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  1. Hey, John - where are the dot markers on this, if you don't mind me asking? On the "fret" or between the frets where they would be on a fretted? Thanks, Pete
  2. Lovely Fender Jazz Blacktop bass up for grabs. You don't see many of these, especially not with the mods here. So it's a standard Blacktop jazz bass, I think from 2011, with the following excellent mods: EMG "Geezer Butler" humbuckers in both positions Babicz Full Contact bridge, Z series, in black Black Schaller tuners Black metal knobs It sounds absolutely awesome, with some really dark sub tones coming out of the EMGs but still retaining the precision/jazz character. I love Babicz bridges, & I'm sure the bridge here adds to the tone. Low action, no electrical issues, etc. There are a couple of scratches (which I'm sure could be polished out) & one ding, which I've attempted to picture. It has the usual signs of light usage but nothing noticeable. Also I don't have the original bridge or pickups, I traded for it on BC & this is how it came. So, collection from pretty central Bath or Loudwater, High Wycombe (I'm in HW a couple of days a week), or I can deliver anywhere between the two (M4 corridor, basically). I'll also drive it for a fair distance (say 100 miles max), or meet up somewhere, but postage only at your arrangement.
  3. 9.2 lbs! Sorry, I posted this earlier but not as a reply to you, don't know whether you saw it or not.
  4. Would prefer not, but let me know what you have in mind, you never know!
  5. Good spot - I think it's the same basic colour, but the body's been aged so the cover is thinner, so the headstock looks "more" green, as it were. But yes, they are slightly different shades.
  6. Hi - the weight is 9.2 lbs on a pretty accurate set of electronic scales. Sorry about the delay, moving house over the last couple of days! Pete
  7. Fancy a straight trade for a GK RB700 Mark II? With case? See my ad on the Amps & Cabs forum. And I happen to be coming to Torquay either this Saturday or next. Let me know.
  8. Gallien-Krueger GK-700RB Mark II bass amplifier, in superb condition with hard rack/carry case. I got this as a trade, tested to check full working order (check!). It's in great nick, and comes with the front handles. Collection only from Bournemouth, or I will drive for a contribution to fuel, up to 100 miles, contribution to be agreed before I travel. I'm often in Seaford (near Brighton) over the next week, so I'll deliver along the A/M27 for nothing. I won't post this because of the fragility/weight. Looking for £450.
  9. Used but good condition/fully working TC Electronic RS210 & RS212 cabs, with genuine TC covers. The cabs are scuffed but no dents/damage, & in full working order. The covers are scuffed & the RS210 cover has split across a seam, but they protect the cabs fully, the damage is merely cosmetic. They are superb cabs, extremely loud (individually or together) & are ideal for small gigs (!) as they have such a small footprint. Collection only from Bournemouth (where they're in storage), Bath or High Wycombe, or I will deliver anywhere between Bath/HW (M4 corridor, basically). I won't post these because of the weight. Looking for £450 for the RS212, £350 for the RS210, £700 together. They make a great pair so together is better! Or make an offer!
  10. Lovely, lightly used Sire Marcus Miller V7 fretless bass. No dings, very slight swirl marks, etc. First generation, with upgraded knobs (the metal knobs look much better, I think) & Schaller straplocks. Great bass to play, I'm only selling as I now have a semi-acoustic fretless which suits my music better. Collection from Bournemouth, or I will drive for a contribution to fuel, up to 100 miles, contribution to be agreed before I travel. I'd prefer not to post.
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