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  1. Bruno Mars. Commercial slave.?

    True... and tonight Mathew...
  2. Bruno Mars. Commercial slave.?

    I think Bubinga has a valid point in as much as Mars's music is a pastiche of things that have been successful in the past and seems to lack any original creativity, granted he is hugely popular which i'm sure his record label love but he is never going to be the next Marvin ,Curtis ,Smokey ,James Brown or the hip hop artist's he's parodying of late... more Jimmy Osmond than James Brown i would say ,he even has the teeth
  3. New range from fender.

    Its nice to play and have played all sorts of bass's but when it comes down to it my most played and recorded bass is my fender jazz it's also been the most popular with other band members and producers.
  4. Mr Pink on a Harely Benton P bass :)

    Great playing and proof to any gear snobs that the job can be done with a cheap bass ...nice one
  5. PRS SE Kingfisher, anyone tried one?

    I've played a couple of Kestrals and they both played beautifully and sounded great ... I'm normally a fender jazz man and was initially uncertain about the through neck and body shape but after trying them i have no reservations now .. the necks were very easy and fast to pkay and access to the upper register eas better than a classic jazz type neck, i think they would make great fusion bass's.
  6. Pure sacrilege

    Clearly barking ...mind you it will get you noticed when taking the lead !
  7. When I think of an 'archtop' ...

    'Over the top' .. certainly !
  8. Parts and Pickups clearout

    Is the jj pickup the dual single coil/humbucker type ?
  9. What make is this?

    The pickgaurd looks like my old colombus one .. different knobs though
  10. Recommend me a Bass which suits Ska type music..

    Yep i agree with Lozz before buying anything new stick some old rounds on and see what you sound like in the mix... i use fender's jazz and p/j for reggae and a little ska and to be honest the p/j is more versatile using the blend of both p.u.p's or the p alone i have used a bb in the past and it was fine ... my tone is usually about 15% up
  11. My Hartke LH500 smells of....dogs!?

    Are you sure its the Amp and not the pups in your bass ?
  12. Basschat Noodle Bar

    Here it is VID_464471006_024633_345.mp4 for some reason i cant seem to post a vid like i used too