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  1. Don't use superglue! If you need to remove the nut in future you'll risk ripping out the wood. Ordinary white wood glue is fine, even for plastic or bone on wood. You want the bond to be just enough to hold the nut in place , but not so strong you can't tap the nut off with a soft mallet.
  2. I'm a martyr to this and can only suggest the usual slick goos. Sometimes I think it's God's way of telling me I'm playing too much diddly diddly, as is my wont. Less notes, in the right place, might be my answer. but can't speak for yous.
  3. Do you move as you groove? I know a bassist who practically dances the whole time they're playing. OTOH, I can't blink an eyelid or I'm off the beat. You?
  4. What's its width including case? EDIT: no worries, now found it.
  5. Recently bought a fretted bass, a Cort A6, it's a while since I've played fretted, and I have an odd problem. I'm finding unless I finger notes very precisely I get 'fuzzy' notes sounding; almost but not quite 'rattly buzzy'. Now you might say what's wrong with having to be precise? Well, the problem is having to be that precise about the fingering is slowing me down. Unless the tip of my fingers is placed just so, and at just the right angle, and snuggily wuggly up right behind the fret, I get the fuzzy happening. Happens anywhere on the fingerboard, but more so as I go north of the 5th fret. Strings are almost new Dunlop rounds. I don't remember having this issue in my first fretted incarnation. Does anyone recognise these sympoms as indicating muppetry on my part, or an adjustment issue - and if the latter, what is it? Not aware of issues with the relative fret heights, relief is 0.3mm at the 8th fret, and the action ranges from 2.6mm - 2.0 mm across the fingerboard at the 12th. I'd like it lower but I'm proscribed by the ridiculous bridge adjusters on the older A6, as this bass is.
  6. I once offered ToneRider to change my band's name if they'd send me a free pickup. Didn't work for some reason.
  7. Some confliction here. You say you are human and engage in human activities, but prefer to play synth to real bass. Are you sure you've haven't nobbled a real human and assumed hisher identity? 🤣
  8. Any alcohol at all breaks my fragile grip on the groove. I will sometimes sip a pint across a couple of sets and finish after close downb but no more than that. My subsittutes are fizzy water and salted peanuts.
  9. I bought a MiM P bass on the way to the gig, which was one street over from where I bought it. Worked fine
  10. My issue with nut-fiddling is the tools. Good nut files are very expensive for what is a very occasional, maybe even once in a decade, job. Not so good nut files are hopeless and you just end up rubbing the slot for ever. Other bodges are available, like thin needle files, but the results can be a bit hit and miss. I hacve lived OK with the result though.
  11. Problem isolated to broken wire inside one half of the pickup. Now sorted.
  12. Just swapped out my old pup for a s/hand Bareknuckled P '58 pup. While I was at it I used copper sheet to line the cavity and the pickguard. Result: silence. I either can't get any response from the pup poles by tapping them, or get a response from one of the two pup halves if I lift the pots out of the cavity. And even if I get a tap from touching the pole with a screwdriver, putting a string over it at tension elicits no response at all. Trouble is I have next to no idea about electrons and certainly don't own a multmeter. Which I admit is daft, then, trying to do an electron job.
  13. Can't quite work out where the copper goes and why. Shirley they're too small to screen interference?
  14. By way of a dog leg, I actually like single cut basses, which have to be neck through. Gorgeous. I just don't like playing them much because they're awkward, IMO. But obv not for this guy
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