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  1. Singing lesson over and I didn't freak out woohoo! Took some great entertainment in the fact I was in the same room Ronnie James Dio used to rehearse in. Sweeet.
  2. I'll probably try visit a shop soon cause I need to pick up some spare leads and stuff anyways, I'll check for somewhere that has a ray in stock and have a widdle on it while I'm in there.
  3. I'll see what happens, I may end up with a Ray, I may not.
  4. Waiting on a reply from BassVentura lol. Also have to hack my savings but whateverrrrr! I'm not saving for anything specific! lol
  5. I'm not meant to empty my savings but baaaah lol, are you still selling this one? Or did I miss out?
  6. 4 strings, don't care what colour. There's one for sale on here if it's not gone [2 I'm looking at, one a stingray, one a sterling] 2EQ from BassVentura-FretDetective and I gotta say it's tempting me a little more than the Sterling if it's not gone yet.
  7. So tempted. Must behave, too many guitars in the house
  8. I'll keep my fingers crossed, or you know, go to the bank in the morning and hack my savings lol
  9. Omg stoppiiittt! I'm gonna be hacking my savings account!
  10. Keeping an eye on this one cause I don't have 450 quid yet but I might in a couple of weeks if it's not been snapped up by then!
  11. You're not supposed to tempt meeee!!!! lol
  12. Can't for the life of me afford one mind but I keep hearing people play them and my god! I want them all! Must behave and not empty my savings....
  13. [quote name='timmo' timestamp='1410767074' post='2552748'] Because i haven`t got self motivation and will give up in frustration [/quote] Sounds familiar.... Pretty much getting a tutor for the same reasons as you tbh.
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