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  1. If you need the money/space for a new bass that you’ll play more often, then sell and don’t look back. I spent years hanging on to instruments that I never played and purged my collection earlier this year - hasn’t bothered me nearly as much as I thought it would. In fact it afforded me the resources to spec a dream custom bass that should be with me in a few months 😬 We’re all different but having one or two very nice basses that I play frequently, rather than having lots of decent ones that only get played every so often works well for me.
  2. I owned a German Metro J and ended up selling it. Sounded nice and played well but I let it go because the hum cancelling pickups were too mid-scooped for my liking and the VTC was too aggressive. As in, turn it up more than 25% and it just sounded messy. As others have said the boutique Jazz bass market is very saturated so try before you buy.
  3. Wow looks great! Another vote sans pickguard.
  4. Ooh. Be interesting to hear your thoughts once you’ve tried them. And if you get the chance to ask Mark what the difference between the Aerotech and True Carbon models is that would be awesome 😬
  5. Cool. Looks like they’re the same price as the AeroTechs, I presume it might shave something off the weight otherwise it seems a bit pointless to bring out a new version for cosmetics alone.
  6. I’ve just seen that Bass Direct are now stocking ‘Full Carbon’ cabs. These appear to be new for 2022 and in addition to the Aerotech cabs. Anyone know what they are? Are they even lighter than the Aerotechs? I wasn’t sure that would be possible!
  7. Adrian bought my Thumb bass and was a true gent - paid a deposit up front, collected exactly when he said and was a nice guy to boot. Really enjoyed dealing with him, would happily sell to him again in a flash. He also didn’t seem bored of my chatter for the best part of an hour - added bonus! Cheers Adrian.
  8. Cool I’ve just checked them out, that P-Ric in particular looks 👌🏻
  9. I really like the corvette body shape and I think the Thumb pickup position would work really well on it - looking forward to seeing that one as well!
  10. This is looking great, can’t wait to see it finished!
  11. Nice, at my current rate I think it’ll take me a few years to get 12 done 😂 I look forward to pictorial evidence of all of these projects, the P-Ric in particular sounds rather fascinating!
  12. Thanks! Haha, that is definitely the case with this one, I doubt very much that it will be going anywhere. My second build isn’t too far off being complete, let’s see what I decide to do with that 😂
  13. Thanks, love that story! I think that’s the ultimate aim for me, to get to a stage where I can sell a few builds. Perhaps as a side hustle. I certainly plan to make a good few more, and won’t have the space for them at home if nothing else 😂
  14. Thanks very much @andyaber and @benh, I think I’ll defo use that headstock shape again but just make it slightly wider. Will push myself a little bit further on the next one and see what happens!
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