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  1. I used to be in a 6 piece folk-rock band where 3 of us turned up at every rehearsal and the other 3 used to turn up when they felt like it. They always turned up for gigs though and got paid an equal share. Nobody, apart from me, booked any gigs, but the fiddle player was very quick to moan about the quality of the gigs despite never actually looking for any herself. I left one band because they were sending me deaf, 2 guitarists each with a Blackstar 200w stack and no idea how to use the master volume control.... I left another because the guitarist said that if someone asked us to play Brown Eyed Girl, we should (I don't do requests)
  2. I bought a s/h one of these a while back, did a very similar thing with the headstock (though I also added a cheeky Telecaster decal) I also had to countersink the holes on the scratchplate and file a little bit away next to the neck, to make it sit flat. I bought some ashtrays from the states too, to cover the bridge and pup, which look a bit modern. Total cost was about £120. [sharedmedia=core:attachments:165037]
  3. It's Dave Mattacks or Buddy Rich, I don't need to look at the list to tell me that!
  4. I bought my (now ex) girlfriend Ronan Keating tickets for Christmas a few years ago, thinking she'd go with her daughter or sister.... Nope she insisted I went with her, and I have to say apart from seeing thousands of women watching it via their camera phones (that really bugs me for some reason) I really quite enjoyed it. His band were excellent and put on a really good show.
  5. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1458644471' post='3009286'] making an effort to dress up a bit helps IMO, nothing worse than seeing a band looking like they've just walked off a building site (and the regulation black T shirt with some bands name on, scruffy ill fitting denim jeans and dirty trainers isn't much better) makes it look like you really can't be bothered [/quote] ^ This ^
  6. I think a lot of it is that JMB is full of timewasters, though I found our guitarist on there... If you're after an originals band, then they will probably want someone younger but that may depend on the genre? I consider 53 to be in your prime (but, I would cos I'm also 53) but a metal band may think it's past it. A folk-rock, blues, country or bluegrass type band might not. Our drummer and I are both 53 but our guitarist/singer is much older (he played his first gig in 1962) and he has more energy and enthusiasm than both me and the drummer put together! It will take a while but you'll find something eventually.
  7. [quote name='tauzero' timestamp='1458568227' post='3008621'] Perhaps you should try a 5-string? [/quote] I hate the thought of a five string almost as much as having to drag myself down to The Whore & Strumpet on a Saturday night to play Mustang Sally to the 9 drunken idiots who are too stupid to go home!
  8. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1458551541' post='3008402'] Er... do something else..? Life's too short to be gigging if you don't like it. [/quote] Luckily, we don't do many. It's the pub gigs I tend not to like, always found them to be more trouble than they're worth. Festivals are ok, mainly because I can turn up, play through whatever rig is provided and bugger off straight afterwards. Much more my kind of thing....
  9. If you're after the garden flood type, pop in to your local electrical wholesaler and they will more than likely give you a demo. 2 30W cool white floods should give you plenty of light. But they might need to be quite a distance behind you to get the full effect.
  10. I always look like I'm bored, hating every second of it, and would rather be drinking the contents of my own bladder, than be on a stage playing bass. Mainly because I find it boring and I hate every second of it.... Seriously, I hate playing most gigs.....
  11. And of course, this one http://youtu.be/fanHzHJin8E
  12. Pretty much anything by Sandy Denny or Richard Thompson, but I'm finding this particularly moving at the moment.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwEL0_NBOp4
  13. [quote name='Highfox' timestamp='1457872106' post='3002492'] Zodiac Mindwarp - Prime mover got a top 20 I think. Loved it when it came out. Comedy value [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtnCcWOS7y8[/media] [/quote] Great tune, it was my previous bands opening number for a good while!
  14. [quote name='timhiggins' timestamp='1457680498' post='3000842'] Thanks for the replies fellas... sounds promising..did the mustang pickup make a big difference from stock one ? [/quote] It did to my ears, but I'd be pushed to say how.... maybe just the placebo effect? It's a humbucker though, so I guess that should make some kind of difference?
  15. Really Free by John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett. (yes, I know Otway had a second hit 25 years later, but I count that as MY hit, not his )
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