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  1. Very useful to hear of your experience with the S3 there WinterMute, thanks for sharing it. H.
  2. Evening chaps, I wonder if anyone has any HANDS-ON experience of using a EUCON control surface with Logic Pro X.... I need to choose between Avid S3, which is EUCON and SSL Nucleus which uses HUI/MCU. Hearing good/bad for both, and I'm hoping there might be someone in the know. Still waiting to hear from the folks on the LPX forums, so maybe EUCON really has no love in the Logic world. Grateful for any advice here... H.
  3. I agree, always found it very easy to get on with.... Anyway, sold now so thread can be closed
  4. Yes, I know it's not a "real" one still makes some pretty useful noises though... and it's in good nick, AND it comes with an 18v mains unit. Like MILLIONS! of others I've read and inwardly digested Mike Beigels very public (and possibly justified) rants on the whole HAZ thing, but at some point you do just go ohdearhowsadnevermind. It's quite an early one and it doesn't have the little tip switch thingies in the battery compartment I have tried the Real Thing, £700 and it is different, but this is still quite a cool pedal - just a bit more subtle perhaps. Of course, if it's [size=6]ULTRA[/size] squelchy you're after you'll need to look elsewhere. Anyway, £125 posted (UK) I'll leave it on here for a week then stick it on eBay. HT PS No trades thank you [attachment=245369:IMG_20170515_162932.jpg] [attachment=245370:IMG_20170515_163004.jpg]
  5. Why, that's very kind of you to say so sir... fwiw I've always found "The BC" to be a strange interdimensional tarpit for bass!!! Normally everything you play there seems to magically mutate into random bursts of hi-energy 100Hz boom, no matter how quietly you play. Weird.. still, it's tempting to MASSIVELY over-estimate how important this is to the end product, probably I just need to be slightly less precious
  6. Thanks for that Bill, that's exactly what I meant. The combo can't have anything on top of it as that would block the fan. So short of building some spacers, the best compromise would probabably be to put the combo with the speakers side by side on top of the vertically aligned ext. cab I guess... sort of T-shape.
  7. Thanks Phil, absolutely agree regarding the value of "dead ends"... While four legs is good, two legs is not ALWAYS bad ! I very rarely have a problem with hearing myself on-stage... The issue is more centred around those gigs where there's no PA support for bass, where I would like the audience to hear something vaguely similiar to what I'm hearing It's one thing to bathe in lovely lo-mid, old school thumpiness on stage, it's quite another to suspect that you may well be filling the room with weird blobs of infra-sound, which are only going to find favour among mushrooms & manta-rays! This was the reason behind the initial question regarding the "real-world" frequency point at which I'm going to start losing equal definition across the room due to comb filtering.
  8. Hi Kristo, thanks for the welcome! Pretty close... I'm about 20 miles SW of you
  9. Hi John, thanks for the welcome. Great tip about the Burston Crown... know it well, played there on the 12th of last month In fact, I think you were there ! And I'm guessing I might even know that JV personally Cheers Nick
  10. Sure is Rikki! Thanks for the welcome, Nick
  11. Personally, from a sound point of view, I'd go for ECB81 Chromes (.045 -.100) rather than La B's on that Sire... they just seem to work really well on a J-type bass. Just give 'em a liberal wipe over with Vaseline when you've got 'em on The La B's seem to work better on a P. I've spent years swapping Chromes, TIs and LB 760's around, including fiddling & faffing about with the ensuing set ups, and now.... My Work Is Done Tension wise; the Chromes are a bit tauter than than the 760FL's, which are a bit tauter than a bog standard set of D'Ad 105 nickel rounds, which are a country mile tauter than the TI JF's 'Course, this was all playing-fields when I was a girl!
  12. Yep, that's the one... I'd be REALLY interested to know if anyone's still using one of these !!! Somehow, I'm sensing not ...
  13. I hope you'll forgive me dragging this one up again, but I have a specific question regarding the frequency at which this comb effect thingy starts to become an issue. I'm using a GK 2x10 combo with an additional 2x10 cab underneath. I have done a couple of gigs using the combo & cab on their sides to get a single vertical column of 10's and this does seem to cause the 1001RB head in the combo to get rather warm due to the altered ventilation characteristics due to it being on it's side. The sound I'm going for is a typical Motown P-bass thump with flats & foam mute. Tone is rolled pretty much off. So lots of low mids and no real top end as the amp treble control is rolled off completely and high mids flat. Can anybody tell me whether I might escape the dreaded "4x10 cancellation phenomenon" given these settings? I've had a pretty good read of most of the threads on here regarding this, and now I'm hoping that some savvy person like Alex or Bill might jump in and name some frequencies. Thanks Nick
  14. Thanks guys, nice to be made so welcome
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