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  1. Another vote for the Genzler. @Osiris has explained it better than I could but I can also confirm it is super clean and transparent. There’s usually one or two in the classifieds here as well. Another option might be GR, I’ve never used them myself but hear very good things about their transparency. Their carbon fibre range are super light too, but not cheap.
  2. I asked a similar(ish) question earlier in the year, there might be a few useful replies here: In the end I went for a SD pickup/pre combination, but didn’t like that too much either. I sold my Streamer ultimately but still have a Thumb BO, which I put a Bartolini preamp in. The Bart sounds a lot better than the stock MEC to my ears. Different bass, woods etc. but make of that what you will. I would have tried Barts in the Streamer too if not for the fact they’ve been impossible to buy over the last year or so.
  3. Another vote for the sunburst, sounded great. Don’t ask me exactly why though, just liked it overall.
  4. Thanks for your insights @thodrik and @FDC484950, that’s interesting. The German Metros are certainly very good quality (I can vouch for that) and it sounds as though the Far-East MetroExpress QC issues may have been largely sorted, so hopefully both models present good options at their price points now.
  5. That’s a shame, you’d think that they’d be subject to the same QC as the ‘full’ Metros having come from the same workshop. I’d assumed that they reason for the price difference was the more limited options list. Curious now as to whether those Japanese MetroExpresses were any good - I considered getting one but opted for one of the new German-made Metros. Which I’m very happy with incidentally (apart from the rather mid-scooped noiseless pickups, which I should probably replace with single coils). @FDC484950 how did you find the Japanese MetroExpress you tried?
  6. Indeed, they were briefly made in Japan initially as a slightly more affordable version of the Metro, but I believe issues around production were one of the reasons Roger moved things over to Warwick. Guitar Guitar still have a couple of the Japanese MetroExpresses available: https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/180206322265007--sadowsky-metroexpress-japan-rv4-black
  7. Recently completed a trade with Mark. We were easily able to agree something we were both happy with. He responded promptly and patiently to my questions. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others and would be happy to deal with him again.
  8. Amir recently bought some pickups from me, great communication and prompt payment. Nice guy, would very happily sell to him again!
  9. Now £1650 Up for sale is my Markbass Richard Bona Kilimanjaro signature 4 string with gig bag. Excellent, like-new condition. Light home use only. A reluctant sale but I have taken up bass building as a hobby and need some funds to put towards a workshop for my garden! (Speaking of which I’ll hopefully be sharing my first bass in the build diary forum in the coming weeks). If something has Richard Bona’s name on it the chances are it’s going to be pretty good. This is a ridiculously versatile bass. The Bartolini pickups paired with the 3-band MarkBass preamp (Vol/Vol/Tone/Bass/Mid/Treble) create any manner of sounds. It has an active/passive mode and the tone control works on both settings making this a Swiss Army Knife of an instrument. It also has an ebony ramp (£100 option) to provide yet more tonal options by providing a wide area to rest your picking hand and help promote consistent attack on the strings. Another strong point for this bass is its weight. It looks like a bit of a beast but the carefully selected woods mean it’s very lightweight and would be fine to play for longer periods on a gig. My kitchen scales estimate around 3.8kg. I’ve had a number of complements from friends who have seen this bass. It looks very different from your average Fender-clone and I think this adds to its appeal. So if you want something unique that can cover any manner of genres and will turn a few heads at the same time, this is the bass for you! Neck - WOOD: 1PC QUARTER SAWN MAPLE PROFILE: THIN D SHAPE THICKNESS: 20-22mm TRUSS ROD: DUAL ACTION HEADSTOCK SIDE + GRAPHITE BARS Body - TOP: 4A GRADE 5mm SOLID FIGURED MAPLE WOOD: 2 pcs LIGHTWEIGHT SWAMP ASH THICKNESS: 38mm BINDING: 0.5mm BLACK SHIM LINE BRIDGE: HIPSHOT KICKASS 4 STRINGS BLACK Electronics - EQ CONTROLS: MARKBASS V/V/T(active/passive) + 3 BAND EQ PICKUPS: BARTOLINI MK4CBC Price is £1800 £1650, these are hard to come by brand new and would cost around £3000. Collection definitely preferred but I am willing to courier to the UK for a little extra at buyer’s risk (please contact me to discuss). Thanks! Any questions let me know.
  10. The pics are over 10 years old as well, wonder if much has happened to it in the ensuing years. Is insisting on texts only and then calling back a bit weird? Genuine question.
  11. I think the body shape, hardware and neck all play a role in what colour looks good on a particular bass. I am currently lusting after a black body/black pickguard/maple neck p bass though. Also, most of my basses appear to have unintentionally ended up being blue or some variety of blue, so I guess subconsciously that’s my fav colour.
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