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  1. There does seem to have been some really gifted young girl bass players coming through lately... great to see
  2. If you want something cheap but great sounding get the Superlux HD681 i bought them a few years back due to a thread singing their praises ,and have been amazed how good they are.. i now have 3 pairs one for home use and 2 in studios i use but be prepared to to upset fellow musicians using far more expensive cans as these often sound better 😀
  3. The lightest solid body bass i've owned is the Cort GB74 you can pick them up very cheap second hand and they play like a high end bass mine must be around 7lb
  4. Miles Mosley using that pedal board to full effect here
  5. I'm surprised by the pedal board as his playing on Kamasi's albums always sounds pure and un effected .... did he use it a lot live ?
  6. Better than the original i reckon and i love that sort of mix of reggae and soul/rare groove
  7. These 2 gems are new finds for me and it dont get much better ..
  8. I went to the Bass Centre way back in my distant yoof , Wapping back then seemed to be mostly falling down and dust balls blew up the high street... i'd never seen so many lovely bass's and i was keen on getting something that would make me sound like my favourite reggae players. A helpful ozzie sounding fella with a very 80's barnet came to assist me ,and in true music shop fashion preceded to slap a warwick half to death for what seemed an age before finally letting me have a look, by this time i'd had enough and had decided if that was how it sounded i wanted no part of it and headed for the station. To be fair he could of been a great player but back then i only had ears for big fat dub lines and i weren't hearing none of that. 😀
  9. Subs are essential for a realistic balanced sound i.m.o. we have 2 of the Alto 1250 watt ones , they are bloody heavy and bloody well worth it.
  10. I thought i was looking at one of Skankdelver's ruminations for a minute there 😃
  11. Hmmm... i'm not sure that is brown you know ,maybe more ginger sort of ginger brown or 'Stinkfinger Ginger'....
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