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  1. Squirrels Framfield Road.m4a Excuse the slappy sounds - I'm used to playing pop/rock with a heavy pick not on black nylons with fingers. I've described which pickup before playing (badly). Hope it helps
  2. I can plonk away with my iphone later. Is that OK?
  3. It's mahogany. If it was 9 lbs or lighter I'd be keeping it.
  4. No black pick guard, only the tortoiseshell I wouldn’t be selling but I want to cut right down to only two basses so last in last out
  5. Epiphone Zenith 5 string conversion with both rechargeable piezo battery-less preamp and EMG passive magnetic pickups Here's the conversion build - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/325652-epiphone-zenith-5-string-pickup-conversion/?tab=comments#comment-3533466 - read this up for everything that's been done and where all the parts came from and who did it. The build cost me about £2200 and was to be my ultimate bass, and it is except for one problem. It weighs about 10 1/2 lbs on the bathroom scales, so it's never been gigged since it was made. I know I'm losing an absolute fortune on this but I need lightweight nowadays. I'm going to be travelling up to Warwick next weekend if anyone wants to meet up.
  6. It's just a long intonation adjustment screw.
  7. I bought this from the Gallery a few months ago but have my eye on something else, so this has to go. It was made for the 2012 Dublin Music Show as a show piece according to the neck plate. It comes with an AV Basses stamped leather strap. I'm travelling up to Warwick next weekend if anyone wants to meet up. Here's the details from the Gallery
  8. Here's my cheesy instrumental band. Nothing fancy (and I'm sure my technique could be pulled to shreds) but it's fun
  9. Love this. Got to sell mine first Bump.
  10. A pair of 1980's Ibanez V shaped or boomerang shaped strap buttons with original plastic bushings. These originally came from an RB850 bass but were used extensively by Ibanez in the 1980's on many of their basses.
  11. 2001 Fender USA Standard Jazz V 5 string with Fender hard case. In almost perfect condition - only a few minor superficial marks that can't be picked up on camera. Looks like almost new. One of the catches on the Fender hard case has been broken off but the rest work perfectly. Weighs only about 8 1/2 lbs It's had new DR Sunbeams which have only been gigged once since the photos were taken - I've mainly used the ones from the advert where I bought it This is more of a feeler as I absolutely love it and wont be sad to see it not go, but I have seen something else I do like the look of (that condition called GAS)......... Post or meet up somewhere
  12. It does - I’ve emailed Phil Jones and they say the 8 ohm C8 goes with a BG400. I just wondered if it was worth the extra £300 to get the C8 over a C4. By the sound of it, it is.
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