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  1. No, you're not. "Your guitar sound is crap" would have been opinionated. But "this is a bit too fast/loud" is both realistic and perfectly reasonable.
  2. Agreed on both counts. Nothing wrong with poplar, and dull colour choices. The daphne blue is quite nice, but needs a different pickguard.
  3. Yes, I realised my error the moment I hit Submit at least you know what I mean by 'kick in'. For me, that live version of Afterglow knocks the living daylights out of the studio one.
  4. I've never had quail either. My diet mostly consists of Winalot and homework (if you believe the kids).
  5. Three Sides Live is worth having just for the moment when the bass pedals kick in on Afterglow (roughly 2:14). That's a proper goosebump moment.
  6. Yikes indeed. Last time I heard vocals like that, they were bellowing 'My Way' into a karaoke machine. A mate is going to one of the dates on this tour, asked me if I fancied it but I had a prior engagement. Sounds like I may have had a lucky escape.
  7. I rather suspect that her previous experience consists of singing into her hairbrush in the bathroom mirror.
  8. Might just be my interpretation, but "looking for musicians and dancers and someone with a good sound system and mic" sounds rather like she's asking for absolutely everything apart from her own vocal chords, not just a sound person. Would we take seriously an ad that said "guitarist seeks a band with a good guitar and amp"..?
  9. If there's no written arrangement, there's no proof. Verbal contracts aren't worth the paper they're not written on.
  10. Strikes me that whilst dropping a stink bomb in the khazi is a disruptive jape, stealing lights and scratching floors are theft and criminal damage. Bit of a difference. You may as well just stick your hand in the till.
  11. The headstock alone is a dealbreaker. Uglier than, well, me.
  12. I like this fence. It's a nice fence.
  13. Ah, the old "I like X & don't like Y, therefore X is brilliant & Y is crap and that's a fact" chestnut. Comes round as regularly as a number 9 bus, this. Popcorn, anyone?
  14. Take That tickets, apparently. Woohoo
  15. [quote name='UglyDog' timestamp='1445858581' post='2894713'] More to come of this continuing story, but I'm starting to think I think I'm a convert already. [/quote] Job done as far as Elixir are concerned. I finally bought new strings at the end of last year (after nearly 18 months!), and guess what I fitted? Yup. Elixirs. I am a convert. These things are [i]astonishing[/i].
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