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  1. Andy has just bought my Warwick Starbass V. Great guy. Great communication. It's been a pleasure
  2. My brand new Rumble 500 lasted less than 5 minutes before it stopped working. I personally wouldn't buy one again.
  3. Too late. I’ve got something else thanks anyway
  4. A couple of photos from Milton Keynes. Rammstein concerts can get quite hot 🔥
  5. I saw them at Milton Keynes a few weeks ago - one of the best gigs I've ever seen. Went online to see where else I could see them in and managed to get tickets in Denmark next August (nearly everywhere else was sold out or too expensive). Then they said they were coming to Coventry so managed to get tickets for there and now they are coming to Cardiff, but as that's only the week before Coventry I'm staying with Coventry and Denmark. Can't wait
  6. Hi and welcome. This is my old Fender Jazz V at Bass Direct. Might be worth a look. http://w.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Jazz_USA_std_5.html
  7. Yes Ive just seen that. Bugger. Coventry a bit easier to get to than Denmark, but as I've already bought the tickets........
  8. Rammstein at the MK - One of the best gigs I've ever been to. Got back home and looked for more Rammstein tickets anywhere (that were affordable) - so its off to Denmark next August 2020 to see them again. Can't wait.
  9. I might have to look into those on my PJV. I normally use DR Sunbeams, but at about £55 a go they can get a bit expensive after a while.
  10. Stunning. Thought I'd got over my GAS. You've just re-ignited it
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