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  1. And would you ship to Ireland and if so, what would total price be?
  2. Hey folks. I'm lucky enough to own a fantastic 97 SR5 with a maple neck and ceramic pickup. It's a beast. Now, I've toyed around with multiple string heights and truss rod adjustments and bridge settings. I was always looking for that sweet spot for my kinda playing (pop/rock and I like to dig in a bit) Recently I loosened the truss a little more than I'd normally have it (about the thickness of my bank card when 1st and last fret depressed down) and holy cow!!! It is absolutely singing. Even acoustically it's just got huge tone. My action is probably a bit higher than the majority of players I watch on this forum but my god I love it. Anyone else tinkered with the higher than average side action. Many thanks
  3. Hey. Thanks for getting back to me. The whole import tax thing is a complete hornets nest of a thing. I could end up paying crazy money to get it released from customs. Its a pity cos I would snap that bass up in a heartbeat but I'm hearing horror stories about purchases coming from the UK. I'll do a bit of digging this side and weigh it up Cheers
  4. I don't really wanna spend that kinda money on it to be honest.
  5. Anaemic is probably a bad word for it. Its got the ceramic pickup and I dunno if its just not right for me. It sounds very metallic and (searching for a word here 😂) anaemic 😂. It's a pure powerhouse but I struggle to get any versatility out of it. I know I'll get scorned for that remark but it's true. I play many genres and it'll do the job but I'd like to get closer to the sound I'm after than what the sr5 offers.
  6. Hey folks. I have a 07 stingray 5 and it's a beast but I find it a little anemic and clanky but also solid as a rock. I've an opportunity to swap for a lakland skyline 5502 deluxe but not sure. All opinions welcome
  7. Yamaha TRB 5II For sale is my lovely Yamaha TRB 5 II from 2004. I believe the colour is called Sunburst but it's a very gentle fade over really nicely grained wood. It is a brilliant bass that is super versatile and for a 16yr old instrument it is in fantastic condition. 100% original. The build quality is as good as you'll find and the neck is a beauty. It has two Yamaha soapbar pickups and an active 3 band eq. Weight is 4.6 kg Nut width is 43mm What more can I say. It's basically a really high class 5 string that sounds beautiful, plays great. Hardcase included. Shipping is no problem
  8. Trying to fix a muddy tone on my bass 😤
  9. Yeah I've changed them around a good bit and mixed them and I can hear the difference but it stills leaves everything muddy
  10. Yeah I've tried a couple of batteries and no improvement. It's a funny one. I've everything flat and the bass sounds huge and powerful but slightly muddy. I don't know if the preamp needs a service or complete replacement but it's really annoying. I've Ernie Ball Slinkys on it now but I'm not sure if different strings will make enough of a difference
  11. Hey folks. I have a lovely yamaha trb 5ii bass. I'm very happy with the build quality and playability. Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed with the preamp and possibly the pickups. It seems to sound muddy almost all the time. I'm trying to eq it onboard as best I can but I can't get that nice clear tone I'm after. I have put new strings on it about 2 weeks ago. Would anyone have any suggestions Thanks
  12. My bridge is top loading only. Definitely not string thru body. Ernie Ball long scale winding length is 37.25" and goes to just beyond the nut before it tapers. Would that be ok for me
  13. Hey folks. I've a 35" scale yamaha trb 5ii bass and I'm wondering if standard 34" scale bass strings will work. It's a top loading bridge. Cheers
  14. Hey folks. I've the opportunity to buy a yamaha trb 5ii but I don't know much about them. Currently I have a stingray 4 with hipshot detuner. Would the yamaha cut through as good in a mix with 2 guitars drums and keys. I've played 5 string 35" basses before and have no issues with that. Cheers for your input
  15. Hipshot bass extender added. Still available
  16. I'm a huge fan of the stingray sound and this has it in effin bucket loads. She really is a monster of a bass and I'm quite reluctant to let it go but needs must sometimes and it deserves to be played a lot more than it is. This is a gorgeous 2004 Musicman Stingray 4H. It has seen a lot of stage time and hence has the odd tiny nick and a small bit of buckle rash which has been smoothed out and lightly lacquered to stop any further wear. It's all original. I recently had the preamp serviced by an electrical engineer and then sent it off to a luthier for a full setup. I've a set of Ernie Ball slinkies on it at the moment and they're on it roughly 3 months and have that lovely 'warm yet still bright enough' tone to them. It comes with an original MM hardcase but it has had a little bit of van wear and tear but still works perfectly and does the job. I'm based in Ireland so shipping can be arranged. Its approx €50\60. I'm looking for cash on this but I would be open to looking at other basses Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. PS I've just added a hipshot bass extender. Derek
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