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  1. Hello everyone Up for sale here is one of the most versatile basses I have ever had. If you like 5 string basses with Precision and Jazz bass pickups then it’s your lucky day! From Jaco to Jamerson you have it covered! The bass is active but the bypass allows you to switch to a passive-only operation. Unlike many Ibanez basses this has Nordstrand CND pickups in a P/J configuration. Excellent condition. Am open to trades. Something like a 4 string Fender Jazz bass or a Fender Stratocaster ideally. The spec and further info here - Weight - 8lbs (just over) Scale Length- 34'' Nut Width - 45mm Neck Wood - 5pc jatoba and walnut neck Pickup Config - 1 x split coil 1 x single coil Body Material - ash body Fingerboard - jatoba fingerboard Would rather collection on this one, although I do have a box so I could ship if the buyer is willing to organise. I am in Wakefield, West Yorkshire about 5 minutes from J40 of the M1. Thanks for looking!
  2. I think I had my pro experience handed to me on a plate. I had been a secondary school teacher for 5 years, my dad had just been murdered and I was questioning my very existence on the planet. One day at work I had a voicemail from an ex bandmate asking me to join his band, they had just been signed to a major label and needed a bass player. It took me about 1 second to decide I was going to do it, even though I spent a long time trying to talk myself out of it. In the end I did it, it was short lived but it allowed me to experience the music industry - good and bad. I quit my job and lived off the band wage, which was financial suicide (I have only just finished clearing the debt!) but it saved my life.
  3. Glad you found it! If you decide to go for it then you get a really fast response to discuss it. I should be a salesman...
  4. Hello! I've been playing bass since 1988 and never had a lesson. My recent journey into learning jazz standards made me look to getting some professional tutoring on walking basslines and music theory. I ended up opting for Skype lessons with Carol Kaye. The first one was last night. It is probably the best thing I have done in years! Carol was friendly and chatty and genuinely interested in me and my playing and giving me targets and tips to improve aspects of my playing before our next lesson. After 30 years I have picked up a few bad habits and she picked up on these straight away! As mentioned on other threads and forums, Carol considers learning chord tones to be fundamental. Yes we looked at scales and how these fit into the overall picture but it was mainly about nailing down the different types of chords and knowing how they are constructed and how they link together. Not only did we cover this but also a bit on fretting hand position and how to be economical with movement and avoid injuries like CTS. I loved every minute of it, even though I was nervous as hell before it started. If I can still play and teach like her when I'm 84 then I will be very happy!
  5. I'm having a Skype lesson with Carol Kaye in a couple of weeks! I'll let you know how it goes, I'm curious as to how it will work.
  6. Steve Harris. It was the Live after Death video in particular that did it for me.
  7. I don't know if this counts but I've wanted to see Fiona Apple live for about 20 years. There is an occasional USA tour or live performance but nothing in the UK.
  8. Great buyer! Matt bought a pedal he didn't really need from me! GAS in action. 🙂
  9. TC Electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor - £45 inc postage Fantastic and simple compressor. This is in nearly new condition and never been taken out of my house! Boxed, no power supply. I haven’t really explored all it has to offer so here is the spec to do a finer job of explaining its features - https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Bass/Stompboxes/SPECTRACOMP-BASS-COMPRESSOR/p/P0DDP#googtrans(en|en) £45 inc postage OR Collection from Ossett, Wakefield, West Yorkshire - 5 minutes from J40 of the M1. Thanks for looking!
  10. Boss RC-1 Loop Station Loop Pedal - £45 inc postage Hello! In excellent condition with box. This pedal runs on a single 9-volt alkaline battery and can also be used with an optional AC (not included in sale). 12 minutes of stereo recording time and the recorded phrase is retained in memory even after the RC-1 is turned off, nice! Boxed, no power supply. £45 inc postage. PayPal gift or bank transfer please. OR Collection from Ossett, Wakefield, West Yorkshire - 5 minutes from J40 of the M1. Thanks for looking!
  11. Search for function bands online. Usually they have set lists on their site, see what are the most common songs you come across. As a starting point though the list in an earlier post is great. They are also really fun songs to play!
  12. Played there in 2005, Jimmy Page was in the audience! I nearly passed out. Such a shame it is closing down. Great venue.
  13. I'm refreshing my knowledge of Pinkerton by Weezer. What an album!
  14. 31 years in and more obsessed than ever!
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