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  1. timhiggins

    Fender Jazz V

    Another vote for Sire but watch the weight as mine probably makes your Wal feel like a banjo !
  2. timhiggins

    15 year old son looking for help with used bass amps

    I would go for the TNT as they really are great amps i use one at a rehearsal studio and much prefer it to the newer more expensive Orange and Ashdown amps there ... you mention the guitarist is using a 45watt blackstar amp , well if that's the tube version its very very loud for a front room practice so ear protection might be worth considering..
  3. timhiggins

    What are you listening to right now?

    Me too with the reggae.. i have been listening to lots of great versions of 'Queen majesty ' [the Curtis classic] for a reggae show i do..
  4. timhiggins

    What are you listening to right now?

    I hadnt heard the sky is crying before ..love it i discovered this this morning
  5. I love Ed's reviews and his fender v squier shootout was a real eye opener
  6. timhiggins

    Know your intervals

    Ah i see thank you jrixn1 i didn't realise it was just the 3rd that defined the minor major aspect of the scale i shall now commit that to memory and pretend i knew it all along 😃
  7. timhiggins

    Know your intervals

    I have never really understood why a minor 2nd is only a semitone apart and yet a natural minor scale or dorian scale ect. are a whole tone apart ?
  8. timhiggins

    Why does this work? Jamerson genius...

    I guess one persons aimless noodling is another persons perfect line... for me it stands up as a really strong line by itself and just becomes one of the all time great lines in the mix.
  9. timhiggins

    Thinking about changing the pickups in my Sei Jazz 5.

    I was having the same thoughts regarding pickups with my fender jazz which had high beams on ,and i thought they had plenty of life left, however i had some new cheap warwick nickel reds to try out which i did and all the snap and sparkle came back ! might be worth trying new strings before splashing out.
  10. timhiggins

    Top Ten Jazz Mags for a Newbie...

    hmmm...'thou dost protest to much'
  11. I think i tried this in Giggear Harlow and was really impressed, only reason i didnt walk out with it is that i have actually run out of places to hide my bass's from the mrs ! i have had quite a lot of gear from them over the years and have always been impressed with the service and prices.
  12. Me too i'm getting one of these https://www.andertons.co.uk/sire-version-2-marcus-miller-m2-5-string-in-transparent-blue-ver2m25bl
  13. timhiggins

    Top 10 jazz albums for a newbie

    Frank Blank's list does it for me i would also add Miles Davis's Milestones and Bags Groove plus this
  14. Please take care Bibo and do as your doctors tell you i have lost people close to me who were in your situation and didnt . wishing you a speedy recovery.