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  1. If I'm changing the pickups would it be a good idea to change the wiring harness and pots aswell
  2. Fender custom shop 62 or Seymour Duncan spb1 vintage??
  3. Thanks mate appreciate you taking the time to send me a picture
  4. Hey folks. I've recently got a 2014 mim precision and I'm wondering about the pickup heights. I've it set to fender factory settings but I'm looking for more clarity and tone(yes I know tone is in the fingers) but ya know what I mean 😂 Cheers
  5. Still available folks. I'm not really playing it that much so I'd be open to decent offers. Just a shame to see it getting no use
  6. For me it would have to be Billy sheehan. He's a monster player and his bass clinic's are great to watch. He's so down to earth about all things bass. His tone is phenomenal and his custom rotos always sound huge
  7. Did a wedding in a castle on sat night here in Ireland. Savage venue and great crowd. Half Irish, half Scottish. Brilliant dance moves on show 😂
  8. That's very interesting because I've thought about doing the very same. It's very rare in 99% of the music I play that I'll need the low B, C or C#. It more than likely will be covered by the drop D.
  9. Because I love the 5 too...
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