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  1. Hi Terry, I haven't noticed a hum but I tend to run both pickups on full and I haven't used it in any other locations other than home! I'll investigate more and get back to you ASAP.
  2. Hi Terry, I don’t I’m afraid. Is there an easy way to tell without dismantling it do you know?
  3. To add, you won't need a bass specific unit if it's a passive version. That's more for active DIs. As long as it's well made and with quality transformers it will do what you require. For example here is a high end active DI: Avalon U5
  4. This would be a good shout: Palmer Passive DI Box A good, solid & passive DI box is a great tool to have in the bag!
  5. @Sibob - I owned it for a while. Bought it from @Oldman (who bought it new from Classic & Cool Guitars) and I sold it to @paddybass who I think has bumped it on since 😆 I'm guessing one of us can help you!
  6. Hi there, So here it is, one of the rarest OE products - the Cali76 TX-LP compressor with a Lundahl output transformer. Complete with a 'Dry Level' control for parallel compression (which thickens up the sound dialed in correctly) and a switchable clean boost (with level control +2 to +8 dB) as well. Bought by me, from new, in January 2015 and very much discontinued now. It's had very minimal use and it was velcro'd to a board all it's life (velcro still on there) so it is in very, very good condition - see the pics! Complete with the original box, paperwork, sticker and rubber feet (stuck together). I've never opened it up so all the internal settings are untouched and as they were leaving the OE factory. Here's a demo/comparison video I found on YouTube (not mine): Click here Here's a good product description from a dealer's website: Click here I know it's a lot of money but this is about as rare and collectable as it gets. For context - Currently standard big box Cali76s are listing at circa £1,000 to £1,100 on Reverb and a standard Cali76 with a Lundahl transformer is going for £1,500 at The Bass Gallery Click here also, there was a modified one that sold in the USA on Reverb for £1,700 Click here Sale preferred but I would trade for a Fender Custom Shop Bass (Jazz, Precision, 2011 La Cabronita Porrazo/2014 Proto Bass) with a negotiable cash adjustment to suit a trade. Bank transfer on collection/meet up very much preferred but I would be prepared to courier within the UK (courier cost TBC) and only once funds have cleared. No EU or 'Rest of World' shipping, sorry. I am based in Harrow, NW London near to the A40/M40 and also the Metropolitan Line.
  7. Hi All, Now sold and thanks for looking. Here’s my very good condition VT Bass Deluxe with velcro on the bottom, but no box or paperwork I'm afraid. Please see the pics. Now discontinued and here's Tech21's description: "The Deluxe version of the SansAmp VT Bass features a combination of a warm, all-analog signal path and convenient digital recall. There are 6 program locations and dual inputs for two instruments to be on-line, ready to go. Create three custom tones for each input or use all six locations for a single instrument. And you can program the FX loop to engage your favorite effect each time a so-designated preset is selected. Super simple to operate, changes can easily be made on the fly –without having to refer to the owner’s manual. You just turn the knobs to a setting you like, double click on a footswitch and it’s saved in that channel. You can custom tweak and program six of your personal sounds, from vintage clean to gnarly overdrive to crushing distortion." Webpage - Click here Manual link - Click here Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi All, Hope you're well and thanks for looking. This was offered with a trade option but I've changed it to just a straight sale and reduced it a bit to entice you! For Sale here is my 2006 Sadowsky MS5 bass, Made in Japan. Weighing in at 8.8 pounds / 4 KGs so my portable luggage scales tell me. I have only used this bass at home since owning it and it is still in good condition but there are some small scratches, dings and signs of wear to it (shown in photos with bright natural light). I bought it in from Bass Direct back in December 2020 and it is a stunning bass with a maple neck, an upgraded VTC circuit, nice weight and really well set up. It comes with the older rectangular 'soft-hard' case. Unfortunately it will have to be a collection or meet up as I have nothing to post/courier it in, sorry and I'm based in Harrow, North West London not far from the A40/M40 and the Metropolitan and Piccadilly tube lines. Apologies for the rubbish pics and a viewing in person is welcome. Thanks, Jon
  9. Wow - that bass has lived! A genuine relic at a great weight. I'm too skint but GLWTS Walshy
  10. I bought OJ's Sadowsky onboard preamp off him and it was a fast and easy deal. Thanks OJ and to echo the others replies, a great BC'er to deal with. Cheers, Jon
  11. @Shaggy LOL, take away the 'Ninja' and it does the other bit and quite a tasty boost if I do say so myself!
  12. Thanks @Quatschmacher I'm hoping I've snagged one elsewhere and very much have my fingers crossed here. Just awaiting the shipping confirmation now!
  13. I'm going to go in with a straight forward 'No' to your question @Misowaki There's tons of opinions on this subject but concerning good quality P basses I've been there, done that and got the t shirt!
  14. LOL, I had to try! Thanks for replying though Jay. FWIW I love that bass of yours but I am too light in the wallet currently!
  15. @jay-syncro Long shot but you don't fancy a trade with my mic kit do you? Click here
  16. That's a very pro looking setup and at a great price. If only I had the storage space! GLWTS
  17. Unfortunately they didn't take into consideration their back orders and those wiped out the stock they had. He said they shouldn't have been booked on and made available! Close but no cigar.
  18. Ordered! Thanks @Quatschmacher Hopefully their stock indicator is working/correct and it makes it to me. Fingers crossed!
  19. Hopefully it's a sign that production is starting up again at Boss
  20. @Quatschmacher thanks but I was too slow there, they've gone! It's annoying because the shop selling them is only a few miles from where I live. Next time!
  21. @RedEarth A rough but pretty bang on costing method for importing gear is (item cost + shipping) + 25% Example: £1000 bass + £100 shipping = £1100 £1100 + 25% (£275) = £1375 This would allow for Import Duty, VAT and any handling charges added on. There are threads and threads on this subject but the formula above is well mentioned and will give you a good pointer as to what will be likely added on. GLWTS @johnythefox
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