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  1. Yea could do I suppose but already running 3 bands with separate calendars so that’s yet another one to do. Not sure I can do what I want thinking about it. Thanks all.
  2. Works great but I want to send date sheets out to the bands agents on a regular basis and I can't seem to figure out how to. All it needs is to indicate is a date that's not available, ideally highlighting weekends, they don't need any other info ie where we booked or anything just a clear indication that the date is unavailable. Any one any ideas ? Also using a different online calendar is out of the question as I'd prefer to staple my scrotum to the table, sell my basses and retire rather than go through teaching band members who can't be trusted to sit the correct way on the toilet how to use another system. ta Les
  3. A regular “fan” if you will bought them as a joke cos’ somebody’s always looking for the band readers but we did catch the guitarist using the magnifying glass once. karen found it and thought it was hilarious.
  4. Those of us of a certain vintage will relate. Our drummers only 45 and can see without readers so she likes to take the micky.
  5. Not sure. Online gives you an opportunity to be blunt or even rude. You bang something on Facebook for 60 quid and some joker will message you with ”£30 ?” no “hi mate would you consider” etc etc. Never happened to me face to face or the phone.
  6. Would seem the Internet has put paid to manners.
  7. We prob do 3 a year when we need to learn new songs. We gig very regularly so don’t really need to rehearse to keep it slick. When we do rehearse however it’s work not a social and we usually achieve what we need to.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Ah right. Dunno where I got Darlington from. Bummer.
  10. Gutted for you pal but this was headed for a “save the last bullet for yourself scenario”. Out of interest why is it so hard for you to get other muso’s. I don’t know Darlington but I know it’s inhabited? Annoyed For You of Wigan
  11. Sorry to say it @thebigyin but this is dead in the water pal. 😥
  12. Did someone post that on the Facebook group Save The Gig ? If so did it get sorted from there ? Les
  13. Nah , he is the villain. No one on here is begrudging the lad his retirement and good luck to him but this is not workable in any way shape or form. There's obviously some "only guitarist in the village" thing going on as the OP says it's practically impossible to get another guitarist (so that scuppers the 'get a dep when required') so we'll have to accept that's the situation but that's got to be the only reason this lad can ever think he's going to be in a band again. He may be great and have had an illustrious career in what ever size pond he's been swimming in but It's a racing certainty that he's NEVER been the one putting the gigs in for a band or he wouldn't think for a second his terms are acceptable. @Newfoundfreedom you had the goal posts moved so you left your band and quite rightly as it wasn't what you agreed to in the beginning. If you read the OP you'll see that he had the goal posts moved after the start too. He's right to be miffed as you obviously were. Les
  14. You’re totally right to be narked. I couldn’t wear that situation but if you can’t get another guitarist as you say then suck it up I’m afraid.
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