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  1. Thanks! When I wired up the workshop I looked up what a ‘standard’ dimension for a workbench would be and set the sockets a bit higher than that. Thankfully it worked out OK. Cheers for the tip, funnily enough I actually have some leftover ply from when I boarded up the workshop so I can cut that down and put it on there without too much trouble.
  2. Yep, again, same experience as me - part of the problem was I wanted to sound like Zender but didn't manage it. Not all down to the bass of course, but I couldn't get anywhere near.
  3. UPDATE: I built my workbench last weekend! I went for something pretty standard as I wasn't hugely confident in what I was doing. It is a bit of a whopper length-wise, around 8ft but this was because I had the space and it was the standard length of the ply top - so minimal cutting to size. The height and depth are pretty standard (90cm and 62cm respectively). I am very pleased with it though, just need to add a couple of vices! Thanks everyone for your ideas and advice
  4. Nail on head. I can say with personal experience that Virgin are up there with the worst in terms of customer service - they have a complaints system that takes you in circles with the aim of you giving up and just going away. So there’s no link between business size and quality of service, IMO. For what it’s worth my dealings with Bass Direct have been OK. People are more than entitled to voice their concerns with something in a constructive way, which from what I can see is the case in this thread. I feel like as a society we’ve gone from one extreme - constant complaints and review bombing - to another these days of some customers being named and shamed/called out for daring to complain about a business in public. We need something between the two. Also agree with this. I find I’ve had to be a bit more ‘patient’ than usual when dealing with Bass Direct, but that’s because I tell myself that running a relatively niche business and maintaining relationships with a number of boutique suppliers means they don’t have enough time to fill their comms with niceties. It’s a trade off I’m willing to accept to be able to access products I can’t get elsewhere, but appreciate others may have a different experience/opinion.
  5. I found that too. I’d wanted a SS1 pretty much my whole life. Played one, bought it and then in the coming weeks discovered that I just couldn’t get on with that nasal tone. I was gutted.
  6. Phenowood I believe - essentially a mix of wood and carbon fibre. If you haven’t already be sure to check out Pascal Mulot playing his Passion on YouTube. The man is a beast!
  7. Ming is a top guy to deal with - quick comms, collected exactly when we agreed and paid promptly. Nice guy too - would happily deal with again.
  8. Up for sale is my Sadowsky Metro 4 string in sage green metallic. Bought in 2021, it’s in pretty immaculate condition with only very light signs of use. It’s never been gigged or left my house. A reluctant sale as I need the cash. This is a German-made model and the finish reflects this in that it is pretty flawless. It has an alder body and pau ferro neck. Comes equipped with Sadowsky noiseless pickups and the legendary Sadowsky two-band preamp (can be played in passive mode). Padded Sadowsky gigbag also included. Brand new these are in the region of £2250, so grab yourself an absolute bargain. Check my feedback thread to buy with confidence Collection definitely preferred, although I will courier at additional cost and at buyer’s risk – please contact me to discuss. No trades or offers please. Cheers!
  9. Oh yeah, plenty! I have that combo myself and it’s certainly not lacking in grunt. A lot of people say the bubinga body is ‘better’, but I can’t tell much of a difference myself plus you’d be looking at an extra £1k or so for it.
  10. That looks like a relatively new one to me, possibly only a few years old (if that). I think it’s Ovangkol body/neck and wenge fretboard. But difficult to tell without seeing in person.
  11. Stingray for me, that thing cuts through a mix like nobody’s business. Sorry to go outside the realms of the original question but the most aggressive bass I’ve ever played/owned is my Ken Smith - if you’re not careful with the preamp you’re almost fighting to keep it under control. The Sadowsky VTC is also super aggressive if not used in moderation.
  12. Really surprised they’re closing the paint shop as it was pretty legendary and a major source of their work I thought. I have a super quad in a build I’m doing myself that’s nearly finished, can’t wait to try it.
  13. Even that one’s a whopper! Yes please a pic of his bigger brother would be cool to see.
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