thought it would be nice and supported like that. However she might struggle with the length of a bass neck?
  9. ...and they look great!! Line 6 do some great practice amps. I use a Line 6 Spider at home - they are awful at loud volumes but for home practice it shreds!
  10. [quote name='Nicko' timestamp='1437567594' post='2827093'] Some people live for today and some live for tomorrow. I think you're the former and I'm the latter. I don't particularly enjoy my job most days. I wish I could be more like you but I'm in too deep, life's too comfortable and I can't imagine being skint. I've worked out a way to retire at 60 with a reasonable pension and savings - just counting down the years. [/quote] This is my trouble, I want the 'You only live once attitude' towards life, but I am very comfortable where I am at the moment. It would easier if I had nothing to lose!
  11. I would see as I sign that he is really excited about the band to be honest. Personally I think its 10x better to have someone like that who goes and gets things done compared to the guys who don't make any effort at all. I have recently left a band where all the other members made absoultely no effort for the band so I dont see it as a bad thing!
  12. [quote name='SubsonicSimpleton' timestamp='1437047487' post='2823089'] Let him have a go and see how 'cool' he can make it sound - you might find yourself being asked to return to bass duties by popular demand if he isn't nailing it from the off. [/quote] Yeah theres nothing more noticable than a bass player cocking up. People dont notice the bass being there most of the time, but when you mess up and the bass is no longer there everyone knows somethings gone wrong!
  13. Thanks for all the comments guys, it's massively encouraging and I really appreciate it!
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