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  1. I've sat down to learn the bassline for Queen's "You're My Best Friend" - such a fantastic (and complex) line by John Deacon.
  2. The original Stingray Fretless is the one signed by Rocco Prestia.
  3. Pino sold his backup Stingray Fretless (through The Gallery in Camden, London). He still has his original fretless 'Ray. Here's what his original looks like now(pic taken by his wife Maz late last year)
  4. As Angel mentioned earlier, Marillion did a tour ("Saliva Tears Tour) before they had a record out. I was spending a lot of time Edinburgh in the early 80s, and used to go see loads of bands. So, I too saw Marillion on that tour when they played at The Night Club above the Edinburgh Playhouse - amazing gig. The band hot called back on stage for about three different encores. I also saw Funkapolitan at the same venue where I thought, "ooh, that bass player is great"! I chatted with him after the gig, and actually got to remind him of that when he borrowed my white Jazz Bass for a couple of weeks in 2018. The bassist? - Guy Pratt!!
  5. I did manage to grab him before he got to the merch desk. I let him know that I emjoyed his set, and that I'd already bought one of his CDs at the merch desk. He wouldnt be aware of my faux pas a few minutes before that! Hahaha
  6. Elvis Costello and The Imposters at the Glasgow Armadillo last night (Thursday 5th March). Great energy, and some of my all time favourite songs. However, Elvis' pitching was atrocious in some songs. Funnily enough, it was in his 'normal' register that the vocals would go astray. When he was pushing his voice into his higher / louder register, his vocals were great. Good gig nonetheless. Oh, and here's a tip for you all - if you're really impressed by the support act, and decide to pop out to the merchandise stand to let them know, and to also purchase one of their CDs - whereupon you see the guy and then say, "that was great! Loved the songs, and the audience really responded to you" - make sure that the bloke you're talking to is in fact, the artist, and not just a tousle haired guy from the audience that you've accosted as he was attempting to make his way to the toilets!!! Oh dear.
  7. Teddy Swims. If you haven't heard of him yet, then check this out. Stunningly beautiful.
  8. NOW GONE!!! Ever bought a DVD because you lost your copy, then find the original in a pile that you were sure that you'd looked through already??? Aaagh. So, that now means that I've got a spare copy if anyone fancies a freebie? It's a Region 1 disc!!!! - USA. (2 disc version) So, if you don't have a multi region dvd player, then you won't be able to play this one. If, however, you do have a multi region player, and want this fantastic film as a freebie gift, then just drop me a message. No charge - gotta pass the love around!
  9. Incidentally, the old speaker cabinet behind the rack of basses _ that's a vintage Leslie speaker cab that I got off eBay a couple of years ago. It only cost me £30!! Bargain of the decade!!
  10. The strings feel slightly softer compared to the same gauge on a 34"scale instrument. However, it's not as big a difference as I imagined it would be.
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