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  1. Yep pretty much. Can’t comment on wireless mics but we are all wireless guitar wise and there are no probs with in ear receivers for us.
  2. Or this https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F133022509393
  3. How many gigs are you Line 6 G30 users getting out of a set of batteries ?
  4. All 3 of us on Line 6 G30's works a treat
  5. Thanks @Osiris that looks ace. I take it I can hook 3 receivers up to that transmitter?
  6. Point taken, baby steps at the moment though as it's taken me a long time to even get them to try it, in fact it was only me spitting my dummy out after Fridays gig and the monitors from hell and sending a message to the band saying it was inears or nothing at Saturdays gig that got them to try them, I think they are won over though so the process of moving on up the in ears ladder can begin. Can't do wired. We are all wireless and spend half the show stood on the audience or behind the bar. No talent whatsoever but more front than Blackpool
  7. What's the current BC recommended source/supplier for the KS zs10 pro's ? I'll need them here by Friday in an ideal world. Les
  8. To be honest @JimBobTTD this was far too much of a thrown together in frustration with the monitor system affair for me to have a valid opinion on the equipment. We run 2 mixes, the drummer has her own mix with wired in ears and has always used that and the other 3 of us share a mix. We all had different ear buds, none of which were expensive. My observations for what it's worth are really about in ears as opposed to normal monitors rather than the equipment available as that is a never ending affair. The sound levels we usually get on stage were reduced dramatically making it a much more comfortable place to be albeit with a certain feeling of being detached from the proceedings, this is something I'm sure we'll get used to. It quickly became apparent to me that we needed pretty much everything in the mix as the back line and drums were cut out to a great extent, as I do the sound I did this but took it easy with the kick and the bass as I had no idea how everyone else's earbuds were coping. Biggest bonus for me was the vocals, we all sing and if I say so myself we can all hold a note but the ease of pitching with being able to hear yourself and everyone else was great. One thing to note was when the backing vocals came in it did seem to compress/limit with the increase in signal, I assume this is a good thing and a safety measure. There's also no strain singing either as your not trying sing louder just to hear yourself. I do get the feeling that what's in your ears is going to be far more important that the actual transmitter and receiver you use as these cheap units worked very well with no distortion or drop out and we are pretty active and mobile during our show. Think the KZ ZS10's are going to be my next purchase. What do you think of yours ? Les
  9. It's a cheap gear4music system. 1 transmitter, 3 receivers.
  10. Followed this thread for a very long time and a couple of years ago bought a cheapo system to play with but never used it in a gig situation till last night. The experience was beyond a revelation. If you are thinking about this and have vocal duties do yourself a favour, sell your best bass and buy an in ear system, (your standby bass will be up to the job 😃)and the world will become a better place. I'm gobsmacked and I've been round the block a couple of times and been there and done that and got the T Shirt but this was amazing. Stunned of Wigan
  11. I suppose it is what it is but the production of the whole thing always impresses me.
  12. Well in that case they've failed their audition to be my band.
  13. Can I ask what type/size of gigs you're doing pal ? I quite like what I've read about the KZ AS10
  14. Well done that man, I shall wait with bated breath.
  15. my G30 didn't when I was using a pedal board.
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