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  1. Beautiful bass, lovely finish there. GLWTS!
  2. Top Notch! Playing any Cardiacs track is no mean feat, especially given the amount of work needed in transcribing and preparation, and that was pretty much flawless. Further to Bobbass’s comments, yup, two great fun bass tracks to play. Currently trying to transcribe As Cold As Can Be and tearing the hair from my freshly shaven head attempting to work out the time signature under the ‘first verse’ vocals. I’d love to see the “Shredder” types who can play the usual bass-chops-heavy tracks have a go at anything the mighty Smith brothers wrote & played. Great work Alex, hats off to you Sir!
  3. Nice looking bass ~ GLWTS ~ and lovely playing on the video there!
  4. Heads-up that while he’s not a scammer per se, this seller is pretty much a chancer. He’s been posting all kinds of high end basses for ages now, all at mad prices and he doesn’t appear to own any of ‘em, the pics are all from the stores where they’re currently being sold. Or in fact ‘were’ being Sold in some cases ~ a very good friend of mine in town (Osaka) was perplexed to see his own recently purchased /and very distinctive Spector NS2 on the block a while back. Not so sure of the legality of what the guy’s doing but it sure takes away the pleasure of bass hunting. Whatever, certainly a unique looking bass. Mark, Osaka
  5. Not at all P ~ missed this beauty the last time round so I'm now calculating what I need to move along in order not to strike out twice!
  6. LRH, you and Papaya are killing me with these beautiful Boldoghs. Wish you could have waited 'til the end of next month when the Christmas bonuses (hopefully) arrive! GLWTS etc.
  7. Beautiful looking bass ~ Mr. Boldogh makes some lovely instruments. GLWTS etc.
  8. Almost lost for words. Thanks go out to the great man himself, as they have ever since first hearing his inspiring work, and thoughts are with his family, friends & remaining band members. Not ashamed to say there's a tear in my eye just now. Well, it'll be Rick out and every Yes album on shuffle for the next few days for myself and, I suspect, many others around the world.
  9. Okay, well, I'm a bit late to the party,but anyway here's my entry; Sei Flamboyant # 15, ebony/maple NT, tricked out w/ Wal Pups & electronics. All of which makes me very happy &, I'm told gives my friends the right to call me a "Jammy Bastid"......
  10. Alright chaps, thought I'd stick my box of tricks in for good measure. 'scuse the tarty case; the one I had before was custom made in the States & had room for close to 30 pedals (I was playing in a duo with a drummer-that's my excuse & I'm sticking with it!). Still fairly flexible, sometimes swap out one of the delays for an EBS Dynaverb, the Bassiq sometimes loses out to a Boss FT-2 & the Multidrive does shiftwork with a MetalZone from time to time. The SYB-3 is not through choice, the guitarist I'm touring with now insisted on it being included. Kind of nice to have everything packaged up up & ready to plug & play. Also amazed to see the number of Deep Impact pedals being used in the UK. Must have been popular over there too. By the way, thanks, this post is an education! Hadn't heard of some of the toys you're using so I'm going hunting on the weekend. Oh, and sorry if the photo sucks but it's easier to get a useful sound from the SYB than it is to get a good pic from my camera. Cheers, Spark [attachment=1917:IMG_0045.jpg]
  11. dutchwife


    Hey Micah, another new guy here. Just wanted to say kudos for your choice of amps- MarkBass gear is so good! Haven't comeacross the pedals before- just off to check them out now. Hope your weekend's going well. Best regs, Spark, Japan.
  12. The door's always open - at least on the way in. I haven't tried leaving yet. Way too comfortable...........
  13. Hey CK, after 10 minutes careful deliberation I've come to the conclusion that I'm a crap photographer so here's a once only breakdown; Three Spector US customs, NS6P, NS2 walnut, NS4. Stingray w/Status neck & Delano pickups. Ken Smith 1989 4 thru neck, red stain over quilt maple. Zon Sonus Custom 8-string. Roscoe LG3005. Status Empathy. Kubicki Factor, which I really dislike. Stingray 20th Anniversary. Rick 4001. Sei Flamboyant 5 fretless w/Wal pickups & electronics. All that goes thru Boss tuner (natch), EBS comp, bassiq, multidrive , Whammy, Rat, TC chorus,Boss bass synth, Akai Deep Impact, HyperFuzz, TC phaser, DSD2, DD6, Alembic F something or other ancient rackmount preamp into whatever Markbass amp is suitable. Sounds a bit unnecessary but if you go to myspace/sparkbass you'll hear a cut by 'reduced', myself & my drummer/vocalist bud-it's all bass, drums & vox, no keys or guitars, so I guess that kinda justifies things. Cheers, Spark.
  14. Hey P, I'll have a thumb thlough the ratest Japanese Bass magazine, there're usuarry some gleat ones in there. Off the bass topic we've got prenty though I berieve that they get document onrine pletty quickry. Not necessarily PC to have a laugh at people's accents but believe me the folks over here don't have any qualms about doing the same so " When In Rome (Osaka)".....
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