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  1. Bought secondhand this year as I thought I 'needed it' but am now clearing out all pedals except a TU3 tuner and going straight into the amp. The red on/off light isn't as bright as it could be but the pedal works fine.
  2. I bought this brand new earlier this year and it's been used for two rehearsals but I've realised that, unlike some players who 'want their sound', I don't really want any peddles or extra carrying to gigs, so am going down to a TU3 tuner and straight into the amp, and as long as something bass-like comes out of the speakers I'm not too bothered, so here is a £160.00, as new pedal in box, going for a lot less
  3. 6feet7

    Rare Basses

    I bought the darker one on here - I understand it was a one-off made for one of the managers at the factory, and it's been used around the world at some fairly big gigs (before I got it). Soon after I saw the lime green one on Reverb (though then it was plain wood and only three pots. I had to buy it immediately, had it first dyed green and then decided to go the whole hog and get it professionally painted in metallic lime green. Had an extra control fitted and, for the first time in forever, appear to be GAS free
  4. 6feet7

    Rare Basses

    Two early 90's Patrick Eggle Milan V's. Very few made and no others like these two.
  5. 6feet7

    benefits of a preamp?

    I always have an MXR microamp and Rafferty HPF Pre 2 bass preamp/adjustable high pass filter/phase switch between my 5 string db and Phil Jones briefcase. It's not for volume but just to fill out the sound. I wouldn't contemplate playing live without a preamp.
  6. 6feet7

    Feedback for Gardenerben

    Just bought a Digitech bass whammy from Ben. Arrived straight away, beautifully and safely packed. great guy
  7. 6feet7

    Feedback for Marc S

    Just bought a Realist db docking station from Marc. Arrived straight away. Great bloke to deal with
  8. Buxted, near Uckfield.
  9. 6feet7

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    Have a look at GUS Guitars. Simon Farmer makes a cedar laminate body and neck with a carbon fibre exo-skeleton. If it's good enough for Prince then it should do for the rest of us
  10. 6feet7

    Feedback for Painy

    Richard bought a bbom 5 string bridge from me. So easy and great communication. Great guy
  11. I bought this a couple of years ago (secondhand) and have never used it. It's been sitting on my pedal board collecting dust, so it's time to free up some space. They are over £250 plus postage new. Handmade in Germany Input switcher 3 x input gain, 3 x footswitch controls 2 outputs The Palmer TRINITY provides easy switching between guitars without unplugging and the associated noise. Three instruments can be connected, which are selected by footswitch and fed to the output. Each input has an adjustable booster providing up to 12dB gain (4:1), to balance instrument levels without changing the amp settings. In addition, the Trinity features a dedicated tuner output.
  12. 6feet7


    Great guy. Wonderful communication. I will happily buy from again