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  1. Hi Jeff So sorry, it's just gone. I was about to post that it had been sold. All the best John
  2. Earplugs?

    I was at the South of England Show and mercury custom fitted ear plugs were there (I've seen them elsewhere too). £110 custom fitted -I had 17db filter, but you can change that anytime you want for another £15 (or £25 - I can't remember). I wear them all the time now. I had flare audio but they cut out all the guitarist (I know, usually a good thing, but not when you can't hear them at all). The best £110 I've spent in ages
  3. My first gig

    [quote name='rogerstodge' timestamp='1505757854' post='3374109'] If you're like me some of the song titles on the set list won't mean a thing to you so jot down what key the songs are in so you come in on the right note.. don't forget your ear plugs. [/quote] THIS.
  4. Preferably from the 1990's.
  5. Feedback for tom1946

    Just bought Tom's iphone. Great communication and speedy post. Many thanks
  6. Hercules DB stand question

    I bought a hercules for my 5 string and it wouldn't accept the pin fully out, so I had to get the drill out and adapt it. OK, I'm tall and the pin is fully out, but the bass is standard size so I was slightly disappointed with the stand.
  7. I've got a set of 4 La Bella nylon wound rope core 7710 on my 5 string double bass but need a low B that is also black. Any make as long as it's black (and still useable
  8. Bass action dilema..

    I've seen a couple of double bass ebony boards going for sale on eBay for less than £100. Would it be worth looking at getting one of them fitted?
  9. Definitely has to be passive. Would prefer a matching set but doesn't necessarily have to be as long as there is a neck and a bridge pickup that arnt totally mismatched. Nothing cheap and nasty but also nothing costing thousands. Message me and let me know what you've got.
  10. [quote name='Steve Browning' timestamp='1502785594' post='3353443'] I probably would but I am simply unable to do it - I've tried. [/quote] This
  11. Feedback for acebassmusic

    Just bought a camera from Mike. Great communication and speedy posting. Great guy
  12. [quote name='Pinball' timestamp='1502650837' post='3352714'] Just tried to weight the green one on the kitchen scales and around 8 1/2 ib They both feel about the same weight [/quote] Many thanks. Got to sell a bass first but love that green one.