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  1. best value DAW

    I came looking for a programme. I downloaded Audacity as it was free, and just couldn`t get it too do anything. I have downloaded Reaper for a 60 day trail. I got that working easily(at least sound through the bass) . So looking at the comments, it is looking like Reaper and Logic. I only downloaded Reaper because of some bloke on Youtube called Glenn Fricker highly recommended it. It looks like a lot of you agree
  2. Ear Training and Intervals

    Thanks. I am doing ear training, but trying to familiarise myself to sounds of the interval.
  3. London bass guitar show 2018

    I see Jah Wobble is signed up. As much as I enjoyed his slot last time, i would have preferred someone different as it was only a couple years ago. I am feeling a little underwhelmed by the artists so far.
  4. Complaining Neighbour

    If I so desire At the moment it is some soul train on the internet. The dancers always amuses me
  5. Complaining Neighbour

    The best solution is too build a shed at the bottom of your garden. I used to get complaints, but now I can play till 3 AM , or longer if I desire
  6. I have to do the inevitable and learn ear training. The examples are so boring, like Star Spangled Banner and Ode To Joy etc. Has anyone got any better, enjoyable examples please. I so far have Maj 2nd That`s The Way I Like It... KC and the Sunshine Band Min 3rd Smoke on the Water...Deep Purple Maj 3rd Lady Madonna.... Beatles Perfect 5th I Wanna Be Adored.... Stone Roses Octave Pusherman .... Curtis Mayfield Anyone able to fill the gaps of proper songs? Everytime I try to think of something, they all seem to be 5ths and octaves. Preferably descending at the momnent
  7. Nile Rogers

    I understand the reason for being critical. Just that the general listener listen to a band differently. I think non musicians just don`t hear what musicians do. I am in the same category.
  8. Nile Rogers

    Sorry about the S on the end. I am wondering if a lot of musicians are unlucky. Instead of enjoying a show, musicians are seem to be looking to find fault. I don't tend to be too critical as I am not a good enough musician.
  9. Nile Rogers

    I am really enjoying his show. The London fireworks were also fantastiv
  10. Fake logos on instruments

    Are we still on the merry go round?
  11. Fake logos on instruments

    For me, it makes no difference as i would never buy second hand. What i am against is you wanting the forum to change to Fretboard whatever , because you like it better.
  12. Fake logos on instruments

    You seem to be bad luck
  13. Fake logos on instruments

    Not much the mods can do on Ebay. If they were, i reckon your mate would not have bought it
  14. Fake logos on instruments

    It is a bit of entertainment
  15. Fake logos on instruments

    Ahh. Hiding behind the question. I got ya