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  1. Played there in 2005, Jimmy Page was in the audience! I nearly passed out. Such a shame it is closing down. Great venue.
  2. I'm refreshing my knowledge of Pinkerton by Weezer. What an album!
  3. 31 years in and more obsessed than ever!
  4. I listen to the songs in the car, through headphones and on my laptop. It's surprising how the bassline jumps out in different ways on each of them. I also practice without my bass. Just thinking about what the lines are helps me to get them memorised. I seem to remember watching Jaco say he practiced without his bass, always nicking my ideas he was.
  5. Hello there! I picked up this bass brand new around the end of December last year. It is developing a really bad case of scratchy pots already, the culprit is the pickup blend pot. Electrical contact cleaner has made zero difference whatsoever. The noise seems to be a lot less when I am not playing a note. If I play a note and turn the knob then there is a huge amount of crackle, unless I turn it really fast! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue could be? I'll probably end up taking it back to PMT, to get looked at. Cheers!
  6. It was Lady Madonna by The Beatles. Good start!
  7. It sounded like Joe Dart playing a bass. Awesome! In my hands it would sound very different.
  8. Nineties covers band require a bassist. This is an established act that gigs around twice a month. The band rehearse at Eiger Studios in Leeds and gig around the Yorkshire area. I have been playing in this band for the last year and had a great time, the band members are really down to earth and talented musicians. For more information and performance footage see www.ninetiesmusicexperience.co.uk I am stepping away from the band to focus on other areas of life. For more information contact Andrew on 07765 342671. Alternatively you could contact me on here and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for looking. 😃
  9. I love it! I like the Charlie Parker version a little more than Jaco's, I like to hear the main melody over the chord progression.
  10. Very topical question for me as I am just working through Ed Friedland's 'Building Walking Basslines' book. As you would expect from Ed the book is excellent. I have really got to grips with playing notes and lines in as many differnt fretboard positions as possible. I'm using a 5 string at the moment and it has unlocked the potential of the B string. So my tip before you even get started on building walking basslines is to know the notes all over the fretboard.🙂
  11. I had forgotten about Pacers! I used to love a Cabana chocolate bar too.
  12. I've had a fair few basses over the years, my tastes have generally been towards the more traditional brands and shapes. I've recently picked up an Ibanez SR655. It's a great instrument and really good fun to play. It's one of those basses that I can't walk past without picking it up! I still love a good jazz bass but im starting to wonder why i haven't opened my eyes to anything beyond Fender, Musicman or Rickenbacker in past.
  13. I noticed this last week in the Leeds store. The Musicman range and also the Sandbergs had prices on but there was nothing on the Fender or Ibanez basses (I didn't check the guitars or other products). I tried out (and eventually bought) an Ibanez SR655. I already knew the price from looking on their website so I wasn't deterred by the lack of a price tag on the bass in the store. It would definitely make me less likely to try out a product in the future though if it wasn't labelled up. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I drove passed PMT Leeds in 6 months and it has closed down.
  14. This is the approach I take. The most recognizable parts of the song should be in place, then you can add your own where appropriate. So much of playing funk is about feel and groove, if you tried to reproduce every single ghost note or accent then you would probably lose your own sense of The Funk!
  15. The way that the strings are attacked and also where there plucking hand strikes the strings plays a big part in this type of sound. The Jazz Bass helps, but I thinks that a lot of basses with a bridge pickup could achieve this tone. To my ears the bass sound is also interpreted slightly differently depending on what is going on with other instruments in the mix. Good examples of this in action are the Angel Dust Music bass demo videos. The the sound of the bass in the mix sounds quite different to when it is isolated. For music like Vulfpeck I think that getting the feel for the songs, note selection and the ghost notes will help to get that tone too. Right, I'm off to listen to the new album!
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