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  1. Les


    Sounds to me like the singer has flipped cos' he's the one who gets the gigs and he has to check with everyone before he takes them and when he takes a chance people come back and say they can't do it. (apologies if I've read the scenario wrong) I'm with him on this. Get an online diary and yourselves out.
  2. Les

    How was your gig last night?

    We put our fees up this year for new venues and are bringing our regular venues in line with it for next year. So far only had one refusal. Interestingly we have one left to do at this place in about 2 weeks so I suppose it's up to us to change their mind.
  3. Les

    How was your gig last night?

    How come Blue ? Band holidays or just slack work wise ? Les
  4. Les

    How was your gig last night?

    It was 😃 what band are you in Muzz ?
  5. Les

    How was your gig last night?

    Short notice jam night, house band. Drummer I'd never played with who organised it to fill for the regular house band, guitarist out of my band and a singer I'd played with before but only when he was on drums. Cracking night. Landlady.... I'll ring you tomorrow and book you for a Sunday night Drummer..... errr ok Landlady..... how long have you been a band ? Drummer..... about twenty five minutes. 😂
  6. Les

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    Totally get what @molan is saying and I've seen it happen. I'm not sure it's as prevalent today as it was if I'm honest. I gig a lot so I'm not the most avid band watcher but the ones I do see seem to get the volume rightish. Gear is much better than it was years ago so maybe it's easier to get right.
  7. At 20 it was beer, women bands and motorbikes. Later on in my twenties when I bought my first house we couldn't have managed without us both working and me doing 3 gigs at the weekend. Bit more relaxed now I'm in my 50's thankfully.
  8. Les

    Best Bass for under £300

    Yes Ibanez is another serious contender. To be honest mate at a 300 quid budget it's going to be very hard for you to get it wrong. Pretty much any of the basses mentioned on this thread will get you through every gig you'll need to do.
  9. Les

    Starting a new band

    Yeah I get that. I've just put a band together to do Fridays only. Fairly incestuous as it's the guitarist from my main band, and former drummer with our current drummers husband on vox. I suppose it took a few months just talking about it but once it was decided it was 3 rehearsals and go. I think using payers I knew and were still active made it easier.
  10. Les

    Starting a new band

    Reading these sort of threads with interest it does seem to be that the guys who haven't gigged for a while seem to to have the most difficulty. Maybe being out the loop and rusty networks take their toll. Les
  11. Les

    Best Bass for under £300

    Didn't Yam do a P bass with the pickup the other way round ? ie E and A string section nearer the bridge ?
  12. Les

    Best Bass for under £300

    I bought an excellent condition Squier VM Jazz about 18 months ago for £180 with an ally flight case. It became my gigging bass. Just scored a second showroom condition one with a ritter gig bag for a hundred quid 2 days ago. I can't believe the quality of these things, they're about 300 quid new I think. Les
  13. I still don't get it. If a bands busy enough to want and indeed warrant your commitment and you want to leave them to get a dep to scratch a musical itch with another then you're in the wrong band.