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  1. Pleased to say that I've had a refund from Stringbusters
  2. Update - managed to get through on the 01271 number after a few attempts this morning. Offered me strings from a six string set although there would be no packaging. I've declined the offer and asked for a refund. I'll let you know the outcome
  3. Tried this number and previous number numerous times. FB page hasn't been active for sometime either. Nobody else brought from them recently??
  4. Thanks Ped. I don't want to bad mouth any organisation that may be having some short term issues, i think this is something different. Contact details on the website today is: Phone : 01271 344581 Email [email protected]
  5. Most negative comments start in May 2017
  6. I think so Ped, would it be admin that get the massage out to all? The number on the website changed yesterday but still nobody answering.
  7. https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/stringbusters-bad-site-c818248.html
  8. Yes it's all in the reviews above. I've used Strinbusters on a number of occasions with no issues. Unfortunately for me I didn't check any recent reviews. I have to wait a total of 15 days before my bank contacts them on my behalf. Unfortunately I'm not holding my breath as they don't seem to be responding to anyone.
  9. Ordered a set of DR fatbeams 8 days ago. initial correspondence to acknowledge the order and nothing since. Have called lots and also emailed with no response. Read the feedback above for similar experiences in recent months. The website is still running and taking people's money. I would certainly avoid.
  10. https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/stringbusters.com https://www.yell.com/biz/stringbusters-ltd-barnstaple-3447185/
  11. Anyone have any up-to-date info on Stringbusters? Think I may have been a plank in spending £40 with them without checking out recent reviews.
  12. Can I have this please. Will sort bank transfer in next couple of hours. I'm away from the house at the minute
  13. [quote name='FretNoMore' timestamp='1461854121' post='3038238'] Building a new big pedalboard, strictly for fun and experiments at home (too heavy for me to carry around, and with effects I wouldn't really use for blues and classic rock ) The board has a PT Pro footprint, and fully loaded it is stupidly heavy, but as I don't intend to carry it outside the house I can live with it. Still missing cables which I have to solder over the coming days, something I don't look forward to. [/quote]A thing of beauty!
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