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  1. Just got the Zenith back. All I can say is OMG. It's gorgeous. Simon at GUS has managed to fit a 22 fret 5 string neck to a 21 fret 4 string bass and you'd never know. The passive EMG's and greasebucket tone mod sound lush with a threeway switch and wired in series and parallel. The piezo only has a volume pot but it's got a hidden secret. Instead of being battery run it's powered by a capacitor that takes only 1 minute to charge and this will last 16 hours. I've put the original brass bridge logo on the headstock instead of where it should be. I'm my opinion it just looks better on the headstock (it looked good on the original rosewood bridge but now that has been made larger it looked out of proportion and 'wrong'). Anyway, I know I didn't do anything to convert it (unlike some of the skilled people on BC I would have just ruined something that, in my eyes, is probably one of the best looking basses I've ever laid eyes on), but I knew what I wanted and luckily had one of the finest luthiers on the planet just down the road from me who managed to transform my thoughts into a work of art
  2. 6feet7

    New Tangocaster bass project

  3. 6feet7

    New Tangocaster bass project

    Just seen some 3M black/white chequered vinyl on eBay. You could stick that onto the scratch plate
  4. 6feet7

    Goin' mag

    It's for a 5 string bass. 5 string is a lot more. Love it. Going out to buy some ice lollies and I'll give it a go
  5. 6feet7

    Goin' mag

    I was thinking of that, but the pickup is straight and the double bass strings and board are curved. Don't think all the strings will get the same volume
  6. 6feet7

    Goin' mag

    Yes, just looked it up - $290 in the USA https://www.krivopickups.com/store/p6/The_Krivo_Magnetic_Pickup_for_Upright_Bass.html
  7. 6feet7

    Goin' mag

    Rather more costwise unfortunately
  8. 6feet7

    Goin' mag

    Unfortunately they don't seem to do the pickup for 5 string db's and I can't find anyone who does anything affordable. Any ideas?
  9. 6feet7

    Goin' mag

    Please someone answer this. I don't even bother taking my db to gigs nowadays (even not particularly loud ones) as I can't even setup without feedback, so I just default to my piezo equipped electric bass.
  10. I used to be in an originals band, and the '*unt' word was on one of the songs on the album. Even our band leader/singer, who had written the song and recorded it with pro musicians, would change the word to runt (I know, not much better but.....) when we played it live.
  11. As Simon at GUS has been working on some 'Prince' G1 guitars he hasn't managed to get going as quickly on the Zenith as he would like, but here is the latest news. Almost there Hi John, Just a little update for you...I’m creeping forward! Have the body all wired up now and the neck sprayed. I managed to blend the heel area and then applied some ‘rosewood’ stain in the lacquer...has approximated the colour of the top pretty well?! Needs a final set of lacquer coats and then polishing.
  12. Latest exciting bit. Just fitted a rechargeable piezo preamp - no battery needed, just charge up before a gig. Just need the volume pot wired in for this plus the magnetic pickups fitted and wired and we are almost there