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  1. I bought this a few months ago, and love it (it's my third Starbass) but I realise why I'd sold my previous two - it weighs 4.4kg, which is too much for my knackered shoulder. Since buying it I've had the 'f' holes professionally stripped and sealed to match the binding and changed the knobs to Warwick German metal ones instead of the plastic ones it came with (I'll include those too). It still has the Warwick strap locks and comes with a Hiscox hard case.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. If only it were a five string........... I saw this on FB. Beautiful. GLWTS
  4. I've the biggest roof box Halfords sell and my db fits perfectly, except I can't shut it as the bridge is an inch too high (and I'm not cutting a hole in a £250 roof box just for that).
  5. I forgot, I had a Bubinga German one too. Apart from the fancy woodwork I couldn't tell any difference from the Korean versions (and I was afraid to take it out in case I dented it and knocked a couple of £k off the price).
  6. I used to have a gold one and now have a black one. Wonderful basses. Any idea how much this one weighs?
  7. You could be right. I’m not even sure why I’m looking. I’ve got two gorgeous Maruszcyck Jake V’s (a P/J and a P/MM) and a Warwick Starbass Pro V, plus a double bass. I think it’s wanting to have that ‘Rawk’ look whilst I can still stand without a Zimmer frame.
  8. And if that didn't work i.e. an onboard preamp was needed, I'd need a new set of passive T bird pickups (which would be £460 from Bass Direct - more than the bass costs).
  9. I know that if I got the Epi I’d still be hankering after the Gibson so I think that it’s a Gibson or not at all (and because the Gibson I’m looking at is the studio version in black it’s easy enough to sand in a contour and refinish that area). I still can’t decide. It’ll be on the NBD if I do get it
  10. The Gibson one appears 'smoother'. The Epi ones seem to have a sharper edge.
  11. I've seen that but don't want active, which the Epiphone is. I'm allergic to putting batteries in my basses (though I could remove the wiring, put new pickups in and still be £400 in pocket). The Epi also doesn't have a forearm contour, which is a big no no as far as I'm concerned
  12. There's one in Spain and one in Germany, so trying is out of the question. The problem is that we have a month before import taxes will be added, so it's now or never.
  13. But what's it like? as I only play 5 stringers it's this or nothing. I'm more into how it looks and feels and am not bothered about how it's made.
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