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  1. Personally, I have sold basses to buyers in Germany, Denmark, Portugal, France, Monaco, Italy, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Each one went without any problems (although the delivery to rural Portugal took a couple of days longer than expected). Because of the the EU membership, it was a really straightforward process, with no cross border problems (even the sale to Monaco had no issues). If Brexit actually happens, it'll be back to the old days of import / export taxes and tarrifs being applied to such sales.
  2. GONE - SOLD ELSEWHERE I've got an unused set of chrome plated Brass Saddles by Gotoh (model S11C). They are standard 10.5mm string spacing units. £15 posted in the UK for any of you 6 string twangers. Go on, treat yourself, you know you want to!!
  3. Anyone want a freebie copy of this 2 disc set? I've just discovered I've got a spare copy in my stash. No cost, and I'll even post it to you for free as well (UK addresses only!!) Let me know.
  4. I'm seeing Tom McGuire and The Brassholes on Sunday at the Hug and Pint venue in Glasgow. Should be another blisteringly good gig!
  5. As Lozz says, the Fender "Original" series of pickups have a definite mid "push" that I found pretty unpleasant to my ears. I've been using Fender "Pure Vintage" Jazz and P-Bass pickups for my recent basses, and they sound fantastic. I've also used the Custom Shop units, which are really nice also.
  6. I depped on a covers gig a couple of weeks ago. A lot of the same tracks that have been listed on this thread. I was given a prospective setlist a couple of days prior to playing. On the night, however, there were a few tracks thrown in without any prior knowledge! (Barry White's "the first, the last, my everything", Queen's "Crazy Little Thing", etc.) I had to try and remember how they went. Thankfully, I got through it, but it was pretty unnerving. I was offered a place as the regular bassist if I wanted it, so all was well.
  7. This thread has made me look out this 3 CD album for another listen.
  8. My favourite is definitely "Exit Stage Left" (even though it is one of the muddiest sounding live albums ever). Favourite studio album for me is Power Windows - love it!
  9. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!
  10. WaterofTyne - clue required mate.
  11. Surely someone will recognise this one??
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