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  1. WOW!!!!. Would shipping to Ireland be an option??
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I was also thinking of adding a bass preamp pedal with xlr out and sending a 2nd line to the desk which would solely be for me. So id still send my standard clean line to the FOH engineer and then a 2nd line to the desk that I can control the volume of via the controls on the preamp pedal.
  4. savage tips mate. ill try them. defo no fx coming thru. ill try that pan trick. that could give me some success.what does pfl mean. sorry im a bit green with this stuff. i havent tried a different channel but i will. the geq/compressor is engaged and im happy with the the tone but its the fact that i have to drive the bass so much and bring the rest of the mix down. im thinking im losing something with the ambient ear buds. ive a gig this sat and im gonna try some bits muchos gracias
  5. yeah i do try that too but i much prefer to have a fuller band mix. i know that ill have to sacrifice some things just cos thats the nature of the beast. i suspect the ue6's are better than the ampro30's
  6. Westone AM Pro 30 Triple-Driver Universal Ambient-Port 78538 B&H (bhphotovideo.com)
  7. Hi folks. I'm a bit stumped and I'm hoping for some help. So here's the story. I'm a bass player in a 5 piece wedding band. We're all on in ears and we're using the Allen & heath qu you app for individual monitor mixes. I'm using a G&L tribute 5 string and a US Musicman stingray 5 into a boss tuner and then into a LA Audio DI box straight to the desk and then aux out back to me for in ears and all controlled by the qu you app and I've a fischer in amp stick that I plug my headphones into. It's a very handy little setup. Now, the issue I'm having is with my bass guitar in my mix. I can mix everyone else in lovely (when I say "mix" I mean just levels as the qu you system EQ's everything when you adjust it) but when it comes to my bass it sounds like it's muffled or far away or else I have to turn everyone down so much so as I can stand out. Not ideal at all. What am I doing wrong or what ideas can you give me to try so that I can get my bass to stand out in the mix the way I feel it should without sacrificing the overall band mix. I was contemplating using an ampeg scr di and controlling my bass from it and utilising the aux in for the monitor mix from the desk but I'm not sure how that would work. Kinda lost but hoping for help Many thanks Derek
  8. i dont own a mini socket set but ill go buy one.
  9. hi all i have an old charvette by charvel bass. does anyone know how to adjust the truss rod . my action is very high. i cant find the right tool to fit the adjustment thingy cheers
  10. I've got so used to the big full clear sound of the l2500 that I hadn't played the sr5 for a while so i brought it to a rehearsal on Sunday and it didn't fill out the sound in the band mix near as much as the g&l. it actually sounded thin and weak compared to it. I don't know why. I've had the sr5 fully setup and checked and tried a few different batteries and no difference . I'm thinking it could be the fact that the strings are brand new and might just need settle in a bit . what does everyone think about brand new strings. do they tend to feel too bright and thin until they settle in?
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