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  1. TJ1

    Sterling SB14?

    many thanks. I was going to take it to Bobby Joe's music in Seven sisters road, I think they know basses - at least they sell quite a few second ones.(I got this one off a private seller)
  2. TJ1

    Sterling SB14?

    No sorry I got that the wrong way round. What I meant was that the lower notes played near the headstock sounded better and smoother than the more metallic slappy higher notes nearer the bridge
  3. TJ1

    Sterling SB14?

    OnceI can work out the technology
  4. TJ1

    Sterling SB14?

    Further to my recent thread about buying a 1500 bass without knowing how to play one, I took the advice here and decided to go cheap. I got a used Sterling by musicman SB14 for £300. It certainly looks the part -all black with high quality chrome knobs. My question is notes played on the upper frets sound smooth, the way I thought a bass should sound, but as I go lower down the notes sound sort of slappy and metallic. Is this a fault with the instrument? or is this way basses are? or could it be my technique?
  5. The problem is I don't really know any experienced bass players to accompany me. I thought if I went to a reputable retailer like Bass direct and tried a few, this would minimise the chances of buying a lemon? or is this niave?
  6. Thank you again for the advice. Thinking about it buying a really good second hand bass seems to make sense rather than purchasing new either an expensive one or a cheap one. That way I would'nt lose money if I did'nt like it and would hopefully not have to go through the charade of trading up. I like the look of the Lakland Skyline and reviews seem to suggest it is built to a high standard.- is this a decent allrounder? or the Sandberg?
  7. Thanks for the advice. Thinking about it spending this sort of money on a guitar at this time might be a little unwise/insane As for buying something cheap to learn on I am not sure. When I was learning acoustic, my teacher said 'buy the best you can afford' and I have not regretted it. Obviously I need to try them out but there look to be some pretty nice used Sandbergs on sale for 600-700, this might be the sweetspot in terms of a guitar that I might actually want to keep
  8. That would be really nice of someone, i'd bring a six pack! My location is North London. Really interested in trying a Fender and a Sandberg side by side, but any others would be interesting. I had the virus four weeks ago - so guidelines state I am no longer infectious.
  9. Many thanks for the replies. Trying a few out at a shop seems essential. A lightly used Sandberg would definitely be on my rdar.
  10. Hi I am new to the Bass guitar, but want to learn with a good versatile instrument, that is not restrictive in terms of style or sound. Any recommendations appreciated. The budget is for the instrument only. I had a look at the Fender series, and I am sure they are good, but for some reason i am always hesitant to buy the market leaders.
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