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  1. Can't switch it off. No worries. As long as it's safe.........
  2. Has the site been hacked? Every time I log on to it my antivirus system stops virus attacks, and this happens when I change pages too. No other website is doing this, so I don't think it's me.
  3. The NRT5 one for sale on here is about 8 1/2lbs (OK, my limit but not bad for a 5 string). My Maruzsczyk Jake PJV is just over 7lbs, so if they can do one around there I'd be even happier.
  4. Problem is I play 5 strings. As and when I've the money (haha) it's either a Mike Lull NRT5 or a Maruszcyzk (they can do lightweight. Anything over about 8lbs is too much for me). Or its back to normal shaped basses (see the for sale section in a few weeks :), because a 56 year old, balding bloke playing metal down the Dog & Duck with a pointy looking thing down by his knees - no jokes here - does look a bit ridiculous (in my opinion, anyway).
  5. I'd have looked at all of those plus the Mike Lull NRT5 thats been on here for ages (which is really what I wanted - I love that bass). Just got no money to spend on stuff like that so it had to be either an Epi (which I know some of the early ones had 4 string pickups in 5 string covers) or the Jackson, and as I got the Jackson with upgraded bits (which also happens to weigh a lot less than the Epi) for no more than a standard one, thats what I got.
  6. Shape. I've joined a rock/semi-metal covers band, so my standard looking Maruszczyk Jake V PJ or Godin A5 don't suit the image. If I still had some GUS's then I'd be fine, but they went years ago and I don't have the finances to go expensive here, so Mike Lulls and Gibsons are out of reach. I bought an upgraded pickup/pre-amp Jackson David Ellefson Kelly Bird V last night. Just waiting for it to come from France.
  7. If I could afford it, then definitely. There's a gorgeous NRT5 that's been on here for ages. Unfortunately it's about £2K more than I've got to spend When that lottery win comes home though
  8. Just bought it, so if I don't like it when it arrives...............
  9. Wonderful. Thanks. I've actually found a David Ellefson one with upgraded EMG's and Preamp. Looks like that's the one
  10. Jackson Kelly Bird V vs Epiphone Thunderbird Pro V or something else? Help I need to scratch a Thunderbird style itch (for not a lot of money (£300 - 500ish max unless there's something very special) or weight of bass either (nothing over 9 1/2lbs /4.3Kg and preferably a lot lighter). I've narrowed it down to these two. The reviews online appear great for both of them but then there are a couple where they say neither bass is not worth getting. Does anyone have any experience of both and who can help point me in the right direction? Or is there something else I should consider? Thanks
  11. Just as an update. Got a full refund from Reverb and I was told that if the bass ever did turn up to just either refuse it or, if I wanted to keep it, to get back in touch with them so they can help me pay for it again. They said that as the seller hadn't communicated either with me or with them they assumed that the bass had never been given to a courier in the first place so they would refund me straight away. Hoping the bass doesn't now show up (though it was a rather lovely one Thank you for all your comments and advice. Looks like Reverb and PayPal are used to this kind of thing and can sort things out pretty quickly once they've been made aware of the situation. Now just got to look for another bass to take it's place
  12. Whats wrong with that??? Perfectly reasonable to me
  13. Most of the feedback is good, but there are a couple of where this has happened before. If it was for an amount I could 'afford to lose' I wouldn't be so worried. Unfortunately it's more than I should have gone for in the first place (bloody GAS), and because of this I have lost out on a couple of other basses that were half the price and probably just as good and have a large hole in my credit card and no bass to show for it either
  14. Extremely helpful, thank you, BUT, there hasn't even been a label created. If there was some sign that it had even been picked up and a number I could use to track it I might feel better.
  15. He hasn't offered that - only the tracking number (which isn't recognised). I'll ask him about that. Thanks
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