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  1. Great gig, poor turnout

    No, not at all to be honest unless we're local, which isn't that often. Though it's fair to say we do have people who make a point of watching us when we're at their local gig which is usually out of town for us.
  2. Great gig, poor turnout

    Playing somewhere twice a month has got to be unusual hasn't it ? I suppose we're guilty of not changing the set often, mainly because it works, but we'll only do 2 gigs a year at any particular venue
  3. Blizzard fueled dash from the kebabless wasteland of Lowton 2 miles up the road in that there Cheshire to a hearty kebab from a stalwart of the guide, Mediterranean Pizza in the centre of the known universe. Great gig at a regular haunt too but felt a bit lacklustre after last weeks amazing reception of the new show. 

    Maybe cos' we're back in our comfort zone and didn't have the edge that something new brings to a band. Oh well, kebab was ace and that's what counts. 



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    2. SpondonBassed


      Never mind 'The show must go on!'  It's the consumption of the kebab that is crucial.

      Glad to hear you didn't get nobbled by the weather.

      Is the Peaky Blinders theme your band's idea then?  I'm thinking you all have two sets of clobber to maintain now.  Will the Blinders take the place the Troubadours?  How will Tex take the news?


    3. Les


      Yeh it's the same band, slightly different set and a different dress code/image. The Troubadours is in it's seventh year for me and the singer and it's established and successful. It would be unfair to say we're jaded with the Troubs but I think we both feel we've been round the block with it a couple of times so if the other band took over that would be fine.

      At the end of the day as long as we're out kebabing every weekend the actual band we're in doesn't rally matter. xD

    4. SpondonBassed


      I suppose it's difficult to face playing the same songs on and on repeatedly.

      You get tired of some of them and you rediscover others but you can never drop the old standards and cease playing them altogether.  They're bread and butter so to speak.

      You can change a band's image however.  I'd imagine it keeps things fresh in some small way  ...and there is always the kebab to look forward to.  It's good to know that you're on top of it.

      Did your band mate cry off the kebab run again or was that a one off?

  4. Great gig, poor turnout

    It's a bummer pal but it does happen. Dust yourself off and look forward to the next one.
  5. Thanks all, I'm probably better sourcing an appropriate footswith than messing about. At least then I'll be able to use something to thicken harmonies up as it's a dual processor so could add the second effect on the four part stuff. Cheers, it was very well received thanks. Just need to decide what to do with it. We set it up for Peaky Blinders theme do's parties/weddings etc and we've had a few enquiries before we launched it at the weekend but in all honesty the Troubadours are that well booked we've very few dates to use for the Shelby Bros. Don't really want to take it in the pubs though a lot of our regular gigs are asking.
  6. Used a boss footswitch for ages, the one that has a jack socket on it so you can use whatever length cable is appropriate (or to hand). Doesn't work at all on the new reverb unit, a Lexicon MX200, the footswitch input is TRS so you can turn each of the dual effects on or off. I'd like it to turn both off with one press. Wiring on the unit is 2. Footswitch Input An optional 2-button footswitch can be plugged into this TRS jack for independent Bypass control of P1 and P2. Use the Lexicon® LEX-DFS or a 2-button footswitch wired as follows: Tip = Bypass 2 Ring = Bypass 1 Sleeve = Ground Can I just use a stereo jack at the reverb end and wire the tip and ring 2 to the tip on a mono jack to get what I need ? ta Les
  7. Failed to find a kebab in Liverpool.

    unbelievably there just wasn't one between the venue and the motorway. Had my girlfriend with me and her 16 year old daughter who thinks kebabbing sounds the best thing about being in a band and had been looking forward to hers all night.

    The day was saved by the ever excellent Mediterranean Pizza back home in the centre of the known universe, though she couldn't finish it.

    Bit of an eye opener for the pair of them leaving the house at 5.30 and getting home at 2am, an insight on the work and time involved that goes into a gig. 

    New Peaky Blinders theme show was very well received so all in all a top night. 




    1. SpondonBassed


      No fab' 'babs to be had?  Feckin' shockin'!  Was there not even a plate of Scouse to be had?

      You played a blinder never the less.  Is Liverpool a keeper for gigging though?

    2. lowregisterhead


      Sharp dressers! Mind you don't get garlic sauce on your waistcoat...

  8. That was an odd rehearsal

    you know me so well.
  9. That was an odd rehearsal

    You and I may have been separated at birth. We're on out 4th drummer.
  10. High standard donner kebab from a stalwart of the BC apres gig eating guide, In Good Taste of the hamlet of Standish.

    Despite ordering donner meat and chips but getting a kebab I can't honestly say it was a disaster.

    Decent gig too at the Cherry Gardens just down the road in upper Wigan despite it not being the best of

    nights for punters to go out. Splendid showing by our old drummer depping after not playing with us for 7 months too.

    New Peaky Blinders themed show launches next week in Liverpool so expecting great things from Liverpool's takeaways 

    after playing The Peaky Blinders Bar in the old Baltic Triangle area. Can't remember the last time we played in Liverpool.


    1. SpondonBassed


      Glad to hear you got up and running Les.

      Liverpool eh?  That sounds good.  A new chapter for the Apres Gig Good Food Guide (the AG2FG) then.  I've not been following the Peaky Blinders but I'll doff my hat to you anyway.

  11. Yea, she may have a point but that's best kept to a band 4 way. Though if you'd like to share the link I have popcorn and am settled in for the night
  12. In all honesty there is a line to be drawn, I think there's some mardy gets around but it isn't worth an incident. It only needs one of the band to be stuck doesn't it ?
  13. It's cold and horrible here in the centre of the known universe but we haven't got any snow really. So far we've had 5 bands pull on our circuit. Two gigs were within a couple miles of me but our drummer is away with work and of the three deps we use regularly ones in Finland, ones snowed in, and the other ones gigging, ah well. Anywhere else having this with their bands ?
  14. A Case Of Danger!

    Scary but at California won't care if you use it to store firearms so look on the bright side
  15. On stage gimics

    I'm far too serious about my music to resort to stage gimmicks or antics.