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  1. I played the Eek a mouse version first and it was only years later i realised all the other versions dont play the first note 😀
  2. Express yourself has to be one of the most instantly recognisable basslines and Real Rock riddim is probably the simplest and most well used reggae rythym around ..also a perfect example of how drums and bass should be one
  3. Great buy the pickups are worth the asking price alone !
  4. Paul Jackson jn. Rocco Prestia Errol Flabba Holt Ron Carter Larry Graham
  5. hmmmm https://www.gearnews.com/remember-the-gibson-jimi-hendrix-signature-strat-now-you-can-buy-a-prototype/
  6. To me seeing TOP without a bassist would be like buying a new car only to find it had no wheels ! Imagine going to see the Wailers only to find no bass or Sly n Robbie with no Robbie or Cream or weather report or Miles Davis or The Specials or etc etc just NO
  7. Bob Dylan 'ballad of a thin man' all of it really but the last lines are here " well you walk into the room like a camel then you frown you put your eyes in your pocket and your nose on the ground there ought to be a law against you comin around you should be made to wear earphones cause something is happening and you dont know what it is do you mr jones "
  8. Had the pleasure of buying Stew's Eden amp great comms top fella ,and painless transaction deal with confidence.
  9. 'Push' were the jazz/funk band that Ernie Macone use to play for so not sure about that.. Is this band covers or originals? if its covers i'd go for something more obviously related to the style you're playing i.e. the name of a favourite track ..'Chameleon' for instance if it's an originals band i like 'Nataraja' ...name of the Hindu god Shiva depiction as the cosmic ecstatic dancer ...well you did ask 😀
  10. Slap has never really left jazz/funk/fusion electronica type styles, it has always been useful addition to have in your bag of tricks along with lots of other technically quite advanced styles of playing which i'm still enjoying learning at 50. As for its popularity in pop/chart music i dont really care and never did .
  11. I too am an alder jazz bass fan and my main jazz is a alder body maple neck fender i also bought an ash\maple sire v7 as i love the tone and wanted to cut through the mix more in my fusion band which it does admirably ,the only drawback for me was the weight so i now use it more in the studio and have another ash/maple fender [which is a fair bit lighter] for live work ... That said my alder jazz is still my favourite sound but can get a bit lost in the mix compared to the other two.
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