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  1. Just have a little read of the website 60 seconds recharge of some sort of electrical gubbins attached to the jack plug gives up to 15 hours use, so no need for a battery.
  2. Have a look at this lot. Active (without the need for a battery) magnetic / piezo type pickup Not sure if it will work with a standard bass but worth a look. https://mi-si.com/products/
  3. I don't think I've ever played anything 'right'. Never had any complaints
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  5. I had an AB45 which I sorely regret selling. Wonderful basses these Washburns. I'm looking to get another AB45 if anyone has one they'd like to sell to me
  6. I was watching a similar repair to the truss rod 'escaping' from the back of a guitar on YouTube the other day where the repairer used fibreglass resin and silk sheets (because they are so thin and strong) to stop it happening again. The only issue there though is that it had to be painted to cover all the patches. Watching this with interest.
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  8. I've got two Maru's at just over 3kg so already know the website. Absolutely wonderful basses, but lightweight is the way to go for me nowadays.
  9. Ouch. Both mine are just over 3Kg. Anything over 4 is just plain silly.
  10. There's a Maruszczyk Elwood 5 on eBay for £499 at the moment. About 1/4 of what it was new. I'd have it if I didn't have two already.
  11. Bought a couple of years ago, then I swapped over to 5 string basses, so it never got used live. Comes with power supply. Here's what Digitech say: DigiTech Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal Overview It's a long way down. The DigiTech Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal is a well of tunings, offering you the ability to drop tune your guitar without having to touch the strings. This nifty little box of low end madness has the power to transform your sound. Whether you just want to drop down a semitone for a slightly deeper voice, or you want to take your tuning right to the depths of the earth by dropping it a full octave, you can do so. Take it with you. Built for the stage, this robust drop tune pedal has all the characteristics of an expertly designed creation. Tired of dragging your gaggle of guitars to live shows? The DigiTech Drop eliminates the need to do so by allowing you to access virtually any drop tuning you want, meaning one guitar should be more than enough for any performance. With intuitive controls and a standout design, it will be the centrepiece of your pedalboard.
  12. Bought a couple of years ago, installed, and never played live (and only about 3 times in the sitting room) Here's the blurb from the website: The Realist Docking station double bass volume control enables you to change the volume output of your bass pickup. It works with any pickup that has a 1/4 inch jack socket output and allows you to change the volume of your bass in situ without having to put it down to walk over to your amp. Universal Volume Attenuator Designed by David Gage and Ned Steinberger Works with all Double Bass pickups, not just Realist. Attaches to tailpiece without glue or fasteners Adjust volume on-the-fly, no matter which double bass pickup is installed. This no-fuss dock installs to the tailpiece without fasteners. Simply loosen the strings, mount, tighten. You’re in control. Jack-Pot™ volume control provides flexibility for those who want to bypass resistance altogether. À la This Is Spinal Tap, this control lets you “go all the way up to eleven.”
  13. Guten tag. Wie gehts? Enjoy BC, but watch your wallet. You might start buying more bass gear than you need
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