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  1. timmo

    My Nut's Just Gone Flake

    i bought it many years ago , but came with a tin. It is definately a record of 2 totally different sides to it.
  2. I bought one for 50 quid 3 years ago
  3. timmo

    A Guy walks past a record shop...

    Nice moment
  4. timmo

    What are you listening to right now?

    I am listening to a lot of Faith No More. I like Billy Goulds playing quite a lot. Never really took time to listen to him properly.
  5. If you want to own a bit of Jaco history, maybe. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bass-Amp-Head-Rare-Collectable-of-Jaco-Pastorius-his-personal-Bass-Amp-/162391475187
  6. timmo

    Jamerson vs Kaye?

    If Carol Kaye says it was her line, I am in no position to argue. I don`t know what she would have to gain by lying, as she has achieved more records on a hit then we all have put together on this forum, It was an interesting clip, so thanks for posting
  7. timmo

    Ashdown job hunting

    By the way ... Despite the fun, I was seriously thinking someone might want it. It might not be the best of amps and stuff, but a good way for a young kid to get into the industry
  8. timmo

    Ashdown job hunting

    Haha. Yes. What is the point of the meter thing. I find them neat on an amplifier, but you can't see it on your headphones
  9. timmo

    Ashdown job hunting

    I was surprised to see they are trying to muscle in on Sonos. I can't ever see them being taken seriously against them. Doubtful anyone other than Ashdown enthusiasts will consider them.
  10. timmo

    Ashdown job hunting

    Just in case anyone is interested https://www.fish4.co.uk/job/8135390/marketing-assistant/
  11. timmo

    London bass guitar show 2018

    Thank you. Be there in 5 mins
  12. timmo

    London bass guitar show 2018

    Anyone know what time the place opens please ?
  13. timmo

    London bass guitar show 2018

    I will be trying tomorrow. The roads are clearing up quite a lot, so I will be making an early start
  14. timmo

    London bass guitar show 2018

    Not looking good for me. The snow is coming down fast. The A40 to M40 has got severe warnings. The A417 to M4 is going to be hard . My only other option is M5 to Bristol, M4 to London. Chowny says Bristol is bad, so looking a bit grim for me. My ticket is valid for Saturday. If i can transfer it to Sunday, I may try then. Ahh, thanks for the info Bluejay
  15. timmo

    London bass guitar show 2018

    Are there any Londoners that can tell me what the weather is doing? I am planning on driving to Hillingdon if I can get there. Then I have to rely on the tube. I am not feeling optimistic.