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  1. I received my own Doom 2 this morning. Another 3leaf pedal for me from the House of Spencer!
  2. Seeing Abel Ganz tomorrow as part of the annual "Prog before Christmas" gig at the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow. Whole day of Prog goodness - should be a great day. https://www.drygate.com/venue-hire/events/prog-before-christmas-2019-wobbler-abel-ganz-grand-tour-and-jennifer-clark
  3. And, here's a beauty!! I honestly thought this was a parody until someone actually bought me the album!!!! Bob Dylan's Christmas Album - "Christmas In The Heart"!!
  4. Nick Lowe's "Quality Street" Christmas album is good Features the track "Christmas At The Airport" which gets points for including the phrase "kith and kin" in the lyrics!!
  5. Elvis on Screen with live band and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, at The Hydro arena in Glasgow tonight.
  6. Yup, on the case in a clear envelope is best - allows customs to check the document without having to rummage through the package.
  7. Currently enjoying this improvised jam from Cory Henry and Michael League. Love it!!!
  8. Going to see Snarky Puppy in Glasgow this Saturday.
  9. Saw John Smith in Oran Mor, Glasgow last week. Wonderful gig - great voice, and fantastic sounding guitar playing. Really nice guy to chat to also.
  10. I'm going to see John Smith at Oran Mor in Glasgow tomorrow.
  11. I did a gig in Glasgow bar where one of the audience stood to the side of us while we were playing our first set, while nodding along with a serious look on his face. He did this for another couple of numbers, the sauntered off. Two songs into our second set, he reappeared, this time with a black padded holdall type thing. He then unzipped it and produced.. a saxophone!!! He then proceeded to parp along with us on the number we were playing, while us in the band were looking at each other quizzically. Turns out we all thought he must be a friend of someone in our band. Wghen the song finished, he put his saxophone bag into his holdall thing, and then disappeared out of the bar! All very odd!!
  12. Erm.... Will Young in Glasgow tonight (my friend Paul Turner is on bass)
  13. JJ Burnel from The Stranglers for me - got me enthused about playing bass when I was a 15 year old. Then, when I was 17, seeing an amazing bass player with Jools Holland (just after he had left Squeeze). Supporting The Police at Ingliston Exhibition Centre, Edinburgh, on New Year's Eve, 1981. The bass player blew my mind - so fluid, muscular, and inventive. I thought, "now, THAT is how I want to play"!! The bass player was Pino Palladino! (incidentally, I still remember the bass he played - red Fender P-Bass, no scratchplate, small curved chrome control plate, and a Jazz pickup in the bridge position).
  14. I looked through a number of my playlist, and these tracks are always featured within my selections. Love each and every one of them. ABBA - The Name Of The Game, and Dancing Queen. BEATLES - Here Comes The Sun ROD STEWART - You Wear It Well THE WHO - Won't Get Fooled Again PINK FLOYD - Comfortably Numb, and Time. KATE BUSH - Wuthering Heights and The Man With The Child In His Eyes Kinks - Waterloo Sunset RUFUS w CHAKA KHAN - Ain't Nobody DEACON BLUE - Your Swaying Arms DAVID BOWIE - Heroes, Fashion, and Ashes To Ashes HUMAN LEAGUE - Being Boiled PET SHOP BOYS - West End Girls BRUCE HORNSBY- The Way It Is ELVIS COSTELLO - Watching The Detectives EARTH, WIND AND FIRE - September YAZOO - Only You
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