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  1. timhiggins

    Won NoTreble's 'Bass Of The Week' again !

    That's a handsome looking thing well done... how much would something like that set me back ?
  2. timhiggins

    Warwick strings

    thats weird i now seem to have two of me
  3. timhiggins

    Warwick strings

    I use them on my fender jazz and they sound great..maybe a touch more gnarly than d'addario's which is good with me.. i recommend giving them a try
  4. timhiggins

    Songs you absolutely hate

    Agreed with the above,and some of my other most hated have been had Livin on a prayer , Wonderwall but i dont think i've seen that utterly shite Micheal Jackson tune where he had the 'god complex'
  5. timhiggins

    Bean9seventy - the first UK funk / slap bassist?

    Well i guess if your looking at funk within a fairly narrow field of references but i have always thought of [Santana ,Billy Cobham ,Lenny White] all of which Doug played for, to be very funky and pioneering in the jazz funk/fusion field ...
  6. timhiggins

    Bean9seventy - the first UK funk / slap bassist?

    I always thought that Doug Rauch's superb playing with Santana must have had a big impact on the full on more rhythmically busy slap approach to playing ,and this is from 72
  7. timhiggins

    Small bass combos?

    I use an Eden EC180 15 for smaller gigs ,and it handles things well a lot more so than my old TC BG250 which use to struggle with an enthusiastic drummer.
  8. timhiggins

    Feedback for gyrus

    Just bought a Lovely Jazz bass from gyrus he was a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating have every confidence in dealing with him.
  9. timhiggins

    Jazz bass dilemma

    I have had all the bass's mentioned so far and think all would work nicely i would also strongly recommend the Sire v7 which are the most versatile of all https://www.thomann.de/gb/marcus_miller_v7_alder_4_ts.htm?glp=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkcLzu8Ts2QIVLrHtCh0ySwuVEAQYBSABEgIlAPD_BwE
  10. timhiggins

    Bruno Mars. Commercial slave.?

    True... and tonight Mathew...
  11. timhiggins

    Bruno Mars. Commercial slave.?

    I think Bubinga has a valid point in as much as Mars's music is a pastiche of things that have been successful in the past and seems to lack any original creativity, granted he is hugely popular which i'm sure his record label love but he is never going to be the next Marvin ,Curtis ,Smokey ,James Brown or the hip hop artist's he's parodying of late... more Jimmy Osmond than James Brown i would say ,he even has the teeth