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  1. Cheers! Yep predecessor seems to have modded it. The serial number says it was born in 2010 as a humble H model.
  2. Bought a couple of years back from the Bass Gallery in Camden. Wonderful example of a Stringray, just moving to jazzes instead (also first baby making me glance at finances a little...) Original advert: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/ernie-ball-music-man-stingray-2 Previous owner modded/upgraded it by adding the neck pickup and installing Nordstrand pickups and an 18v pre-amp. Volume pot has pull/push function for active/passive switching - perfect for channeling your inner Joe Dart. 2EQ. Serial number indicates that it started life as a 2010 single H model. Excellent overall condition, with one or two small dings on the body but very hard to see against the wood grain. Weight comes in at just over 4kg. Soft case included. Come and give it a try if you're ever in Hove!
  3. They youngest and most eclectic of Leo Fender's deep-voiced children. Amazingly versatile with its ridiculous number (18?) of tonal options. Tribute series ship with the same pups as the US models so they sound like a lot shinier than lots of others in this price range. Owned from new; bought from PMT London last year for around £520 but isn't getting the attention it deserves. Excellent condition and set-up with new strings a couple of months ago. Come and have a play in sunny Hove. Open to shipping. Now £350.
  4. Awesome leather jacket no longer used. Used but good overall condition but with some light marks and scuffs in places, which I don't think look out of place with the jacket's style. Comes with detachable hood. Collection from East London ideally.
  5. I'll let you know - looking for a local pick-up ideally mate. Still for sale.
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