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  1. Yamaha BB234 Brand New

    Unless I am missing it whereabouts are you located please? Cheers
  2. Bass Stolen in Leicester

    If you are on facebook might be worth adding to https://www.facebook.com/groups/413529202110294/?ref=bookmarks a Leicester musicans page.
  3. Bass Stolen in Leicester

    Sad news and I will keep an eye out as well in the area.
  4. I fancy an epiphone blackbird the one with Nikki Sixx pickups - any one got one for sale? Cheers
  5. Seeking a jazz bass neck to put on my precision. Either maple or rosewood and would prefer Fender brand ideally Mexican but will consider Squier, allparts etc. Cheers
  6. Unusual Bass - any idea of make

    Hmmm...interesting then and perhaps will not explore further, thanks all Cheers
  7. An unusual bass I have not seen before and therefore no idea if price is realistic. Even the seller is unsure of the make and I can find nothing under Genie. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/bass-guitar/1265485497 Anybody seen one before, idea of make or if any good? Cheers
  8. Feedback for 28mistertee

    Just bought a Gibson off Mark after communicating through Basschat turns out he lived in the next village - three miles to collect! Excellent guy to deal with. Bass in great condtion thanks Mark Cheers Andy
  9. Gibson USA EB13 & Gibson Blackbird

    Looks like both basses sold and so I doubt it....
  10. Scareware

    I have had this happen to me now. Three times in the last two weeks and only on basschat and when on my laptop. Now using my iPad for now.
  11. Any One Do A Royal Blood Cover?

    Our drummer wanted to do a Royal Blood number, can't remember which one, but I bought a secondhand Behringer US600 ultra shifter to boost up an octave quite cheap. I think it is meant for lead guitar but worked well with my bass and through distortion on my Zoom pedal sounded quite like the real thing. Then we decided it was not right for us, mainly because the guitarists felt redundant so we dropped it.s
  12. Fender Jazz US American Traditional SOLD

    Bump with price drop Cheers
  13. Serial Number N901604 dating it 1999/2000 There is limited and conflicting information on the web about the story behind this model which appears to have been put together with a left over 1983 one piece scratch plate and other bits in the US factory. I believe it was the forerunner to the Highway models. I also believe they were export only and were only made for a couple of years. Says made in USA and American Traditional in small script on the headstock. I didn't quite take to the white control knobs and replaced them with usual jazz black ones, which I prefer, but both sets are included. In addition I replaced the pots as I thought weak, being B500k mini pots and a 0.683uf capacitor. I obtained full size 250 pots with 0.47uf cap from KiOgon and certainly made an improvement but the original harness is also included and can easily be swapped back. These are the only two mods made and the bass is in excellent condition. I can find no chips or scratches apart from two of the usual hairline cracks either side of the neck which do not show up on photographs and can hardly be seen. I am the second owner the first, who had until this time last year, was a guitarist and only bought it in case the bassist did not turn up at gigs. Mainly left in the case and explains excellent condition and almost zero fret wear. It comes with a non Fender (one was not provided with this model) but period black tolex covered wooden case which is also in good condition. It has a fast neck, quite light at 9.4ib and sounds just like a great jazz bass. Looking for £450 collect only and not really looking for trades on this at the moment as I have eyes on another bass. [attachment=236949:P1011630.JPG] [attachment=236950:Jazz#4.JPG] [attachment=236951:P1011568.JPG] [attachment=236952:P1011570.JPG] [attachment=236953:P1011573.JPG] [attachment=236954:P1011575.JPG]
  14. Gibson EB 2013/14

    I will try again as I have a 'gas' to purchase one of the newer Gibson EB basses, 4 string version. Preferably the satin cream or satin fireburst but would be happy with other colours. Ideally relatively local, say 50 miles from Loughborough, Leics. so I can try before I buy although I may consider buying at a distance if too far for me to travel and seller willing to post. Chees