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  1. Oh my, that is nice. I’d be seriously interested if I hadn’t just made a new acquisition myself!
  2. WITHDRAWN - I've had a decent part ex offer so will be going down that route. Thanks to those of you who expressed an interest.
  3. FINAL price drop - £1500. This is also now going on the 'Bay, though I'd rather sell it to a BC'er. If no-one bites this may end up being a part ex, so grab it while it's here!
  4. This happened to me too, although with UPS - they calculated my VAT total based on Euros and then just converted it 1:1 to pounds. Thankfully it only worked out as a fiver more expensive so I felt the time it would take to sort wasn’t worth the hassle. I’d be concerned if it was a higher value item though.
  5. Being up against that stable of basses is high praise indeed! Pics look great. I want to grab one of the German jazz basses but need to shift another bass first. Potentially interested in a modern somewhere down the line too. The Japanese Metros are still more expensive than the German ones so good to hear the latter are definitely of a similar if not better quality.
  6. Sorry for the potential thread hijack but @DiMarco, are you happy with your German Metro? How does it stack up against the Japanese equivalents? Presumably the Warwick factory hasn’t had the same QC issues as the Chinese-made Metro Expresses.
  7. Cheers @Kev, yeah I’ve been fortunate to play a few German-made Warwicks and the craftsmanship was great on all of them. Let me know if the coin situation changes!
  8. Nice! They look great. Although (and I may have not looked properly) I can’t see anything regarding weight on the product pages - which is a bit surprising.
  9. This, 100%. It’s tricky, particularly when selling your own gear. Do you remove the risk of something getting lost/damaged by a courier and offer collection only, thus greatly limiting the potential number of buyers, or offer postage to increase the number of punters but run the risk of something nasty happening in transit? Decisions, decisions.
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