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  1. Well done that man, I shall wait with bated breath.
  2. my G30 didn't when I was using a pedal board.
  3. That's what I'm trying to do at the minute. Total fail I'm afraid
  4. Kinda given up selling on ebay. Last 4 instruments I've shifted have been sold on facebook marketplace
  5. You haven't really got a drummer.
  6. This. If anyone thinks losing 15 good paying gigs at a holiday park through is worth scoring a point then you've lost me.
  7. Rightly or wrongly I can't see any mileage in a cover band doing MJ songs now. Last thing I want at a gig is to be defending my choice of songs to a punter or punters over an issue like this. Les
  8. @LewisK1975 mate that's great. Well done.
  9. Why is it nailed to a mic stand and not on a strap ?
  10. Gutted for you no need for any of this
  11. Not bothered about a few cans at a rehearsal but the weed would put me off
  12. Is it the usual narrow skinny Ibanez neck ? If so looks ace
  13. Sorry to hear that Blue, I know you both love it and rely on it.
  14. OP is right to feel aggrieved, it's not good enough. Here is the best place to rant though, I'm sure she knows what she's done, no need to make sure she knows she is Satan cos' it's a small world on each of our gigging scenes and you never know what's coming or what's been missed cos' two people on the same scene don't feel they can pick up the phone to each other. Let it out on this august forum cos' you're absolutely right then let it go. Les
  15. Thank you that's really kind of you. I think I've sorted it. It's smooth again and I can't feel any of the abrasions. Think I can feel a little where the lacquer has been rubbed off but I don't know how much of that is cos' I'm looking for it. Not sure it'll make any difference in anger, cheers Les
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