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  1. Oh you star, I very much like what you did there
  2. Hello chaps, long time no post. Sorry. As usual I've just popped in to pimp a thing I've written, it's relevant for once as it's about the skills you need to be able to play with other people, and how lucky I was to know a bloke that forced me to learn them when I was a kid. Link below, thanks. https://davedoesntwriteanythingever.blogspot.com/2019/10/how-eddie-and-dead-jesus-taught-me-how.html
  3. Anyone who fancies a read of my third book which does have some music stuff in, features George and the Artful Badgers more than it should, and revisits a couple of scenes from Weekend Rockstars from a different perspective. It is in no way a sequel, I just thought it would be fun to tie them together. Anyway, it's FREE on Amazon until Monday in celebration of my 13th wedding anniversary and the bank holiday weekend. http://mybook.to/gapyears that's FREE for the whole weekend (sorry I haven't been on BC much, busy with work, writing and mostly being a guitar player these days)
  4. As someone who is technically deaf in one ear (all the little bones that connect to the ear drum aren't connected anymore) I can confirm that I do hear stuff in the deaf one a bit still. This explains it, and makes this whole thread worthwhile for me. Also - custom moulded plugs have changed my life, and if I don't stick one in the deaf ear, the tinnitus in it gets worse. Hearing is complicated.
  5. Yes, we could be a genre, a whole section in Waterstones I want more
  6. It's a story, thanks. Also you lot are all still very lovely. Thanks to all.
  7. Generally I have to spend them all at once as pints are getting more expensive these days Thanks Raymondo
  8. If you're a tweeter I'm giving a free copy away for a RT of this tweet
  9. As some of you know, I wrote a book about a covers band a few years back that featured some gigging horror stories lifted straight from the pages of this and other forums. Sad to say, I had an idea for a sequel, and it's now taking form. I need to steal more stories, but this time, from tour buses, hotels, backs of vans and the service stations of this great country's motorways. I promise to credit the original posters this time, rather than nicking their ideas and claiming them as my own, and would very much like it if you could share the worst/best/funniest things that have happened to you on tour. Thanks very much, and the more cringe-making the better.
  10. To those of you who liked my other books, I've got a new one out today. You can get it here (To Douglas, I know it's taken ages, sorry) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gap-Years-Dave-Holwill-ebook/dp/B07MQFLDKX If you didn't, go ahead and ignore this, thanks
  11. This thread is great. I stopped using Fender Flats cos they got a bit pricey, and I couldn't hear the difference between them and rounds with the tone rolled down. Have just got an acoustic I'm defretting (for close to nothing) so wanted some cheap flats to sling on it. Will head to ebay, thanks all.
  12. Bass Clarinet, Bass Recorder, Bass Drum, Double Bass, Bass GUITAR (running away)
  13. Blame my Auntie, she pointed out a much better way to end it, so I'm rewriting the entire last quarter of it. Sorry Douglas...
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