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  2. I am not always very subtle in my obvious references
  3. If you've been umming and aahing about getting the sequel, The Ballad Of Fat Labrador is available for free on an Easter Lockdown special until Thursday You've got nothing better to do, why not have a read? mybook.to/fatlabrador
  4. Hi all, I've been keeping myself amused in the current apocalypse by recording the pop covers I've been doing down the local open mic nights since I've been without a band. Thought you lot might enjoy a giggle, so here's a Miley Cyrus cover (there's also Britney and Taylor Swift on the Youtube channel if you fancy any more)
  5. Thanks mep, weather's looking up for your holiday now as well.
  6. Thanks Nick. There's a small possibility of dragging another book out of them at some point. I don't think I've dredged up enough of the misery of playing the summer festival circuit yet, there's a mine of jokes there.
  7. Lots of people like musical theatre, people pay lots of money to see musical theatre, music without the theatre is pretty much just listening to records, in fairness
  8. Fair enough, that actually was my intention. Life's too short to pander to dickheads every weekend when you've got better things to do.
  9. I am sorry, that was never my intention. You could have made a few quid. I hear good things about those Nate Mendels Never call my bluff, or you will see a man running away screaming like a small girl. Back in the day most bands started out doing covers with a few originals thrown in, that way you get the following easier, so by the time you're doing all originals you're not playing to empty rooms. See the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin if you don't believe me. The terribly earnest approach to only playing original music that began to pervade in the 90s made for a lot of very boring gigs with no songs you could sing along to. I'm currently spending my time at open mic nights playing singalong pop music on an acoustic guitar - Madonna, Gaga, Britney, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys, and I've never had such a good reaction to anything I've ever done. Then I chuck a song I wrote in the middle and it seems to go down better. Seems obvious.
  10. Since I've written 2 books in which you could be forgiven for thinking I just contantly ridiculy cover bands I felt it was time to write something about my actual ever-abiding love for them It's here and contains plenty of video evidence of me playing in various covery situations TLDR: Cover bands are amazing and neccessary and I will fight anyone who says otherwise https://davedoesntwriteanythingever.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-mysterious-allure-of-cover-band.html
  11. I arranged my whole schedule around your holiday, glad it paid off
  12. I have, as requested, gotten on with it Weekend Rockstars 2: The Ballad Of Fat Labrador is very much available today Here's the paperback link, since amazon have failed to link it to the ebook https://www.amazon.co.uk/Weekend-Rockstars-Ballad-Fat-Labrador/dp/171256787X/ And here's your ebooks https://mybook.to/fatlabrador Thanks to all of you for your kindness and support - I put BC in the acknowledgements this time round.
  13. The days of there being space on my bookshelves are long gone, I envy you
  14. The hard copy will be available at exactly the same time as the ebook, it's just Amazon don't allow pre-orders on hard copy due to people setting the whole thing up, then forgetting all about it. It's a lot less hassle for them if many people complain about a blank ebook than having sent out 100s of blank sheets of paper. Fret ye not chaps, you'll be able to order it for as cheap as I can make it (in the first week at least) as of Valentines Day - which I think is a fortnight today. In all honesty, it'll probably be a few days earlier as Amazon have stung me before by keeping the paperback in review for 72 hours when it's usually pretty instant, and I would like people to be able to order it on the day Ive been advertising everywhere for the last few months. (I didn't think I'd be in to the kindle thing either, until my wife bought me one a few years ago and the 4 hour train journey to London and back was so much easier to get through, honestly, try it.)
  15. If you're still on the fence about this book of mine then you can get it FOR FREE For the next week or two if you subscribe to my mailing list here https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/28c0a7cc-405d-11ea-929c-0b6117e6eb2a?fbclid=IwAR3PLNZoUgJXz45SFTaimO7QoracqbEjZZkwFEzcJCTIoSJjiIfE78x0Uec I don't mind one bit if you then immediately unsubscribe, and it's got that preview chapter in the back of it as well What have you got to lose? Nothing That's what. Enjoy your free book
  16. Amazon don't allow pre-orders on paperbacks Douglas (in case people forget they set them up and the automated system sends out a paperback of notes that say WRITE A BOOK HERE BY FEB 14TH). Rest assured I will be badgering in here again when it comes out (PB might be up a couple of days early anyway to avoid launch day sag from Amazon). I won't let you miss it.
  17. I mean, yeah, Spinal Tap obviously, followed by Strange Fruit and Dogs in Space but... I was talking about books (because obviously I have an ulterior motive here) when I wrote this list of books with bands in that I like (and didn't write myself) https://davedoesntwriteanythingever.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-best-books-about-rock-and-roll-that.html Any others I forgot? (The correct answer is that The Band With Rocks In are the best fictional band btw)
  18. A lot of those band names are bands I've been in over the years and the rest are ones I've been trying to get used by bands who don't like my band names. Barnstaple is in there, yeah, but the actual winner is Bideford - where I spent my formative years. Locals will recognise all the pubs - as long as they're old enough to remember them before they closed.
  19. Thank you very much, and I hope that holiday isn't too far away
  20. If you haven't got your free preview of Chapter one yet then congratulations for having the sense to wait until I finished the big edit and replaced it with a much better version which you can get here for nothing. Thank you for your time...
  21. And I felt the need to assume it was Dave who posted and replied to the comment foolishly. Bum.
  22. That's high praise indeed and a lot of work to do Terry is something very special (here's the thing I wrote about him when he died, in case you missed it) Also thanks for you reviews on amazon, very helpful indeed.
  23. I too am interested in the outcome. I'm a bit bandless at the moment and thinking of pulling the bass out of the cupboard and leaving my guitars at home again. Be my canary
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