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  1. Why not? I don't believe you could take it with you into the afterlife.
  2. I guess if someone is very rich, their whole concept of what is 'worth it' is different from ordinary people. I mean if you've got tens of millions of pounds, why not pay a few thousand for an artistically reliced bass?
  3. So does anyone want to enter the tournament? Note progression: G-D-G-C-E-G-A. Two finger up plucking only. £20note and Ernie Ball candy posted to the person with the fastest consistent BPM.
  4. Sorry I meant E-G but i guess you try E/G if you think it sounds better.
  5. Absolutely. I'll even give an arrangement - G-D-G-C-EG-A. Two or more entrants. Ernie ball candy and a crisp £20 Note posted to the fastest Seriously.
  6. I think all seven, but not including sharps.
  7. Sorry I'm an idiot, what I meant was the highest/ lowest common denominator in rhythmic notation - which I think is semi-quavers. Yes it's a competion. I'll post Ernie Ball bongo candy to the person who uploads the fastest video demo - there have to be more than three entrants though -and the prize is just basically annoyingly tantalizing stickers and such.
  8. thanks for the correction. the parameters would be up strokes only(if that means plucking towards the hand with the E string on the top). Index and forefinger only. Thanks for your patience.
  9. It s a simple question, how many string strikes can you do per minute using the standard two finger plucking technique? I am too stupid to work out the answer in the above replies.
  10. Yes sorry I should have clarified - that is fingers and crotchets.
  11. Sorry I should have aid on different notes, not on the same note of course.
  12. That is the highest strokes per minute - ideally according to the objective rigour of a metronome. I think it would be interesting to find out what is humanly possible.
  13. I'd imagine if you come at any profession thinking 'lets see if I can make a living - but if it does not work out, then I'll do something else' you may not have the obsessive to make it in something as difficult as the music business. The word' semi-pro' implies something slightly half arsed.
  14. Ok Thanks - what are the pitfalls of fitting a bar as pictured above?, I am a bit nervous about drilling holes in my new bongo, but I think I need one.
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