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  1. 6feet7

    Feedback for richardd

    Great guy to sell to (he bought my Markbass SA-450). Great communication and top bloke.
  2. I bought this two years ago on here and it's been my backup amp ever since (so it's been used a few times only, though I've had it serviced and pat tested) It was made in 2007 in Italy. Here's the Markbass web link. http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/sa-450/ I'm only selling as I need something with a xlr input.
  3. 6feet7

    Anyone know anything about this Eggle Milan?

    Big, I wish you'd never mentioned me in this post
  4. 6feet7

    Anyone know anything about this Eggle Milan?

    Do a search on here and you'll find out more about it. As I said before, this was supposedly made as a one off for one of his managers. The date is stamped into the woodwork (I don't remember the date but it was definitely early 90's ?????? '93, but don't take my word for it).It was identical to my other early 90's Milan V except that had the whole name on the headstock. Dont necessarily rely on online guitar dating forums. I once had an Eggle Berlin guitar which I was assured by an Eggle online forum that it was made after Patrick had left. After I'd sold it for less that I wanted someone who I knew at the time (a guitar shop owner who knew both my just sold guitar and Patrick Eggle himself) asked Patrick about the Berlin and Patrick assured him that it was one of his and was basically worth far more than the online forum dating had said it was (I hope that makes sense). Patrick's venture into acoustics, Faith etc is well documented and the factory bearing his name is still making guitars and basses to his old design whilst he is making new guitars under his full name, but look at the guitar in the flesh. Look at the engraved date in the wood and then decide.
  5. 6feet7

    Anyone know anything about this Eggle Milan?

    Yup it was mine till a couple of weeks ago its an early 90's - printed on the back of the headstock - (The Gallery isn't likely to get details like that wrong, especially when its engraved into the wood) I cant remember who used to have it (on BC) who used it all around the world with the likes of Vanessa Mae - do a search for this bass on here and you'll find out its background. I understand it was a one off made by Patrick for one of his mangers. It was active but I'm not a fan of batteries so replaced the pickups with the passive equivalent Kent Armstrongs (I actually have Kent Armstrong active pickups for sale for this bass on BC). I put an Ohm on all my instruments - it's the sign for universal healing sound (not that my bass playing is up to that standard - nothing blasphemous about putting any sacred sign on anything, and it definitely isn't 'plastered' - you can always peel it off. I loved it so much that I bought another early 90's Milan V straight after this one (exactly the same shape, bolt on, but not the fancy paintwork or ebony fretboard that this one has), but I wanted to cut down on my basses, so rather than have two 'good' basses I part-ex'd them for one 'very very good' bass - an AV Basses PJ5. it weighs about 8 1/2 lbs and is a beautiful bass. If I had the space etc I wouldn't have sold either Eggle, but that's life
  6. 6feet7

    Bass guitar strap favourites

    These - I've got the widest ones and they are perfect for me (and I've tried loads of different ones over the years) http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Maruszczyk_straps.html
  7. 6feet7

    Feedback for roman_sub

    Roman just bought a set of EMG's from me. Great guy and I would happily deal with again, any day
  8. Exactly. Actually I could get one of these and have a new neck made/adapted and fit a new bridge and pickups (it wouldnt be perfect but then it's a travel bass, so it doesn't need to be custom shop spec
  9. Thanks for that but I was hoping to find out before I went out and bought one (just so I've a rough idea if it's a workable idea or not).
  10. I'm looking at converting a 5 string Steinberger/Hohner headless bass into a travel bass - where I can take the neck off so it all fits into hand luggage. I need to know where the truss rod ends at the body otherwise I can't do it. Does anyone have an idea where it starts/ends?
  11. 6feet7

    NBD - AV Basses PJ5

    It was the colour that attracted me. I wouldn't have looked at it if it hadn't have been 'eye catching'.
  12. 6feet7

    NBD - AV Basses PJ5

    34 inches