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  1. It is a very frustrating situation. The amp is in a house but not able to get there to do a deal at the moment.
  2. Stomp by Brothers Johnson is a good example of me liking slap. Just enough to make the song chug along, but not overdoing it
  3. I Love The Way You Love LP by Betty Wright. Never took a lot of notice , but thought I would give it a listen as I knew one of her songs. She was very good.
  4. I like well thought out and executed bass slap. It is the people who only know how to slap on E that is grating. We all have to start somewhere though, so not overly bothered
  5. Just remember no one person is right they are all opinions, but based on experience. You will never lose a lot on second hand decent basses. If you buy a good American Fender brand new, you will lose a few hundred quid on resale, or 20 years time , could go up in value. I paid £1200 for a Clover Avenger. I will lose more money on that, than a Fender, and will have a harder time on resale. Not many will have tried one let alone heard of it. I bought it at bass Direct. If £1500 is not really a big problem on resale at a later date, i would look at somewhere like bass direct, or bass Gallery, then see what is about.There is a lot of choice. I bought a Warwick bass on Thomann. They are German but don't be worried about buying from there. They are well packaged and get few complaints, and can be cheaper than buying here. As you can't visit shops at the moment, you can only buy online anyway. I went on gut instinct when i bought mine, and I am glad as I love my bass. I wasn't a member here then so my head wasn't filled with hundreds of different variables and being left cuts my choice down tremendously. I am not selling either. I did at least try my bass before i bought my first. I would be loathe to pay £1500 without trying on my first purchase. Harley Benton could be a good choice until you can try lots out when they reopen. Will give you a better idea in 6 months time when you want to spend serious money. I bet you don't know if a fan fret would be perfect for you at this time!
  6. My only advice is not to think of a 4 string as a beginner bass and a 5 string is an upgrade.
  7. timmo


    As soon as I can find one that isn`t black or natural, I am going to bite the bullet and get an Combustion
  8. Magic.thank you i will get looking
  9. That is interesting. I saw one the other day, but I thought I must have misheard him as he was playing through an ashdown amp. I just looked at the video. They do look good, but the competition at the price will have to be really special for them to break through.
  10. timmo


    The standard Combustion has EMG BT 07 3 band pre amps today. Not sure if they have always been the same. The AB1 is way out of my price range. They are nearly double the cost of an Evolution. I bet they are good though
  11. I don`t blame them, and not taking anything away from them, as I thought they were good. Just saying that they are becoming a T shirt rather than a band. They are fashion today
  12. Yeah. I meant lucky in todays music where you need to be good looking, and have a record label behind you. You never see gear laden transits in motorway services anymore Rush deserve the accolades, as they worked their way up in the true sense of making it big.
  13. I think Rush are over rated. I know they aren't though. They were very successful. An oxymoron. All the opinions on here will belie the fact that they aren't. Lucky or unlucky are different thing though.
  14. I would say underated for me is 13th Floor Elevators. Most know the early psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd, but they were at the forefront. There is not really any over rated bands. Some have luck, others don't. There are a lot i hate, but if they are selling millions, then they are only over rated by me. I can't stand Kanye West and his ripping off for his records, but he sells millions.
  15. I know what you mean. I liked some Nirvana. They are now in The Ramones T shirt category. They are fashion items rather than the they like the band.
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