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  1. Horses for courses and all that, but I like Ashdown drophead LB 30. Seems a lot don`t like Ashdown though
  2. I have the chance to by a Fender Bassman 100. The head has been in a house for 20 years. The cab in a shed. I know i will have to get the head serviced for new bad soldering and probably tubes. Does anyone know what a fair price would be? It was made in 1976
  3. I am not wanting one, i have just seen i few bsnds use them and wondered why. The mic bleed is just something i read as a reason to use them. Someone suggested it is down to making it easier for the soundman. That could be possible, as I mainly see them on stages where multiple bands use. I just wondered if smaller venues with just a 1 support and main band would have any benifit.
  4. I read an article stating they were fairtly popular in some churches, especially a vaulted roof, as it stops the drum booming. The other time I remember was watching The Who at Glastonbury. Maybe a similar thing to the Brit Awards as it is quicker , so maybe on to something saying it is for the sound guy. I think Townsend kicked the screen down in the end
  5. Has anyone used them? I have seen them a few times, most recently by Kenney Jones at the Brit awards. I understand what they do, but it seems to make the drummer remote. Is there a better way than screens to stop drums bleeding sound into.other microphones?
  6. Obviously depends on the song, but some of Sister Sledge, I switch off to just the bass. Some of them are worth listening to on their own in my opinion. The bass really drives some of their songs
  7. Lol yes. My best and worst as it was my only purchase last year. It is good, but superflous for my needs. Should have saved my money for a decent gig bag instead
  8. An Emma Discumbobulator. There is nothing wrong with it, but I bought as an impulse at the LBGS, and have no real need for it
  9. Or . if you have facebook and join The Bass Guitar group, he gets on there a lot and is very approachable . I am sure he would answer your questions there
  10. There used to be 1 or 2 nasty people when I first joined, but most get fed up and leave if they are not getting the attention they think they deserve. I have had disagreements, and got into some heated discussions, but seem to sort it out with a pm. I think a lot of people get exasperated, and get a little hot under the collar on occasion, but as pointed out, it is usually a misunderstanding. I have had many years of free enjoyment out of this forum
  11. i bought it many years ago , but came with a tin. It is definately a record of 2 totally different sides to it.
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