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  1. OK, the second expensive bass (that I can't afford) in as many weeks, but sometimes a man's got to do etc. etc. etc Anyway, looking on the Bass Gallery's website and this little beauty popped up. I've been after a 5 string T'bird style bass for ages, but the Gibson version was 'just' the studio version and weighed too much. Even though everyone says that the Epiphone pro V is wonderful, I know I'd always be lusting after the 'real thing'. I bought the Jackson Dave Ellefson T'bird but it was like the Epi, I knew I wanted something 'more', so sold that. I don't think I could ask for more with the Sandberg. Beautifully balanced, not overweight, and even though I'm not a fan of reliced instruments, it just looks 'right'. I'm yet to play it through an amp at volume but I can't wait.
  2. Bough in October 2020 as everyone says they are the best strings you can get. I can't stand them (probably why I have a Rick and an Alusonic bass. I prefer that modern, sharp sound, not that old fashioned thud). There's also an extra D string - I fitted the strings to one bass - a 3 + 2 configuration, then took them off to put on a 4 + 1 configuration and realised I'd cut the string too short, so bought an extra single D string for that bass. Size - .043 .056 .070 .100 .136 Free postage.
  3. I think it's only a 130 - Thats what the advert said and I havent changed the strings as they are good. I'll probably put Hi Beams on it eventually (130 or 135). I saw how Alusonics were described online a while back which really attracted me to the sound. It was said that listening to a wooden bass after an Alusonic was like listening to the Alusonic bass with cotton wool in your ears, and I totally agree with that. It's so clear and precise, but reacts well to overdrive too
  4. I saw this on BC last Wednesday, paid Giovanni in Italy on Thursday and it arrived this afternoon (many thanks UPS) All I can say is 'WOW'. When I used to play guitar (many, many years ago), I always lusted after a stainless steel Stratocaster, but that being the early days of the internet, I couldn't find one, so I wasn't going to lose the opportunity to get this bass the second I saw it. It was built in late 2018, with an aircraft grade Aluminium alloy body, rear of body and scratchplate in carbon fibre, bolt on hard maple neck with graphite reinforcing rods and graphitex fretboard with 24 frets and luminlay side dots, Hipshot Ultralight tuners, Alusonic Hybrid Alnico5/Neodymium MM + J pickup with a 3-way selector for the bridge pickup, and preamp with volume, blend, bass, mid and treble, and weighs only 3.9 kg. The changes to the basic version are: - flatter radius. - block inlays instead of simple dots. - 3-way preamp instead of 2. - 3-way selector instead of 5, which acts only on the bridge pickup in series / parallel / single coil mode. - blend on the preamp instead of the 5 pre-selected combinations. It feels absolutely wonderful and sounds better than pretty much any other bass I've ever played. I think I'm going to have to keep my eye out for another one
  5. Oh, that is beautiful, and it's now mine :)))
  6. It had to go back to Bass Direct. Tooooo heavy for my knackered old shoulders
  7. I've got a darkglass vintage mictrotubes pedal which I like a lot, but really I can't stand the look of the big poles on the Delano's, so if I'm going to change them I want something a bit dirtier or grittier which also doesn't have blood great pole pieces
  8. I haven’t played in anger with it yet, so you might have just saved me a load of money. I’ll find out next time I manage to actually play loud. 👍
  9. Welcome. Absolutely loved SF when the band I was in at the time flew over to do a festival in the town of Weed in the north of your lovely state. Can't wait to have an excuse to come over again.
  10. Probably not the SVT - I'm happy with my amp, but I'll look into the Barts. Thanks
  11. My Maruszczyk Jake V P/MM has passive Delano pickups, which are lovely but very 'polite' sounding. What passive pickups (5 string Precision neck and Musicman bridge) would the good folk of BC recommend to 'dirty up' the sound a bit?
  12. I bought this brand new in March for £135 and I've tried it a few times at home (obviously not gigged yet but it does have velcro underneath) and I just don't like chorus effect for bass (this has been my third different chorus pedal and it's been the same with all of them, so I've come to the conclusion chorus isn't for me). Still has original box and postage is included.
  13. I've a Kent Armstrong magnetic pickup fitted to the end of my fb and it does cut down on the feedback considerably, but those f holes are the real culprit. Going to have to get them filled with foam cutouts.
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