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  1. I’ve seen other posts on here regarding Hercules guitar stands that have had the rubber around the locking mechanism turn sticky and perish making the stand unusable. So I just want to give a shout out to Danny at Strings & Things who gave excellent customer service in promptly replacing my four year old stand despite me not having a receipt or serial number. Really impressed with the way it was dealt with.
  2. Amazing video....especially the percussion/bass medley at the end.
  3. As well as Andy Fraser using his Gibson EB3, I definitely remember seeing him play a sunburst Epihone...would it be a Rivoli?
  4. What kind of bass is Scott using here?.....someone in the comments thinks it’s a Fodera but I can’t see it on their website. Just love the look of it.
  5. Anyone seen this before? Interesting idea.
  6. Anyone been watching ‘Devs’ on BBC2? It’s a stylish sci-fi thriller set in San Francisco...quite riveting to watch. I was quite taken aback to hear ‘Oh I Wept’ by Free used in its entirety, in episode 5, for one sequence and then again later in the show. This song and band are one of my all time favs. It just seemed such an odd choice for a futuristic cutting edge film though the track did sit rather well with the imagery.
  7. Used to enjoy his playing with Thomas Dolby.
  8. Yes I’ve been following Lee’s daily videos too, and have really enjoyed them, especially his talking to camera or joke telling bits. Seems you can post ISIS beheadings but not criticise Trump. Am I right in thinking Facebook own YouTube or YouTube are owned by Facebook?
  9. Yes yes and yes again. Totally agree. Jaco’s melodic content and emotion in his playing has never been bettered. Mark King, whilst technically brilliant just leaves me a bit cold.
  10. Apologies...I did have a quick look but must have misses it.
  11. Beautiful quality and vibrato in that voice, very rare. Songs a bit too mushy though for my liking.
  12. I thought that was a stunningly beautiful looking bass when I saw the picture. I once waited six months for a custom built Sandberg and, six weeks after arrival, the neck warped and twisted so it had to go back for a new neck. It’s been perfect ever since though. Don’t give up on it!
  13. I saw Wishbone twice in the seventies...at Alexander Palace, (I remember Vinegar Joe with Robert Palmer also appearing), and at Manchester Uni. The whole back line was a wall or Orange amps and cabs and the whole bands sound was crystal clear. The low end on Martins Thunderbird almost shook my fillings out but also every note was discernible. I play a Jazz on the back p/up trying to get that mid finger style punch, but I love MT,s tone on this video.....maybe we’re all missing a trick!
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