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  1. I always thought of relic'ing as pretentious until one day, fed up with the cheap glossy white of my Revelation, I took some sandpaper to the top edge where my plucking arm rests and rubs. It improved the overall look no end, and I'm not worried about any further knocks or scrapes. Where it looks real and subtle I'm now something of a fan.
  2. Just out of interest, keep a log of how many days you keep cranking the strings up to tune and let us know when they finally settle.
  3. Talk to @KiOgon on here about looms. I fit his creations to all my newly acquired basses. Not sure why you're swapping Duncan pups for Entwhistle. Entwhistle are mighty fine pups but in the same bracket money and quality wise? Yes no? Not sure if they do a J bass but for P bass I fit Toneriders as a matter of course.
  4. Who's gonna be the first to ask to change their forum name to Sticky LaBella?
  5. Always been typical for me and I regard my action as quite high for a fretless, deliberately so because I don't want any of that mwah malarkey.
  6. E 2.4mm A 2.0mm D 1.8mm G 1.6mm
  7. Great cabs these, and absurd value for money. GLWTS.
  8. NAD. Yesterday I played an Ampeg PF350 through a 410 Behringer at my local rehearsal studio.  Loved it.  Perfect for blues and rock n roll. And great value for just £250 new. So today I went out and bought a... Markbass LM3.  I know. It was a toss up.  It was just that an as-new MB LM3 for just £280 seemed to me to be a better deal than the Ampeg.  But I remain highly impressed, so for me 'NAD' means the day I discovered a new amp that floats my boat, even if I didn't buy it. 

  9. Attitude (=80 tune said with a bad sinus cold}
  10. @bigmuff69do you also do simple ramps, as in just a square or rectangle of wood of about the same thickness as these rests?
  11. Not even noticeably sweaty. Happens to me only when gigging. I'm not aware I sweat more then (no wet hands etc) but deffo my speed of note change on a fretless slows to a crawl as the finger stick to the strings (Dunlops, not super smooth but reasonably so). I posted elsewhere on here for solutions and got a number of suggestions. Strings Direct helpfully suggested a D'Addario product which you rub on. Will try it in action this Sunday.
  12. Oh my... if that was unlined fretless ebony....
  13. Galli Synthesis flatwound strings, BSN 700 chrome. Strung and cut to a Fender style headstock. Just noodled with a couple of times. So cut and bent but otherwise close to new (£42). No packets or other stuff, just the strings.
  14. Well, this is the end of the second day and I'm still cranking those ol' heads. The rate of detune has slowed but they still go out by half a half tone every 1/2 hour. Not blaming you as tastes and experiences vary and I decided to buy them but I call these a total waste of £40.
  15. I deconstruct it like this: Route A I need to show people what I can do and demonstrate what degree of an derrière I am. I also need to see this in other people. Both needs are met in a decent jam session or equivalent. I was introduced to my local blues society ( not my perfect choice of genre) and started going along. I've now had two cracking bass chairs in two of the best blues / rock bands in my region. Route B I have been in JoinMyBand and BandMix for several years. I had two contacts, from a very odd pot head, and a decent enough own-stuff band. Route A is to my mind the only one: play with people and build contacts, build skills, be willing and be as likeable as you can.
  16. @franzbassist I just bought some at your recommendation and the tone is nice so thanks for that. But the one massive downside is mine won't stay in tune. They're going out by whole tones in less than an hour – and I keep winding and winding - I can’t believe they don’t go twang… I’ve changed dozens of string sets in my life. My MO includes making sure there’s at least two turns round the winding post, I gently stretch the string after fitting by pulling in the middle, and press down in front of the bridge. And I do know that new strings take a while to stabilise. But I’ve had these on for hours now and they’re still going way out of tune in just a few minutes. My old Dunlops barely needed adjusting once a month… Edit: Just heard back from Mark at Bass Direct who flogged them to me. He thinks they're slipping on the tuning post. With two to three turns and the end stuck down the 'ole in the middle of the post I can't see how that's happening. Never happened to me before.
  17. I knoiw what you mean. I play unlined fretless but my appetite for mwah is strictly limited to a few miuntes. By increasing the action height slightly, relief and the string height at nut I get a great normal bass sound without irritating mwah.
  18. Looks in amazing nick - GLWTS
  19. String Direct recommended me the D'Adarrio equivalent of Fast fret. I now have the Dad stuff, Fast Fret, Dr Duck and Finger Ease - enough to last me into the next century. 😂
  20. Try https://www.hannahsmusic.co.uk/gm.html , just ordered some
  21. I play flatwound strings, a well worn set of Dunlops. But having returned to gigging for the first time in a long time I'm having trouble with sticky strings. To be clear, this isn't the stickiness of new flats, these are well worn and smooth. Also I don't have this issue when practising, only when gigging. My fingers start to stick to the strings and it makes playing fast really difficult. Any thoughts?
  22. Having had both, BF are so light weight isn't an issue. Obv one 210 is bulkier. Ohmage could be an issue but the BF 210s is switchable. IMHO the 2x110 set up in black grille would be best for me and looks the dogs. But YMMV.
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