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  1. I appear to have been robbed gentlemen, apologies if there is another thread on this, but they took £80 of me in June and nothing since. robbing bast*rds. anyone any info on what the score is? tried email ringing and everything. oh any Good guys for on line orders out there? if they stock DBB end strings for a status that would be good. Thanks in advance W
  2. Looks like I’m not going to get any response then. Bugger. Try strings direct? Are they ok then?
  3. Thanks for heads up guys, still waiting for a reply...looks unlikely now
  4. Hi I have been using Stringbusters.co.uk an on line site for some time but they seem to have let me down, I have paid for 4 sets of strings in May and seen or heard nothing!! ( used lots of times and no issue till now) so Worried I've never had any problems before. they haven't answered the 'phone or e-mail. despite that, can anyone recommend a good reliable retailer? ( I would like some Double end strings lights and some light gauge standardish strings too) Reccomendations welcome thanks W
  5. how do you link two combos together? link from where to where? so they both work from one bass (sorry to ask dumb questions! but you know what I mean! ) I have a 4x10 combo that would sit nicely with this rascal. would you consider a packing it up for a courier? if the link thing would work? perhaps too much hassle? let me know or PM me. ATB W
  6. I bought one of their wireless transmitter things to be honest on a whim at the Lancashire guitar show. The salesman, nice guy (why wouldn't he be?) says he's sold to some of the guys of this very parish. All seems ok transaction wise . He didn't know what a Status bass , was worried. Tried to explain the output was high. Have I made a mistake or is it all good? Thoughts ....? It wasn't very dear but you know what I mean! I intend to use it with a stingray. What do you think?
  7. How about some of those Pickups Martin Sims has started making? They sound great on the demo, just a suggestion
  8. There's some good karma here glad all is great and I was of some help all the best!
  9. There's some good karma here glad all is great and I was of some help all the best!
  10. yeah a bit too far and was looking for an older one thanks for you time much appreciated. ATB W
  11. I'd think about buying this if it wasn't collection only. If you arranged the courier Id pick up the tab if not too much
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. The bass player (well current not original but still ace player) for Big Country (not Tony but he knows his sh*t) is on here I think he's called "all thumbs " but I Could be wrong. He has a web site called "Scott Whitley" bass services or something like that look for him he's your man if he doesn't know know one will. He's a great chap too and I have no doubt he'll help you out. My pleasure! 😀.
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