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  1. Excellent donner kebab (scruffy kebebery though) and a pork scratching advent calendar.

    Does it get any better ?





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    2. SpondonBassed


      @discreet;  Ahhh.  So that's why she always had those great big eyes.

    3. lowregisterhead


      "Let's make the piggin' magic happen!" LOL!

    4. Bigwan


      Pork.Scratching.Advent.Calendar.GAS!!! Snaffling Pig stuff is great!

  2. Cheap Bass Needed

    can't believe it. I stripped then chucked a cheap and nasty white p-bass away about 2 months ago cos it was getting under my feet
  3. Awesome new kebabery for the band tonight after advice from the locals to walk the extra 10 yards past the first contender. Follies of Accrington. Splendid donner and chips with what could be the sauce of the future, "sweet" chile. And some hobby horse action at the end of the night.




    1. SpondonBassed


      If I were a horse that's the sort of hobby I'd choose too.  I'd be the unicorn though.  At least that's what I'd tell the arresting officer.

      Have you really not had sweet chilli sauce before?  Aw man!  Get yourself down to Aldi for a bottle.  Less than a pound and you can keep it in the glove box of the band's van.

    2. lowregisterhead


      Nice, on both counts!

  4. New Years Eve Fees

    To be honest money, as long as it's not taking the mick, isn't the main concern. I think it's a naff night full stop so I'd sooner earn some money on a naff night.
  5. What makes a good drummer?

    You have a drummer that doesn't sing ?
  6. What makes a good drummer?

    Think you may have misunderstood me Blue.
  7. What makes a good drummer?

    One that's available and doesn't cross loads of dates off. We've never had a crap drummer (wouldn't last to be honest) but we've killed a few off with the demands on time we make.
  8. New Years Eve Fees

    Spookily just this morning I knocked a grand back off our agent cos' the gaff was upstairs. Fee was fine but we're not really bothered about working NYE anyway and we certainly won't carry gear upstairs for any gig. Les
  9. I don't think I make a conscious decision either way,
  10. I don't know if it's all of them cos' if I find a tab that's good enough I use it and leave it at that, but when I find one that's utter bollox I move on and find that the tab maniac has posted the utter bollox one everywhere. bastard. Though as someone said it's a free resource so maybe I shouldn't have that much of a downer on them. Les
  11. Took no chances with the apres gig feasting after a gig full of confederate flags (not ours) where people paid far to much money to see us. We dived into the local McDonalds which was as expected, though the box of 20 chicken nuggets the singer and I had between us in addition to our burger meals was probably a bit excessive but we did miss the pie and peas supper at the gig. Don't think we've ever had people line dancing to us before either.




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    2. Les


      To be honest lads we don't do a great deal on the C&W circuit, we mainly ply our wares on the rock circuit.

    3. lowregisterhead


      So, as Donnie and Marie used to say, you're a little bit country, and a little bit rock 'n' roll?? :-)

    4. SpondonBassed



  12. Thanks all. I think the 1st line/highlighted prompts thing is the way to go rather than all the lyrics written down. I can see this working. I can feel your hatred r̶i̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶I̶ ̶t̶y̶p̶e̶ bubbling over Yes, pretty much. Agreed, this is what I'm trying to avoid. 12-15 depending on how many the guitarist can sing. Au contraire this will run along side the main kebab hunting band.
  13. Got a shed load of songs to learn for a new venture where I'm doing about 60% of the singing. Judicious key changes aplenty and I'm getting there but..... I'm really struggling to get lyrics to stick in my head and I'm contemplating buying a "clip to your mic stand" music stand thingy but I can feel your hatred rising as I type. Any tips ? ta Les
  14. Written on an old blues players gravestone...... " Didn't wake up this mornin' "
  15. Let's see if I can fly it from me phone.