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  1. Cheers @Kev, yeah I’ve been fortunate to play a few German-made Warwicks and the craftsmanship was great on all of them. Let me know if the coin situation changes!
  2. Nice! They look great. Although (and I may have not looked properly) I can’t see anything regarding weight on the product pages - which is a bit surprising.
  3. This, 100%. It’s tricky, particularly when selling your own gear. Do you remove the risk of something getting lost/damaged by a courier and offer collection only, thus greatly limiting the potential number of buyers, or offer postage to increase the number of punters but run the risk of something nasty happening in transit? Decisions, decisions.
  4. Sorry to hear that @RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE. I’ve had (comparatively) minor issues with FedEx before - they almost sent something I’d ordered back to the original sender because they claimed I hadn’t paid the import tax and duty required. In fact they never contacted me once to give me the opportunity to pay - I only found out because the seller contacted me direct! I don’t touch DPD anymore as they badly damaged one of my parcels once and a Thumb NT that I ordered went missing, never to be seen again. Bizarrely, the best and most consistent experience I’ve had so far is with Hermes, and I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories from others about them!
  5. I’m in a similar position, I used to gig and play in bands but don’t anymore. I’m fortunate to have a nice collection of basses and I do use them all. For me, if I have space, can afford them, and use them, then it’s perfectly fine to have a few instruments. If budget was an issue, I do like the idea of pooling everything into one versatile bass though. A Sandberg PJ would certainly cover a lot of bases but not everything. Dont worry about whether spending big bucks on a bedroom bass is justified- if you want to, can afford it and will enjoy playing a high-end instrument then go for it.
  6. @dirgefornovember that was a great story and (unsurprisingly!) very well written. As a Warwick fan I enjoyed it thoroughly - your pics and experiences gave me insights you can’t really get anywhere else, so thank you.
  7. Cheers mate, yes it’s definitely the best looking bass I’ve ever owned and the colour looks even better in the flesh. The SD electronics sound killer too.
  8. Now £1600 Hello! Up for sale is my Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 string special edition, made in Germany. What makes this a special edition is that it’s from a line that was only available in Japan. As you can see it has a beautiful flame maple top – the ocean blue finish really makes it pop. Otherwise this has all the characteristics you’d expect from a Warwick SS1: maple body, maple neck, wenge fretboard, 38.5mm nut width, adjustable bridge. The bass is in excellent condition. It’s a 2020 model and I’ve never gigged it, light signs of home use only. It also has a significant number of options you would usually only see from the custom shop. This includes Seymour Duncan Pro-Active PJ pickups paired with a Seymour Duncan STC-3A preamp (these would be £650 from Warwick). They are a significant upgrade on the stock MEC pickups and two band preamp – the Duncan has a three band so you now have control of the mids. It also now has a push/pull slap witch which will provide you with a special EQ contour voiced specifically for slapping. Overall the sound is much smoother and less harsh compared to the stock MEC electronics. But there is still plenty of grunt here if you want it! Cosmetically I have also added a purpleheart truss rod cover and purpleheart tuning pegs. Again these would ordinarily be custom options from Warwick and aren’t seen on Teambuilt basses. They match the blue finish nicely and give the feel of a really high end instrument! Finally, I have added a brass JAN III (big improvement on the standard nut) and black hardware. Comes with a sturdy Rockbag case and all paperwork, including certificate of authenticity. £1750, £1600, no offers or trades please. Collection in Surrey preferred. I am willing to courier but this would come at additional cost and be at buyer’s risk – please PM me to discuss (particularly if you’re outside mainland UK) and we can sort something out. Thanks for looking, any questions please ask!
  9. As the owner of the four string version of this bass, I can confirm how excellent it is. Best craftsmanship and finish out of all my basses. Whoever buys will love it. GLWTS.
  10. That’s good to know. I’m currently debating whether to grab one of the last brand new Japanese Metros before they disappear or just go for one of the MiGs which are slightly cheaper. I was a little worried that some of the issues with the Metro Expresses may affect the MiG Metros but apparently not, which is good.
  11. Oh dear, that’s a shame. I had heard that he’d been flying over to the Chinese factory to personally check the QC processes etc. (not based on any kind of fact, mind). I would hope that Warwick are at least trying to resolve the issues then.
  12. I’ve been keeping an eye on these, from what I can gather they sound really nice but there have been QC issues with the first batches to come out of the factory in China. There’s some good discussion on this thread. I believe Roger is working hard to resolve this though. I am seriously tempted by one of the new German made Metros, the Teambuilt Warwicks that come out of the same German factory tend to be very good indeed so am itching to get my hands on one.
  13. @WHUFC BASS and @Geek99 just to add to the Pug discussion, my boy Pug’s expression is permanently ‘worried’. Both of them though would be doing the same as yours in the build pictures, which in my household is what we sarcastically refer to as ‘being helpful’ (I.e. following you around everywhere and getting in the way).
  14. Blimey, that review reads like one of those advertisement features you get in a newspaper. Nonetheless, looks like an amazing bass. Those three pickups and their respective locations alone should provide a huge amount of tonal options.
  15. Generally I like black, but it ultimately depends on the colour of the bass. I find black hardware has a tendency to look worse when it gets scuffed etc.
  16. Awesome. Funnily enough I also have a Vigier Passion (series IV, 4 string) and agree with everything you’ve said! Worth the OP considering one second hand, definitely meets the criteria.
  17. And what is this bass you speak of out of curiosity? (You have piqued my interest!).
  18. Glad you like your new bass! I agree with everything you said. I have a Teambuilt Thumb BO 4 and it's fantastic. Fit and finish are superb. Although I'm not a huge fan of the MEC preamp - this may be what's making the bass sound a little bright as mine was very harsh and 'hissy'. I replaced it with a Bartolini and it's made a huge difference.
  19. Cool! Your praise is enough to convince me to give the Aguilars a whirl. It'll be DCBs mind, though I'm sure they'll have some of the core characteristics you mention. Funnily enough I have a Warwick SS1 that I''ve never quite loved the tone of, maybe I need to give the Spector Euros a look as I like the body shape and aesthetics too.
  20. Lovely! How are you finding the Eurobolt and Aguilars? I’m a bit of a Bartolini fiend but am thinking about putting some Aggies in an upcoming build. Also, are the P pickups closer to the bridge on the Eurobolt? Wonder why that is...either way looks good to me as I prefer playing toward the bridge anyway.
  21. Goodness me, this thread has proved therapeutic - I was starting to think I had an issue but have concluded I'm completely sane based on my puny list below! (basses I still have are in bold, all are 4 strings unless specified): Stagg PJ - not sure on the exact model, was my very first bass. Lives at my parents' house now. Ibanez SR300DX - my first half-decent bass, gigged it for a bit before I upgraded again. Also lives with my 'rents. Musicman Stingray - saved and saved from my Saturday job to buy one, I never play it any more as the tone isn't what I want these days, but it was the first bass I properly toured and recorded with, so holds a lot of sentimental value and will never leave me. MIM Fender Jazz - have always preferred active basses and the tone never quite did it for me. Spector Legend 5 - bought this as part of an unsuccessful foray into 5 strings. Didn't work out, but it came in a beautiful aqua colour and had great tone. Ken Smith BSR4 - this thing will growl your house down. Warwick Thumb BO - my (current) fav of the lot. It's ovangkol and has the baseball bat neck but it sounds awesome and is the most comfortable bass I've ever played. Vigier Passion - amazing neck. Very modern tone but I think it sounds better in a mix than on its own. Markbass Kilimanjaro - aren't many of these around and there's a lot of competition in this price bracket, but the tone is exactly what I'm after these days. Lovely clean sound. Warwick Streamer Stage I - the sexiest looking bass I've ever owned, but I'm not sure yet whether the tone is for me. I'm lusting after a Marleaux Votan, Xotic XJ and maybe a nice Sadowsky Metro/Fodera J, but am at the limit of number of basses I want to have at any given time. So one or two of the others would have to go. Also - is GAS a sickness us bass players are more prone to or does it affect all musicians? I don't know any drummers that change their gear every 5 minutes
  22. I like how they have clearly just copied and pasted the exact text from the title of the ad when mentioning the item. Also asking ‘how much do you want for it’ twice despite you directing them to the advert detail. Sadly I bet they get a lot of people with that scam though.
  23. Depends on what your priorities are and what weight you give to them - if you want a quick and guaranteed sale but for less money, go trade in. If you want a fair price but aren’t in a rush, use the Marketplace here or EBay (only the latter on a £1 fee weekend though). I’ve never liked Gumtree, my experience is it encourages time wasters, scammers and suspect sellers (e.g. live animals by unscrupulous breeders). Back to basses though - I enquired for a trade in at Andertons and their offer wasn’t terrible. I guess it varies from place to place.
  24. Depending on whether you like the look of them or not...you could get some wooden pickup covers made which wouldn’t be too expensive. A dark wood like ebony would look reasonably close to a regular pickup housing.
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