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  1. I think there are definitely bargains to be had, assuming you hope that things will get better. Just picked up a two year old Gibson J45 acoustic in literally as new condition on ebay for £1250, which retails new for well over £2000. OK it's not a bass, but in the icon stakes it's at least equal to the Stingray, and as such I am willing to live on Morrisons baked beans and bran flakes to take advantage of the poor dentist who sold it. And yes given the opportunity or more likely need I would sell it in the future, albeit reluctantly.
  2. Many apologies if the original question contains any form of enjoyment at the possible plight of hard working musicians, that was not the intent. But way back in the late 1700's at the time of the French Revolution: (which at the time was probably seen to be similarly traumatic as COVID is now) -Baron Rothschild said 'Always buy when there's blood on the streets', & I believe there some kind of basic but dangerous truth to that statement.
  3. That would be something like an EBMM Stingray or in the acoustic world a USA Martin or Gibson.
  4. That is those basses or other instruments of a professional or posh standard, because of the effects of the lockdown on live musicians and the fact that affluent amateurs may have to be cutting back: Opinions appreciated - & don't have to contain gospel/scientific truth.
  5. I would just use the lower E string on the guitar to provide bassal qualities. It is only strummed in a small minority of chords anyway.
  6. I want to thank BChatters for their generous and informative responses to my Golden Wisdom on the subject of Quo. Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to think of a suitably entertaining counterpoint. So for the time being I leave you with this classic from Mr Parfitt. I guarantee anyone who performs this down the pub(if they still exist), will have them rocking in the aisles or whatever.
  7. I really enjoyed this, in addition to liking the music I found the echoing/reverbing vocals quite innovative. I guess my only suggestion is that although the city backdrop seems entirely appropriate, the music for me implies some kind of moving journey or investigation which the still or static visual does not quite gel with.
  8. I think this wisdom may apply to some listeners as well. For me what makes Status Quo unique in the Partheon of popular music history, is that, in their in their long and perilous musical voyage, they somehow made an epoch changing discovery: That is the importance of a consistently repetitive underlying rhythm, whatever else is happening in the music. I will be probably be crucified by the upper echelons of the Quo intelligensia for suggesting this, but the enclosed video is my favourite track. I believe it perfectly demonstrates how a totally consistent and repetitive bass line can completely cradle a song and performance. Incidentally I am of the view that the lyrical quality of this song may put Mr Rossi in the same rock pavilion as the likes of Bob Dylan, John Lennon or Neil Young.
  9. I think the consensus seems to be that a ragtag of songs from different time periods or even the same time period: would be less attractive than an identifiable 1980's concept. But I refer you my previous post where I stated that it would be good idea for your band's morale to include one 'stand out- off the wall' song that is totally unlike the 1980's - possibly more in line with age group of any your younger members - and that it trully democratically selected. Without knowing you or your band's background I do believe that I am broadly correct on this point. BTW You should be aware that I have provided 'Gold Standard' advice to many eminent people and institutions - including would believe to a former President of the USA.
  10. Personally my initial reaction if I was informed that I had to spend "£2.5k on a bass that someone else chose, in order to stay in this particular band, would be to leave it. But on second thoughts I'd find the request so outrageous that I would be very intrigued to know the thinking behind it. They obviously either really like you or are intent on stealing this Dingwall that you are being forced to acquire, otherwise they would not have made such a ridiculous suggestion. But I am afraid the truth might be that there might be some aspect of your playing that they are uncomfortable about or is not suited to their style of music, and believe that the Dingwall might magically cure it. Perhaps you could think back if there was anything you could have done differently in your previous sessions with them and maybe request a Sit-Down with all the members before forking out two and half grand to ask them if there is anything the band could be doing better that you could help with or improve. BTW if you do want to go expensive and need a light but solid versatile bass with state of the art electrics you may not necessarily go at all wrong with the Musicman Bongo(IMHO) .
  11. Thank you for your helpful comment. And many thanks for putting my astoundingly portentous thread back on top for the night.🤑
  12. In terms of Best Bass Genius - he's obviously had it, but I do find the evolution of his hair-styles somewhat dubious.
  13. Indeed. And it is precisely because my main interest is in the guitar that I may be lucky enough to achieve the objective realization that is necessary to state that Status Quo's bassist is probably the Rembrandt of his respective era and genre.
  14. Sorry but in terms of consistent, marathon like, endurance: spanning multiple classic epochs, Quo far outclass AC/DC, and I mean show them the red lights.
  15. To use an analogy, for whatever reason the entire literary community does 'worship' William Shakespeare. That's a fact, partly because he altered the English language in a Game-Changing way.. So I do not believe it necessarily futile to put forward a bassist that is deserving of common and enduring worship from the entire bass community. My vote goes with SQ's guy but it would be interesting for me to learn of any possible competitors.😰
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